V8 Miata Makes Big Power, Then Terrorizes the Street!

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Jul 31, 2018




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Fred Taj
Fred Taj 19 days ago
Ty Month ago
That'll Put A Smile On Your Face :)
D. Howattzer
D. Howattzer Month ago
That Sounds Addictive. =)
Illest_ Lynch
Illest_ Lynch Month ago
I have a 500+hp 2009 g8 gt in Stryker blue........and I'd trade you in a sec lol
Thomas Fudala
Thomas Fudala 2 months ago
What was the song @2:48 ?
maulledshears 3 months ago
What colour code is the paint on this car Stunning finish and colour !!
FEMTO 3 months ago
What wheels are those 😳!?
EnfieldJoe 4 months ago
Any videos on the Miata build? Great looking car.
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 4 months ago
You dont get explosions in an engine, except when it goes bang, it's a controlled burn
MaaanUp Gaming
MaaanUp Gaming 5 months ago
this car needs a big supercharger with twin turbos on top of it. 1800hp gangggggg
Unsated 5 months ago
Dream car
InstrumentalJourney 5 months ago
It's not a miata. ..why do it?
Steve5x 6 months ago
I know this is old, but it’s not an explosion in the compression chamber, it’s a burn, what you want is a fast burn, definitely not an explosion! Explosions would destroy the motor in seconds, not even enough seconds for Leroy to make a full send pass. Love the content you guys have put out, but please don’t mislead people. Physics is physics, science is science, bullshit is bullshit. Don’t make yourselves look less than you are.
Hunter Hellard
Hunter Hellard 6 months ago
The motor sounds like you're barely using it haha. Might as well drop some gears in the rear end
Chris M
Chris M 7 months ago
Hi! I'm your uber driver. Lol I would still get in with this strange bearded man. That thing is sweet
Brock Philips
Brock Philips 9 months ago
I'm about to spend 80ish k on a C8... makes me want to re think
Brock Philips
Brock Philips 9 months ago
omg, you guys are about to break the smile limit when you got it on the road
Nathan 11 months ago
George ported the heads and installed a permanent smile lol!
flex this
flex this 11 months ago
Do you tune rotary's? I don't think ever seen one on channel yet.
Scotty 11 months ago
Jimmy Fallon’s twins a badass!!
A金城 11 months ago
I’m in Japan and have a chance to buy this engine for a MX5 swap. There is a 2006 Mustang GT crashed, its automatic unfortunately. Anyway is this engine worth it or is the LS1 way better? I cant search this engine because it’s just called the “modular V8”??? And is the RX7 FC driving gear suitable for about 350 whp ??? With a built 1.8 vvt 350 turbocharged can make that reliably but I need the V8 rumble in my life. It’s very rare in Japan.
Neftali Garcia
Passenger's face says it all.
egshane Year ago
rear defuser?
Austin Thornton
Hell im your uber driver 😂
Jay Joyner
Jay Joyner Year ago
A miata with a rx8 motor would also be very powerful modified
A金城 11 months ago
Jay Joyner it would be a waste of time though... if going that route just swap it into an FC ... & it’s only 200 hp ... it’s what a 1.6 turbo can make all day long so why the swap??? Rethink your game turbo a 1.8 vvt ...
hebrews11vs5 Year ago
Awesome dogs, and those horses aren't bad either
Josh Oravetz
Josh Oravetz Year ago
You shold name it the "manyata"
Josh Oravetz
Josh Oravetz Year ago
That was the most american/manly intro I ever did see
Nikko and Lee
Nikko and Lee Year ago
That thing is an on off switch with that miata body wrapped around that v8.
Bubble One
Bubble One Year ago
The Grin Machine.
MrSprintcat Year ago
Awesome .thanks for the video
CB JKUR Year ago
4jrgolf Year ago
Bonestock my ass. Lol
yopacific Year ago
V8 Miata is King.
flatblack887 Year ago
In the spirit of Carroll we need a 0 to 100 to 0 comparison!
Sai Namuduri
Sai Namuduri Year ago
540 WHEEL horsepower at about 6400RPM...JESUS!
0m3n Year ago
thats always been my dream setup. absolutley love that body style with the hardtop
VetteNutt05 Year ago
Any idea what the miata's lbs is?
VetteNutt05 Year ago
@Fasterproms Maybe some wider tires in the rear would help
VetteNutt05 Year ago
@Fasterproms Sweet Jesus
Fasterproms Year ago
MrGreenelight Year ago
Small block Chevy, Best engine ever made. you can find them stuffed in every brand, model and type of car or truck on the planet.
Gabe Turcotte
Gabe Turcotte Year ago
Needs a driver mod but she’s badass
Drunken Hamster
"Hi, I'm your Uber Driver." Oh, HELL yeah!
Mike James
Mike James Year ago
Thanks for the great Video.Nothing like Horsepower in a light weight Car!I am a Drag racer for many years when younger and the feeling you get is worth the work involved for the results.My son who is 18 is putting another Stock 1.8 in his Miata today.We bought it with only 85,000 miles on it from a wrecked Miata and is a super nice engine in all aspects!He already has the Suspension set up the way he wants it.After this he wants a Hardtop then last is a Paint Job.He is a Senior in school so he pays as he goes.He loves his Cars!My question for you or any Professional Mechanic is what are your thoughts as being a Mechanic as a Career?He is still not sure what he wants to do as a Profession yet.Any feedback is Greatly appreciated.Your Miata,s Power,Suspension set up,and Paint Job look fantastic and thanks for showing other Miata owners what can be achieved with a great plan and of course Money.Young guys its fun but please drive responsible we want you to have fun but we want you back at the Dinner Table also.
Jesse Bittermann
Baby Viper
Rickie Goldsworth
I was wondering who that blue Miata belonged too that I saw in the back of all of Cletus’s videos.
Paul Roger
Paul Roger Year ago
U might as well put power sterring and over stear for the drift tracks
Sergio Aguirre
Gary V loves riding shotgun in this thing
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts Year ago
David Quiros
David Quiros Year ago
91 prius owners were offended by this. most of their cars aren't running, there all in the shop for blown transgender capacitors.
J W Year ago
Laymon Phelps
Laymon Phelps Year ago
That's just nasty. An I LOVE IT
Adam Year ago
somehow someone should arrange a LS Miata battle with like Taylor Ray and Toms Turbo Garage and others I don't know about
dylan meggs
dylan meggs Year ago
I need one
Chopped and Screwed Customs
That thing is wicked
Dean Harris
Dean Harris Year ago
Na all the way love her Jeremy Power to wait ratio would be insane lol just think with a 250/300 shot lol
Mike Elbow
Mike Elbow Year ago
Passenger's smile can cure cancer.
Mike Elbow
Mike Elbow Year ago
Seeing/hearing "V8 Miata" just makes me smile everytime. Bad ass.
Black19GT Year ago
Awesome job guys. Jeremy, have you taken Poncho to the track yet? Very curious as to what it will run ;) keep up the great work, cheers
Emery Booker
Emery Booker Year ago
If you ever want a vacation house in Tulsa OK. I'll swap you. I would live in that car and probably be happier then I am now. Lol
bear morningsun
So how many points are on your driving record?
김의선 Year ago
Whats your front bumper??
samz stuff
samz stuff Year ago
Every OTHER time it goes down.
congapilon Year ago
Bigger tires suspension change maybe?
congapilon Year ago
Does it get it to the ground though without spinning the tires.
luke burns
luke burns Year ago
9:43 pure constipated face lol
Shawn Olique
Shawn Olique Year ago
Fuck yeah!!!
Diesel Prof
Diesel Prof Year ago
I live in the SF Bay Area and there is no 93 octane pump gas anywhere. 91 is as good as it gets. That 12:1 ratio is challenging for pre-ignition. Please make a more realistic goal.
k Year ago
we need an update!
john fisher
john fisher Year ago
Man that's completely irresponsible to do that on public roads which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. I'm guessing you two enjoyed it as well judging by your shit eating grins every time you got on the gas. What a fun ride. Great vid, thanks.
William Warner
Surprised the rear end hasn't popped yet. So cool.
Robotic Venom
Robotic Venom Year ago
540 horse in a 2300 lbs miata? What the actual fu-
3point1 Year ago
Sick as fuck
Eric Robison
Eric Robison Year ago
That's such a great car, man. I bet that thing is so fun.
Dan W
Dan W Year ago
What a nifty little sleeper! Now you need wide enough tires on the back to get the power to the ground... and probably a wheelie bar to boot, when it *DOES* hook up!🤣👍👍
Mark Still
Mark Still Year ago
Love the licence plate!
Broch Slanders
Great video! Liked, Commented, been Subscribed.
abdul raffay
abdul raffay Year ago
V8 or ls1
Dave Froman
Dave Froman Year ago
Love the paint on this car
Rients Dijkstra
You need a round steering wheel
moose 174466
moose 174466 Year ago
Lame video
Hunter Petrovich
I hear 12-1 comp on pump gas and shit my pants😂😂
KaMm Year ago
lets smoke some mustang's ;)
Mick D
Mick D Year ago
This thing is awesome, I want to build one similar one day when I’m sick of messing round with turbo 6s.
Xaltar Year ago
@Pyrochazm hit nail on head, modern day AC Cobra for sure. Small gutless sports car with an angry flame belching v8 thrown in it.
David Bigar
David Bigar Year ago
I have a tech question. If porting over stock makes more power why don’t the factory just build it like that? From a confused viewer.
James Lerch
James Lerch Year ago
I'm your Uber driver, have you operated a 5 point harness before? :-)
Red Lobster Inn
What? No tattoos?
Cristian Ballesteros
that thing is so awesome!!!
johninfl Year ago
What is that amazing color?
Fasterproms Year ago
Electron blue. Same as ‘02 c5 Zo6
Mike Kerr
Mike Kerr Year ago
1 bad Motherfucking Mazda
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo Year ago
Yes but where's the bills video and what motor did you use I went to your form and couldn't find it
Fasterproms Year ago
Look up my secret miata
Rick C
Rick C Year ago
9:05 looks like Ben Affleck's really digging the new batmobile...
Maxstmaxx Gaming
Doing it for dale
tom Year ago
ruff ruff huh huhuh so cute doggy
Michael Bertoni
Let the dude who ported the heads in the passenger seat drive it. He earned it.
Fasterproms Year ago
He has he loves it.
broderp Year ago
Next project on that car....sound dampening. It's way too loud.
Keith Daniels
Keith Daniels Year ago
The more I look at this thing the more I think a V8 Miata is a good idea. Maybe a LS7?
KidKusoYaro Year ago
Priority on my bucket list
Ronan Rogers
Ronan Rogers Year ago
It’d help if you learned to speak English instead of throwing spark around and throwing fuel...anyway, looks like you built a car that drives like shit and can’t use its power...you should have thrown an F15 Jet engine in it
Mathew P.
Mathew P. Year ago
Miata swap a camaro now can’t wait :)
Officer Barbrady
I wanna see more George!! Badda Bing!!
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