Very Heavy Cube

William Osman
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Slow motion filmed by Buddy Bleckley: ruvid.net/show-UCPifl7UQffCE9pkOdK9rx2g
SFX: John Willner
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@Daniel Thrasher
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Mar 31, 2020




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Comments 100
William Osman
William Osman 5 months ago
All of our human interaction was filmed before THE OUTBREAK... I've just been living in a cave by myself eating bugs waiting for this whole thing to blow over. Also your mother says hi, and to wash your hands, and to stay away from people, and to change your underwear once in a while for cryin out loud.
Da Sword
Da Sword 18 days ago
...bruh how
Ludvig Olsson
Ludvig Olsson 18 days ago
Is tungsten a scandinavian “invention”? Because tungsten is Swedish for heavy stone
Da Sword
Da Sword 21 day ago
@blar- blar shore
blar- blar
blar- blar 21 day ago
Send it to the hacksmith on youtube to he can make the heaviest thor's hammer
ChazTek Studios
ChazTek Studios Month ago
HoW DiD YoU KNoW!?!?
Asher Pfanku
Asher Pfanku 22 minutes ago
Isn't there some conceptual superweapon that drops tungsten rods from orbit and their impact is similar to that of a nuclear bomb?
KyleCrafty 3 hours ago
How many HOURS of footage on youtube is just the sound everyone makes at 4:01
Poisonous Cheesecake
i want
2ndplaceplayer 5 hours ago
Daniel thrashers strong piano fingers are perfect for this
Waga Na Wa Megumin
Waga Na Wa Megumin 6 hours ago
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 7 hours ago
Can I have the tv
abby 8 hours ago
Sledgy667 8 hours ago
At 11:17 you can see Will wearing STEEL-TOED CROCS. That is amazing
. 11 hours ago
Drop it on oobleck
Gosten 11 hours ago
at 10;47 that door was a mini nether portal
SAPOOC yep its me
SAPOOC yep its me 12 hours ago
i like potatoes
Jasper Adamson
Jasper Adamson 12 hours ago
tungsten broadsword
william ?
william ? 13 hours ago
Did he even make enough money to recuperate the cost of the cube and all the stuff he destroyed?
HackerHS173NL1 15 hours ago
Osman can you send me the microwave
HamsterAttack 17 hours ago
Coconut kill man Block kill coconut
Dum.B 18 hours ago
Daniel Thrasher
Highonlifenstuf 21 hour ago
You might not know: Tungsten in Swedish means: Heavy stone
liltaycobin Day ago
1:27 me when I'm not prepared for a presentation in class
Zornamations Day ago
I love how William tries to sound like he's a weeb but fails.
Night Wing
Night Wing Day ago
Daniel Thrasher out of context moments: *"it's very hard to put in the hole"*
Pi Shdi
Pi Shdi Day ago
oh my god it’s daniel thrasher
Matthew Battraw
Is that Daniel thrasher being held by jabrils
Mister Bruh
Mister Bruh Day ago
Make a tungsten cube gun
your sleep paralisis demon
I didn't know Daniel was part of whatever will is fucking doing
untitled mistake
9:30 tacobell
andrew brown
andrew brown Day ago
The US was planning on dropping these but ×100 the size in the form of a giant pole dropped from a satellite. When it hit the ground at stupid high speed, the kinetic energy alone would wipe out city blocks with one shot. This was during the cold war if anyone's curious.
Sione Paletua
Kumquat more like DONEQUAT
Mr Chillie Flakes
How the hell did Daniel thasher got there????
Ismail Alaiban
Tungsten translates to heavy ston plus I did not translated. Tungsten is on swedish
“ we’re going to bendigo to me cube!!” “We’re going to bendigo to get me green cube!!”
Lejin Day ago
Yeah.....I mean it's dense and all but.... Ichika Orimura.......you da man..
TomTown Day ago
Bruh when you get the microwave out there’s presumably blood everywhere
Josh TRY
Josh TRY 2 days ago
It’s like the cube doesn’t even get phased when it’s hitting the objects it’s CRUSHING
Saucy Dragon
Saucy Dragon 2 days ago
Lizard Breath
Lizard Breath 2 days ago
Why do I want to see them do this with a skull and ballistics gel...
Daniel The M E M E
It weights a *toaaan* That's the worst British accent I've ever heard
Bro I swear I’m not the imposter
Aka the danger box
BeemstrLXIX !!!
BeemstrLXIX !!! 2 days ago
at 10:27 look closely into the microwave the plate floated for a second
RR 2 days ago
didnt drop on a human very disppointed dislike
Noah Cho
Noah Cho 3 days ago
whys daniel thrasher thereXD
John B
John B 3 days ago
How about a cube of gold the same size , would it be heavier ??
MYST 3 days ago
Me: Hey Mom where’s the toilet at? Mom: oh just outside just for a clean (The next day) Two guys took the toilet home and got totally obliterated by a tungsten turd on RUvid.
Wille DatBoi
Wille DatBoi 3 days ago
where did the name tungsten come from? cause direct translate from swedish and its "heavy stone"
Wicked Feller
Wicked Feller 3 days ago
what happens if you drop a tungsten cube on a tungsten cube
Cans 3 days ago
video title: very heavy cube 3 million people: interesting
【SHINDE】駸 3 days ago
11:27 the chicken just defies all laws of gravity like bruh
Iodine Kaida
Iodine Kaida 3 days ago
I dunno why he just doesn't buy a few acres of land to do these experiments
Bart Sola
Bart Sola 3 days ago
I'm waiting for the day William OSman gets some OSmium
enperadorea kaiser
if someone throws a tungsten cube at you,you have more things to worry about than just getting hurt
Pizza roll Carl
Pizza roll Carl 3 days ago
“Does the tv work after smashing it with tungsten?” *video plays That’s gonna be a no from me chief
VALLEY 3 days ago
a paper states that a human skull can withstand 6.5 GPa and when I looked up a coconut, 11-12GPa
Mika Shemesh
Mika Shemesh 3 days ago
Why is Daniel thrasher in this video
Mark 3 days ago
Me At Tacobell 9:25
etherraichu 4 days ago
Do you guys need that cube anymore? because I had an idea involving satellites I'd like to try.
Xiankhyzer Gabule
I wonder if it can crush an smaller tungsten ?
YasshaDoom 3 days ago
I imagine they’d just sort of scratch and bounce
DIANE GARCIA 4 days ago
If you think about it Google please the ultimate sponsor because without Google Play almost every other sponsor wouldn't even exist
Prometheus Alpha
Prometheus Alpha 4 days ago
41lbs cube? WEAKLINGS!
Elijah James Perez
The coconut was turning into coco vinegar (it's spoiling) that's why it was sour
9:26 my toilet after I have a lunch of Taco Bell and a dinner of Indian cuisine
Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf 4 days ago
At 10:19 theres a head dummy, why didn't you use that!
Lloyd Nix
Lloyd Nix 4 days ago
I got one for free from an estate sale, didn't realize it was so expensive. At least I can say my paper weight costs more than your car.
Josh Hinderson
Josh Hinderson 4 days ago
Imagine geting your finger stuck under that
N Ford
N Ford 4 days ago
Why is no one talking about there ON SPOT impression of the slow mo guys
Charles Nelson
Charles Nelson 4 days ago
Was that Daniel thrasher?
Mike W
Mike W 4 days ago
Imagine having this guy as your tenant.
ItMike 4 days ago
9:33 my toilet after taco Bell
Fizzy Fozzy
Fizzy Fozzy 4 days ago
Do osmium next
The Bob Order
The Bob Order 4 days ago
A Brand New Microwave, a real human being who knows he's about to die me: Welp daniel thrasher aint uploading anymore...
Gabriel Keess
Gabriel Keess 5 days ago
Did you REALLY not get a Nokia 3310 for this???
The Bob Order
The Bob Order 5 days ago
Tungsten is legit Heavy Rock in danish
Chiken Bum
Chiken Bum 5 days ago
is this a re-upload bc i remember watching this in 2019
I Dunno Alaska
I Dunno Alaska 5 days ago
Well technically gold is denser and you can buy that on Amazon
Heavy Playa
Heavy Playa 5 days ago
I love how they censor a 6 pack of hansen soda
gluedtothemouse 5 days ago
Wow, that's a Very Heavy Cube!
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie 5 days ago
Its completely destroyed
Tinytfue 5 days ago
Hayley & sans YT
Hayley & sans YT 5 days ago
i did not know you were into anime william who your favorite character?
Trausti Daníelsson
Nokia vs tungsten
Basel Najjar
Basel Najjar 5 days ago
This was uploaded on April fools
P0ND 6 days ago
why did you bring him on? The only thing i can hear now is "yipyipyipyipyipyipyyippedyyip" cuz of Daniel Thrasher...
wosh jr.
wosh jr. 6 days ago
it's a pineapple
Supreme beast
Supreme beast 6 days ago
Go check out Daniel Thrasher everybody
Subless 6 days ago
9:31 my toilet after taco bell
Benjamin Li
Benjamin Li 6 days ago
If you were curious, a 4in x 4in x 4in Tungsten cube weighs about 44.5 pounds.
Hunter Koopman
Hunter Koopman 6 days ago
If anybody is wondering, coconuts that are brown have better milk. When their younger (green) the meat is better.
Hunter Koopman
Hunter Koopman 6 days ago
Although, correct me if I’m wrong. May have that backwards
bobjobjoe 6 days ago
Kinda sponsored by netflix PogU
Kyaru Momochi
Kyaru Momochi 6 days ago
I live how they have safety google oh no tungsten will explode
Ritu Tiwari
Ritu Tiwari 6 days ago
Other youtubers': sponsored by raid shadow legends and nord VPN William osman: Google play and the US navy
William Maillho
William Maillho 6 days ago
I am that fat cousin
Saitama Uzumaki
Saitama Uzumaki 6 days ago
Ok i can see it can destroy many things without sweat but,*can it beat nokia 3310?*
Blue Fire
Blue Fire 6 days ago
Try osmium cube
Christan Content
Christan Content 6 days ago
2:34, I literally just watched a video about steel-toe crocs and here they are again.
Xor_cistx 7 days ago
Imagine tungsten shield like a thin sheet of it
Xor_cistx 7 days ago
Damn everyone is here
Christian Vogt
Christian Vogt 7 days ago
I like that Will took a bite out of the chicken to try and prove that it was real even though nobody doubted it. He just wanted to bite the chicken
Turbkey Samdwich
Turbkey Samdwich 7 days ago
Slow bros
Coleman Hoyt
Coleman Hoyt 7 days ago
I want more cube content
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 7 days ago
Hitmen should use tungsten
Aiden Pridgen
Aiden Pridgen 7 days ago
at 9:54 is that blood
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