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Joel Osteen
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Each new day begins hours before dawn. In the same way, though you may not see anything changing, you can trust that victory is coming. When God gave you the promise, your new day began. You may not see it yet, but breakthrough is on the horizon.
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Jun 8, 2020




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Comments 100
Aaron Romero
Aaron Romero 3 hours ago
Love u all! Peace and blessings to all and ur families!!✝️💪💜💜🙏🙏🙏
Ellin Bryan
Ellin Bryan 11 hours ago
Lady Dani
Lady Dani Day ago
"You have turned my mourning into dancing. You have removed my sackcloth and clothed me in gladness" psalm 30:11
Annette Jacobs
Annette Jacobs 2 days ago
David Nava
David Nava 2 days ago
God changed my life just like the night into a day
Genesta Coleman
Genesta Coleman 2 days ago
AMEN AMEN please bless me thank you very much
Lawson Dowillie Welch
Thank you Jesus Christ and Jehovah for another day of life here on Earth
Lawson Dowillie Welch
Brandon blanton
Brandon blanton 2 days ago
If you want to know the truth, it is not in this man
Indigo Moon
Indigo Moon 2 days ago
This message was right on time!!
Jumba Riram 7
Jumba Riram 7 3 days ago
Praise the lord....lots of love from india in the name of holy one thy your holy words always motivated us for way of truth thanks lot for your valuable and holy words god always with you amen
Sasha Tyesha
Sasha Tyesha 3 days ago
Praise the Lord Hallelujah
James Chavez
James Chavez 3 days ago
Yes team Jesus 🤗
Aurelio Jimenez
Aurelio Jimenez 3 days ago
Joel you know I really like you I was just testing you
Lisa Ferguson
Lisa Ferguson 3 days ago
Amen. I told my doctor everything about Job. And that l was getting back everything the devil stole for me. My redeemer lives. Hallelujah!!!!
Mimi and Nina
Mimi and Nina 4 days ago
One of the best and practical preachers
Hunna Capata
Hunna Capata 5 days ago
This idiots still making money off of y’all? 😂😂😂
Evelyn Yose Haloho
Daisy perez
Daisy perez 5 days ago
I would like to ask for prayers for a pituitary gland tumor in my head due to it I have severe headaches, blurry vision ,foggy at times I am here waiting on God for a breakthrough or for him to open doors on me please I ask for prayers 😊 thanks🙏🙏🙏
Lisa Gonzales
Lisa Gonzales 5 days ago
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah He's not dead!!!
Jordan Roberson
Jordan Roberson 5 days ago
Thank God for letting joel spread the word
Tinille Sydney
Tinille Sydney 6 days ago
I accept this word and ask God to bring the anointing I Jesus name I receive it by faith !
Tinille Sydney
Tinille Sydney 6 days ago
Thank you God bless Joel and his family 🙏
Tinille Sydney
Tinille Sydney 6 days ago
I bodly confess my heart is receptive myind is alert and God is on the throne
Tinille Sydney
Tinille Sydney 6 days ago
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ AHMEN God is mighty in the land and blessing my family and husband in Jesus name I receive this positive message!!
Leoneydis Leon
Leoneydis Leon 6 days ago
Annia Craig
Annia Craig 6 days ago
Same song. Mister.
DAWIT ABRAHAM 6 days ago
I and my sibilings are in our darkest moment because our mom is caught up in the middle of a war between two groups. We trust and believe our Lord and Savour will rescue and deliver and we will meet again to glorify His Holy Name. Jesus is Lord!
Jah Love
Jah Love 8 days ago
I dont know how to say this but i want make my long story shot , I came from a family of many gods and i have been made the priest for 3 years now but some times i feel stranded because some thing tells me there is something out there for me and i am edged to stop. I tried to become a christian and when i do i dont feel anything . I feel lost and i need help
Kabe Phinie
Kabe Phinie 8 days ago
Thanks for such encouragement. This word has elevated me to another level of faith. Am comforted. God bless you.
Pramila Roy
Pramila Roy 9 days ago
Thanku Lord for ur joy
Pramila Roy
Pramila Roy 9 days ago
Yes my joy is on my way Lord amen
Pramila Roy
Pramila Roy 9 days ago
Thanku Lord for removing my darkness my school will stand once again
Clifton Emanuel Laurence
Dear Pastor Joel. For the past 40 years my life has been like a roller coaster one bad decision after another. I really want to believe that I will inherit these latter day blessings and I will come into my purpose but I am now 59 years old. And my health is not so good. Am I still to believe that my latter days will be better than my former days. I know that sometimes as believers we are only allowed to receive in the next life. What do you think about this.
Christopher William
Bois D Ark refused to help me only them deceivers
Lady Dani
Lady Dani 9 days ago
That adam & Eve joke had me literally laugh out loud🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
KATIE Peters- Movie Queen
I’m praying that God that helps my family & I out. Currently, my dad is in the hospital for an infection. He could lose his foot. I’m so afraid for my family’s future, but I trust God. Please pray for my family and I!
solo 2trill
solo 2trill 11 days ago
Ayesha Zia
Ayesha Zia 12 days ago
Ayesha Zia
Ayesha Zia 12 days ago
Magd. S.
Magd. S. 12 days ago
Joel Osteen, currently discoverred your chanel and love to listen to you...You give people hope and strength and the motivation to go on to live by faith...You are a faithful servant directing us the only way in life : the way to joy, faith and happiness from OUR LORD Jesus Christ, the way, the truth to everlasting life.. Thank you, stay strong, God loves you and so do we... Greetings from Portugal..🙋
Julius Nyamweno
Julius Nyamweno 13 days ago
Amen. I thank God for his word
Mwoldi Emmanuel
Mwoldi Emmanuel 13 days ago
I'm seeing my success in the dark, the dark is working for us not against us, the darkness is not permanent, it shall all pass the light will shine upon us, the light of blessings, mercies and favour, we are on our way going from P.M to A.M we are going to laugh again, stay safe and stay bless and keep believing and trusting in God.
JB N 13 days ago
God will shine His light into the darkness of our country.
mariomon pasi
mariomon pasi 13 days ago
Amen thank you Pastor for the wonderful, powerful and inspiring message
Rogue Driver
Rogue Driver 14 days ago
Thankyou brother Joel. You allways inspire me and put a pep in my step. I love you.
Anilyn Sacayan
Anilyn Sacayan 14 days ago
Put your trust to Almighty God for He is the son of God, Messiah, the Alpha and Omega, thank you to all Priest, Pastors and all Laymen for coaching and preaching people for the whole World.. Amen
Phil Jon
Phil Jon 14 days ago
Need and Agree 👍🙏💜
cruzis12 15 days ago
Yolanda Sosa
Yolanda Sosa 15 days ago
Victory begins in the dark that's kind of confusing maybe only for the elites
Sweet Jesus
Sweet Jesus 16 days ago
This will bless&free you🥰Forgive&u will be Forgiven by God.Judge&u too shall be judged by that same law of God.The choice is urs.Choose Life.Choose Mercy.Choose free Grace in Jesus Crucified.This is True Love💓Matthew18:21-35
Morena Campanero
Morena Campanero 16 days ago
Yes darkness its not permanent problem is Gods test us its not permanent very true praising God is Good
ben franklin
ben franklin 16 days ago
Decrece and declear favor done for money
sal Ralph
sal Ralph 16 days ago
Dear father God I trust you with my heart I trust you with my life I trust you with my wisdom I trust you with my I trust you with my ears hearing every word you're saying I trust you with all the beauty of my heart and I trust you forever☝🙏☝😎🌹😇🌹 Joel I thank you and your wonderful family☝🙏☝🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Christina Lee77
Christina Lee77 17 days ago
Blessings suddenly come in my way right now in Jesus name glory holy holy of the lord amen
man syla
man syla 17 days ago
As l go through darkness of financial struggle. God please help me. Thanks pastor Austine for the word. Amen
Samuel abrham
Samuel abrham 17 days ago
I am in my Lord and my saviour jesus christ's hands. NO ONE will pluck me out of jesus. My hope is in GOD ALMIGHTY.
William HinchliffeM
Thank you for your words Joel.
William HinchliffeM
Jesus Christ Son of the living God have mercy on me a sinner.
Angela Jones
Angela Jones 18 days ago
Thanks for giving me hope.
Sufia Kokohu
Sufia Kokohu 18 days ago
Amen..thank you Jesus I have received🙏
lady lady
lady lady 18 days ago
God bless you, really I want to thank you so much for your powerful encouraging great messages thx
Irine Gebser
Irine Gebser 18 days ago
I being sick for ten years Oh God deliver me today in Jesus name Amen
Simon Pacific
Simon Pacific 18 days ago
Victory is mine. With Jesus all things all possible
Christina Shanell Leigh
God truly hears our prayers.. walk by faith and not by sight..its a new day! Victory begins in the dark!
Lisbert Johnny
Lisbert Johnny 19 days ago
I agree with faith and i trust and i believe i receive the goodness of god in the powerful and mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ amen and amen
Andrea Choyce
Andrea Choyce 19 days ago
I am in my dark season right now and I need you all to pray for me I'm looking for a senior apartment and seem like no one is renting right now due to the pandemic and where I live is no peace pray for me
47 Aryan Pawar
47 Aryan Pawar 19 days ago
Many changes have been made in my life since I started reading God's word. But sometimes I end up doing things which I'm not supposed to do. I feel ashamed of this as I come to pray and I hesitate to have a word with God. I feel guilty about it 😔
Ivelina T.
Ivelina T. 19 days ago
Let the Lord guide you. Walk by faith! Amin
mafukidze letty
mafukidze letty 19 days ago
Mary Cris Garcia
Mary Cris Garcia 19 days ago
Hellow...Thanks God I've found this channel..Thank you Pastor🙏🙏🙏 Watching from HK, And I'm from the Philippines
Andrew Mellor
Andrew Mellor 20 days ago
Joel is the real deal he brings me closer to God in the trials of life.
Sasha Lilly
Sasha Lilly 2 days ago
Same here watch ever morning...have a great day
denice tafadzwa
denice tafadzwa 20 days ago
Amen ,your messages has help me alot
Marshella Johnson
When hes not funny is the funniest😂😂🙌i be cracking up😂
Carolyn Yang
Carolyn Yang 23 days ago
Amen 🙏
lucy Waithira chege
Jesus do you good Sir Joel Osteen, Thanks Jesus for Sermon it's truly life, Sermons Jesus Speaking through Joel Osteen and His Family, my little girl beautiful Alexandria she's being healthy,Thanks
Amakeze Happiness
Amakeze Happiness 23 days ago
God has turned my mourning into dancing
bindagee 24 days ago
During this season of COVID, its especially important that we remember God’s promises. He is faithful. I love your message of darkness at midnight turns into daylight in the morning. Thank you!
Amandai Riamei
Amandai Riamei 24 days ago
Thank you Pastor your message was really happening in me . please pray for me
Nikema Ambrose
Nikema Ambrose 25 days ago
Pastor and every one please pray for me I have not been myself 5 months now I cant sleep at night and I have no peace in the day and there is voices in my head telling me to kill myself I really need all of the prayers I can get from you guys
Teddy McGoo
Teddy McGoo 25 days ago
How? I say perspective daily acceptance. It's not easy unfair but beautiful ok good dark but light I declare for us all.
Gerard Forges Ministries
Malou Siron
Malou Siron 25 days ago
Jesus bless my hubby to have wisdom and generosity too to the poor and needy in Jesus name amen..have mercy on him..thank you Jesus for the divine protection divine provision divine connection divine wisdom and guidance
Anne Wanjiku
Anne Wanjiku 26 days ago
Preethi 26 days ago
Pl pray for me and my husband for speedy recovery and come out of this situation in a better way with negative report.Yes Jesus will turn my mourning into dancing.
Allen Xav
Allen Xav 27 days ago
I'm going through very hard time in life where I feel like there are a lot of people trying to breing me down, but this has inspired and lifted me up and now I'll believe that what I'm going through will lead me to an even better place than where I was at before. Amen
Jackie G
Jackie G 27 days ago
Jackie G
Jackie G 27 days ago
GO Joel💝🤲🧎‍♀️🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🤺🙏
Ilaria Pagani
Ilaria Pagani 28 days ago
maggie kamau
maggie kamau 29 days ago
Sheilla Rousseau
Sheilla Rousseau 29 days ago
RainSara Month ago
"God won't bring you into a problem that he cant bring you out of"
Aleshia Morton
Aleshia Morton Month ago
Hopeson Agbemabiase
Let his presence dwell richly in the walls of your family
Esther Manda
Esther Manda Month ago
May GOD bless this massage and may your dark time end tody
Kevin Brimble
Kevin Brimble Month ago
I love you Joel osteen
Edward Kamara
Edward Kamara Month ago
Gunnarvingren Month ago
WG Montgomery
WG Montgomery Month ago
I will trust in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Elohim the holy Spirit with all my heart all my soul with all my being with all my love and I spread it to all who believe on the father's son and holy Spirit God bless you in Jesus name amen
Pls pray for me n ministry growths n fineness break through.Let Minisitry grow in India.
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