VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 11

Corridor Crew
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Thaddeus Lehman
Michael Jackson is a white women and Jordan is a black dude why are you having this problem. I'm thinking low key racisim......lol
Chetan Singh
Chetan Singh Day ago
Check out kung fu hustle and the other similar films
Christopher Aydon
Please review 1917
Matthew Karun
Matthew Karun 2 days ago
Can you guys do the show krypton?
Jerry Nieves
Jerry Nieves 2 days ago
Oh my goodness... It was actually will Smith
Indrajeet Batham
Indrajeet Batham 3 days ago
Teenage mutant ninja turtles...
Monty Sutter
Monty Sutter 3 days ago
That was a really good will smith impersonator
Laura Boting
Laura Boting 5 days ago
11:00 his face when he says dangit XD
Raguveer singh
Raguveer singh 5 days ago
09:18 seriously what were you trying Wren XD "master of goofups"
Raissa Suwardhono
Have you reacted Dumbo yet? The live action one, duh. If you have can anyone send the link?
Sifiso Quinton Mbele
Michael Jackson 🤣🤣🤣
Phenomenon Mix
Phenomenon Mix 6 days ago
9:18 wow did Wren say namaste 😚😊
Dorian Plant
Dorian Plant 6 days ago
React to troll hunter
Iam Juliet
Iam Juliet 7 days ago
FYI I am mother is on Netflix (May 2020)
Will Boy
Will Boy 7 days ago
The reason why michel Jordan died
Jessica Tice
Jessica Tice 7 days ago
2:41 there is a person in the suit
RR 8 days ago
BTW! Fun fact about the soundtrack to Space Jam: You can totally and obviously hear the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack in a few of the tense basketball scenes. Jon Powell saved bits of it from this movie and used it many years later for HTTYD. Hear that score in this Space Jam clip at 0:11 and 0:22 : ruvid.net/video/video-PJmy6WjFubo.html
Easturn Vantage
Easturn Vantage 8 days ago
Man. Wren dont know who Jordan is
Sarujan Rupan
Sarujan Rupan 8 days ago
Omg the actual WILL Smith looks CG
Scripture Dive
Scripture Dive 8 days ago
Love this series! Thanks for always making my (and the others') day :) Praying for you guys and know that Jesus Loves you all! John 3:16 : "For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son that whosever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life"
a w
a w 9 days ago
You can see the face glitch though 16:20 for will smith deep fake
a w
a w 9 days ago
Haha you actually did Gemini Man🤣🤦👍👏 what awfully bad fx
TigeR 9 days ago
Gemini man was HFR? Nooo, I missed it! I loved the Hobbit in HFR and really want more films to do it.
Comic topic Show
Comic topic Show 11 days ago
Legends of tomorrow
Comic topic Show
Comic topic Show 11 days ago
Plz do that show it is on the cw
Микаил Аушев
6:19 - hi, welcome to Chili’s
美中界限 12 days ago
ZAKAI SKY 13 days ago
How’d they get Will Smith?
ZAKAI SKY 13 days ago
I never knew that they made an actual suit for I Am Mother. That’s insane.
Yumidori Iro
Yumidori Iro 13 days ago
I love the Hang Drum
Holden Stogsdill
Holden Stogsdill 13 days ago
Doctor Strange
S.G.Vignesh 14 days ago
how many of you noticed that slight delay in Wren's voice and his lip movement @ 12:10
Just Nathan
Just Nathan 14 days ago
Should be called i am father Lol
AYoutubeAccount 14 days ago
I’m really confused now
Danson Media
Danson Media 15 days ago
I’m appalled at how many times y’all said Michael Jackson 😂😂😂
Lewion Katigbak
Lewion Katigbak 15 days ago
Please watch Victor Magtanggol.
Nixy48 15 days ago
I got to see the real mother costume!
Don't Mess Around
Don't Mess Around 16 days ago
As an Aussie I’m proud of I am mother even though it creeps me out
Massively Screwed
Massively Screwed 16 days ago
Mother just reminds me of gladOS
Danial Steels
Danial Steels 16 days ago
I'm surprised no one has said anything about the "double wide surprise" reference at the beginning
Caleb Cooper
Caleb Cooper 16 days ago
You guys should go through Band of Brothers!
peterkray 17 days ago
That Will Smith deepfake was pretty terrible actually.
Swivel_Z 17 days ago
I'm confused by that upper lip thing, is that not normal??
british tea
british tea 17 days ago
Attack on titan, s2 colossal titan
Dragon Wolf
Dragon Wolf 18 days ago
The robot from I Am Mother was actually a real costume
Peter Hoeppner
Peter Hoeppner 18 days ago
They obviously don't watch any sports. OOF Michael Jackson 😂
Josiah Anunciacion
Josiah Anunciacion 18 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks that Will Smith deep fake wasn’t that good?
The Illusionist
The Illusionist 19 days ago
“This winner came out of left field.” So did the sequel.
ThePuffyrule 19 days ago
JORDAN!!! :))), you smoke to much wee....,next time stop smoking when you shooting :)))
China dab
China dab 19 days ago
10:00 I make that mistake all the time dude! 😡
Jaxon Sorensen
Jaxon Sorensen 19 days ago
Do Bloodshot
Luthando Dlomo
Luthando Dlomo 20 days ago
Dont fix the face, fix the motion and the gravity !!!!
Luthando Dlomo
Luthando Dlomo 20 days ago
Xloi63 20 days ago
You guys are so cute its disgusting
Moe Ga
Moe Ga 20 days ago
Man said Michael Jackson 😆😆😆
Chris Łettø
Chris Łettø 20 days ago
Great episode
lil bean
lil bean 20 days ago
Gemini man had some of the worst cgi
James B
James B 21 day ago
They said babies can't act, sounds like that baby did a great job in the role though lol
Dylan Donigan
Dylan Donigan 21 day ago
do a video on cube
The ShogunX
The ShogunX 21 day ago
Grant was CG
Revol 21 day ago
Michael Jackson. Wait.. THEY MET REAL WILL SMITH!!!
mega man
mega man 21 day ago
Lol the gemini man has to be one of the worst cgi movies ever made
You-Know -Poo
You-Know -Poo 21 day ago
I Am Mother was just so good looking as a film
gacha tuber 69
gacha tuber 69 21 day ago
Kin on Netflix
Zillaman21 21 day ago
I am mother was so good I'd love to buy it but of course Netflix has a monopoly on it and won't let you buy it off of their low bitrate platform
3:22 did Wren just ask the director if He has seen his own movie??
Tornado Films
Tornado Films 21 day ago
I Hit Subcribe Button everytime you say SUBCRIBE .... Button turn red and grey each time i hit it... I think i might be the one who subscribe you most...😃
Allen Lark
Allen Lark 21 day ago
Will Smith loves youtube
MrNightmarekill 21 day ago
Alex Deutsch
Alex Deutsch 21 day ago
Lost in space on Netflix
Ray Kaladis
Ray Kaladis 22 days ago
A like just for the foot smash.
ThatDude5 22 days ago
can you react to the movie flubber please
Big Chief
Big Chief 22 days ago
It would be cool to look at some of the shots from oblivion
Abhishek v
Abhishek v 22 days ago
Attack on titans 1&2
Marie Knudsen
Marie Knudsen 22 days ago
Would loove to see either - Buffy the vampire slayer - Star Wars Christmas special
It’s Stop Motion Bruh
Pls do Hobbs and Shaw
Preeti Bhardwaj
Preeti Bhardwaj 22 days ago
Try Ramayana 1987 to 1990 from India. It has some weird Effects but I guess breaking them down would be awesome. Please try.
Catz Gaming
Catz Gaming 23 days ago
You need to do pilgrims progress. Nothing has worse cgi than it.
Sealdogg 23 days ago
16:28 I would have screwed up that handshake 100% guaranteed
forlexer 23 days ago
Man this movie had a terrible story, but damn was it good looking.
Abby Smallwood
Abby Smallwood 23 days ago
I loved mother!
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