Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Jorge Linares | FREE FIGHT ON THIS DAY

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Look back on this f#reefight #onthisday as #VasiliyLomachenko made history by earning his third world title in three divisions in just 12 fights.
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May 12, 2020




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Comments 100
P Roma
P Roma 33 minutes ago
Хорошой,чистый бокс...класс...Вася красавчик...
Стас Пантелеенко
После боя когда отец одевает флаг , он говорит синим вверх... Это не просто великий боксёр, это великий человек
Malachis Grace
Malachis Grace 7 hours ago
Loma needs to go down in weight. Hes way smaller than a lot of these dudes.
ASpecialnobody 11 hours ago
French fry champion
PAULO C. SILVA 11 hours ago
BA - UN 15 hours ago
8:45 XD Moment
Adan Alvarez
Adan Alvarez 18 hours ago
No vi la supremasilla de loma..linares fue rápido y preciso escurridizo ci se me hiso loma....pero bueno alguien tiene que perder verdad
B B Day ago
Вася молоток!!!
numb soul
numb soul Day ago
Did the guy down the ring 29:46 just saw a ghost or something?
Orlando Encarnacion
Jorge Linares tiene 70 anos y es un boxeador parado y lo tiró lo nockio porque estaba cansao Linares es un cohete explotao ese día yo apuesto hasta los tennis al catrucho
Adrian Romero
Remember foolios is no simp september not simpin all the way like Espinosa paz
Stephanie Grow
Anyone know what Loma hydrates up to the day of the fight? I think from the Campbell fight, Linares was said to hydrate back up to 145.
javier reyes
javier reyes Day ago
lastima que estaba cerca de sonar la campana cuando cayò lomachenko de haber tenido mas tiempo ¿¿¿¿????
Vinícius Alves
Lightweight has bigger guys than the Welterweight division
Kicks 24
Kicks 24 Day ago
I’m tryna see Linares ve ryan Garcia
So every four match's he took a world title? This dude is nutssss
If he was handling the loma fight eithout losing in couple first round , and still have a nice fight , he will.kick ryan eith all deul respect No one of this Garcia's and tankss divison had any kind of experience like this
Jerson Feijoo
31:40 No Mas Chenko , Campeon!!!
Gennady Voloshin
Линарес! Ты опять не выучил уроки? Садись, два! Вася, ты как всегда на высоте, садись пять!
Linares is a pro, but Loma is a mutant
Freddy Deleon
Freddy Deleon 2 days ago
This should been a second fight great fight
Esteban Zen
Esteban Zen 2 days ago
19:08 para el recuerdo
Latorie Austin
Latorie Austin 2 days ago
tiffany haddish
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 2 days ago
Linares will beat fimo jr like sliceing butter .easy
fermer 1989
fermer 1989 3 days ago
Обработал 😎
Спорт на Диване
Привет, любишь бокс? 🥊 Делаем обзоры и комментируем бои с юмором. Качественно. Если интересно, заходи на наш канал
Ti Brink
Ti Brink 3 days ago
Seen 7 min of the 33. For sure linares runs out of air! he is trying to hard. first 2 rounds he did great but you can see loma is feeling things out! 3 and 4e where a split. 8,9,10,11,12! Loma :P ok lets see. He likes to pick, pick, pick a boxer! only whay u beat Loma is with a K.O. he fought over 350 fights and nobody took notice. Best thing u can achief in life is the Olympics!!!!! 12:19: Why u hit my friend on the back of his head! :P Cant handle the pressure! :P Ok lets watch!
игорь л
игорь л 3 days ago
Как конструктор разбирает
gizn kakest
gizn kakest 3 days ago
Долго мусолил!
Rexon Langanlangan
Nothing special even old pacquiao will KO him
R Varnell
R Varnell 4 days ago
If ANY referees called rabbit punches, losers like Linares wouldn't be in the sport
stephen schneider
18:05 Fuck me nice combo
stephen schneider
13:00 That stunned him. Missed that watching live.
EB C 3 days ago
Ya he cracked him pretty hard. Looks like Loma did a lil step but was good in a split second. Loma got a solid chin
soundslikebstome 4 days ago
Great effort by Linares.
Sean P.
Sean P. 4 days ago
19:07 lol
Алексей 4 days ago
Сарнавский победил!
Rafael Morales
Rafael Morales 4 days ago
la única vez que he visto a Loma en el piso
Mr. Madlangtuta
Mr. Madlangtuta 4 days ago
Is there a possibility for loma and Canelo to fight? I will even invest for that fight just to make it happen.
Ilia-Ramasi Le-mond_mujavelli
32:33 «синей стороной вверх» ... проведя такой тяжёлый бой , не забыть расположение цветов родного флага!! Лома - мужик !!! И кто-то ещё потом скажет он не патриот
Ilia-Ramasi Le-mond_mujavelli
Vladimir Solodovnikov
Мелковат ...нет хорошего удара ...Берет скоросью .
Salvador anibal Tenorio madrid
No se mucho de boxeo, pero considero que si Teofimo le da un golpe como el que recibió de Linares, No se levanta.
UNCLE JUDAH 5 days ago
William Price
William Price 5 days ago
Lopez is no Linarez in skill, younger and possibly a harder puncher, but he'll need a lot of luck to go the distance. Loma has an amazing chin too, IMO he'll stop lopez, This was a great Fight!!
Esau Jimenez
Esau Jimenez 5 days ago
If teofimo touches loma like Linares did, he is gonna take the power nap of his life.
Nie Pamietam
Nie Pamietam 4 days ago
Yes, Nakatani can confirm :D. Teofimo is going to find out he's made big mistake.
Dave Partner
Dave Partner 5 days ago
Moral lesson: do not knockdown Loma, else, you will witness his alternate form
Бейсембаев Дюсембай
Как я был рад!
Chamnan Choun
Chamnan Choun 5 days ago
Tank is running from Lomacheko. He is not boxer. Fuck tank
Матвей Баксов
Tru Tecknique
Tru Tecknique 6 days ago
Where is the close up of golden boy after his champ gets dropped with the body shot for the KO. .. wish they show that. LOMO best lb for lb of all time.
Борис Сергеев
Почему не показали ХУЛАХУЙЮ ,когда Линарис зажмурился ? Лома это КОСМОС ,а всё остальное пыль !!!
adrin zainuddin
adrin zainuddin 6 days ago
Linares is hard and sturdy like a fort, but Loma is like the eel sneaking into the fort
Julio Rivera
Julio Rivera 6 days ago
To beat this guy you need speed which Linares didn’t have enough. Second when you hurt him, you can’t let up and Linares let him off (too much respect). Loma will get caught and be on his bike early against Fimo. A totally different beast than Linares. He hits harder than anyone in that division. Hence, take you out with one blow or screw up your A,B,C and. D plans with one shot. Don’t be surprised at how skilled of a fighter Fimo is and accurate of a counterpuncher he is. He will shock people on fight night. Get ready for “a takeover”!!!..
Urban Peniamina
Urban Peniamina 7 days ago
I just don't see teofimo Lopez winning against Loma if anything I give a punches chance other than that Loma will win 100% either by unanimous or by late stoppage what do Yous guys think?
LLV 7 days ago
Linares the bigger, stronger man but fought defensively against the little terrier. Lomachenko the fearless, my all time fav boxer
K K 7 days ago
Microdynamics 7 days ago
Без сомнений имя Василия вписано золотыми буквами в истории бокса. Давненько не видел такого восхитительного бокса.
abcmaya 7 days ago
Linares is such a good fighter. But his face bruises easily and makes him look bad.
Tokyo Drift
Tokyo Drift 7 days ago
Lomachenko vs Lopez on October 17th, 2020! On my birthday! Go Loma!!!!! KO!!!
Дед Мороз
Лома Чемпион! Слава Украине!
Игорь Кузьменко
Красиво ливер пробил !
Joven Astig
Joven Astig 7 days ago
De La Hoya is laughing but at the bottom line he cries.
NOB 8 days ago
La Hoya his laugh went in his ass after Loma dry him.up
Олег Седых
Лома зверь) А Линарес...всё что под Оскаром де Ла'хойя- грязно, продажно
Кирилл Стельмах
Говорят чтобы печень была крепкой нужно выпивать 0.5 водки каждый день с утра
Сергій Яременко
Я про флаг
Сергій Яременко
Синим папа к верху даже в такой момент сосредоточен на всем красава
Mangust 8 days ago
А чё Ломаченко вообще не выдыхается?
pious predecessor
Lopez vs Loma will be a battle between the Bull and the Matador
Эльвира Чащилова
Вперёд Славяне!Виват!
Anderson mr.
Anderson mr. 9 days ago
So Linares like boxer is better then Teo......
Zachary Walter
Zachary Walter 9 days ago
I had it R:1,2,6,7,9 for linares & R:3,4,5,8,10ko for loma
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis 9 days ago
Never get bored of this fight,non stop pure boxing,one of the best fights ive seen both great fighters
Andriy Hromov
Andriy Hromov 9 days ago
Incredibile !!!!!!! 👍👍👍
Herbeth Jerez
Herbeth Jerez 9 days ago
Este loma no es cosa del otro.mundo teofimo lo va amadriar
Salvador anibal Tenorio madrid
Y lo hará antes sexto round
CoolSkool1.0 10 days ago
Teofimo will get systematically broken up by Loma
baracuda deepsea
baracuda deepsea 10 days ago
teofino gonna cry if he loses just like brandos rios to pacquiao
nurVrax Art Productions
Both great
jrg10332 10 days ago
Now that’s a badass fight. Great job on both fighters.
Calmdown. 10 days ago
14:25 "I have to mention that size DOES make a difference... it does. But ONLY if you use it in the right way..... Linares has a 2 inch...... reach advantage" LITERALLY word for word
Francis Earl Hinolan
Lomas fighting style consumes a lot of stamina and Linares is the bigger guy that is why Loma is having a hard time, and when he got knock he miscalculated it, normally he overwhelms the opponent with his presence, and when he thinks the opponent is already confused enough and already losing hope that's where he usually unleashes his killer punches that is also where he exposes his vulnerable side and this time he didn't expect Linares to be tougher mentally and haven't given up yet.
Francesco Izzo
Francesco Izzo 11 days ago
What a fight!!!!💥💥
chriss brown
chriss brown 11 days ago
Lomachenko no have jaw
Sound Proof
Sound Proof 11 days ago
Lomachenko dislocated his arm at 7:52
Дониёр Иргашев
Лома! Ломай!
John Smith
John Smith 12 days ago
Lookout welterweight division
Влади 12 days ago
Василий я просто болел,ты просто Молот!!!
Zach H.
Zach H. 12 days ago
Ryan Garcia saying he was gonna fight Linares 😂😂
uptownslim 84
uptownslim 84 12 days ago
Hope Loma speed and agility don’t leave him anytime soon cuz he ain’t got no punching power to be so called moving up in weight throughout his career most of his fights have went the distance or almost plus that long ass amateur record time is ticking and with no one punch power he better pray Father Time stays at bay
Tinfoil hat stoner
Tinfoil hat stoner 12 days ago
Tim and the other guy say they haven't seen any low blows by round 3 ,..? Are they blind ?! I saw Linares punching his hips and thighs several times !
Michael Zhuang
Michael Zhuang 13 days ago
I think Linares would beat most of the young guys Garcia, Davis, Haney. He has speed, size, length, skill
Boxing Logics United!
He gets stopped by most of them too
J boxing24
J boxing24 7 days ago
Linares is a elite lightweight lomo is just something else
ShaneM01 9 days ago
definitely. he did pretty good against loma. i could see him beating any young guy
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 13 days ago
Boxing is basically mma with less skill
Geraldo Reis
Geraldo Reis 13 days ago
O cara e bom
TBE BOXING 14 days ago
Альжан Жанайдар
Peter Roque
Peter Roque 14 days ago
Y’all know he lost on purpose after the knockdown you can clearly see he did not expect that and who comes after him just jabbing lll it’s cool hope teo don’t do the same thing
Vaust XV
Vaust XV 14 days ago
14:57 ..''naturally smaller man , is stalking the bigger champion '' like wtf stalking .?....Loma just bullied the shit outta Linares....
Aaron Farber
Aaron Farber 14 days ago
Linares didn't throw any low blows. Don't get this ref.
Andriy Hromov
Andriy Hromov 14 days ago
Super Вася
Andriy Hromov
Andriy Hromov 14 days ago
Oscar dellahoia sciacallo
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