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Oct 18, 2019




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Sebastiao Camarinhas
Soviet Space Recording circa 1950s:
Kizuku 14 hours ago
it must be lived.
Deyaan 18 hours ago
1000000th viewer!
Logface 202
Logface 202 Day ago
honestly sometimes computer generated voices sound more sincere and emotional than human voices ever could.
girlylicious Day ago
its like a siren hEaD voice
Cool The cool
Why can't I stop watching this
Cool The cool
It gives me such a weird nostalgic feeling, almost like a memory.
Stressy Day ago
Is this text to speech? If so please tell me where I can use this
Ahsan Haider
Ahsan Haider Day ago
What’s this vocal effect called??
zesty mango
zesty mango Day ago
ok but why is this making me emotional, rewatching it later as everything is in shambles
Marshmello Child
たろもも Day ago
*Everyone going out after Quarantine be like*
Waluigi Number One
When you finally beat the ender dragon:
Toy Chica
Toy Chica 2 days ago
8-Balll 2 days ago
When we go outside after the virus
[ p a s t e l R i c o ]
*us finally out of quarantine*
xe6n 3 days ago
oh god finally a sequal of obby for succ lol
Mia Kim
Mia Kim 3 days ago
As he says this would be better if we lived in that moment
Tweets 3 days ago
it's even more funnier because of coronavirus now lol
Carter’s Trains
This is oddly... calming
Mr. mysterious
Mr. mysterious 4 days ago
Surreal entertainment?
OffDelay GD
OffDelay GD 4 days ago
I really wanna ask What is the voice
Astrological 4 days ago
Why did this make me feel so weird and sad ówò
Delilah Byrd
Delilah Byrd 4 days ago
anyone else notice how this video makes sense more now that we're quarantined and nature is free to roam around everywhere? and how being stuck inside makes us think about who we are and what we want to be? this guy went outside since no one else was around. this video sure did age well!
Ink Bendy
Ink Bendy 4 days ago
0:12 so y’all ain’t gonna talk about the *fucking cute ass* frog?
Jeremy Roskes
Jeremy Roskes 5 days ago
what's up with your voice
Mia Kim
Mia Kim 3 days ago
Jeremy Roskes that is a robot and I believe it has something to do with smoking because some people who did that got cancer in there neck which spread to there voice box so they have to use a machine that detects movements and makes a robotic voice(he says it reminds him of being YOUNG and HEALTHY) Well sorry if that was a joke of if you already knew so bye stranger
demogorgon queen
demogorgon queen 5 days ago
people coming out of quarantine in 10 years:
Blood Redstone
Blood Redstone 5 days ago
This voice is called the software automatic mouth , an old tts, which can be accessed at simulationcorner (. Net)
Ester Richardson
Ester Richardson 5 days ago
M ø r t i s
Cookiedoge :D
Cookiedoge :D 5 days ago
Blood Redstone
Blood Redstone 5 days ago
*M O R T I S*
Khmer Global Karaoke
I like an peppermint for this view
Pengrab Studios
Pengrab Studios 6 days ago
austin is autistic
this is so relevant to todays events
xXDarlaDrawsAndAnimates Xx
K guys we gotta remember its jack and not a crap poster
nmr 1452
nmr 1452 7 days ago
Porque veo esto
Kamron Abdulwoheed
You are born. You learn to speak. you learn to walk. you learn the ABCs. you learn basic math. you find passions. you drop passions. you grow up. you make friends. you lose friends. you get a job. you get fired. you find the love of your life. you get married. you have children. you get sick. you waste away years of your life in a hospital bed. you finally see the light. you die. You know you had a wonderful life, it was beautiful. It was full of happiness-es and sadness-es, and you know your parents would be proud of you. if was full of prestigiousness. you wake up, semi-conscious in a dark room, everything you see is black but you can see your hands and body completely fine, as if in normal light. A message pops up in front of you, it blinds you for a while but finally, you can now see what your life has come to, what you have lived, suffered and died for. it reads: "Created by Jack Stauber."
Boy Toothpaste
Boy Toothpaste 7 days ago
Nothing but nAAature What we have when everything else is goOone
Boy Toothpaste
Boy Toothpaste 7 days ago
How do you get this voice
First Last
First Last 7 days ago
Why does this sound like a cancer patients last words
Hyperkitten 224
Hyperkitten 224 7 days ago
wasn't this how the characters spoke in the game "faith"
Thomas Brunt
Thomas Brunt 8 days ago
Me leaving the house for the first time since quarantine started:
TREEß 10 days ago
Did anyone notice that that’s the voice of siren head? Like the comment if you did
Yah boi kyle Perrys Channel
Dont hug me i watch jackstauber
jarrod nash
jarrod nash 10 days ago
Alegimrod Da beast
Alegimrod Da beast 11 days ago
This is the moment that we come out of quarantine. Everything will be cleaner, and nature will be everywhere. Still looking up for that moment
XxMC_RATxX 11 days ago
This is sorta creepy
Centipede 11 days ago
The only way I can describe this is that this video smells like Dasani bottled water
heated calamari
heated calamari 11 days ago
This is some Local58 stuff right here
Aashrey 11 days ago
But have you tried lsd ???
lumi 12 days ago
sometimes I feel like that frog
Jakob Howard
Jakob Howard 13 days ago
X Æ A-12 when he steps outside for the 1st time
Tomoka 13 days ago
uau what a fiew nothing but neeture what we hav left whenneverything else isgooone It teks my breath awee I Am reminded of bing yuyand helfy I Am reminded of fe guudnes of men And the fliting beauty of laaif Nothing can recreate this momeent It must be LiVVRRRD created by *Jack Stauber*
Unelevated Fool
Unelevated Fool 13 days ago
my computer after i give it a perc 30:
bamboodamboo 3
bamboodamboo 3 13 days ago
Feels like jack and bill wurtz would be friends
Hannah Hardisty
Hannah Hardisty 13 days ago
This weirdly makes me want to cry??? Also this voice sounds like the ones in Faith
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 14 days ago
"Nøthing Can Ræcreate This Moômenþ, it Must be ĽÌVËĐ
Odette is okay
Odette is okay 14 days ago
This sounds like if my sleep paralysis demon was reading me a bedtime story
Perrguin QwQ?
Perrguin QwQ? 14 days ago
"Change da world, my final message..." *"Goodbye"*
tottaly not a gold bar
"I am reminded of being Y@U|\|G and healthy I am reminded of the goodness of /\/\A|\|"
Vietnamese Ricefarner The Cum Janitor & grass
Life is meaningful life is beauty Even in this pandemic we can still be happy
Ian Stobaugh
Ian Stobaugh 14 days ago
See, if I sent this to my friends they would find it creepy and weird as hell, but I find it beautiful and relaxing...
Jacks Junk Drawer
Jacks Junk Drawer 15 days ago
Theory Time bitches I believe that this is actually more of a paradox. He is telling us of the beauty of life and how it all cant be recreated, but yet he's a machine, he can easily be replicated. It almost feels like propaganda. "The goodness of man", something that very few people actually see, and the robot created by man who wants to make people see it in a better light, says that
A twat
A twat 15 days ago
When you managed to escape the backrooms even there is infinite levels
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 15 days ago
Question for the day: Why did you make these? And did you want them to be scary or not ? Please answer :D
Gerald Acheampong
Gerald Acheampong 15 days ago
Quarantine ending be like:
ロシアの友 15 days ago
Please more of this
Sydney 16 days ago
Humans after getting out of their house for the first time after quarantine
Francisco Rojas
Francisco Rojas 16 days ago
Alright this one actually hit ngl
Leo Love bot
Leo Love bot 17 days ago
Every extrovert going outside after quarantine:
rat memes
rat memes 17 days ago
The voice gives me an Irish vibe...
Franken gummy
Franken gummy 17 days ago
Maki The Tacky Animator!
*he is the new Stephen Hawking*
Orbzowo 17 days ago
M o r t i s
monafied bonafied
monafied bonafied 18 days ago
this always cheers me up when I’m sad. thanks.
RightfulPancakes 18 days ago
Everyone posting funny comments but I think this is genuinely beautiful and I fall asleep to these thinking about them
hkatrina 18 days ago
I do be thinkin this when I go outside 🥺💚.
Pixelody Chiptune
Pixelody Chiptune 18 days ago
Hi Sam. It's been a long time since we last met. You're a bit more deep than I remembered
Icey 19 days ago
Not a single soul: Girls who are 5'8 see a 6'0 guy in public: 0:01
Nugget 19 days ago
I never understood this until now, but I think I figured out the "meaning" behind this. Even though his surroundings are all poorly lit with visible polygons (Im not insulting his animation, that's what he was going for), he's still able to find the beauty in it. Even though it looks, suffice to say, "bad," he still considers it amazing and special to him. He's able to see through the flaws of his world and find the little pockets of joy, unlike most people in the real world.
zeranzeran 20 days ago
I think I'm going to leave my room and go out for a change. Thanks Jack
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