US States Banning Gaming PCs?? Here's what's REALLY going on...

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Is California, Oregon, Washington, Vermont and Hawaii REALLY banning Gaming PCs? Here's what is ACTUALLY happening...

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Jul 27, 2021




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Comments 18 624
Joshua Coleman
Thank God I live in Michigan and next to Lake Michigan, got a wind turbine that powers my whole house that causes my power meter to run backwards lol.
Hugh Darby
Hugh Darby Hour ago
Just wait till California bans gasoline cars. And millions of people charging cars every evening. Democrats don't have the mental capacity, to think anything through.
Tj Mueller
Tj Mueller 5 hours ago
As someone who has the kinds of hobbies that Hollywood profits from more than any other.... First time dealing with this hypocrisy?
Capta1n Gorlami
Capta1n Gorlami 6 hours ago
This truly is a bottom up approach. Why not just put all this energy towards creating sustainable solar, wind and geo thermal power. The top down approach
Erick Krems
Erick Krems 7 hours ago
For now I don't care about these details I want to understand why it's even a thing
Richard Parrishk k
Richard Parrishk k 12 hours ago
So pretty much anyone that cant afford a expensive. Just cant have a computer. Wonder why the government would want that.
GamingPasta 13 hours ago
A computer is banned in a state. I think that sentence alone is enough to be pissed off.
GamingPasta 13 hours ago
Regulations are always bs. Get the governments grimy hands off my computer
Eddie G
Eddie G 14 hours ago
Don't have to watch the entire video as I'm not from 🇺🇸 but at the same time it hurts me to hear that certain governments can go so far. I'm seeing tons of videos related to other topics and I've noticed the USA is loosing touch with freedom.
John Doe
John Doe 15 hours ago
It's lefty california, why am I not surprised?
FunkyHairBall 16 hours ago
So what are these limit for manufacturers or are these limits are imposed on the consumer???
Chris Langtiw
Chris Langtiw 19 hours ago
Jump to 3:36 to find out what the deal is.
Jeff Harwood
Jeff Harwood 20 hours ago
Well these are states who are always grid down. (Power Outages) They are trying to go green based on a debunked claim. Debunked multiple times over the years.
ShotDelivery 20 hours ago
Welcome to Socialism folks. No individual can waste more than the corporations.
sbishopvt 22 hours ago
Not a big fan of my little black sheep cuck state in New England for many reasons right now...
sbishopvt 22 hours ago
Made the point pretty good with the; can I play too? See I can be cool too..
Fiction Supreme
How is there a power problem when California itself has a solar power grid covering a large portion of the desert that we have to ask other states to take power from.
Jeffrey Winnett
I got a Windows XP laptop definitely not affected
shadowl1980 Day ago
Becoming more and more like china.
Religious Reasoning
But are we the persons paying
Andrew Le
Andrew Le Day ago
What next? The government going to take away all our gaming PCs? I have the right to conceal carry my RGB glass midtower.
A desktop computer, regardless of it's CPU/GPU in L3 sleep mode uses less than 3 watts. Fuck, even L1 is barely noticeable on anything made in the past 10 years.
Don Potts
Don Potts Day ago
All I can say to these people is you get what you vote for
With all of the other means by which to generate electricity in a geography that has an abundance of sunshine, something is amiss.
Rigs Day ago
i think ima get a certified clean idle sticker and put it on the side of the pc
They have no right to do this. They are trying to reduce the compute horsepower available to individuals. And stop the "glutton" bullschift. NOBODY wastes more power than the government.
parallax Gaming
it's simple , just shut it off if you aren't using it ....smfh
David C
David C 2 days ago
My computer is set to never go to sleep. It is always on. So I'm pretty sure my non gaming pc is not in compliance. And it probably costs me less than $10 a month to run. But I'm in Michigan. So it doesnt matter. U have a right to run ur server 24 hrs a day. It is ur power bill. What are they going to start regulating crypto miners? This is one of the most ridiculous regulations I ever seen. We are turning into a society full of regulations taking away all our rights.
Wes WR
Wes WR 2 days ago
Sodomizing has always been illegal im California ,Oregon, Washington, and even Vermont,
Phong Dang
Phong Dang 2 days ago
Uh oh, the dreaded ghost PCs 😂
DKorekkek Couple
DKorekkek Couple 2 days ago
If you vote for Larry Elder, you wouldn't have to worry about that. Noticed you mentioned every city that is run by liberals.
Chris Machabee
Chris Machabee 2 days ago
I listened to you and two things strike me about what you said. 1. They don't want computing power in the hands of people that can use it to attack the infrastructure, so how do they surpress legal consumption? Now computers are like guns, its illegal to have one, but you can get one if you want one, and use it. 2. The USA is the biggest waster of anything you can think of. So, why the new regs? Politics. This hyper-psychotic-green-climate BS, they are going to do their part to save the world and make sure you don't have the computer you want, and leave it on and go to the store while it sleeps, power consumption, really? Give me a break, everybody knows California is rules koo-koo they making all kinds of ridiculous rules nobody asked for and nobody wants and because naturally they're smarter than the populace, they say, let's not put this to a vote we'll just enact it and over time it'll morph into law. I now report online that this is the new banana republic of the USA, see cause this is not a democracy and them telling us it is do not make it so, their actions speak louder than their phoney, fake, lying words. So, who can fight them? You a smart guy and I see you doing what you can do, I do what I can by commenting like this hoping someone gets a spark, but this country today is a banana republic. When the congress of US allows criminal aliens into this country carrying all kinds of diseases across our national borders, unchecked, banana republic, no borders, when they let afghans on planes without checking them out, banana republic. When the crooks are in high office and the switch to the FBI has not only been turned off, but removed, banana republic. I got a bunch of computers and I'm going to keep them and I'm not going to talk about them, because the next thing you know you'll have to bring them in for a virus check and they will look at every single bit and byte of your computer looking for god knows what. No, sir. Nix on that.
Eric Li
Eric Li 2 days ago
The state that fell for Enron!
Zam wild
Zam wild 2 days ago
California reminds me of every blond beautiful and derpy.
CALISPEC1 2 days ago
If the power grid can’t handle gaming PCs then HOW will it handle a bunch of electric cars being charged every day?! Progressives are the definition of stupid 🤦‍♂️
Martino E
Martino E 2 days ago
Just sounds like some politician got pissed at their Hardcore gaming son or daughter for never leaving their room. And now abusing their position to teach their kid a lesson and we the collateral damage.
TheScottyp1 2 days ago
Michael Byfield
Michael Byfield 2 days ago
Lower the cost of electricity then
casey bradley
casey bradley 2 days ago
I pay for electricity ill use it how see fit.
UwU Boogaloo
UwU Boogaloo 2 days ago
whats next my god damn underwear WTF its this shit.
TheRayzu3 2 days ago
I'll use my electricity how I please
Crimson 2 days ago
Crimson 2 days ago
How would this be enforced?
Sweatyzues 3 days ago
This is all the environmental rhetoric, the global reset etc coming home to roost. Everyone likes politicians posts about aggressive things that need to be done until they realize it affects them…
Sweatyzues 3 days ago
Same Democrats who want to ban guns, sodas and on and on… when will people wake up and realize we don’t need a nanny state?
Sean O'Keefe
Sean O'Keefe 3 days ago
Just thought they didn't want rebel computers from Texas doing the bidding of Republicans
bvrsqzr 3 days ago
Man anyone notice what states those were? I mean everyone of those states are socialist wannabes. You get what you vote for.
Moose Bme
Moose Bme 3 days ago
For all those thinking they are "safe," because they live somewhere else.... What "starts" in California, tends to spread. Especially when it comes to "Environmentally Friendly Social Programs!"
Alec Snider
Alec Snider 3 days ago
Why buy pre-built when building your own is half the fun?
Fennec_RL 3 days ago
Another reason I will never live in California.
the cutest cuck
the cutest cuck 3 days ago
Gee, I don't remember Orange man trying to dictate our lives to us. He is to Silicon valley what Raid is to Roaches. Just wait till they start rationing power in your house
Skooma Dealer
Skooma Dealer 3 days ago
Hmm skooma should solve this issue 🤔
bzert281 3 days ago
also going to impact Bitcoin miners, eh?
IMAN7THRYLOS 3 days ago
My conspiracy theory says that Apple played a part in this. They don't want competition and they want to push their M series Computers even further.
javier escontrias
How does this affect crypto minners.
PC STREAMS 3 days ago
Thank God I live in Florida
3lite 3 days ago
Wtf?!?!?! Then they must pay my electric bill too. Since they decide how much power I can use. Maybe they can pay for it. Thats insane
J.C. Holmes
J.C. Holmes 3 days ago
They do not need to know any of this kind of information. And how would they know? What about buying through private sales? This will be the whole IOT, and fkn smart products that report power usage and other shit that just isn't anyone's business to know. Keep on buying these smart appliances and things that connect to one another, and think that you are free to do what you want. If you pay your power bill, what the fkn should they be able to say? Climate change? Until they stop jets and cargo ships, they can leave the normal person's property alone. They say it is all to save the environment, but allow the largest polluters to continue unscathed. Mining companies, oil companies, airlines, etc. Hell, they did not, and have not stopped jets from flying even during the pandemic. The core of this issue is way more scary, then any computer that won't even make it here. I thought capitalism was the corner stone of free trade? Every time someone comes out with a product that this country doesn't profit from, or they want for one reason or another, they ban it, or over regulate it right out if existence. Some of us have our computers working on things, even while we sleep. Again, it is none of anyone's business what me, or my computer is doing, at anytime of the day or night. The 404 page not found, that is just letting you know that you do not need to see what ever it is as far as they are concerned I would guess. Give them a call, I would bet they jump right on to fixing that so you can see it. This country is a joke, and is going down in flames. You want to keep denying it, than you are part of a much larger problem. Keep ignoring it until it is at your door, and it will be far too late for you, your families, loved ones, and countless others. But continuing to allow this behavior from those we put in place to protect our interests, is like leading the ones we care about In to the slaughter house with smiles on your faces, telling them it will all be okay, nevermind what you see and hear. This is just another ring of the ladder being used to wipe away any resemblance of hope to ever be a free country again. Maybe gamers are the way to do it, because regulate their power consumption out of existence, and keep them from running anything that improves the performance of their computers, and knowing gamers are introverts and do not go outside much anyways, then that negates anyone being able to have the ability to access whatever they need, or be able to communicate in emergencies, or eventually at all.
Southern Tiger
Southern Tiger 3 days ago
What next? Big Brother is watching you!
manuelkong10 3 days ago
FUCK these states and their micro managing cali hasn't built a new power plant or hydro electric damn in half a century and they're pretending to care about energy?? These are the same type of regulations that caused the SUV....cali passed laws concerning gas milage and size of vehicle and so the car companies went to a larger frame and car and that's that I assume we'll be seeing bigger computers in the future
manuelkong10 3 days ago
FINALLY ----three minutes and 40 secs into the vid and you're Just Now getting to some meat do you NOT know how the modern world is?? people don't Wait for your talking and cute stuff
Shadow Douglas
Shadow Douglas 3 days ago
Thank for great explanation was getting a little worried but since i build my own im good. Great way of informing all of us on whats going on honestly when my brother showed me this my heart skipped a beat i think. lol have a great day.
Jsmith 3 days ago
Seems like Beurocratic Commie coast lefty BS to me…. Another regulation to make money. It’s such BS!! Commifornia is 💩💩💩
Jameson Hardcastle
Always build your Gaming PCs, that is the take away I'm getting from this...
Col Hubbard
Col Hubbard 4 days ago
Any limitations to my enjoyment of life is unconstitutional. Fuck them
Wendy Lott
Wendy Lott 4 days ago
I got worried from the title. It's California [fall into the ocean.] Washington State, Vermont and Hawaii
Uncle Robby
Uncle Robby 4 days ago
Government overstepping it's authority
Clapbox 81Z28
Clapbox 81Z28 4 days ago
California just needs to burn to the ground or fall into the ocean already
Clapbox 81Z28
Clapbox 81Z28 4 days ago
Ahahah California wants to ban combustion engine cars for electric cars but they can't even handle gaming pcs
Richard E
Richard E 4 days ago
fah huck California and those other libturd states too
Tg tg
Tg tg 4 days ago
They legalize weed , let criminals steal $950.00 worth of goods , defund the police , but they outlaw gaming computers .
Murray Daniel
Murray Daniel 4 days ago
They are just going after the low hanging fruit, gamers, i would imagine all the power hogs are the bitcoin mining operations, they want to build a bitcoin mining operation right next to a nuke power plant here in pennsylvania, they will have to go after xboxes and ps5's next
whitelion 4 days ago
Jesus California why do you keep sucking all the time the best thing that could happen is about 10 million or more leaving California
ace7953 4 days ago
You're fear mongering about nothing dude, these arbitrary rules and guidelines can't be enforced they don't have the resources, the intelligence nor the man power to enforce these new guidelines. Just cause the government add new laws doesn't mean they can enforce them, you act like the government are competent or something. You're giving them way too much credit. I bet this was put together by few bird brain politicians who over reacted to the power line that fell and caused the forest fire. Stop being sheepole and let them control your mind people. If enough of us just ignore/don't comply to their constrictive draconian regulation then what they gonna do put all of us in jail, we're they majority they're the minority, democracy means majority rule. It says it in the constitution We The People remember, they serve us not the other way around.
Average Everyone
Average Everyone 4 days ago
Going after bit coin in other words
MrBisketTV 4 days ago
This sounds like the entertainment tax that was inposed on video game consoles, as the rule go's if you can't tax it you ban it....! 🙄
James Bacon
James Bacon 4 days ago
So in other words "you leaving your pc on all day doesn't actually cause any waste or issues, we just want to charge people more for stuff"
Destroy the planet to sell goods you camt provide power for. This is why big corp kill every species on earth. Talk about being a slave.
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero 4 days ago
I live in Washington and love everything about it except it has some of the worst people governing it in the country. I vote even though nothing ever changes. Why does the West Coast attract so many weirdos and/or idiots?
ah64D beast
ah64D beast 4 days ago
Freedom is dead period
ah64D beast
ah64D beast 4 days ago
The U.S. is becoming the people's Republic of America 🇺🇸/🇨🇳
Jeremy Daugherty
Jeremy Daugherty 4 days ago
The fault is CALIFORNIA. You know, the state that can't keep the lights on for everyone, all the time, because they will not expand the supply to the demand of electricity. And they keep setting the state on fire because they won't bury the lines in the high risk areas.
Terry Thompson
Terry Thompson 4 days ago
Of course if California wold build their own power plants, they wouldn’t need to micro-manage their citizen’s lives.
Thomas Boswell
Thomas Boswell 4 days ago
Uh....If I am paying for the electricity disregarding how i am using it is NOT ANYONES BUSINESS and is not wasted. This is what happens when morons (like in my state of New Hampshire) who killed the Northern Pass project which was going to bring in cheap Canadian power. They did not like the towers. We need to steam roll these liberals into the ground.
Soo in short the government chooses a putting on a bandaid over a massive wound that needs surgery because "its expensive" Fucking hell
Henry Dennis
Henry Dennis 4 days ago
You can run a (dry ice system©️®️™️) and then make something keeps the moisture out but you're going to have to change the (dry ice ) every couple days
enigma ak
enigma ak 4 days ago
Vermont is Burnie Sanders state
Josh Butts
Josh Butts 5 days ago
I would just get my parts from someone who will ship to CA if I fell into this. Id ship them to my sister then have her ship them to me problem solved! if there was a problem.. It is Commiefornia after all
Matt Cantrell
Matt Cantrell 5 days ago
Why would people live in these states that try to control everything. Im.sure it's democrats that are pushing this bullshit
ObsidionshadowX 5 days ago
Basically, they want a ban powerful PC'S cuz they think that that's where all the electricity is going in the world.. no it couldn't be the rich with their massive ass mansions, or how places like Seattle just keep building skyscrapers instead of housing for the homeless/ economically challenged that keep adding up due to increasing costs of living. Or you know how we're still trying to use some old ass technology, instead of actually improving. PCS are on the bottom of the list of things to sap power. Lol
RavenCoding 5 days ago
They should just make the power utilities like Verizon hotspots. Where if you use up all your monthly power quota then your power delivery drops down to 600 watts max. 😂
Alexander Rodríguez
Everyone in the 2A community. "First time?" Lol
Alexander Rodríguez
It's not a waist if we're paying for that electricity🤦🏻‍♂️ The state of California trying to regulate something I pay for while our forest are burning🤦🏻‍♂️
His Beloved
His Beloved 5 days ago
Power savings mode? ... what's that 😂
Dana Bermudez
Dana Bermudez 5 days ago
california is an evil democrat state. the democrats are removing your freedom. they are not your friends. they want to control you or kill you. JayzTwoCents doesn't know what is really happening. he is one of the sheeple telling you want they want him to tell you. like the people that tell you it is okay to get the death vaccination. don't believe anything they tell you. there are much bigger agendas happening that most brainwashed people can't see.
Dana Bermudez
Dana Bermudez 5 days ago
people are so dumb. they are introducing rules and regulations based on BS climate change laws. they will make people accustomed to more and more regulations until you have no freedom at all. you will be come a slave to the elite, controlled, tracked and punished by your own technology. this is the New World Order. it is absolutely real. less and less freedom until we accept our slavery. the Chinese Communist Party has also restricted computer gaming time. chip freedom away a little bit at a time until it is all gone. all these regulations for climate change, to save the planet are complete BS. they will use climate change as an excuse to make you a slave. you will become a slave to save the planet while the world's elite live above the law. It is the NWO.
Chris Kruger
Chris Kruger 5 days ago
Should blacklist the politicians involved in this so they can't waste further resources and cause potential significant damage in the future.
Maebus Gaming
Maebus Gaming 5 days ago
I made the mistake of buying a Cyberpower pc. Smh
GRIT ATX 5 days ago
Sounds more like they are putting the breaks on crypto currency mining.
wow, they do the same thing to truck drivers about their trucks being idle no external power sources on semi-trucks so you're not wasting gas.
Yeah, they don't even realize that starting and stopping big diesel engines causes more pollution than if it were just left running.
Ricky Wheeler
Ricky Wheeler 5 days ago
West coalition follows the Evil agenda!!!I will never go to any of those states. Liberal = Natzi revived. NWO sucks!
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