US troops leaving Syria will move into Iraq

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Retired Gen. Jack Keane weighs in on the situation in Northern Syria.
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Published on


Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 1 874
Jarod Farrant
So much for bringing troops home how anyone can stop say trump 2020 is beyond me.
mini phil
mini phil 11 days ago
Well, 2 weeks after the removal thousands of isis prisoners have escaped and the Kurdish have left there posts
obsever viewer
obsever viewer 14 days ago
US Troops are headed back towards Iraq. BBC News is reporting this. And There is No cease fire. And trump is praising a strong man dictator.
Nicki nurse
Nicki nurse 15 days ago
Trump has no power there or anywhere. Both the Russians & the Turks have compromising info on him that they could release to the press at any time if he isn't a good boy who does exactly as Putin says. And I'm not talking about a pee pee tape. Don the Con has been laundering Russian money through the 2 trump towers in Turkey for many years...both countries have profited along with the trump crime family but now this info is being used to control trump. Trump has proved that his lie about removing troops was BS, he has indeed started a war by removing our peace keeping force, as all his generals warned. So now we not only hand the region over to Russia....we will use OUR TROOPS/LIVES to secure the oil for our enemies. Any one who supports this traitoris also a traitor. Making Russia great again is all trump is doing.
pixpusha 16 days ago
The troops will never come home. We need strategic footholds in these countries because of our dependence on their resources. And if the region ever leaned towards stability, we'd reignite instability. Any president, democratic or republican that tells you they're bringing the troops home is lying to you.
profnasty 17 days ago
I stuck my neck out to help Trump get elected. If there is ONE US soldier in Syria come November, I will not vote for Trump.
Scorpion 18 days ago
US troops, didn’t help to Syria and doesn’t help to any ones. They are making only mass, where ever they come. They are mostly for show off. If someone needs a help, ask Russia, they have respect and power.
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant 19 days ago
Trump needs to go.
Panemon 19 days ago
I see Trump caved again to his Jewish masters. Trump is a Zionist puppet.
MANOJ TIWARI 19 days ago
Take oil otherwise isis will take it
Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes 20 days ago
Russia and China benefit bigly from this morons moronic moronathon. Dump blindsided the Pentagon, military, and troops with this rash decision. Dump has business dealing in both Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Dump is a businessman to the core, and would sell this country and it's principles out in a second for a good deal. It's the art of the trade.
Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes 20 days ago
I'm sorry, but you don't get "credit" for fixing an unnecessary problem that you created. He did this on a whim with foreign influence. Pentagon and military were caught off guard. I actually agree with bringing our troops home and not playing world police. However, it needs to be done in a tactical way in coordinatioin with our allies.
Steve Henderson
Steve Henderson 21 day ago
To all the Politicians who do not pull our troops back home as ordered by the president and willed by the american people , we will hold you responsible for anything that happens to the troops because of your failures. We will not blame any attacking foreign force as you of course want us to, WE WILL BLAME YOU BECAUSE YOU LEFT THEM IN HARMS WAY TO BEGIN WITH . We are done with fighting for the bankers and the military industrial complex !!!!! BRING OUR TROOPS HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaron Schmitz
Aaron Schmitz 21 day ago
Another week, another flip flop. LAST week, Trump said "time to bring our troops home", "Time to get out of the middle east", "time to end these endless wars". THIS week, some are staying in Syria, the rest are going to Iraq, and a new deployment of 3000 to Saudi Arabia. LOL Remember when Trump said "I want to be unpredictable". Nobody thought he meant unpredictable via stupidity.
Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell 21 day ago
Trump lying AGAIN
Fat Man
Fat Man 21 day ago
We are forever married to the mideast
Reggie Reign
Reggie Reign 21 day ago
trump said he was bringing them home, doesn't want the US involved anymore, whatya know, another lie...
Don't worry your troops will come back home but in caskets
D Johnson
D Johnson 21 day ago
Rump and Poopino are lying Dumpasses put them in the toilet and flush.
Richard Cory
Richard Cory 21 day ago
The security of Russia, Iran ISIS and Turkey is the same thing as the security of the United States of America. US foreign policy has a duty to respect the interests of these countries alone, no more. Nobody but evil Dems have suggested otherwise.
Sheeple are Lame
Sheeple are Lame 21 day ago
America needs to be sanctioned for it's warcrimes & illegal wars
boh7em 21 day ago
LOL,...This administration is just a clusterfuck at the whim of the most clueless and egotistical elected official ever.
Redmond Barry
Redmond Barry 22 days ago
So many morons here. Let the greatest president of the USA to ever exist do his job. His quality of decision making is greater than every single dumbass voter here combined.
steve20118 22 days ago
The President lied to us again!
iBully Yard
iBully Yard 22 days ago
Man I wish them guys wasnt over there.
Scary Dreamer
Scary Dreamer 22 days ago
Haha you gullible Trump supporters. When will you all learn.
film fan
film fan 22 days ago
Its time for us to leave no more American lives stepping foot in that god forsaken. Country
Steve Lampley
Steve Lampley 22 days ago
What this president just did was hand Putin the birthday gift of his life at the expense of our military allies! Fragging would be to good for him.
ROLANDO JERIA 22 days ago
JakeFrom98 22 days ago
Idiots in the comments Iraq is a safer location for US troops compared to Syria... How are they supposed to get home with magic or a more practical mean by moving to Iraq then to US
Pacific Philippi
Pacific Philippi 22 days ago
Did the Iraqi government give Trupm permission to send troops to Iraq. Or are the Iraaqies just puppets.
D Nundahl
D Nundahl 22 days ago
Thanks Kurds, your true colors shows and now I realize that everyone was right telling me your no angel.
Scorpius Jones
Scorpius Jones 22 days ago
LOL, just the other day these people were saying "great, bring them home! No more endless wars!". Now that their going to Iraq, its silence? Lol sheep just go along with the program and repeat anything the administration tells them to 😂
zengara11 22 days ago
Sooooo....I guess it is just all republican leaders that mistakes Iraq for Saudi Arabia?
Dave B
Dave B 22 days ago
Trump and America has no scruples or ethics. Turning their back on the people who have helped them. No Russia is moving in.
Lonny Stam
Lonny Stam 22 days ago
Trump is a flat out liar. Over and over again. OMG
Yassel Alvarez
Yassel Alvarez 22 days ago
Wow . I would like more transparency from the gov to understand these kind of decisions that make no sense to me. I want to make sure our house is being run properly. We the People deserve to know. There is no excuse to go back to Iraq .
Robert Giggles
Robert Giggles 22 days ago
The people in little hats running this country would never allow the American human-shields placed in the Middle East for the protection of their homeland to be moved out... LOL
Robin Swamidasan
Robin Swamidasan 22 days ago
"Protect those oil fields"! They're Syrian oil fields. And they want you out of there. Criminals.
Cenk Dal
Cenk Dal 22 days ago
It's not the Kurds' war. YPG is the war of PKK SDF. Stupid media says the Kurds are fighting.
dawe 1
dawe 1 22 days ago
trump wants to get to the oil resource to be able to stop the economy for terrorists
Thomas Skarimbas
Thomas Skarimbas 22 days ago
WAY TO GO USA !!! LEAVE THE KURDS TO SLAUGHTER !!! After all, they didn't help us in Normandy.
Joel Sattler
Joel Sattler 22 days ago
Pompeo is lying to you. Remember I told you that.
EarlyLove2014 22 days ago
tim 22 days ago
Trump blamed for causing violence in the typical peaceful Middle east..Babylon Bee
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez 22 days ago
And people really believed Trump.
Joel Sattler
Joel Sattler 22 days ago
You mean Trump was lying? Again ???????
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 22 days ago
This fool thinks only of foreign oil, instead of keeping in mind that Syria is an independent country, with its own laws. Americans are predators, arrogant, people without law. They do not want to respect the UN or Syria itself.
james o
james o 22 days ago
Trump is a traitor
Drone Time
Drone Time 22 days ago
oh no!! the syrrians may "seize" their own oilfields!!
Drone Time
Drone Time 22 days ago
murica pew pew pew
Don't Bet on It
Don't Bet on It 22 days ago
Who knew home for so many US troops was Iraq.
William Zabel
William Zabel 22 days ago
Why do we have control of the oil? No, Iran is not going to take over the oil fields, except to give them back to assad. I hope what is left of our forces gets their butts kicked by Syria and Russia.
William Zabel
William Zabel 22 days ago
The troops were routed. It is as simple as that. They need to come home, not move them to another country.
John Dunn
John Dunn 22 days ago
to Iraq and then to saudi arabia? what about bringing troops home like tRUMP said when he surrendered Syria to russia?
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 22 days ago
in this constitutional crisis it is easy to see who is losing: The phrase "the pride before the fall" tells the whole story...it can't be faked.
not today
not today 22 days ago
Nope, troops are not leaving, just moving to protect the oil fields
BennettDOE 22 days ago
I don't know if i believe this... i think this is just some 4 minute talking head nonsense.
Leech 22 days ago
And the endless wars continue. Sold the lie, easily bought it since they're supporters, and now just suck it up and lick the cum stains like a good sheep.
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant 22 days ago
Still think trumps a good president just made another lie he’s not gonna being the troops home kick him out already.
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