Village Food in AMAZON RAINFOREST - Lemongrass Ants + EXOTIC Energy Drinks! | Manaus, Brazil!

Mark Wiens
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Thanks to Guilherme (ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ) for taking us around Brazil. #Brazil #Amazon #AmazonFood
MANAUS, BRAZIL - During my food trip to Brazil there was no place I wanted to visit more than the Amazon Rainforest. We flew to Manaus (if you look at a map, Manaus is directly in the heart center of the Amazon). The jungle, the unique dishes and fruits, and the people made it incredible.
Exotic fruit tasting - One of the things that you have to do when you’re in Brazil, especially in the Amazon is sample all the unique and indigenous fruits of the region, some that are only available there. We started with mari-mari, an amazing long pod fruit and have inga (ice cream bean fruit) and biribá - wild sugar apple. All the fruit - 10 BRL ($2.55)
Manaus is a pretty big city, especially for being in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. They have a big market, full of fruits, vegetables and fish. We headed straight for some tucumã, a type of palm tree fruit that’s essential in the local diet.
Jenipapo - Along the way we also tried some jenipapo, a pretty unique fruit.
Tucumã sandwiches - Sandwich shop owners better take note! Tucumã sandwiches are a true Amazonian food and they are delicious. Along with the palm fruit they were paired with cheese and fried sweet banana. It’s a perfect breakfast and way to start the day in the Amazon. Price - about 10 BRL ($2.55) per sandwich
Tambaqui fish - Tambaqui is a fish from the Amazon that’s known for having ribs - seriously almost like pork ribs. We decided to get a fish to bring to the village since we weren’t sure what they’d have al the village.
Amazon village - We didn’t really have a plan, we were just going to find a boat driver and ask him to take us to a village and see if anyone could cool. So we got a boat, and our boat driver asked if they were home and if we could invite ourselves in. We arrived completely unplanned and unannounced and it turned out to be an outstanding learning experience and fun time with an amazing family in the Amazon.
Along with the food we brought, the family mixed up about 4 different exotic drinks - some of them known in the Western world as ingredients in trendy energy drinks - but here in the Amazon of Brazil they are consumed regularly.
It was such an awesome Brazilian Amazonian food meal with the family followed by a time of drumming and dancing, football, and finally a swim in the river. It was an extraordinary day in the Amazon of Brazil.
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Jun 5, 2019

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Murtaza Saifuddin
Murtaza Saifuddin 2 hours ago
What an amazing video
pangason githinji
pangason githinji 6 hours ago
I love your tasting of food ,you have a big common you don't say yakk ....you always mmmmmmaah very yammey very delicious ,u always give me appetite to eat ,love from Kenya 🇰🇪
Maddi harish goud
Maddi harish goud 15 hours ago
Every food same expression
YoungJH83 Gamer
YoungJH83 Gamer 17 hours ago
18:24 look at his eyes
What a dirty drink. He already drink it with out using glass his saliva was mix into and pass it to his visitor. What a uncivilized travel vlog is this
Neil John Domonhay
that yellow fruit with some thorns outside were called '' atis '' in the philippines
enting bascones
enting bascones 2 days ago
Fake face uwah uwah idiot.
Queen Gabbi
Queen Gabbi 2 days ago
Mark your the best
Lore 3 days ago
Bonnie Gurwah
Bonnie Gurwah 4 days ago
Hi Mark I enjoyed watching this video especially that its close to Guyana which is where I am from. (hopefully wishing you would visit there😁. It's just amazing to see you eat all kinds of food, what is something that you can't/don't eat or will never eat?
Willson Cunya
Willson Cunya 4 days ago
Mi Peru con su mejor comida por todo el mundo
Monika Tagore
Monika Tagore 5 days ago
Salam manis dari INDONESIA 😍💕
Widline Demosthene
Gade jan bouche yon moun bon
nancy2119able 5 days ago
I want to taste the fruits
Reynan Sapanta
Reynan Sapanta 6 days ago
nice one,.😂
mngq8 6 days ago
So special❤️
Wil. Abner Souza
Wil. Abner Souza 6 days ago
Que cultura maravilhosa, é tão triste saber que estão destruindo isso, nós todos deveríamos proteger nossas aldeias, índios e florestas
vawoo mohideen Thamby
Excellent video
Nurhuda 7 days ago
And the lady licks the table..
Tarcio Felipe Santos
Country and food too exotic. Amazing!
Raj Hierodule
Raj Hierodule 7 days ago
Guy Fieri will kill you. 😂
Aloise Mason
Aloise Mason 7 days ago
Sorry Mark..I know eat ants..but ..that's why you r u..and me is me huh...this is so different and that man taste before u do..yeah..different alright..great day .
Ephraim Joute
Ephraim Joute 8 days ago
Really love your presentation 👍
Sue Allen
Sue Allen 9 days ago
That was a amazing video, I have only recently found your RUvid channel and honestly think you should have your own tv show, you are brilliant x
manuel conill martin
Very Nice,Very good Brasil
Farmer Son
Farmer Son 9 days ago
You should come to Cambodia 🇰🇭 I am sure you will enjoy a lot of kind of food
L Bee
L Bee 9 days ago
Wow - 1410 - thats like kava! Thats what we have too (polynesians) tongans, samoans, fijians etc. Very interesting to see other parts of the world eat similar things to our culture.
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 10 days ago
Excelente video y presentación. Rica comida. Bella gente. Gracias. Saludos desde Durango México 🇲🇽
Joel Ayite
Joel Ayite 11 days ago
If your stomach is empty be carefull don’t look Mark videos. Just eat before! Thank you to make me disvcover fruits I never see before. Very nice country, very nice people
jay gonzalez
jay gonzalez 12 days ago
Eunice Evans
Eunice Evans 12 days ago
Am in love with that traditional food of siri Lanka
Timoci Raqio
Timoci Raqio 12 days ago
it's the Kava root
Damaris Ambia
Damaris Ambia 12 days ago
He couldn't describe the taste he said it tastes like health.
Heru Susanto
Heru Susanto 12 days ago
the name of rambutan fruit in Brazil is the same as in Indonesia
Hector V
Hector V 12 days ago
He even says mmm when he eats ants😂😂😂🤷‍♂️
Aiza Agustino
Aiza Agustino 12 days ago
You're really amazing person Mark, i love all your videos♥ Thank you for sharing it with us!
Hina Asad
Hina Asad 12 days ago
Sub han Allah meray Rab kay nazaray sooo strange 🤔🤗🤗😘😘
Honest Progressive Detroiter
Very nice video!
cvian98 13 days ago
Villagers are only concerned about money and banking upon their culture
Prabhas. 13 days ago
chuper chuper
Farque Matthews
Farque Matthews 13 days ago
Lol like drinking bark...but its awesome......not!
Celia Faustino
Celia Faustino 13 days ago
Oi Paraíba
Chez Nashi
Chez Nashi 13 days ago
It would seem the key to health and longevity is NO SALT... and AMAZING FRUIT... and NO PRESERVATIVES... and NO GMOs... and THE AMAZON!!! 🤔
Van Kat
Van Kat 14 days ago
Wow!! Mark, this was such a amazing video. Such beautiful people ...and, country!! Thank you...
Erwan Ashee Sangkula
*Mark, the whole time i was thinking about the piranhas. haha that scares me to actually see you on the river towards the end of the video hehe nevertheless, this is an awesome vlog. that FAM is such hospitable. thank you, and keep safe.*
El Grande
El Grande 14 days ago
Sorry, not eating ants.
Vicky Linares
Vicky Linares 14 days ago
Mahathir mohamed
Mahathir mohamed 14 days ago
John Brans
John Brans 14 days ago
Mark, you are unique.
mashoorkhan vp
mashoorkhan vp 14 days ago
Mark. You are so amazing
Paweł Fiett
Paweł Fiett 14 days ago
What a handsome people in that village!
Annette Papana
Annette Papana 15 days ago
So many different fruit on this Earth people never eat 😋 enjoy the health fruit Mark wiena 👍👍
masoom adi
masoom adi 16 days ago
fish ❤👌
Devianushya Devianushya
Wow beautiful place mark
Wolf The tiger
Wolf The tiger 16 days ago
Very flexible and generous true people nice . from India
manju grg
manju grg 16 days ago
Your tongue should be put on museum mark! How can you enjoy all types of food??? And your reaction after taste.....omg !!
Geetha Munnangi
Geetha Munnangi 16 days ago
In India there are thousand's variety of food.....
Geetha Munnangi
Geetha Munnangi 16 days ago
Do it in India.....
Thomas Randall
Thomas Randall 16 days ago
I really love your shows, excellent. Keep it up bro. Thanks
Luz Castaneda
Luz Castaneda 16 days ago
Awesome, everything very original and natural!
Patel Parimal
Patel Parimal 17 days ago
Its overwhelming food 🥘
Simiran Soni
Simiran Soni 17 days ago
Thank you Mr.Mark for taking goi mch pain to show us different regions n fruit varieties in every region ! Its just fantastic !
Bebena Vlog
Bebena Vlog 17 days ago
Mantap Bro👌❤
Dissent 17 days ago
Must have been an amazing experience to eat and interact with amazons, such a fascinating culture beautiful tribal markings, this is great footage. something I've always dreamed of seeing.
Max Savurogo
Max Savurogo 18 days ago
The boiling of fish to how we cook fish in Fiji.we put lemon and chilly as a sauce with cassava as staple food. such humble guy thanks mate...from Fiji 🇫🇯
Pinkfluffygirl1 18 days ago
Do you ever get ill from eating so much different foods.. ie I get bad tummy when I go on holiday to Spain from England lol 😝
charo goldman
charo goldman 18 days ago
What about the mosquitoes ?? The kis have fun in the river. Why dont have piranhas in this side ??
DATU RHED 18 days ago
Brazil no rice??? Just cassava?
Jacinto Alceu Rêgo Alberto Aquino Romeu Pinto Durão
Yes, there are the both!!
ANBARASU Moghanapriya
I mean ur kid not keep
ANBARASU Moghanapriya
Hi Mark U carry ur keep d all the way to u Don't u feel burden or think any health issue may effect him while traveling Ur wife was very supportive ur lucky enough to have her
ANBARASU Moghanapriya
Sorry not keep ur kid I mean ur boy
bayek t
bayek t 18 days ago
nice shot, amazing place!lovely....!
अंगराज कर्ण
Great job buddy nice to watch your videos
Maria Ana Burce
Maria Ana Burce 18 days ago
Only guyabano and rambotan I tried to eat
Jackson Bray
Jackson Bray 18 days ago
Oh my gad Mark. That look of joy when you put the Ant in your mouth. Rofl. I can't tell if you're sarcastic or not.
Roberto Navarro
Roberto Navarro 18 days ago
Beautiful indigenous people. I hope the rain forest and their culture survives
Pritesh kumar
Pritesh kumar 18 days ago
Wow u r great person dude...
Black Knight
Black Knight 19 days ago
Best video wao😃
FC CADZ 19 days ago
Best travel and food blogger ever..
Jacqueline Mama
Jacqueline Mama 19 days ago
Simone Schroeder
Simone Schroeder 20 days ago
such a precious day. thank you for sharing. bless you.
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