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Oct 31, 2019




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Savannah Thompson
THE PRINCE FAMILY love my twins
tinnae jones
tinnae jones 4 days ago
Hey I love you
Stephanie Cooper
Stephanie Cooper 5 days ago
That's funny what the name of that stuff you guys doing cuz I got to get me one of them
Laura Allen
Laura Allen 7 days ago
Kristal Conner
Kristal Conner 11 days ago
Tyshunna Brown said I'm the boss and my 1
Ruthi Osterbind
Anisha Hopson
Anisha Hopson 2 hours ago
Damien.... Do it😂😂😂
Jahquell Collins
Jahquell Collins 2 hours ago
YFN BOBO 3 hours ago
My name is Rodney too lol
Elizabeth Poh
Elizabeth Poh 5 hours ago
Buy me slime
Barron Thompson
Barron Thompson 5 hours ago
you should do it
Tameka Davis
Tameka Davis 12 hours ago
I didn't know she had twin
Leo Parker
Leo Parker 12 hours ago
You can tell how uncomfortable rocky what because of what he was doing to Biancas sister
Melodie Simmons
Melodie Simmons 14 hours ago
Bianca was mining the whole time
daliamacias 211
daliamacias 211 16 hours ago
I'm sorry but, whatever happened to Simon??
Gaila Araujo
Gaila Araujo 17 hours ago
Hehehehe karma is a b**** I think we should see it in mans hehehehe
Gaila Araujo
Gaila Araujo 12 hours ago
Right lol
Leo Parker
Leo Parker 12 hours ago
But I agree
Gaila Araujo
Gaila Araujo 17 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg this is off the hook omg hahahahahahahaha me sick at home bored with fever 🤒 🤒 and this made me laugh like h***
Gaila Araujo
Gaila Araujo 12 hours ago
Lol sick buddies
Leo Parker
Leo Parker 12 hours ago
I'm suck too sick buddies😂😵
gaming with vboy b
gaming with vboy b 18 hours ago
Savage Life18
I think it's funny 😂
Naomi Tejeda
Naomi Tejeda Day ago
Oof 😖
Mikeyia Hunt
Mikeyia Hunt Day ago
Yes the boy shound get that do the boys.
lovely Joseph
Ash Maan
Ash Maan Day ago
blue chick resistance perfect Girl no homo.
MV GANG Day ago
this was hilarious iv'e watched this like 50 times already!!!!
Vivian Offei
Vivian Offei Day ago
Men version pls we begging
Madelyn Terrell
Vibrator boxers
Chrisema Penman
Yes make them wear it
lovely Joseph
Chrisema Penman yes
Anthony Reynolds
Yes do the vibration boxers
sarissa Souvenir
Kira Lynn
Kira Lynn Day ago
Men version pleasesssere and post notifications are on
Navarro Yuri
Navarro Yuri Day ago
They look dead a like 😯
Zaedyn Price
Zaedyn Price 6 hours ago
Did u just say biancca is sexir😆🤣👸
Saskia Pusey
Saskia Pusey Day ago
frl but biancca is sexier
sas asmr darrion
Yes donit
L King
L King 2 days ago
Yes I want to see you and Rodney wear the men version
Strikly _Combos
Strikly _Combos 2 days ago
Can twins be different hieght
Ms.Southern Bell
Ms.Southern Bell 19 hours ago
Yes i have twin girls an they are 5ft 3in and 5ft 3in and 2/3
SammyTooSaucy •
Maria F Jean
Maria F Jean 2 days ago
There is one part it funny 😂
Maria F Jean
Maria F Jean 2 days ago
I didn't know that they was twin sister
jacqueline bell
jacqueline bell 2 days ago
jacqueline bell
jacqueline bell 2 days ago
jacqueline bell
jacqueline bell 2 days ago
Iike this vid y'all good
micah star
micah star 2 days ago
do it damai
Keshawn Harris
Keshawn Harris 2 days ago
This is funny but cruelty at the same time 😂😂😂😂
Humbled Queen
Humbled Queen 2 days ago
Llh😂😂Loved this!
black and white
black and white 2 days ago
I think the girls should make the guys do as revenge
Melissa Odiyo
Melissa Odiyo 2 days ago
This shit was funny asf😂😂😂🤣
Sarah Persaud
Sarah Persaud 2 days ago
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