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Marques Brownlee
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Gal Gadot did an oopsie. Razer did an oopsie. Oprah did an oopsie. It never ends.
Watch the saga unfold: twitter.com/MKBHD
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Razer: twitter.com/mkbhd/status/1050355150248964097?lang=en
Samsung again: twitter.com/mkbhd/status/1069246242130145280?lang=en
Huawei: twitter.com/mkbhd/status/1079963374061080576?lang=en
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Feb 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Evan Tso
Evan Tso 41 minute ago
Awesome Guys
Awesome Guys 4 hours ago
Apple's ambassador : tweeted via Android Some android's ambassador: tweeted via iPhone That's all 😅😅
Sharath 5 hours ago
On that whole thing. You saying about Linus made me Laugh.
i'm pretty late but i'm pretty sure there's no twitter on palm phones.
BLU 9 hours ago
CrackerBoy 9 hours ago
Hahahahhahahah lol
Mi Criez
Mi Criez 10 hours ago
Fair play mate. Good video
Angelo Ben Charles
Angelo Ben Charles 10 hours ago
Twitter for iphone : Equality Twitter for android : Justice
Yamil Azofeifa G.
Yamil Azofeifa G. 12 hours ago
Shinzo14 13 hours ago
Thank you for this blessed video, I am CRYING xDDDD
Kristian Bakken
Kristian Bakken 16 hours ago
This is one of the most hilarious things I've seen, thanks recommended page for bringing this back up. XD
Scalamaster Electros
i never in my life bought somthing just because my favorit celebrity bought it or i whod have been banck rupt i am not a sentimental idiot
Voor Achter
Voor Achter 21 hour ago
The real surprise to me is people getting paid to do social media things and choosing to do this from a phone. I expected those media people to sit in an office and use computers and stuff for their job.
Will richards
Will richards 22 hours ago
Is it just me or when you say Gal Gadot do you sound Australian
Warren Lehmkuhle II
Warren Lehmkuhle II 23 hours ago
“Man I really do not like Apple” Via Twitter for iPhone.
Mayank Bhura
Mayank Bhura 23 hours ago
3:07 who noticed it ?
I-InFcTd Day ago
Someone got demoted because of that And he doesn't feel bad about it lol
Obaid Farooq
Obaid Farooq Day ago
You are not immature! One of the most mature people on RUvid!
Naseeem Hodali
it maybe the person who runs their media not the person himself
TEN4 Day ago
@Marques Brownlee A year late to this but came up on the feed again so wanted to say this - life isn't binary. I get the other stuff is funny but on the Oprah thing - I think everyone is entitled to liking more than one device - to those of you who have irrational loyalties to brands need to re-evaluate your lives. Nothing wrong in liking both the Surface and the iPad. Nothing wrong in owning both. Nothing wrong with owning one and appreciating the other - same with Android (or Samsung or interject your brands here) too - let market economy be the decider instead.
Triggered Day ago
Manus Kenny
Manus Kenny Day ago
ive never heard of her
James Mifsud
James Mifsud Day ago
You have to also remember, Huawei's consumer phone ranger is a very small part of their business
DanTDM a
DanTDM a Day ago
why was this recommended to me
If you don't have an iPhone well you don't have an iPhone
Rishabh bari
Rishabh bari Day ago
"Too assert dominance" lol dude 🤣nice one
Chris Vautour
Who cares... Honestly!
Todd Day ago
Celebrities showing their true colors... not surprised of the careless behavior and clueless nature of people with many faces. Zero integrity.
Christopher Gibbons
why are all these professional social media managers tweeting from phones? Get a computer.
Istiaque Salam
Istiaque Salam 2 days ago
But i like u with police hat
Amazon 2 days ago
Twitter for android
PlayBackz 2 days ago
small channel here. If you like warzone content plz watch my vids!
Kiwify 2 days ago
Via twitter for Samsung fridge
David Ma
David Ma 2 days ago
i 2 days ago
Mat TEXAS 2 days ago
Twitter for androooid
M Co Tech TV
M Co Tech TV 2 days ago
it does not matter that which phone they use for tweet im using the old nokia keypad phone im happy with it lmao Peace
Sultan Jailani
Sultan Jailani 2 days ago
and this video was upload by iphone
Gokul Subramanian
5:11 He's a what, now? xD (just poking fun)
yousefeno 2 days ago
how hard is it to post ads on your pc/laptop?
Zapp0 2 days ago
bruh this guy actually fail phone companies in a twitter post
Joey Martin
Joey Martin 2 days ago
linus was definitely trolling with that tweet
NotANinja 2 days ago
Apple missed a great marketing opportunity
Hydro Sheep
Hydro Sheep 2 days ago
they dont need marketing when others do it for them lmao
Jo Seph GD
Jo Seph GD 2 days ago
4:38 Maybe they were using BlueStacks?
Warsin 2 days ago
jojie riveral
jojie riveral 2 days ago
its should be fair if its via ios and via android
Roshan Pai
Roshan Pai 2 days ago
What a pointless video. Make a big deal about it and say I can't keep making a big deal about this? And the bottom line is that this will keep happening, thanks for watching? 8 and a half minutes (plus the time it took to write this comment) of my life I'll never get back. My fault for watching though. All this video has done is prove that people around the world are getting punished for honest mistakes because people like you have nothing better to do than analyze the twitter accounts of people being paid to tweet.
Prem's Writing
Prem's Writing 3 days ago
It happens. Move on.
Sugo 3 days ago
2020, the year where the most friendly youtuber ever starts mocking people on twitter. I changed my mind I don't want 2020 to go, it's so god damn entertaining. Well, except for the whole pandemic thing, and the whole economy collapsing that will probably kill more people that the pandemic itself.
Achu Harsh
Achu Harsh 3 days ago
Y'all use usual iPhone Via Twitter for Escobar phone.
IamMutedhelp 3 days ago
Oh I love my Tesla *twitter via ford*
TheDiamond Gaurd
TheDiamond Gaurd 3 days ago
You have to remember tho, that an iphone isn't just a shit phone. It's also a fashion statement.
Federico T
Federico T 3 days ago
One year later... wondering if maybe they were utilizing the macbook or ipad twitter client...
ML V 3 days ago
you got a like from me when I heard the intro song you used
Rootin Tootin Putin
via Twitter for Samsung Smartfridge
TEJAS SHETTY 3 days ago
I am just speechless
Finn Diesel
Finn Diesel 3 days ago
Am I the only one who realises that a lot of these tweets will be done by an agency that manages the accounts on behalf of these companies/people? As such they aren't bound by the relationship of the partnership and use whatever tools their organisation deems fit.
Finn Diesel
Finn Diesel 3 days ago
Also most use software such as sprinklr for managing and scheduling these posts as part of larger campaign and brand strategies they don't usually just tweet as they go...
Finn Diesel
Finn Diesel 3 days ago
Am I the only one who realises that a lot of these tweets will be done by an agency that manages the accounts on behalf of these companies/people? As such they aren't bound by the relationship of the partnership and use whatever tools their organisation deems fit.
Tasunke 3 days ago
Lets be honnest, apple are just better phones. The whole user experience is just miles ahead. But the background of apple hate hype just makes more click, linus being the prime exemple. He us an iPhone, he use an apple watch. Yet constantly try to sell android on his channel. It's pathetic... if you like apple, it's ok. If you don't like it, it's ok too. But stop being liying bitches...
Pubg Mobile H&B
Pubg Mobile H&B 3 days ago
duh bro, this is such a stupid video. why do you care? LOL, jesus christ!
youtube12345 3 days ago
Wow. You all need to get a life. Who gives a fuck what device someone made a tweet with?
Deadgoodundies 3 days ago
Wouldn't someone running a social media campaign use something like hootsuite instead of having to type in on a phones keyboard?
Salman Khan
Salman Khan 3 days ago
Use it on browser, problem solved!!!
Raihan Mamun Anik
this is hilarious
Aj S
Aj S 4 days ago
Apple must be loving this.
Taaniel Pruul
Taaniel Pruul 4 days ago
I love flamingo the youtuber
Bogdan Mikita
Bogdan Mikita 4 days ago
Twitter police by MKBHD , they shoul have payed you for that)))
jdjdsaihfudshauj 4 days ago
Hey Marques thanks for this story and video haha; it's hilarious :) You always make my days much better with your videos; I've been watching since I was kid trying to find the best headphones to by lol :) I don't know if anyone's ever told you this, but Jesus loves so much He died for you (and anyone reading this). John @ sums it up pretty well: "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life". I tell you this because it's true and I don't know if you've heard it. It's the kindest and best gift I can give to anyone, and it's simply telling of the kindest gift of all (God granting us forgiveness of sins, peace, freedom from death, undeserved love, joy and eternal life with Him purely through grace alone; just "believing" Christ has the power to do so 🙂) so others can experience it too. Love you man, and praying God will continue bless you in your channel and every area of your life :)
Ç.Ý.Š. 4 days ago
Marques exposed the ppl who posted the ad with a differ operating system phone.
EDToaster 4 days ago
On this episode of "who cares?"
Gray Mitchell
Gray Mitchell 4 days ago
7days 5 days ago
curb your brand ambassador
Anon Parson
Anon Parson 5 days ago
Iphone is like the ex we "didn't mean to" post about when we met someone new
Rhandy 5 days ago
more companies should demote/fire people for using iplebs
Sow Yong wong
Sow Yong wong 5 days ago
Does tweeted from Android mean phones? Could be a tablet?
Greg Lindstrom
Greg Lindstrom 5 days ago
cant beleive someone as rich as her cant afford an android phone
SecretGamer101 5 days ago
Its respectable of how marques brownlee handles smoke
Victa Nguyen
Victa Nguyen 5 days ago
Amanda Peralta
Amanda Peralta 5 days ago
real title: Marques Shaming celebrities and being Twitter Police for 8 minutes and 31 seconds straight!
SwitchBoy500 6 days ago
via Nintendo Switch Online
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