Vanellope Meets Disney Princess | Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) Animation HD

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Watch the official promo clip from Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet, an animation movie starring John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman and James Corden.
Taking place six years following the events of the first film, the story will center on Ralph's adventures in the Internet data space when a Wi-Fi router gets plugged into the arcade as he must find a replacement part to fix Sugar Rush.
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Comments 80
Vittorio Girolimetto
Vittorio Girolimetto 21 minute ago
Princesses: what kind of princess are you Elsa ? Elsa : i'm not a princess . I am a queen ! Thug life
Hezzy Yorke
Hezzy Yorke 3 hours ago
maria jose tejos painen
Por que mostrar ese momento,no?😐😐😐
MABEL DE LA HOZ 5 hours ago
No me gusto la manera de como actuaba Mérida y lo que decían de ella 😠
Amaya the gachatuberUwU
Phenelopie:I don't even have a mom Everyone: neither do we Me: *looks At repunzle* cArE tO eXpLaIn
S 7 hours ago
2:52 Olaf: she’s a little pitchy
Lady.ririchiyo 8 hours ago
1:44 notice Elsa creating her own ice in her milkshake😂😂
ミルキーモチ 8 hours ago
"Do you have daddy issues?"
Serena Thakkar
Serena Thakkar 8 hours ago
Oh wow 😳 what did Merida say!??
This is the best part!!!
H Elgamal
H Elgamal 9 hours ago
اسم الفيلم
Wreck it Ralph Luca Aziz
I love wreck-it Ralph
Kay Taylor
Kay Taylor 11 hours ago
Kacie Love Love Love love you song
Rokia Khaled
Rokia Khaled 11 hours ago
هل اجد شكبستيانية هنا
سامي العلي
سامي العلي 12 hours ago
Leo leofhcr
Andrew Ha
Andrew Ha 12 hours ago
Is Snow White holding the camera from 0:32 - 0:42 ?
F4R207 13 hours ago
Did Disney (which means Marvel) just use a Batman sound effect? Aside from that, best scene of the entire movie.
Gabriella MOUJAES
Gabriella MOUJAES 14 hours ago
თამარი ქურხული
Hui Hao
Hui Hao 15 hours ago
My favorite princess is Airil
Shahla Haq
Shahla Haq 16 hours ago
I like Rapunzel she’s very beautiful and I hate Pocahontas
nour zahimi
nour zahimi 17 hours ago
ManahiL Muradi
ManahiL Muradi 18 hours ago
Cinderella is a kind person so why would she hurt that little girl i don't know her name
sarcos80 18 hours ago
/ ЗнүүнэТ11 \
Who is the most oldest disney princess?
Edlewise Winter
Edlewise Winter 20 hours ago
You forgot Anastasya, embeard and sofia from sofia the first
Mrs Harly Queen
Mrs Harly Queen 21 hour ago
What movie name
Abe Games
Abe Games Day ago
Krtefxf On Kates accounted
Caroline Clark
Did she really say daddy issues
Samoaleoimausoalii Tavita
is that real all princess stay in one house
grant henry panganiban
Let's be honest with ourselves, this scene saved the entire movie
Dexter cochran
To think: people paid money to watch Disney jizz all over itself.
Gummy Bear 2000
Turn on subtitles at 1:42 I swear you won’t regret it
Scrat Powell
Scrat Powell Day ago
These princesses even Rapunzel Anna and Elsa and Moana might know that Disney now owns 20th Century Fox
Dragonfly M.C.
Me: I can understand what Merida was saying in Brave... why can't I understand her here???
Eliete araujo
Alicia Alicia
ses stupide tu te les pransise ille su riyuni ses nulle
carine Osakue
Nice one 💋💋💋💋
SprinkleCake 4017
I love that at 1:10 , Elsa and Anna both said, 'neither do we' when they did have a mum but she died xD
RickeGnool Day ago
Pamela Ribon the writer who came up with this scene is a freakin genius.
Maria Grande
Maria Grande Day ago
Am I the only one who understanded what Miranda said?.... ;-;
Yini Castillo
Hola soy Yessica cumplo en abril 27años el 27de abril
Danielle Galang
I love the the 3rd version of the Disney princess 💜💙😍
Danielle Galang
Ariel wearing shirt & shorts 💜
Mohamed Ben
Mohamed Ben Day ago
Reyfranz Heiro Pacardo
Pocohintas and Mulan are different
Amrcn Cpprhd
Amrcn Cpprhd Day ago
Princesses: We're you kidnapped and enslaved? Penelope: No! Are you guys okay? Should I call the police?! 😂😂
Rukkiya Salam
But she is too small....?
вlυυ яαввιт
I love Tiana’s shirt 💚
Blumen Seele
Blumen Seele Day ago
The shade
next thing you know there’s gonna be a princess fighting off the coronavirus
Phyu Phyu Myint Chel
good movie and also funny
Justin Jani
Justin Jani 2 days ago
I like all princesses
Desti D
Desti D 2 days ago
There is one daughter who is lacking, Princess Sofia
Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal 2 days ago
The creators of this scene were genius, Anna always had the tom boy girl next door look in frozen and they continued it here putting her in Jean shorts and sneakers.
Arwen Davies
Arwen Davies 2 days ago
I felt so offended when they said (we can’t understand her she’s from the other studio) For this reason: A.) she was one of the first Disney films that didn’t have a woman shown as a useless thing and made her a hero. B.) this was one of the first films made by a woman. C.) that isn’t some unknown language that was Scottish just that they changed it a bit to make it sound weird. For this reason I hate this film and feel offended.
Jasper Herrón
Jasper Herrón 8 hours ago
@Arwen Davies the you should know english has different dialects and slang. like hell in the UK you call them crisp and we call them chips, just because you couldnt understand merida doesn't mean they were abiding a stereo type as people ACTUALLY talk like that i know for a fact if you saw me and my friends talking using the slang we use youd have no idea what we talking about and vice versa
Arwen Davies
Arwen Davies 9 hours ago
I am British
Jasper Herrón
Jasper Herrón 9 hours ago
you do know people who speak american english cant understand some accents AND slang from another country even if its still english. you tryna tell me you NEVER talked to an australian or a british person and not once asked "whats ______" because you didn't understand their slang? not only that some scottish people ACTUALLY talk like that when they are comfortable, the way my scottish friend talks to me is WAY different from how he talks to his mom. I feel like you just found a way to be offended and thats on you lmao
vulpes sepluv
But she is literally from another studio.
Ms. Unicorn
Ms. Unicorn 2 days ago
Requirements for a Disney Princess (one or more): Magic hair Magic Hands Talking to animals Daddy issues Poisoned Cursed Kidnapped Enslaved Cries, gets tickled, or has cold water dumped on their head sometime during the movie (You have to have the last one. 😭😂😨👸)
Catherine Roesler
que legal
Javier Collar Valades
Jim Conning
Jim Conning 2 days ago
paperbag head
paperbag head 2 days ago
"I dont even have a mom" "NEITHER DO WE"
Katherine Grace
Katherine Grace 2 days ago
Mulan isn’t a princess
yasmina amg
yasmina amg 2 days ago
Finally my first dream came true !! I finally saw all of disney princesses all in 1 movie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
علي احمد
علي احمد 2 days ago
melina charitaki
melina charitaki 2 days ago
WD Gaster
WD Gaster 2 days ago
What works for some of us is finding water and..staring at it *what*
Ika Plejer
Ika Plejer 2 days ago
I stan Mulan soo hard. Bcuz I like Asian girls... Bcuz she's beautiful and strong AND bcuz all Asians are pretty♡
Colleencolinpro3 2 days ago
Abbie Wilson
Abbie Wilson 2 days ago
I like the raccoon
Mainul Karim
Mainul Karim 2 days ago
Seeing all the princesses together seems to me that I'm in a fairy tale
isacc Villa
isacc Villa 2 days ago
Me to
Gaia Monteamaro
Gaia Monteamaro 2 days ago
1:15 soooo, Merida isn’t a princess
Grace and toys
Grace and toys 2 days ago
Grace and toys
Grace and toys 2 days ago
3:54 Me:🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Sarvinoz Muhammadjonova
I loVe FrozEn
sakura Uchiha
sakura Uchiha 2 days ago
Elsa is beautiful 💖
Kazmhyr jo Maraton
I like how marida talks 😁
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