Van Jones Says Dwyane Wade Was Courageous for Supporting Zaya | TMZ

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Van Jones says Dwyane Wade is setting a good example for other parents when it comes to his kid, Zaya ... and he's sure more and more families will follow suit.

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Comments 73
hagnuj Month ago
The Wade family is mentally ill. He said, "she is our leader..."
JL The Wiseman
JL The Wiseman Month ago
What does "assigned male at birth" mean? If you were born male, then you are male....So if I grow a fruit that is an apple, I can now call it a orange or egg plant just because I can? Pretty sure the Creator is not going to be cool with this whole movement. Moreover, what if a person is born male, then besides he wants to be a female, gets the surgery done, then gets into a relationship with a guy but doesn't tell him that he was born a male because he felt that it is was his personal business, do you see where this is going to be a social problem. Also, the historical books called Bible, Torah, and Quran all give a pretty good account of what happens when humans go off the rails. Look, if a person wants to be with the same sex that's one thing, but when people start saying the Creator made a mistake at their birth and everyone just goes along with it, that's going to be a real issue. Humans seem to get a lot of courage when they commit blasphemies because the sky doesn't fall immediately after they do it. I would remind them that they should remember that all religions clearly state that we are judged at death, and once you're dead you can't come back to report how you were judged. All the folks living a certain way who claim they believe in the Creator and practice whatever religious doctrine they choose but only want to acknowledge the parts they like, I'm pretty sure that's not going to work on the other side. The Bible, Torah, Quran, and even the Sumerian texts are all historical books that act as a warning to humanity. However, if you don't believe in any of those historical or religious documents you've probably got bigger issues that will be addressed on the other side I'm sure.
3rd Street Pictures
Certifiably NOT a big heroic moment.
Irena Pressley
Irena Pressley Month ago
Shut up
Just Teressa
Just Teressa Month ago
Where’s the announcements from him in regards to his 6-year-old son Xavier Zechariah Wade he had while on *a break* with his current wife?...such a supportive father though. Let’s see those family photos...anything for clout. Smh Be courageous for that. Publicly come out with that son more often
UrFavorite Handmaiden
Van Jones is in the closet himself.
J Smith
J Smith Month ago
Do what you want with your own kids, but my sons WILL NOT be called females. Celebrities don't speak for me NOR do they run my household! miss me with that! Yall a bunch of sellouts!!
Derik Harris
Derik Harris Month ago
U sopport but he did everything wrong
Zoom Month ago
I think this is child abuse to your own kid 12 years old and nobody saying nothing when it comes to this Dwayne and Gabrielle living a boule lifstyle.
Unapologetic 662
Confused black man
Michel Little
Michel Little Month ago
We live a different time man. Its only the beginning of this decade, a month and a half in and too many strange things are happening
Have_At_IT Month ago
Van Jones is a piece of shit. D. Wade needs to man up, go home and be a real father to his son that is crying out for help. Shame on society for accepting and promoting this nonsense.
TheKodiac29607 Month ago
We all know Gabrielle and her Hollywood ways are running that household. They're sacrificing that boy to influence the young blk men since Dwayne wade has a connection to them through the NBA. This is so sick
Kick Rox
Kick Rox Month ago
It is not that serious come on. We already know people are gay and it’s cool. OK now get over it and move on. Stop trying to make it as it’s a superhero move to support someone sexuality
I Hate people
I Hate people Month ago
His 12 year old son has no business deciding his gender. He cant even support himself
SYE M Month ago
Courageous ?? The kids at Normandy were courageous.
youtuber Month ago
Thought this was pac
halowars337 Month ago
What do you expect from someone whos always in the media headlines you either go against your kid and try and change there mind and get hated by everyone cause its 2020 now or you choose to accept it and get loved by everyone all i know is this shit didnt happen 20 years ago damn glad i was born in a different time
bill f
bill f Month ago
i guess we are going to hear about this for a month who cares
I am Victorious!!
So,supporting sin is courageous;thats what they call it now?smh..
good Vibes
good Vibes Month ago
Only thing I'm supported is the good Lord I think about it his mom is a preacher the devil is a liar
Truvel Grsyson
Truvel Grsyson Month ago
That a boy not Girl
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Month ago
Probably told D wade “hey, you see what we did to Kobe and his daughter when he wouldn’t sell his soul” give us your sons bussy or die
BagBoy Shawn
BagBoy Shawn Month ago
Joe Blow 😭😭😭
JAY REALZ83 Month ago
Fuking sad!mind control at it's best
S H Month ago
Nothing courageous about letting a little boy believe he can be something he is not. Courageous would be to guide his son into being happy with what you really are. With Hollywood and mainstream media, society today will be brain wash children into make believe mental world.
Brandon Washington
FACTS! It's so tiring being around so much sheep.
you're funny
you're funny Month ago
All the negative comments are why we have so much hatred,bullying,suicides and killings in the world. The Wade family isn't ur family so why do u even care about HIS CHILD.
J Smith
J Smith Month ago
We didn't ask for them to put it out there! they did it themselves! Most people are being honest and disagreeing with what their doing. Again for the last time, just because someone disagrees doesn't mean their bullying or hating you! they thought people were gonna embrace him trying to change his child's gender and it didn't go as expected. I don't have to agree to anything nor will it be done in my house. And there's no love lost. If you don't want people to speak on it don't put in out there
you're funny
you're funny Month ago
@I am Victorious!! its not a sin. Why is it a sin
Nicole Ford
Nicole Ford Month ago
Because he didnt keep his private life private and let the whole world in to judge. And I say, its disgusting.... Boy NOT girl!
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
@I am Victorious!! that's between him and God.
I am Victorious!!
Because its called sin
Domepeace_ltd productions
remember the stupid mistakes you made at that age in hopes of being popular. outrageous.
Tony Amati
Tony Amati Month ago
Do parents need to be commended for being excepting parents? Like what was he suppose to do? Disown his son and get condemned by most of society?
Thrift Geek
Thrift Geek Month ago
He is so brave...Zzzzzzzzzz
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt Month ago
Where’d this budget Tupac come from?
Kobe's Helicopter Mechanic
Funny how yall can say the CIA put crack in our community, but cant put 2 and 2 together when it comes to the LGBT agenda. They turning kings to Qwaans.
Africa Doll
Africa Doll Month ago
@JAY REALZ83 lol
JAY REALZ83 Month ago
Slippery When Wet!
Discusting !
King Khan
King Khan Month ago
It’s wrong what these idiot parents are doing this will confuse more kids his wife wears the pants and she is to blame this world is so messed up
BE NICE Month ago
Yucky. Mental PATIENTS
evobusa Month ago
So many no's. Its obviously clouding his judgment if he cant call a damn slam dunk contest correctly.
ezekwu Month ago
Terry Jones
Terry Jones Month ago
He look like he could be Tupac uncle
Joe greene
Joe greene Month ago
He will go down in History for one Phrase. It ends with Burger.
willie peppers
willie peppers Month ago
Aint he a boy?
New wine & New creature
You better call it him "MAME" !!
Jason Kamara
Jason Kamara Month ago
What choice did he have??? The lgtq community are powerful n would've had his head...
Minx Doll
Minx Doll Month ago
Van use to be a D.N.C WHISTLEBLOWER 👈😆🇺🇸
Jester Avrgjoe
Jester Avrgjoe Month ago
“It gives other parents permission to do the same thing.....” Well thank you Dwayne Wade, and Van Jones for giving us regular folks “PERMISSION” to do something. Fuc off already with this BS!
Soyboy ForJihad
Soyboy ForJihad Month ago
JaysKennel Month ago
This some weird shit going on, it must be in the Money......
CHUCK STER Month ago
A 12 year? At 12 you don’t know nothing. Wade is sick
I Hate people
I Hate people Month ago
The gay mafia has turned gay wade. I meant d wade. It's sad honestly that he let his 12 year old fall victim too
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Month ago
That started WAY earlier. The kid was going to gay pride parades with Gabriel when he was 10... They pushed him into this since he was 8 or 9 years old which is just beyond belief.
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
He knows his child!
lloyd oconnor
lloyd oconnor Month ago
miss dior
miss dior Month ago
Only my opinion but what does a 12 year old know at that age. I hope 🤞 things don’t go wrong for the child 🤞🤞🤞
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
The kid knows his/her parents love and support, while he/she figures out life, the world and where they fit into it! That's the best any kid can hope for! Good luck to the whole family!
One Eyed Man
One Eyed Man Month ago
Lily Parker
Lily Parker Month ago
It’s that dude from CNN so this must be fake news 🙄 WHAT WENDY WILLIAMS SAID 😂🤣😂 FACT 💯
Michelle Williams
This is the world we live in and it's sad. He is messing that child up is what he doing
Anunnaki from Nibiru ☀️🛸
The people that Run TMZ are homosexuals so is it any surprised why they promote this?
Dr. Valleo Daddy Grace REAL TALK TV
2020 is a weird time.....when a 12 year old boy with balls can come home a tell his multi millionaire dad, "I want u to recognize me as a girl"!! GTFOH.....weak ass black man approving emasculation
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
I 100% agree! Love and support your children!
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
@TheKodiac29607 no I didn't. That's obviously part of loving and supporting your children ❤
TheKodiac29607 Month ago
@Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin you left out guidance...smh
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
@One Eyed Man love and support your children
One Eyed Man
One Eyed Man Month ago
McDonald’s Pickles
TMZ is proven to be propaganda. Y’all really think because Van Jones is the voice of Black people or wade? Majority of us blk ppl still ain’t with that lgbt weird stuff and never will be
Will ALLEN Month ago
Two gay men speak out.
James Hall
James Hall Month ago
Two men will not be sitting at my table in my home as a couple. Not in my lifetime
Aharon Steinman
Aharon Steinman Month ago
James Hall 👍🏻
CJ Cox
CJ Cox Month ago
Wade is vicariously living through his son.
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean Month ago
Yes, I believe that. And I also believe the same regarding Magic Johnson.
James Hall
James Hall Month ago
CNN.. Do i need to say anything more?
@JAY REALZ83 say good night Jimmy
@JAY REALZ83 ..RM and Turner have been scraping for years.. Different political views.. If money is to be made then who cares..it's capitalism at it's finest
JAY REALZ83 Month ago
@CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS obviously you do no research or else you would know who owns these stations.✌️
JAY REALZ83 Month ago
@JAY REALZ83 Elite???.. Ya right..lmao
stillchangin tv
stillchangin tv Month ago
Courageous? 🤣 What do you expect, he sounds like he would have disowned his son
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
@Brian read the comments below this video, and ask yourself that again!
Brian Month ago
@Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin Am I courageous for taking care of my kids though? Some parents mistreat and abuse their children. He supports his kid. That's the norm. What you're talking about is isolated problems.
stillchangin tv
stillchangin tv Month ago
@Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin duh we not talking about them we are talking about D Wade who is still working for the NBA & if u followed D Wade you would know that was a no brainier for him
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
Some parents do disown their own children for that!
iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers
Dwade let his 13 year old decide his gender🤣🤣🤣 Wade is an EMBARRASSMENT
CStarz Month ago
Grooming your kids to be depraved deviants..Just like how they like them
INFINITE 2020 Month ago
416tash Month ago
kali koka
kali koka Month ago
They be sacrificing their offspring for cash and fame and bling? Molochs.
Mookaron Month ago
Cris EX
Cris EX Month ago
Sorry is doesn’t make any sense calling his son his daughter. People are beyond stupid nowadays. Good job Obama spreading this bullshit message. I can’t believe I voted for the guy twice. 🤦🏼‍♂️
Jai Norman
Jai Norman Month ago
We all are
Lunny 01
Lunny 01 Month ago
Jai Norman na bro😂
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Month ago
Van Jones is a nothing burger!!!
Loud painful exploding bowel movements
I can't believe I watched this whole entire video wearing socks …
PRDR KING Month ago
That's his fn Son, so how is supporting your kid courageous? Foh
PRDR KING 28 days ago
@B4Now wtf are you talking about? Lol
B4Now 28 days ago
You big mad trying to live in the past how about evolve its 2020 and ancestors fought for freedom not for you to be a hater.
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
@Elizabeth Fernandes I think maybe he meant he's courageous for speaking out about it publicly, even though he knows he's gonna get a lot shit for it?
Elizabeth Fernandes
PRDR KING Same thing I was going to write just now ! This world some people really are just foolish ! That’s his kid ! I understand some parents wouldn’t support it but don’t say courageous because that is his son❤️
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
@S H you and I also seem to have a very different definition of what is impossible. Oh well Potato Tomato ❤
He's hot af.
The Proverbial Hater
Look at what these "black men" support...??? These handkerchief head 🇳🇮🇬🇬🇷🇴s will applaud 🇫🇦🇬🇬🇴🇹 shit, but won't defend black men... Like we know the republicans are white supremacist, but his white liberal and his/her policies has done more damage to the black community than any white republican can ever do.
Mars Month ago
Where do you find Van Jones 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂
YES WE CAN Month ago
Is he an alien
Carlos Green
Carlos Green Month ago
Van is sweeter than bear meat
@416tash B/c I fondle my flute to Google pictures of Doug Collins. ^.^
416tash Month ago
@🥀₲ɾɑղԵ𝄆𝅗𝅥 why are you gae
He's so cute. _💌🐰🥀_
eddie d
eddie d Month ago
he is also super fake and if you cant see that youre fake aswell.
Whitemanfromtowne T
Van Jones.....sell out.
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