Vegeta Has Gone Beyond UI

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Vegeta surpasses gokus ultra instinct


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May 25, 2020




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Comments 80
Jj Brown
Jj Brown 9 days ago
Plz someone out there tell me what song being played here 💿
Paolo Papolli
Paolo Papolli 14 days ago
we thought, we hoped....but it's still dragonball after all
jaffer ghouse
jaffer ghouse 14 days ago
What if he turns in to the legendary ultra instinct
jaffer ghouse
jaffer ghouse 14 days ago
That means he has one of the secret forms may be UIB ultra instinct breaker
Kader Kone
Kader Kone 15 days ago
Vegeta is trash
Nick Dorland
Nick Dorland 15 days ago
I think its pretty simple, he always attacked out of rage. But like Goku, he now has learned to attack with its calm self. I think he basicly learned UI but can use it if it is like always on. Like perfected SSJ. It aint UI ofc, but it is similar. But different.
Saleh Azami
Saleh Azami 15 days ago
Really It should happen then it will be awesome and give Gohan also the Super Saiyan Blue
Static 17 days ago
I'll never forget the words of Vegeta.. "you're better than me kakarot..... you are, the best." Leads me to believe that Goku will do something crazy.. and everything we know about Dragon ball.. is going to change... mark my words.
Raqib 17 days ago
Spoiler Vegeta loses and yamcha saves them
Zahid Al Nahid
Zahid Al Nahid 19 days ago
Justice for Gohan
Tobias 19 days ago
Please, i WANT vegeta to win!
Thoj Vaj
Thoj Vaj 20 days ago
UI is just a defensive fighting style/technique. Vegeta's new technique is focus more on power/ki control like sage mode in Naruto where Naruto can use natural energy and have unlimited energy, but its hard to control. If you think about it merging Goku and Vegeta in this current power up is going to be Godly. The ultimate offense and defense.
Major Atokal
Major Atokal 20 days ago
Does this mean vegeta is gonna get the heart virus?
Sweaty Tryhard
Sweaty Tryhard 20 days ago
Okay, why not just fuse?
TRYING to Make Gainz
The fighting half of ultra instinct
David Moore
David Moore 21 day ago
I wish super followed the monga
neX-Taipan 22 days ago
super saiyan green from the broly movie not berserker?
Luis toledo
Luis toledo 22 days ago
i wish gohan was a little bit more powerful
Blind Guy Mcsqueezy
Why is everyone new form in super just a recolor?
E Z Day
E Z Day 22 days ago
Vageter in the mangi
Tannor17 23 days ago
Manas Hejmadi
Manas Hejmadi 23 days ago
Idk why but the ending soundtrack sounds like something from an old Assassin's creed game
Michael Cena
Michael Cena 23 days ago
Vegeta surpasses UI...? so he is stronger than the gods now since even them have trouble mastering the techniques
stephan jackson
stephan jackson 24 days ago
It ain't Ultra instant trust me it's a whole new thing coming out
Izaac Zuniga
Izaac Zuniga 24 days ago
He’s finally stronger than goku..... goku will never catch up 🤣
Alexander Brandt
Alexander Brandt 24 days ago
It's just gonna be that he doubled in power, and his power can't be stolen. Something like that.
Colt3d 24 days ago
Vegeta said he had a superior technique but he meant it compared to goku's instant transmission.. not ultra instinct.. thats still the best god tier technique
KickassT 24 days ago
He didn’t master it tho, he just learned it
Andras Nagy
Andras Nagy 24 days ago
this is so fucking cheap
Pokoru 25 days ago
Plot twist, vegeta learned all of hits assassin moves 👀
Tater Tot
Tater Tot 26 days ago
Surpasses ui OMEN**
Derpy Turtle
Derpy Turtle 26 days ago
What manga I’d this
Kenway 26 days ago
Lol calm down boy. No he didn't. Stop talking out of ya ass just for some click bait views. If you love Vegeta so much, the least you could do is not be so stupidly biased. It's not even funny as a joke. Just cringe
Local_ Hotpotato
Local_ Hotpotato 27 days ago
*vegeta points to himself with his thumb* God damn it hes gonna fuck it up again in two chapters
Yibanathi Dlamini
Yibanathi Dlamini 27 days ago
There is someone stronger then zeno
Matuzuma Music
Matuzuma Music 27 days ago
You if my man Vegeta doesn’t get his win..... I’m gonna continue waiting
ll-hxte-me -ll
ll-hxte-me -ll 27 days ago
Wanna know something goku will steal be stringer than goke bc PLOT
ll-hxte-me -ll
ll-hxte-me -ll 27 days ago
LMK_TheDon 27 days ago
I don’t see how either of them will beat Moro tho, I think it’ll come down to beerus intervening and they reset the fight to another planet or something
Renegade 9009
Renegade 9009 27 days ago
If vegeta doesn't win I'm gonna stop watching dragonball
Varagonax 27 days ago
Just saying it, I love vegeta, and goku is my main boi, but this whole "vegeta trains like goku and surpasses him" spirit control arc is bullshit they are pulling out of their asses. They couldn't have just let vegeta go his own God damned path like he said he was going to in the tournament of power, no sirree that would involve CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. NO, VEGETA CANT BE ALLOWED TO SWALLOW HIS PRIDE AND ADMIT GOKU IS DIFFERENT THAN HE IS AND THAT'S OK, THAT WOULD BE TOO MUCH. This pisses me off because it has literally no historical precedent, throw's the actually good character growth of vegeta out the window, just to deus ex machina his next big limit breaker. Don't get me wrong, I want vegeta to get stronger. But I want vegeta to be goku's equal on his own terms, not because yada yada callback to gokus two years on yardrat yada yada vegeta does the same training as goku yada yada somehow its more effective for him by leagues then it was for goku despite that not making any logical sense yada yada. The yada yada needs to stop.
Suck This
Suck This 28 days ago
I hope vegeta gets the spotlight now... im tired of goku always steals vegetas victories
Sione Tomasi
Sione Tomasi 28 days ago
Vegeta won't pass UI cause that would mean he would be stronger the beerus 🤦🏽‍♂️
Saito Hiraga
Saito Hiraga 28 days ago
What I wouldn't mind seeing is Vegeta winning and saving the day, then some time later he goes through his own personal dilemma where he has now surpassed Goku and he's not sure how to feel about that.
William F
William F 28 days ago
Honestly I am just mad at Gohan no character development at all ...
Codie Hinds
Codie Hinds 28 days ago
Scythe 28 days ago
You can say whatever you want but I prefer goku being stronger than vegeta but I’m not gonna hate on vegeta having his moments
jimmie smith
jimmie smith 29 days ago
Vegeta new technique will be a continuous power up as he fights
williamperese Month ago
Will Vegeta conquer his own arrogance? & finish Moro without letting him attain maximum power. ??
Geass Chima
Geass Chima Month ago
Vegeta the real hard work he arrives for not being treated as trash
Geass Chima
Geass Chima Month ago
Vegeta is a real hard worker
Kenneth Green
Kenneth Green Month ago
This is only my opinion, since I have watched the DBS Broly movie I want to believe that Vegeta has achieved Super Saiyan Green.
Majin Liron
Majin Liron Month ago
goku's ultra instinct is still stronger, but moro know how to defeat it. he is the only
xevious2501 Month ago
Dragon Ball needs Vegeta to take the lead for a bit. In the least for it to be him that saves the day, is sooooo important to the future of Dragon Ball as so much of the sub plot has been about Vegeta trying to become better than Goku, and overcoming all his shortcomings, Fact is Vegeta as a character is far more rooted in reality or more 'Human' than that of Goku, His is the story of a character who's gone thru extremes. And in his story of redemption we need to see him achieve victory. We also need to see Goku fall under his own pride. And indeed Goku has long basked int he glory of knowing he's been stronger than better than Vegeta, but we need to see him under pressure of his own Vanity. We gota a glimpse of this when Vegeta secretly went to go train with Whis, and upon Goku's learning, ABSOLUTELY FREAKED OUT!!..GOKU's pride could not see him being bested by Vegeta. So its much to be said about the "goody two shoes" Goku, and how he would handle being weaker than Vegeta for a time. I also think Vegeta ironically would actually above all logic, not like himself being stronger than Goku. As a Prince a Saiyan and a so-called Saiyan warrior Elite, he's always needed to make such titles valid by measure of achievement beyond the average saiyan. Goku's presence made all such titles a laughable lie. And insult and nothing short of a spit in the fact to Vegeta very being. So Vegeta has long sought to prove the merritt of the saiyan castle system, those who were chosen special were special indeed. Vegeta actually now knows the truth, and has squared away with it in being a witness to Goku and his son. But he needs Goku to remain one step ahead to keep his drive to better himself and continuation. Vegeta both hates and admires Goku. His love for his saiyan race would see him honor anyone how increases the pride of their namesake.
Tiggertron Month ago
Sooo, How long are they gonna keep acting like Piccolo didn't have the first God form of the team!? Can we get some development on that?? Not a single boost or new move?? They doin him dirty after all this time and pretty much turn him into an angrier useless Master Roshi/ babysitter 😓.. that's messed up lol Smh
Christian Hoffmann
I was really hoping Vegeta would discover his own unique transformation or continue to push Blue to its limits. A SSB3 form would have been amazing with the long hair and a power level on par with UI.
Daniel Frieka
Daniel Frieka Month ago
But Instant transmission is one of the most useful techniques
Taco Rebel
Taco Rebel Month ago
I still think vegeta should have mastered ultra instinct first
fLy Month ago
People keep dreaming but the truth is: Vegeta will fail like always, then they either team up, fuse, or someone (maybe Beerus ?) comes to help.
Hibari Kyoya
Hibari Kyoya Month ago
Vegeta a natural born prodigy if he put aside his pride he knows no limits
iqtidar ahmad
iqtidar ahmad Month ago
in the next chapter vegeta will be trashed.. then out of nowhere, goku will transform into UI and turn ssj and beat moro.
B3ardeDragon Month ago
Vegeta is the king of all saiyans after all.
Albert Balbastre-Morte
Wait. Vegeta never had instant transmission????? I'm having a massive mandela effect!
Ariel Nagar
Ariel Nagar Month ago
I don’t think it’s stronger than white hair but then again goku didn’t master it and can access it easily
JudahAkeemTV Month ago
Where can I read this!?
Jay Month ago
Iv always liked vegeta better then goku. I really hope he finally surpasses goku bigtime. He deserves it.
Slay-Z YT
Slay-Z YT Month ago
There's no such thing as "surpassing UI" roflmao fuck's wrong with you guys ? Reminds me of the dumbass that back when Goku achieved Mastered UI had the BRILLIANT idea of coming up with a video titled "Surpassing Time Itself" Dude y'all are just hype freaks. No Goku didn't "sUrPaSs tImE" or whatever the fuck that means. And no, Vegeta didn't ascend past UI since no (COMBAT) technique is ever stronger than Mastered UI
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Month ago
This is gunna be soooo epic when its animated
Towa Metcalfe
Towa Metcalfe Month ago
Yeah I'm kinda tired of Goku as a protagonist so I don't mind this. 😃👏
bluecrisis Month ago
Bruh why not give gohan a chance?
Yogesh Jha
Yogesh Jha Month ago
I truly hope vegeta wins this time..... But what i think is that he has achieved powers which are powerful than the omen UI....... He will fight for a while and we will have an awesome fight only for Goku to master ultra instinct in the end and save the day once again.... That would be horrible to vegeta though😑
Valentino Month ago
I think its unlimited ki or stamina like they say in db
navin op
navin op Month ago
Even in your dream that's impossible ... Man look at vegeta what's so special in him ?? Just a piece if shit arrogance ?? Holy moly goku is far more better...he thinks n love everyone ..his main purpose is to save earth n everyone... He is inspiration to all of us... If ever in earth trouble comes Vegeta may ( not sure) only save his bulma n kids ...but goku will save everyone one of us...bcs his heart is greater n pure than goku..thats characters of great heros...vegeta is not even a hero for me atleast....n all thoses vegetables fans who say vegeta is stronger than goku in raw power or anything else my middle finger..rip in advance ...u deserve to sleep on shit filled grave ...
JB Da Damaga
JB Da Damaga Month ago
Y’all realize goku is fine ......
Brendon Leet
Brendon Leet Month ago
Ok no
Dame Month ago
As much as I love DB we all know how this goes...
Vegeta > Goku LET'S GO PRINCE!
Prentis PHL
Prentis PHL Month ago
Lol I can’t wait to see what vegeta got up his sl
DocFreeman Month ago
3:11 state of mind*
Chris Month ago
Vegeta can obviously somehow avoid energy drain from Moro with his spirit control. Maybe even sap it FROM Moro (specifically by turning Moro's technique on him) = ) That's how I'd write it.
Xion D
Xion D Month ago
I don't think Vegeta has gone beyond UI. Goku hasn't used UI properly that's all.
White Goku
White Goku Month ago
Wrong vegeta around ui omen strength but not beyong mui
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