VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 4

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The Crew is joined by VFX legend Andrew Kramer as they react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Jun 22, 2019

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Comments 10 729
Foghide a
Foghide a 2 hours ago
The orcs in the Hobbit Vs. the orcs in LOTR
Crash Gaming
Crash Gaming 7 hours ago
Are those tshirt microphones edited in to the video?!
Marius 7 hours ago
this is my new favorite youtube series
Remigiusz Durka
Remigiusz Durka 9 hours ago
There is a nice fun fact about Contact scene: ruvid.net/video/video-pTl42COCNaM.html The same actress years later was involved in another mirror scene: ruvid.net/video/video-m_IemarLt5c.html
Downside dn
Downside dn 10 hours ago
react to the langoliers!!!!
airplanenut89 11 hours ago
You gotta admit though, with the exception of the crash scene, Air Force One's effects for the most part have aged pretty well since they used models mostly.
Exploration Station
Exploration Station 11 hours ago
I wanted to be nightcrawler as a kid because of that scene
Eugenia Geneva
Eugenia Geneva 11 hours ago
Nothing annoys me more than Game Of Thrones. JON RIDES Raygal... for the first time! It's sooooooo... Harry potter on the broom.
Eugenia Geneva
Eugenia Geneva 12 hours ago
Great D&D poke.... "I think you are misunderstanding Magneato's power." Wow! Nailed it!
Shmuel _06
Shmuel _06 13 hours ago
Imagine them doing one of these for ready player one lmao
Richard Greenwood Jr
That Contact shot still blows my mind...so freakin good!!
Stove Minecraft And More
React to a new hope
Cameron Allmon
Cameron Allmon 15 hours ago
"This is everything I want in a film, Jeff Goldblum."
Xavier Lopez
Xavier Lopez 16 hours ago
Woahhhh Andrew Kramer literally taught me everything I love about vfx
Nitesh Kumar
Nitesh Kumar 16 hours ago
React on 2.0 robot movie
Alex Grey
Alex Grey 17 hours ago
That hyper light drifter shirt!🤩🤩
Steve Stone
Steve Stone 17 hours ago
Indiana jones
Jeremy Guadalupe
Jeremy Guadalupe 17 hours ago
Please React to Ninja Assassin. It it one of my favorite movies ever and I think it would be real fun cause it's very gory
Leonardo Arcanjo
Leonardo Arcanjo 17 hours ago
Andrew definitely changed my life with his tutorials, it was so good to see him here.
ProgHead777 18 hours ago
RE: the lighting in Gravity. I think the thing they missed about the "dark side" of objects and characters being too illuminated is earthshine (it's a thing, look it up). Light is not only coming from the sun, it's also being reflected off of Earth. It's so intense that, in areas with low(-ish) light pollution, you can sometimes see the dark half of the moon faintly illuminated. That's despite the fact that the moon is roughly a quarter million miles away. The shuttle orbited at around 300 miles, give or take.
Iván Fernández Méijome
You should react to Gollum!!
陳是浩 18 hours ago
Every clip I saw on this channel, every method that was introduced, just completely change how the world works to me, holy crap.
Randy Fine
Randy Fine 18 hours ago
mathiashls 19 hours ago
This guy is a fucking legend, thank you so much Andrew for all you have done to VFX.
Kevin Vance
Kevin Vance 19 hours ago
I’ve been curious of how they did the fighting in 47 ronin. It’s so mesmerizing and stylized
Saru EMS Education
Saru EMS Education 21 hour ago
Hulk 2003 vs 2008
lil kid
lil kid 21 hour ago
The flash worst and best
Sola Ojeaga II
Sola Ojeaga II 22 hours ago
That Andrew Kramer is a Composite
TraMaChi 22 hours ago
KungFu Hustle when bois
Gracie Webb
Gracie Webb 22 hours ago
Y’all should react to some kpop videos lol there is a lot of money put into some kpop videos and it’s insane, some examples are like bts, nct, and dean I feel like their are cool effects but it might not be cgi but I still would like to see y’all react to them cuz they are very well done
Charlie Draper
Charlie Draper 23 hours ago
Sin City
Piplup 23 hours ago
In some cases reality has shitty lighting so you gotta make it look better to entertain people and I don't think that's too big of a deal, especially in highly unrealistic situations or situations that your average person is highly unlikely to experience
anonymous Prime
anonymous Prime 23 hours ago
please react to the thing films and compare to the 1951, 1982, 2011 and compare practical and cg effects you had better prepare yourself for the face breaker scene
DubiousDevil 23 hours ago
I know nothing about VFX and thought those space suits looked really bad lol
Jimi5000 23 hours ago
i like how they pronounce "mirror" as "meeeer"
RighteousBrother 22 hours ago
Ha ha ! That drives me a absolutely crazy.
Me 23 hours ago
12:13 blew my mind
Grey Square
Grey Square 23 hours ago
Thank you, Andrew.
Gaurav Bhanot
Do that scene from the first spider man movie (toby maguire) where he takes his glasses off and we get to see the shot from his eye point of view
steam steam
steam steam Day ago
Review some Bollywood shit. That guy that transforms.
steam steam
steam steam Day ago
Review sharknado's best scenes and that horror film with the flying tomatoes.
Umar Mukhriz
Umar Mukhriz Day ago
reacted to alita
YosefJoe Day ago
*cough* Eragon 😑
Aliah Personous
orion khan
orion khan Day ago
*District 9*
Jade Jardine
Jade Jardine Day ago
Also do the quicksilver seen from apocalypse. I’m really curious how they do the speed effect with the slow motion
J C Day ago
Plz do life of pi
Google User
Google User Day ago
I love this series, but y'all niggas need a bigger couch!
Reuel Enerio
Reuel Enerio Day ago
The man, the myth, the legend. I owe all my VFX skills to Andrew Kramer. Thank you Andrew and CC Crew.
MrMrRubic Day ago
React to anything from mad Max fury road
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