Vehicle Making a Horrible Noise?! CAR WIZARD finds the problem & shares how not to be duped by shops

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Vehicle making a horrible noise?!? The CAR WIZARD ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธ will share what he found on this '05 Toyota Land Cruiser and the shockingly simple repair it really needed. He will also share ways to help you not get taken advantage of at a shady repair shop.
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May 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Ibrahim Alnuaimi
Thanks alot for your tips. I have a 1998 land cruiser in Bahrain similar to the one in your video but stick shift. I love my truck and I heard that in 2022 the land cruiser 200 production will be ceased. I am thinking of purchasing 2021 Toyota land cruiser series 76 or 79 diesel 4.5 L with a single turbo.
Alexander Stevens
My mechanic was so honest he went out of business. He would check something for half hour and not even charge. I'd give him $50 and wouldn't take it. Shame he's gone now.
MrMitokiller 8 days ago
chevrolet suburban gmt 800 is the best suv
remnbig31 14 days ago
Ahahahaha yea they use Toyotas!
leenestle 15 days ago
More land cruiser videos.......Please!
Street Lords
Street Lords 16 days ago
Honestly mate these videos are invaluable im binge watching your channel like crazy. Especially the trouble shooting parts. Worth your weight in gold โค๏ธ
Abhay Ajoodha
Abhay Ajoodha 17 days ago
"If you want to go into the bush, use a Land Rover, if you want to come out again, use a kand cruiser."
A A 17 days ago
One old boy at work made a running joke of my Toyota labelling it the Taliban Truck! I still dont see the funny side to it till this day.
Michal Kovar
Michal Kovar 18 days ago
Iโ€™m curious about the front wheel bearing. Is it true that the bearing is in fact doubled and the vaseline has to be pressed in some sort of special press to remove the old one? If itโ€™s not done correctly (or not done at all), that wiggle is the result?
Jai Cribbs
Jai Cribbs 18 days ago
I had a 1984 Mustang SVO. One morning it wouldn't start. So I took the bus to work. While at work I was thinking that I should check the fuel shutoff switch in the back. Sure enough the fuel shutoff switch was somehow off.
Jamar Yancey
Jamar Yancey 19 days ago
I'm in love with my 99 tlc 300k
Sean Jones
Sean Jones 19 days ago
Am i weird for loving that damn glass headlamp? I miss those.
Shafiek Venter
Shafiek Venter 20 days ago
for your honesty you will be blessed
Charles Robinson
Charles Robinson 20 days ago
Super cool machine๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
badboys239730 20 days ago
Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!! Buy this, Not That Lexus!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Butler
Mike Butler 21 day ago
Kind of a "different customer" that jumps from a rumble and squeak to "I need a motor". Perhaps the 180,000 miles made him think it was worn out? Anyway so true on the self diagnostic and the shop taking advantage of knowing the customer is prepared to spend a certain amount so why not take it from them.
Gregory Perkins
Gregory Perkins 21 day ago
Toyota sometimes mitsubishi
Josh Tromp
Josh Tromp 21 day ago
USA German English made SUV can Never Ever be compared in reliability to an good old landrcruiser hilux and prado and their all Toyota, Isuzu dmax is also a beast in the jungle and will get you safely back home everytime ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช
blueovalfan23 22 days ago
i do my own. no problems with dirty shops that way. it's not fun at times and can still be pricey. it is still cheaper and if i'm wrong, normally i'm not, i just replaced the wrong part.
Mahfoudh Al Naamani
Indeed itโ€™s a beast..๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ Does catch can fit in these land cruisers?
D M 23 days ago
I went to 2 separate Midas shops. One of the shops told me that my power steering rack was leaking. The other 3 months later told me my front struts were leaking. Also told me that my 2 month air filter need to be changed at my next oil change.... I change my own filters.... 2008 toyota highlander!!!
KenLyns 23 days ago
Strange to see numbering on the coils, since they're interchangeable. Wonder if they were previously chasing down a misfire.
Charles White
Charles White 24 days ago
How about going to a mechanic and telling him (falsely) that you want a second opinion from him? When he asks what the first opinion was just say "gee, I can't remember, he wrote it down in a report for me which I haven't studied properly yet". Surely unless he is bold as brass and truly crooked he wouldn't risk making up some horrendous problem.
Charles White
Charles White 24 days ago
A lot of guys (maybe myself included ...) want to show of their (limited ) knowledge to the mechanic, so they tell him what they think the problem is. That way you don't appear as an idiot, so you think, but Mr Wizard has actually explained that it makes you look like an even bigger fool. Great advice, thanks.
Outback_Touring 24 days ago
Love my Toyota
Joe Mangini
Joe Mangini 24 days ago
Just wanted to say the content is great and much better than Scotty or similar channels. 110% agree, if the customer tells us they think its A B C the customer service advisor will sell it and make us techs do it even if it's not the issue or isn't broken. It's a shame because it gives good techs a bad name.
ฮ•ฮฅฮ˜ฮฅฮœฮ™ฮŸฮฃ ฮœฮ‘ฮ›ฮ™ฮ‘ฮกฮ™ฮคฮ—ฮฃ
500-750$ for a muffler and ONE wheel bearing? this is STEALING
P Kuudsk
P Kuudsk 25 days ago
Toyota built in a 25 year life to the cruise it in the rule book from day 1 . They just over built them on purpose thats why they are so hard to find used with less than 200k . People that own them just know they are so reliable they don't want to sell them . So when used car shopping expect to pay more for one . Your money is well spent
Graham Robinson
Graham Robinson 25 days ago
After working in the mining industry in Western Australia I can say these things can take a beating then ask for more the next day.
Christopher Shingle
GW2 26 days ago
I had a rattle on my Buick Grand National, only at idle, but it did not sound good! I was worrying it was internal, checked around with a long screwdriver to my ear and everything internal sounds smooth. Turned out to be the heat shield at the back of the turbo! Always try to find the noise, touch things to see if the noise stops, etc. Noises can drive you crazy, and make you sick with worry.
Henry Duke
Henry Duke 26 days ago
Toyota. Sr5 4Runner best vehicle we ever own my wife loves it
Angelo 26 days ago
Do a video on Lexus ls460 common problems
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson 26 days ago
Why should Toyota engines and drive trains be resistant to dirt?
Minnesota automotive
You missed a leaking inner CV boot on the passenger side front end
Alex Kushnir
Alex Kushnir 29 days ago
The ticking noise commonly heard with the 2UZ motor is typically due small cracks on the exhaust manifold flanges or a slightly warped exhaust manifold where it bolts to the block . A fairly common failure on the 100 Series Landcruiser.
Teresa Peabody
Teresa Peabody 29 days ago
Sad, they can build the best vehicles in the world, but they don't know what material to use for a muffler. Maybe they should buy their mufflers from Honda? 18 years old, and 340,000 miles and I could sell our Accord mufflers second hand and comfortably guarantee them another 5 years.
Jose Peixoto
Jose Peixoto 29 days ago
When gasoline burns,it produces CO2 and *water* ,LOTS of it; if toyota did not put a small 1/8th hole on the lowest part of the muffler, the muffler *WILL* rust from the inside out, due to the accumulated liquid water inside in short trajects; shame; now...*you* put the said hole in there!! Rolls Royce always did; me too.
Matthew Richcreek
I seen more Toyota's in the junkyard than I do on the road.
Ian Richardson
Ian Richardson 28 days ago
Matthew Richcreek There are sooo many out there in the world, but the majority are moving so fast that you just wonโ€™t see them laying around.....
alshukry1 Month ago
Very honest mechanic,thanks for the advice
D'oh Nuts
D'oh Nuts Month ago
I just drive my car into the ground than just buy a new one when it stops running.
Helal Saif
Helal Saif Month ago
until now i am still driving a toyota land cruiser
I am TruthSeeker
Nissan patrol are better rough terrains..
boricua4eva821 Month ago
I need some help. My son hqs a 2001 es300. Car shut off on ramp exit got it towed home. We put a new starter in it. It started with knocking in rear bank. It shuts off when put in gear. What you think
Damien Bell
Damien Bell Month ago
Iโ€™ve seen many 4.7L get a seeping water pump then at that time change timing belt changed also, mileage varies from 190,000 to 225,000 miles Iโ€™m in Alaska. Also at that time we take starter out and change the brass contacts, that way his starter doesnโ€™t go bad 20 to 40 thousand miles later
Terry Malone
Terry Malone Month ago
Thanks but I will stick with my Chevy 1500 Z71 500,000 and still kicking
mark price
mark price Month ago
I'm surprised that the muffler is that bad of shape for a 2005, even with those miles.. I have a 2003 Tundra( this version only in a truck not a suv) and I haven't had mine rust like that. Must be where they put salt out in winter? Or close to the beach
Diven Drazz
Diven Drazz Month ago
You are one of most honest mechanic I have seen. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
James English
James English Month ago
Do you work on Prius?
David Sladky
David Sladky Month ago
Theres this guy named Scotty you have to meet!
GW H Month ago
A lot of times used Toyotaโ€™s are the most expensive just because they Last A Loooooonnng Time. BUT, I never did like a timing belt.
Mark Month ago
Thank you. I had to laugh about the bad guys in the Desert ๐Ÿซ, thatโ€™s exactly what I say also what are they driving? Love my Tacoma 20 years and running.
Cassette Walkman
If you're going into the outback in Aussie you don't want this one, you want the turbo diesel.
I wish I could find an honest mechanic. I've been having to DIY and honestly it's exhausting reading books and pausing videos during repairs. There are ZERO honest in the NW.
micah greene
micah greene Month ago
Wouldn't a quick glance reveal that it's the same old engine?
Rab K
Rab K Month ago
To much talking more action
mr mojo risin
mr mojo risin Month ago
Land rover dont buy one biggest piece of shit worse than a jeep
Timo Kuusela
Timo Kuusela Month ago
Someone has tried to "correct" the toe in not knowing that the bearing has play in it. So, he has adjusted the side to offset the play. And not even bothered to loosen the clamp; as it can be made when the area leaks a bit, Toyotas do not, so it does not slide and wrinkles. Shade-tree mechanic stuff...
Project Nerdvana
Amazing vehicle.
B.G. Randolph
B.G. Randolph Month ago
I love when I go into the shop expecting pay an arm and a leg but find out its something simple.
Amin Alsofari
Amin Alsofari Month ago
Mine had 2 gas tanks a fridge and 2 spare tires itโ€™s called land cruiser VXR
Amin Alsofari
Amin Alsofari Month ago
I love land cruisers. They never failed me. I took my family all over the mountains in Yemen. They go where others fail
Ironic Bionics
Ironic Bionics Month ago
Nice work shop bro An really well put together video, wish my teachers were as chill an calm as you . They wernt that bad second thoughts maybe i was just to wild for the class .. Thanks for the tips too I always tend to look it up if I can an share what I found. Really helped to learn some of these tips you share.
bryan latimer-davies
Afghanistan Toyota has branches in Kabul and ruins !
Mpho Chabalala
Mpho Chabalala Month ago
Watch all these terror groups the kind of vehicles they opt for....90% Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser 79 series.....the car can take a beating
Joseph E Cowen
Joseph E Cowen Month ago
A VW Touareg or Porsche Cayenne would survive and thrive, it blows the land cruizer away.
Independence City Motoring
Timing belts suck for maintenance costs...only buy timing chain cars.
Lurch Troll
Lurch Troll Month ago
I live in Christmas Valley it's a Oregon out back it's high desert 100 miles from anywhere. Really off roading is a every day thing for many in that area GMC Chevy, Ford and Jeeps and Dodge Ram lol some Toyota's. I have the only Honda truck out there. Lol I've never seen any land Rovers I'm sure they are there but yeah seen more and those beafted up Motorhome Van's from Mercedes.i had a Geo Tracker when I first moved out there it started having clutch problems.
Pat Barrett
Pat Barrett Month ago
replace the muffler wheel bearing and best of all aLS conversion!!!!!
Speed Racer
Speed Racer Month ago
I love to imitate the sound my car makes to my mechanic. I think all mechanics enjoy that.
Rexbert technica
If I worked at a place where charging for repair/services that were never performed, I'd quit after documenting and exposing all of it. I've been a professional mechanic for 15 years, and it disgusts me that this is common practice for some.
Rexbert technica
Axle boots are leaking a bit.
bmxdestroy Month ago
Man i wish i had wizard around when i cant figure out my own stuff!!!!!
Scott MQ
Scott MQ Month ago
I saw three shocks leaking oil. Whiz said they were ok. Cโ€™mon. :|
Zoran Misic
Zoran Misic Month ago
.. & Land Cruiser 70, Toyota Hilux, MBenz G-wagon 460 TRUE off-roaders
Elmo Cabacungan
Elmo Cabacungan Month ago
Toyota no.1
Henry Discipline
Wow, Toyota make some cheap ass exhaust systems!!!
Richard Bambenek
My wife's 2009 Corolla has never gone under the knife except for one safety recall. Very reliable and economical car.
Mohammed Sayful Ahmed
Toyota reliability surpasses its self apart from rust issues, fantastic work wizard ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธ buddy
Jon B
Jon B Month ago
With your skill-set and attitude to customer service I'm not surprised you're getting busy.
George B
George B Month ago
A true professional possesses integrity. Thanks for the info Mr. Wizard. Upon you is bestowed the coveted title of Master Mechanic. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜‰
Steven Teener
Steven Teener Month ago
A lot of people in Dubai are trading in their camels for Land Cruisers!
OffdaRoots Month ago
USA4thewin Month ago
Land Rover LOL come on Wizzie ,, those cars leak oil at the dealer when brand new
Jeremy Menchaca
Jeremy Menchaca Month ago
So, if I find a cheap one, buy it.
Cr55zy Month ago
H2 Hummer in West Africa for US service..... that thing went into bush taxi roads....through the sahara....no problems...I dont understand why Americans hate themselves.
michael johnson
michael johnson Month ago
What's your thoughts about ford explorers
Charlie M
Charlie M Month ago
You are spot on. We all hate terrorists, but we all know why they use Toyotas. We've had our Hilux for 22 years, it gets driven every day and has clocked up 270,000KM without one single breakdown. 3RZ-FE 2.7, 4WD 5 Speed manual. The original clutch lasted up until about 250,000KMs!
Ali Abbadi
Ali Abbadi Month ago
Got the same one except newer 2007 bought it in 2010 until now no issues except oil, filter and brake pads
Peter Dallas
Peter Dallas Month ago
Hi wizard I have a 2000 V6 Pajero 600000k's or 370000miles same engine, gearbox , same everything just regular maintenance , love the cruiser to though. cheers
Really Happenings
"I need my next tow rig to be jihad-capable."
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Month ago
all through the middle east they drive toyotas the use them as farm tractors. to haul whatever they need
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Month ago
know your mechanic if you dont know someone then ask a friend for the name of someone they trust to do the work on hthier car
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Month ago
muffler has de laminated into its layers
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Month ago
The aussies have a saying take a land rover to get into the outback take a land cruiser if you want to come back
Big AL
Big AL Month ago
Gosh... I almost want to move closer to your shop so you can be my mechanic. I need a good honest mechanic that I can trust
Robert Yalanty
Robert Yalanty Month ago
Axle boots are torn too
Boer369 Month ago
We get the v8 diesel in the uk do you think that motor is any good
Jose Irala
Jose Irala Month ago
My wife has a 1998 Land Cruiser with 178k miles, I recently did a very complete overhaul by replacing the starter, timing belt, water pump, all the hoses, new radiator and alternator as well as the brake pump, and new battery as well. I expect the car to last easily another 20 years at least running smoothly. I should mentioned as well that I just bought a 2019 Tacoma TRD off-road, only Toyotaโ€™s!!
Don Moore
Don Moore Month ago
I had some odd metallic sounds coming from my car, that had me really concerned. My indy mechanic went straight to a small piece of exhaust shield that was contacting the resonator. I couldn't believe it made such noise.
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