VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

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The Crew reacts to some of their favorite Bad and Great CGi Shots from the Star Wars Prequels!
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Jun 15, 2019

VFX Artists Reactreactvfx breakdownCGIStar WarsPrequelsAttack of the clonesrevenge of the sithThe Phantom MenaceJar Jar Binks




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Comments 14 371
Ro-Artz Official
Ro-Artz Official 55 minutes ago
Please React Bahubali (indian Movie)
Kenny Hour ago
Early Stargate SG-1 effects in season 1 vs. late Stargate SG-1 effects in season 10
Ambient Joe
Ambient Joe Hour ago
Walking with Dinosaurs.... Do it hahaha
Valherjar Hour ago
The Clone Wars series is canon to the Star Wars Universe, Maul had a LONG return story arc across it and later Rebels. Solo merely borrowed it and built onto it a tiny bit.
Jungle J
Jungle J Hour ago
Darth maul has a whole story. Y’all should go learn about it if y’all enjoy Star Wars 😂
Matthew Weatherman
Here's one I'd like to know more about, it's from the film The Lost Battalion (2001) The quality is meh, but the effect stands out. I've looped it a few times cause it happens really quickly. ruvid.net/video/video-ozuJpxnhNRE.html
EBTL0947 2 hours ago
It seems all these VFX artist were children when the film came out. Does their opinion actually matter? It's like asking them to comment on 1964's Godzilla. Why?
Karsten KK
Karsten KK 2 hours ago
React to: Astartes part 1 - 4 !!! THIS IS A MUST
Jay H
Jay H 2 hours ago
Please react to the dragon in dragonheart
Noahthenerdiest 3 hours ago
10:22 if you guys want to know why maul is alive then watch this video. ruvid.net/video/video-PgxW6e5qBmE.html
vishnu deo
vishnu deo 4 hours ago
talk about alita
CxOrillion 5 hours ago
The podracing scene is an absolute masterclass in sound design.
stringX90 5 hours ago
The bat scene from The Office.
Solid Fisher
Solid Fisher 6 hours ago
Know your star wars. But when you praise the prequels it hurts me when you don't know Maul has been alive in Canon for several years
Alienadin 7 hours ago
That was actually very interesting and informative, albeit WAY too short. I love the Star Wars Prequels by the way, as opposed to the Disney dreck. Wish you did more about the Prequels. Thanks a lot.
Bonfire 7 hours ago
Death mail had robot legs
Rivanis 7 hours ago
please react to LOTR and Harry Potter
GamingCentral1999 8 hours ago
0:54 It is the kid from Jingle all the way. but he pretty much stopped acting after this movie... who could blame him?
Owen Smetek
Owen Smetek 8 hours ago
Can you guys react to Infinity War?
SA80SLAYER YT 8 hours ago
I dont think anyone hates the prequels anymore (not including jar jar) since the new trilogy came out. Now everyone hates the new trilogy
Star Wars Rules
Star Wars Rules 9 hours ago
Not really VFX related but I think it would be really cool if you guys watched The Clone Wars and reacted :) Or maybe even reacted to some animation from the show? I think you might enjoy it. It's a really great show.
Nathan Smo
Nathan Smo 9 hours ago
Waaaay too many ads in your videos
Joshua Joseph
Joshua Joseph 10 hours ago
Wow have they really not seen Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and actually bringing him back made his story better because he was actually developed, so in fact that was more story points given and none taken away.
High ground
High ground 10 hours ago
You’re strong and wise and Im very proud of you
Dario Ghela
Dario Ghela 10 hours ago
Guys now you have to do STAR TREK, it's just fair.
ninjarawr21 10 hours ago
Mirage is caused by angle and light reflection/refraction - has literally nothing to do with heat whatsoever. You could create a mirage in near absolute zero, if desired.
Sybris [DE]
Sybris [DE] 10 hours ago
U kinda killed my love for some movies
PowWow 10 hours ago
Could you guys react to old school Star Trek and Star Trek the next generation cgi effects? the original series did a lot of creative ways to make the effects work.
Marcin Pomidor
Marcin Pomidor 11 hours ago
Vidocq- shooting the mask scene
ariel montes
ariel montes 11 hours ago
the clone wars show established that maul was still alive we been knew
Billy Deal
Billy Deal 11 hours ago
fyi, Christopher Lee was so old by the time they did the prequels, they had to CG his head onto another actor. I'm sure this was the case for ROTS bc it's referenced in the DVD commentary. I THINK it's also true fro AOTC.
J.Balkc 11 hours ago
Do Episode III please
Doapsique Gaming
Doapsique Gaming 12 hours ago
The same way a tattoo artist isn't gonna get any respect in the business if they don't have any tattoos, there's that one guy (you know who I mean) in all of these react videos who has clearly NEVER SEEN A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE!!! Gotta be nepotism.
lukethecoolfool 12 hours ago
Clint is right, anakin=jamie
Hugo 13 hours ago
Could you guys react to Mad Max Fury Road VFX?
Alexander Cordova
Alexander Cordova 15 hours ago
You guys need to do Robo cop when the guy falls out the window 😂
Leopard Mandloi
Leopard Mandloi 15 hours ago
2001 a space Odyssey Blade runner 1982 DC and marvel TV series Watchmen movie Blade movies Maze runner movies Man of steel Guardians of the Galaxy Pls React on that
TheCommonGentry 16 hours ago
what do you guys think about the robot in I AM MOTHER?
yourstrulykev 17 hours ago
please do this music video by Cole Bennett ruvid.net/video/video-LvSVGmlpcyc.html
Brian Fitzpatrick
Brian Fitzpatrick 17 hours ago
You've got to do John Carpenter's The Thing!
sebs edits
sebs edits 17 hours ago
Ya know what would be amazing- if y’all reviewed the animated Beowulf movie
Asher Mickey
Asher Mickey 17 hours ago
Wrong it was the clone wars that showed mauls post halving origin story so we all knew he was alive
DylonT 17 hours ago
Your thumbnail is an action figure.
Jack Cruz
Jack Cruz 17 hours ago
Kung fury
Victor Kuhn
Victor Kuhn 17 hours ago
No Revenge of the Sith!?
30 And Hating It
30 And Hating It 18 hours ago
Please do the Star Wars Original Trilogy. I'm currently reading 'Inside The Star Wars Empire: A Memoir' by Bill Kimberlin, who was one of many geniuses at ILM. He goes into great detail about everything they accomplished with the Original Trilogy. The fleet battle over Endor in particular is unbelievable, even by today's standards. I believe one of the scenes still holds the record for the most complex layered shot ever put to film. Those guys made modern movies possible, I think the guy in charge of ILM during that era has more Oscars than anyone alive and one of the people working there even invented Photoshop. The OT are just plain iconic... a magazine polled 250,000 people in the UK to vote for the greatest films of all time, and Empire Strikes Back ranked #1. I love that film, but I think the fleet battle over Endor is the best of the trilogy and you guys should definitely review it.
Proyecto 101 MX
Proyecto 101 MX 18 hours ago
I thought you were going to react to the Homer Simpson cameo in Star Wars episode I or II
Michael Barrutia
Michael Barrutia 18 hours ago
Do Armageddon, real steel and Titanic.
Fran0Ran0 18 hours ago
please react to netflix's love, death & robots!
Mack Taylor
Mack Taylor 19 hours ago
People love the prequels ever since the sequels came out
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