Village Food in Malaysia - UNIQUE Malaysian Food in Terengganu, Malaysia

Mark Wiens
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TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA - After an outstanding Malaysian street food tour in Terengganu the day before, the next day we took a day trip to Kuala Berang, a city of Terengganu known again for their tempoyak (fermented durian paste).
As you may know by now, I’m more than a little obsessed with tempoyak.
Restoran Aroma Kampung - We started the morning with breakfast at Restoran Aroma Kampung known for their freshwater catfish curry with tempoyak. We also ordered pretty much all the other dishes they offered, and the food was spectacular.
Total price - 40 MYR ($9.81)
Warisan Pahlawan Resort - But the real highlight of Malay food for the day was going to Warisan Pahlawan Resort where the Aunty is known as one of the best local food cooks in Kuala Berang. Again, she prepared for us local Malaysian food from Kuala Berang, nearly everything dish including huge amounts of fermented durian paste (tempoyak). It was a Malaysian meal of my dreams. She also wanted to cook for us a dish of bilimbi fruit, simmered with coconut milk, which was incredible.
This home-cooked village meal in Terengganu was one of the best meals of this trip to Malaysia. I loved the herbs, the Vietnamese coriander, the torch ginger, and of course, the fermented durian paste.
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Comments 2 499
j Dee
j Dee 4 hours ago
Awwwww Micah!!!
j Dee
j Dee 4 hours ago
Love the housing.
j Dee
j Dee 4 hours ago
God that is a beautiful way of life.
Zai Eda
Zai Eda 8 days ago
Mark, you should meet Mat Dan, a young English man csme from the UK who is now adapt Malay life, specifically Terengganu. He is now famous and has his own Tv show. He speaks Terengganu Malay accent.
Anonymous Asia
Anonymous Asia 13 days ago
9:43 Belimbing not bilimbi 😂😂😂 WELCOME TO TERENGGANU MARK
リサ・デニス Lisa Zinser
Dude I saw there r spoons and folks, why still eat with hands? That’s I don’t understand
Ruth Thomas
Ruth Thomas 20 days ago
Mark you must get a stand for your camera and one so Phil won't have to hold the light... just saying ! 😋✌️🇺🇸
Binita Lama
Binita Lama 21 day ago
I love Maika
kavitha ganesh
kavitha ganesh 23 days ago
mark come to Tamil nadu you will taste our traditional food here.love from Tamil nadu.
oliamoliapowpow 28 days ago
oh God these restaurants and all the sauces....look extremely mouth drolling
duda anak satu aku escobar
I'm just wanna calling you are tempoyakman's mark..😂😂 whenever u go..you always love durian's tempoyak MALAYSIA..i salute n respect u brothers
Brenda @Goldenwood Mushrooms
You are amazing! Living your best life. We are really enjoying the world through you. Inspiring me. Thanks y'all.
Brandon Pedroso
Brandon Pedroso Month ago
Come to penang mark! Lets go food hunting haha
deq emma
deq emma Month ago
Sedappp nyee
Carol Mariana
Carol Mariana Month ago
I can see how much LOVE these aunties put in the food, they look superb!!! BTW, bilimbi juice is SO refreshing!!
Doreen Alfaro
Doreen Alfaro Month ago
Beautiful!! The homes are so so nice, so much history seems to the area and the architect of living was extremely nice to see. Thank you for sharing, the food critiquing was excellent!!! Keep up the great eats
Ss Ar
Ss Ar Month ago
Love Malaysia. Mr. Whens really enjoy the meal and I watch his show from Canada. All Muslims halal meal cooking from Malaysia, Dubai,Jordan very nice. Wish u all the best with your wife n Child. Enjoy. Thanks
SA S 2 months ago
pls use a fork esp if u are sharing food really not smart
Cake Custombrado
Cake Custombrado 2 months ago
Victor Khor
Victor Khor 2 months ago
Hey Mark !Why Malaysia Unique food fall shorts only some episodes, Are you going back to eat at malaysia after ur Peru vlog
Kandy Apple
Kandy Apple 2 months ago
I love Joel! He is the audience in these videos. He needs to be the Adam to Producer Michael videos.
madihah khairil
madihah khairil 2 months ago
We can see that you really enjoy each bite of it Mark ! I will adding more rice and the condiments , enjoying lunch while raining is just amazing ! Sedapnya makcik masak!! Dop boleh tahan boh! 🤣🤣
Tengku anas Tengku roslan
Tempoyak 🇲🇾 👍🏻
Heroman 999
Heroman 999 2 months ago
Wow mark soul and tempoyak cannot parted
Lalaine Ramos
Lalaine Ramos 2 months ago
oh that bilimbi..ilove it..here in the Philippines it is called "kamyas" or "kalamyas"..
Kim Jasmine
Kim Jasmine 2 months ago
Though a Chinese, I love Malay food.
jfma Damia123
jfma Damia123 3 months ago
No tempe because it is a malay(melayu)
Dishant Ganvir
Dishant Ganvir 3 months ago
Khane ke chakkar mai yeh apne bcche ko bhi bhul jata hai
Dishant Ganvir
Dishant Ganvir 3 months ago
Iski wife ek karodpati hai wo sara paisa khud hi karch karti hai
Dishant Ganvir
Dishant Ganvir 3 months ago
Yeh aadmi itna kamina hai ki apne bacche ko bhi batana nahi chahta hai bas apni biwi ke rupyo pe maza karna chata ha
monsieuriey 3 months ago
Watching this for the 3rd times. Never get bored..
Evelyn Toya
Evelyn Toya 3 months ago
Bilimbi in Kenya we call it mbirimbi woow
fezie fezie jr
fezie fezie jr 3 months ago
if you wanted to try local malay food...you may come on june 5th and 6th as muslims celebrate eid mubarak... there will be lots of foods you might hard to taste in local restaurants.... this 2 days you will get to eat foods for free.... mostly every house will prepare foods for anyone who visits their house....
hapigal19 3 months ago
If I dont know Mark, I would assume that he is enjoying eating coz he is just simply hungry. But with that kind of weather, that adds more to his appetite to zip to those spicy curry sauce and coconut milk soup. I never had Malay dishes (which i would love to have someday),but there are some dishes that are similar to Pinoy dishes. Specially that bilimbi or kamyas in tagalog. More power to this channel.
Sushama Sushama
Sushama Sushama 3 months ago
Am from Karnataka,i love videos brother
Nur Cahaya
Nur Cahaya 3 months ago
why did I watch this video in this fasting month?and when I'm also from terengganu....
Flora Espudo
Flora Espudo 3 months ago
Kim Han Soo
Kim Han Soo 4 months ago
18:57 a command ship of UFO is flying over the sky. Dont miss it.
Kim Han Soo
Kim Han Soo 4 months ago
Eating without utensils has been just a long time bad habit that people obey blindly. Descendants would'nt have to follow an old tradition that had been fixed by an past man who has a strong distorted faith that food is more delicious when we have by hand but tool.
purple kisses
purple kisses 4 months ago
Malaysian food is like my Food traditional .. in my tribe Muslim in mindanao, Philippines.and also the plate .hehe,
Zulailyasir Zakaria
Zulailyasir Zakaria 4 months ago
Warisan resort sangat bersih restoren dia...
bittersweet 4 months ago
My mouth is watery. I need to try those!
Razli Ngah
Razli Ngah 4 months ago
Terliur nye
Syamel den
Syamel den 4 months ago
i loveee yourr video it’s was amazingg brooo!!! thank you for coming in malaysia!!
Asarudeen Fahad
Asarudeen Fahad 4 months ago
one question mark,Are you paying for the food?
Nisha Almutairi
Nisha Almutairi 4 months ago
Malaysian dishes are very similar to Filipino Muslim dishes😍 I am from Philippines🇵🇭 Hope you visit us in Zamboanga🇵🇭
Syahirah Syahrul Hizam
nak tempoyak juga....
Christina Holguin
Christina Holguin 4 months ago
Aww Micah toasting with you. Following your 👣. Love it.
Christina Holguin
Christina Holguin 4 months ago
Of course your favorite would be fermented durian. Tempoyac
AwesomeFish12 4 months ago
Micah is a future youtube food reviewer for sure. He's already learning the moves.
Mirul Shah
Mirul Shah 4 months ago
Mark you really have to try nasi dagang. 1 of the best malaysian east coast food
Derek Douglas
Derek Douglas 4 months ago
Really liked how you changed your traditional start to include the place before the face. Of course, you are the reason we are watching, but beginning with the place adds honor. The dripping water and water sounds added a lot of atmosphere to the wonderful, colorful foods and most friendly people. I was listening and looking for the price at the resort. I assume it was provided when no price is given. You could always as what it would have been so that you are consistent and honest.
Anthrax seig
Anthrax seig 4 months ago
I rearly comment but gotto say the Rain makes the video a lot better 😍😍
Bob Baik
Bob Baik 4 months ago
gemuk ni spoil lah.ape pun tak boleh.jwpn yes sj.haha..gemuk usless
MS Linda
MS Linda 4 months ago
Mark it's belimbing
Song Hau
Song Hau 4 months ago
If You love the tempoyak ....u should try it too at Palembang city south sumatera That have many dishes with tempoyak too.... Good travelling & Eating🍴😆😍😋
Nur Balqis Shatila
Nur Balqis Shatila 4 months ago
Mark is so malaysian than malaysian... I dont like to eat jengkol... 😆😆
King Gusion
King Gusion 4 months ago
Finally u eat healty foods
Mahnaz’s Cooking
Mahnaz’s Cooking 4 months ago
Mmmm yummy
lisa murray
lisa murray 5 months ago
why do this pony tailed fat guy looks or .....i dont know he seems to be the son of the local goon......i,,just a feeling....any way good video...haha some stupid hollywood imgnton.....no offence cool guy actually....... anyway cheers mark.
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