Dancing with a Stranger (Cover) | Mary Spender

Mary Spender
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Original Song by Sam Smith and Normani
// MUSIC //
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Comments 80
Mary Spender
Mary Spender 9 days ago
🎸My BEGINNER Guitar Course! maryspendermasterclass.teachable.com/ 🎥Support my work and get EXCLUSIVE videos/music: patreon.com/maryspender 👕My Official Store (SIGNED MERCH): store.maryspender.com/
Pacific coast piper
You have a great voice!
Very Nice!
gilbert hess
gilbert hess 11 days ago
I recently found your page (quarantine and all I"m exploring more pages) and I love it. I've subscribed!!! I was wondering if you could cover, "Girl With Broken Wings" -Manchester Orchestra? It's one of my all time favorites.
Ray of the Sun Blue Jeans Wrangler
A totally different kind of music from the traditional music I listened to. Great, very professional. God bless you and your family always. More power to your music
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 17 days ago
Sounds great.
LordMortus 24 days ago
As a challenge, I would love to see you do anything by Annie Lennox. And of course I would love to see behind the scenes, scenes :) Oh, and hello by the way of Frog Leap :)
Stephen Murray
Stephen Murray 25 days ago
Could you do a solo cover of 'Sultans of Swing' ? I really liked your singing in the duo with Leo, so it would be great to hear your soft voice for the whole track.
Jack Knife
Jack Knife 25 days ago
What a great talent. Man that beginning look into the camera.
CTSSTC Month ago
I think I just found someone that melts my heart with singing more than Pentatonix. 1:27
Sylvain Goulet
Sylvain Goulet Month ago
Hey, want to try it in Québec City, you'll be asome...
Thijs van Gisbergen
So everybody is being mean, did I do anything wrong? Just letting you know, I'm not even trying to guess it anymore.
William Pamblanco
This is quite cool, and very different! The Jammy looks quite intriguing :P
Elden Smith
Elden Smith Month ago
The emotion. shows in your eyes as you sing this song. Excellent 👍.
MichaelBob Month ago
Will you marry me?
Danny Ostby
Danny Ostby Month ago
This is wonderful and so sweet to cause me to go to get dental work done!
infinihedron Month ago
Shaky Graves' Family and Genus!
jesse yeagle
jesse yeagle Month ago
whao thats a lot of eye contact for me lol.
Artyom Platonev
Artyom Platonev Month ago
I was not ready for this level of sultry staring.
Tom Month ago
great video, thanks!
Ashley Alvares
Ashley Alvares Month ago
Wow Mary... with just a few tools and a tonne of talent... like magic!! The mixing is spot on.
paul Rowlands
paul Rowlands Month ago
Now, that's what I've been missing. Great video. Suggestions mmmmmm? How about? Have a listen to Sweet Magnolia by Cerys Mathews. Sweet MS.
Really nice. Plus I love your speaking voice.
Den Bo
Den Bo Month ago
Hi Mary. I'm a song writer with a few original songs I think would fit you well. Let me know if you're interested
Rainfeather Month ago
Rob Chapman finally crashing out. ruvid.net/video/video-gvwdhBcVkNQ.html
gempalm2003 Month ago
jesus i love this tune Mary your voice is so buttery smooth ya shook somthin inside me sultry as hell
Chris Month ago
Damn she’s attractive. Sounds amazing.
James Johnson
James Johnson Month ago
Thank you Mary. As I approached my 50th Birthday, I knew I was going to buy a REAL guitar. Came across you and your Martin, remembered the vlog you did. How delighted you were when you got yours. Checked out the possibility. Your work, musically, and visually inspired me to get my dream guitar. Love to meet ya' at NAAM some day...
Ricky Mosley
Ricky Mosley Month ago
As a female version I would like to hear Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man the way you play it I think it would be cool. I love what you do keep doing it your friend Rick
Marcelo Month ago
Nice lyrics
Zavain Mardirossian
You can see some of my work not a vide as such but a blank screen, these were done on studio 1 although they have a thumbnail picture required by RUvid now.
Zavain Mardirossian
Why did you have to use a digital guitar ?
SHDBRN Month ago
I think it was just to showcase the guitar, normally she would do an acoustic cover but this is also (probably) helping her push her creative boundaries as well
Zavain Mardirossian
Hello Mary, can I use Studio 1 and a normal electric guitar....I normally do but never used a digital guitar,
Joshua Londero
Joshua Londero Month ago
Loving your work. If you covered "Dumb Things" by Paul Kelly I would be amazed. Also, anything from Tom Waits would be awesome.
PDP Month ago
So, this is like a You Rock midi guitar but about twice the price.
Tom Marvan
Tom Marvan Month ago
Great video and performance! What mic did you use? (I would live to hear a cover of Knopfler's So Far Away, a lovely song also recorded on a "digital guitar," but 35 years ago!)
Daniel Durán Cassani
In the higher notes your voices is sometimes out of tune :( but excellent work
dandeelyonn Month ago
You know who else doesn't want to be alone tonight?? My Dad. Go to him
Fernando César David Rama
As per usual, excellent work! Once again, cheers! Though I personally prefer to see you produce more of your own stuff, as you asked, my suggestion is for Queen of Rain, by Roxette. I believe that you could make a superb version of this song, and could also double as a tribute to the late Marie Fredrickson.
Aaron Benson
Aaron Benson Month ago
“Wonder” by Natalie Merchant. It’s one of my favorite songs ever and I truly believe that you would create something transcendent with it.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 4 days ago
And Carnival please. I mean holy shit that song is awesome.
David H
David H Month ago
A cover of this would be amazing too please... ruvid.net/video/video-RdPvQEeyuT4.html
Jam Month ago
Very enjoyable video to watch! Loving it!
Futs101 Month ago
Where have I been...found your channel at random via the carbon fibre vid and just WOW ! Insta fan Mary. The sound of your voice mesmerizes me. I'm currently binge watching Tt..mid 2018 so far 2 days in 😁 wonderful journey! And by the way...sultans of swing is At over 21 mil now 😋
John Tygart
John Tygart Month ago
I would like to hear you cover "Stay" by Sugarland.
neil saich
neil saich Month ago
could you do times like these by the foo fighters?
Michael Madden
Michael Madden Month ago
Really good cover Mary! Try "I lost my driving Wheel " ruvid.net/video/video-jXTlxpSyhLI.html
Michael Madden
Michael Madden Month ago
VR 360 TV
VR 360 TV Month ago
Beautiful track 😀
Lee Mawdsley
Lee Mawdsley Month ago
Everything I wanted - Billie Eilish, please
André C
André C Month ago
Love your vídeos!! Greetings from Brazil!!
YourGuitarGuide Month ago
It would be interesting to see the process you go through. And this is a Great video. 👍
IPushHard Month ago
Creators? Make a video and get labeled a God.
Genesis Barrios
Genesis Barrios Month ago
Gary Schiltz
Gary Schiltz Month ago
Wow, just wow.
breedlove0 Month ago
Hello my name is bimbo from uk.
Andluth Month ago
Great song and great breakdown of the gear and recording. You are killing it!
Eurus Month ago
Al Ramirez
Al Ramirez Month ago
Enrique Martinez
Fantastic job !!!!!!
Lex Ehwaz
Lex Ehwaz Month ago
Yeah, definitely wanna hear more of your covers. Do you know about The Paper Kites? I can't stop listening to them for some time now, so it would be cool if you could cover any of their songs, please :)
ReaTexas Month ago
Annie Lennox?
Roland Lemus
Roland Lemus Month ago
Yes, that style, looking straight into the camera, very cool and nice:) This one and the White Stripes version, all spot on:) \m/!
bryant patterson
Wow Mary. Very nice. YOU made this work. I have really enjoyed watching your progress. Thank you for sharing.
What if there was a knock off diabetes friendly version of you called Mary Splenda.
Toastoftown E
Toastoftown E Month ago
Great job. It takes a lot of varied skills to preform and to produce that
SHDBRN Month ago
completely agree!
Рэй Чехов
You’re remind me of Gal Gadot. I cant understand both of you are gorgeous or not at all.
Dumpster fire Guitars
In a perfect world Mary Spender is my girl and I'm besties with all the doods from andertons... but shit ain't like that, it's real fucked up, to quote ice t.
Steven Griffin
Steven Griffin Month ago
That was really nice, hey! I was tiring of the "strum - tap - strum - tap - strum - tap - etc, etc, etc,... " Cool! Nice mix!
Keith G
Keith G Month ago
Just realized you’re also a producer.... duh. Hardest working tube-sician. Nice content
Ian Scott
Ian Scott Month ago
A mary spender version of "wicked game" by chris isaak please.
Lee Roe
Lee Roe 15 days ago
Just discovered Mary Spender, wow cant believe she has hidden from me all this time, anyhow, Yes, Wicked Game is a great tune to cover. Erm.... do I need to go and search see if she has already done it ? lol
Paulo Raymundo
Paulo Raymundo 17 days ago
would be awesome
Daniele Montico
Daniele Montico Month ago
Ben Aaron
Ben Aaron Month ago
^ Oh, this is a good idea. ^
Todd Griffith
Todd Griffith Month ago
Who gave this a thumbs down? Awesome job Mary. You are so creative and entertaining. Put all together it came out great.
Robert Fordin
Robert Fordin Month ago
Really awesome! BTW, maybe not exactly the same topic, but I need an advice to arrange my minimalized one-person-home-acoustic-guitar-gig for my friends (at my friend's house). I know, I can make it with no stuff, just the guitar and the voice, but want to hear the reverb, especially on voice, maybe on the guitar, a little. So, I need two (or just one?) some clipping blutooth mics (any recommendation?) and what next? Some smartphone and blutooth mobile speaker?
jonathan chevallier
Cool ! Very good job ! You have to have knowledge on your music software though, like you did. It seems to be straight forward to create a song like that. But the creativity cannot be replaced by software. So very good job ;-)
Saso P.
Saso P. Month ago
Hi Mary, What is the name of the computer software you're using? Thanks in advance.
peas Month ago
Personally I prefer this version glad I came across this channel, it just has a feeling that the real version doesnt
Mark Butterworth
You made this old Boomer enjoy a bit of modern pop (which I usually hate). What a great job. Sounded great.
corey747 Month ago
Hey Mary! This formula clearly works for you! Damn that was good!
redstorm008 Month ago
I need one of those thingies!!!!
Kevin Bradford
Kevin Bradford Month ago
You’re beautiful and talented Mary! We Love You!
Daniel Mesery
Daniel Mesery Month ago
Your tomorrow ****** cool stuff
D4V1N83R X
D4V1N83R X Month ago
That sounded incredible and was so interesting.
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