V8 MONSTER Miata Experiments w/ MAGIC FUEL Makes Unbelievable POWER! Do This For GUARANTEED POWER!

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Jun 15, 2020




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Comments 100
Matthew Emmanuel
Matthew Emmanuel 2 months ago
Wow those pups are obedient. Impressive 👏 😁
1987FX16 2 months ago
5:15 What gauge it that in George's truck under the air vent? Thank you.
obzelite 2 months ago
Get some side brackets and a new seal for the hardtop. Stops the fumes coming in straight away.
Nathan Eaton
Nathan Eaton 2 months ago
Helmet!!! Test drive, after more power, is where mistakes are made. Want to keep you around. Thanks for all your shared knowledge and videos. The Car sounds great!
Troels Kiel
Troels Kiel 2 months ago
Missing lug nut on passenger front wheel?
South7Bois 2 months ago
Dyno numbers are cool and all but I'd like to see you try and keep up with my 1.6 Miata.
Sneaky V
Sneaky V 2 months ago
Love the way that Miata sounds
Chad Morris
Chad Morris 3 months ago
The intro is the shit on this vid
M H 3 months ago
remember how Cleetus and crew did the electric turbo review? Your channel should do a "bolt-on" flex kit like the following.....see how well it works. www.advancedfueldynamics.com/products/proflex-commander-for-dodge-r-t-scat-pack-and-srt-392-charger-and-challenger
Track Days
Track Days 3 months ago
GM ecus have flex fuel built in
EnfieldJoe 4 months ago
Very tempted to build an LS Miata. This video was great....lots of E/I. Thanks for sharing.
Randal Crandal
Randal Crandal 4 months ago
I wish you guys used draggy so we could see the speeds before mods and after
iVtec4fun 4 months ago
Amazing sounds! That idle!
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds 4 months ago
Nice cousin Eddie reference!
ForAl lMankind
ForAl lMankind 4 months ago
Jeremy would you mind getting on rocky mountains race week next year ? or it's not worth the shot maybe it's out of your range of content (not fun enough for y'all). really appreciate your car approach and the way you done thing, keep it up ! kind regards
T3nn3ss33 R0ll3r
T3nn3ss33 R0ll3r 4 months ago
Man I would love to work there especially to learn how to build cars throw a bone this way Jeremy I'll work for cheap as long as I can learn
Jared THISDELLE 4 months ago
572 hp nice
SGREEFER310 4 months ago
Please polish the headlights, really like that color on the Miata.
Jon Crespo
Jon Crespo 4 months ago
Jeremy I knew you where a hippie. Lov ya bro. Keep fast keep safe.
GT Godbear
GT Godbear 4 months ago
Add a container of 35% foodgrade hydrogen peroxide to the meth mixture next time. See if it gains HP by enriching the fuel with oxygen and hydrogen.
Rob Dempley
Rob Dempley 4 months ago
You gotta awd truck & you're afraid of a little moisture? 😃
T-wrecks 4 months ago
"A little bit of meth and a little bit of that" truly the most Florida man thing I've ever heard 😆
Tookoff 4 months ago
Weird my car runs better good around 11.5-12 afr on e60 and 18gph of m1. Im scared to add timing, I think im on base timing and its frowned upon but im already running way to much boost for my stock motor on the bigger turbo. Might turn boost down a bit and try so more timing.
Berto Castro
Berto Castro 4 months ago
that car is nice that what I like car that doesn't exists v8 I amiata tombs up I like rotary engine but that is nice.
gary nordby
gary nordby 4 months ago
What has ever happened to the turbo crown Vic
Tank's Garage
Tank's Garage 4 months ago
The opening sequence for the win good job to whoever created that.
Five dots Dave
Five dots Dave 4 months ago
I need a translator.....
Tim Anthony
Tim Anthony 4 months ago
I built a dual fuel system for my bmw years ago. Pump gas primary, and then a nitro methane / methanol mix secondary fuel. The system worked and made more power, but ate the electric pump @ 40% mix.... If you want to make mad power NA, look into this!
iHydroEyez 4 months ago
Kinda looks like a lil viper
Nicholas Rodrigues
Nicholas Rodrigues 4 months ago
You should probably up grade to a fastback hard top. Cut down on some of that lift.
nate 4 months ago
go ahead and do vp m5 has some nitro in it will make even more power
BEP BEP 4 months ago
Next Project: Fry oil powered diesel.
Stuffandjunk Andthings
I've run meth as excess fuel for a nitrous setup, yeah, you have to add a ton. I also had to run some top lube with it.
Brandon'svlog 4 months ago
Love this car. That blue is 👌
Eric T
Eric T 4 months ago
I’m now officially you tube certified on methanol 👍 Also how much of a difference will this be affected up in the mountains?
rebecca andrews
rebecca andrews 4 months ago
Awesome... The intro is great also
john martin
john martin 4 months ago
I'm guessing it's bold eagle 🦅 piss
Cory Holbrook
Cory Holbrook 4 months ago
How that roof stays on ...
Tobin Dunklebarger
Tobin Dunklebarger 4 months ago
Hey Jeremy!! Check out Taylor Ray's Miata. He has vents in the back window that he can open and close. Thought it might help relieve some air pressure inside your car so the top isnt trying to come off.
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale 4 months ago
The Miatas new nickname should DEFINITELY be "Weapon" and the next car to the fleet should be named "Lethal"!! If you know, you know.
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale 4 months ago
Georgie: Allll of it?!?!😀 Father timing: Half... *dad mode engaged* ..🥱😴
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale 4 months ago
Should be runnin 110% Methanol brotherrr!! LETSS GOOOO!!!!
Jared THISDELLE 4 months ago
Slow fuel .😆😆😆😆 great vid guys cheers
intro a bit too long
mrthesquid 4 months ago
That hardtop needs at least the Frankenstein bolt latches at minimum. Shit if you are too cheap to buy some then just fab a bracket to screw into the factory hardtop bracket holes. You could also just bolt the sides down in the factory locations as well. That top will blow off eventually. Also if you want to have any hopes of making it around a road course with that power level the car needs some aero if you don't want to loop it.
kyle hubner
kyle hubner 4 months ago
some crazy australians in south australia after the governement there stoped the sale of E85 went and bought some methanol to mix up an equivelent of their own. the result was a 60% meth to 98ron (93 for the yanks) was equivalent to 108ron e85
Colt Russell
Colt Russell 4 months ago
Wow I love these vids that get so in-depth and how you’re able to squeeze out every single ounce of hoursey powers outta them engines components
Bilge Pump
Bilge Pump 4 months ago
Welt, Jeremy taught me about air fuel ratio. Now i know. Thanks Jeremy.
Jake MacLoud
Jake MacLoud 4 months ago
Love the amount of knowledge this guy has. Inspiration for my future build.
HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_
Surprised you don't try other AFR when tuning..as I know most Jseries engines like 12.8's vs 13.2-13.4 where most would think. We always made more power a little richer then the norm with our customer cars and ours
Rick Whitmire
Rick Whitmire 4 months ago
the whole time I'm looking at that yellow headlamp. sorry what? 🤣
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 4 months ago
I want to see nitrometh
bassment03 4 months ago
racingmikey1 4 months ago
That intro is 🔥
NitroPerformanceGarage GR
try the torco nitro mix i think it will makesome more power and loves more spark degrees i tryed that to my car and i saw big gains !! here in Greece the best fuel at pump gas is unleded 100 octane .. i was limited at 30 psi with 12 degree overal spark and with e85 50% and 50% nitro i use a lot of dudy cycle and around 8 to 12 degree of timing with significant gains over 50 whp easyly on same boost way more cooler egts and a lot of tears from exhaust gasses!! i hope you try this ill be glad to see it!!
poubs 4 months ago
tune those talor annd J ls miata
poubs 4 months ago
new intro man so dope fo real
Griffin Monaghan
Griffin Monaghan 4 months ago
Im thinking of going to auto tech school in Tampa but I dont know which program is the most thorough and is the most attractive on a resume. Any suggestions of programs in the area?
factory2590 4 months ago
So....basically an AC Cobra....
Scott Cardwell
Scott Cardwell 4 months ago
Wanna swap my C4?
Harold Domangue
Harold Domangue 4 months ago
Jeremy would it help to open up the exhaust pipes with a Quick Time Performance Oval Electric Cutouts to let the engine breath better the more the exhaust lets out the more the engine can suck in
Dude McGee
Dude McGee 4 months ago
More HP tuners content!
Vats-delete 4 months ago
talk geek to me i want to know more on the changes made! also does it now handle blending fuel ok?
The Upstairs Machine Shop
You guys should get an injector cleaner / tester like PFI has so you can prove the injectors are uneven.
Michael Procovich
Michael Procovich 4 months ago
Great video. I enjoyed the technical well thought out experiments. You seem so relaxed talking about the technical data and make it enjoyable to watch. You also do a great job when it comes to talking above someone's knowledge level and bringing it back to a basic understanding with the HPTuners graphs and dyno charts as visuals. This is one of my favorite Fasterproms videos.
Todd Supraman
Todd Supraman 4 months ago
You need to put some gorilla tape around the inside of that hardtop before it goes flying off girl gorilla tape LOL
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez 4 months ago
I worked at VP fuels here in san antonio for a while, that methanol is no joke, itll make your nose bleed HAHAHA
Matt's modern warfare
The miatas looks like the one stacy david built on trucks when it was the TNN channel
Chyna Mane
Chyna Mane 4 months ago
missing a pin on pass side
tom ashton
tom ashton 4 months ago
when I messed with dirt cars alky fuels were sort of new, the fuel has half the BTU,s of 91 octane,so the ratio is around 6. to 7, to one the fuel releases oxygen,if you go lean your in trouble,if you run way too rich you mess up the oil
Roy McDavid
Roy McDavid 4 months ago
Guys, why not take an hour and fix that damn roof?! All the time and sweat you put in to it and duct tape it to stay on the car.. Your killin me Smalls..
Explore-with-me 4 months ago
Father timing, sprinkling the freedoms like a boss... lol
Terrell Chapman
Terrell Chapman 4 months ago
When mr. Super clean asked Jeremy if he was ready to make some power, Jeremy got sooo ecstatic. 😂😂
Rob Trickle
Rob Trickle 4 months ago
135 whp 600cc on methanol ruvid.net/video/video-Z-wNtY2U8T0.html
I would like to see you guys in the glads with the air boat, fishing and hunting.
David Zemeckis
David Zemeckis 4 months ago
You guys definitely know what your doing and then you use gorilla tape on your nice rides. That part drives me nutz;)
Chris Caliri
Chris Caliri 4 months ago
That Miata needs to stop playing. Put two kits to it and send that thing roll racing taking peoples checks 😂
Francis Frias
Francis Frias 4 months ago
Do you use any noise canceling or any equalizer? the videos sometimes sounds weird.
Scott Bledsoe
Scott Bledsoe 4 months ago
Welcome to the land of burning eyes and washed out bearings, lol.
Tyler Sterling
Tyler Sterling 4 months ago
So I have a bone stock 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 360 motor and 4x4, can I use premium gas instead of unleaded fuel!! I have been wondering if I could switch fuels. Please let me know if I can guys.
sedg666 4 months ago
I just saw a kick ass looking air boat behind frank. We need an air boat video. Then it needs a big ass turbo, AIR BOAT!!!
Brad Thomas
Brad Thomas 4 months ago
Sounds damn good!!! 😎😎😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
KoyotBravo 4 months ago
Me, seeing thumbnail and title: Let me guess, it is meth time?
Bill Cutlip
Bill Cutlip 4 months ago
Any idea how cold the intake manifold got when you were running straight methanol? Glad you didn’t black out due to the fumes! 😳
adam chapman
adam chapman 4 months ago
Thanks Jeremy keep up the good work from Canada.
J.R. Beumel
J.R. Beumel 4 months ago
3:45 I think 38 horsepower.
J.R. Beumel
J.R. Beumel 4 months ago
The intro is on point. Who ever made the intro well done.
Jake Stanfield
Jake Stanfield 4 months ago
@fasterproms where do you get that gauge in George’s truck the one in the vent
skasev 4 months ago
“We got a hell raiser in a blue miata”?
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 4 months ago
fix that dang top lololol
64NovaSS TT
64NovaSS TT 4 months ago
And I thought that E-85 was the gateway drug to Methanol , damn, things change fast.
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 4 months ago
so does methanol ultimately weight less? in liquid form, compared to e or pump?
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown 4 months ago
Plan to run water/meth here soon on my 16 tahoe. Not so much for the power but for the valve wash to keep the valves clean since its DI.
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown 4 months ago
I know it's not the same as running E85 by no means but it's still meth. I'd add to the tank but I need to get a sensor and no one here sells the fuel anyways.
AlexSerban 4 months ago
why don't you google ! the meth content you need
Pastor Glock
Pastor Glock 4 months ago
If you want real power get a flux capacitor!!!
Bryan McGuire
Bryan McGuire 4 months ago
I really love the new intro to your video's
Ebola_AIDS_ISIS 4 months ago
Honestly surprised yall dont have an injectors testing machine like PFI. Seems with 4 more injectors than what Brent typically works with yall would need one just as badly as they do
Bruce Lavoie
Bruce Lavoie 4 months ago
That must pull you in the seat pretty good whipping that thing around must be pretty cool keep up the vids
The hair on your screen
U gotta fix that top asap... i never really liked miatas until i saw urs and Taylor's with the body kits and the hard tops on em they just look like totally different cars
Cody Heizler
Cody Heizler 4 months ago
I was waiting for that hardtop to fly off
300zxdriver 4 months ago
Could you do this with a carbureted engine?
Jay Dunbar
Jay Dunbar 4 months ago
Depends on what your talking about, if your asking if you can run meth on a carburetor the answer is yes.
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