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Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Us, starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Madison Curry, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon. Directed by Jordan Peele.


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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 80
LOLIWINX EDITS 39 minutes ago
Chris : meh I didn’t like it *gives Cats a better rating* Wtf
Flavio Toscano
Flavio Toscano 3 hours ago
Get Out was good until the motivation was revealed to have absolutely nothing to do with racism, and instead only the tired "crazy scientist switchin brains" concept. This was bad and nonsensical all the way through, though.
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen 19 hours ago
I thought it was too predictable. I don't know if the movie itself was too predictable or if I am just good at figuring out plot twists long before they happen lol
Damaris Cruz
Damaris Cruz 2 days ago
For me it wasn't a horror movie but if they would have sell it to the public in the trailers as a more psychological / Thriller for example similar to The Twilight Zone I would have seen the movie in a different perspective I would probably like it more. I give it a 6.5/10 or a C+.
SuigaRou 2 days ago
There were way too many winks that gave the twist at the end away, and the logistics behind the copies created some plot holes and made it kinda hard to buy into, but overall it was still an entertaining movie.
Deshan Jacob
Deshan Jacob 4 days ago
This movie was just weird and had a cool plot and idea however it was just slow paced. Horror you say?? I wasn't scared once throughout the entire movie it barely had any moments where I was like oh shit I wonder what they gonna do, it was very predictable. Of course this Is my opinion, I really don't understand how you rate this better than get out. By your logic, in the sense that you are trying extremely hard to find things in the movie that present a message, any movie can be an A because all you have to do is look deep enough into a movie to find something you find interesting or creative .... The movie had so many plot holes and was trying too hard to be a thriller or create suspenseful moments.... Just my opinion... I also find it weird how rotten tomatoes critics score this a 93% and the audience gave it a 59%...
T F 7 days ago
I accept if people really like this movie. HOWEVER, if you thought it was at all scary or nerve racking, I wanna let you know that you’re a lightweight.
Cruea Cranks
Cruea Cranks 7 days ago
Bruh that ending twist got me 😦
SSchithFoo 8 days ago
Get out was not excellent, it was just good
CC Carter
CC Carter 9 days ago
I absolutely loved this movie. Anyone that wants every piece of the story spoon fed to them needs to just keep it moving. There are ambiguities in this film, as well as supernatural aspects. Peele is way too smart for “plot holes.”
Keith Bittinger
Keith Bittinger 9 days ago
The movie was fine but the performances was crap and I hated the damn voice of that woman it really took me out of the movie when she was on screen. Great concept, decent execution, and mediocre performances.
Balmain24 9 days ago
Honestly the movie was trash. It tries too hard to be smart and provocative but it’s just so ridiculous and pretentious that it fails miserably at almost everything it desperately tries to achieve. One of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while for sure. Respect the attempt and all but damn, Jordan Peele is still looking like a talentless media creation.
H4RR150N 11 days ago
Had no idea jordan peele was a director
Jamaican Queen25
Jamaican Queen25 13 days ago
Honestly in 2017 I believe it was, I had a dream and I saw an exact image of myself come through a door that I opened and it freaked me the hell out :( It's demonic
UnifiedCodeTheory 14 days ago
Most people who hate the movie don't understand the movie. The other small percentage of people who hate the movie just don't like this style which is fine. In summary: The movie is objectively good. If you don't like it that's your opinion.
Revolutionary Cinema Productions
I liked us and get out but they both lost me with the twists. I will say spoilers before i actually say the twist for anyone who hasn't yet seen these two movies yet. But it was so out there and weird it took me out. The idea of doppelgangers appearing can be super creepy but when they reveal what they are it was so weird and dumb. Everything up until then was great but i hated that. And get out faired much worse. Once again, i loved it until the twist. It was such a lame twist and made no sense and was just a stupid idea. It wasnt even cool or interesting it was boring and stupid and makes no sense. It comes outta no where, and not in a good way. SPOILERS AHEAD IF U HAVENT SEEN US OR GET OUT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. So in us its clones and get out its boddy swapping or brain swapping of sorts, and neither made sense, neither were scary, both were dissapointing. It totally derailed the last 45 mins of each movie give or take a few mins. It was so good until those points in both movies, so imo those two are super overrated.
Goose 15 days ago
By reading the comments I guess I'm one of the few people that actually likes this movie 👀
D 15 days ago
This guy is one boring turd.
Dan Hayward
Dan Hayward 16 days ago
Terrible acting, strange plot. Stupid plot twist
Daniel Williamson
Daniel Williamson 17 days ago
There are two horror movies I personally recommend to you, Chris which you could do reviews of. The Fly starring Jeff Goldblum and it's sequel The Fly II starring Eric Stoltz. The Fly is a truly classic sci-fi horror movie with a brilliant performance by Jeff Goldblum and outstanding OSCAR winning makeup effects by Chris Walas. The Fly is one of the greatest horror movies ever made.
KingFreak 17 days ago
gotta question your take on this, this movie was trash..no doubt about it. 4/10. was nothing memorable, just like most movies today.
Zeus TM
Zeus TM 18 days ago
It had a nice vision...but it was filled with plotholes
Brush Brush
Brush Brush 21 day ago
Crap crap crap do not waste any of your life watching this film like I did...
Brush Brush
Brush Brush 21 day ago
What a load of bollocks just pure crap I can use the imagination and oversee certain things but a whole society living under the city!! For fucks sake come on are you serious??
Steve Mano
Steve Mano 22 days ago
What is this film about? I just don’t get it.
Tim Richards
Tim Richards 22 days ago
Poor film 2/10
Steve Mano
Steve Mano 22 days ago
Tim Richards thought I was the only one who finds this movie stupid.
Augustus Bartholomew
i must have watch the wrong move... that was the worse film i've seen in years...so tedious
Tim Richards
Tim Richards 22 days ago
It really was awful, 3/10 would be a generous score.
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce 28 days ago
Bruh..Both movies sucked..Stop talking shit...both movies were nowhere close to other horror movies.
Portland Native
Portland Native Month ago
You are either a shill or you like crap.
Bu K
Bu K Month ago
This movie was a waste of time it had amazing potentials but it turned out to be very boring and not even scary this was only thriller movie with a slight hint of horror
Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma Month ago
I actually preferred this over Get Out. It was truly scary and memorable; it had depth and I really liked the twist. If you take the plot very literally there were quite a few plotholes - but that's the thing, I don't think you were meant to take it that literally. It wasn't meant to be totally logical, it was about the atmosphere and the characters/human aspects.
Goose 15 days ago
Thank god, I'm not the only one who liked this movie
michael annoynmous
My main issue with the movie is that the twist became obvious so early into the movie that the horror hadn’t even happened yet
Felicity Halsey
Felicity Halsey Month ago
You are the best movie review guy on RUvid I give you props
Ian O'Malley
Ian O'Malley Month ago
no way dude, this movie isnt the worst but its not original and its not raising the bar for horror movies because you have to be constantly extending your suspension of disbelief.
Eugene Monotilla
Now I lowkey want Jordan Peele to make a screenplay inspired by Lovecraft now that I have seen this film. Or he can also adopt Cold Air.
NRG Ltwrkr
NRG Ltwrkr Month ago
This is the first movie in a long time that I disagree with you. I tried to like it as much as you do, but I found it full of plot holes, the script was weak, the twist was too predictable. I would give it C-
Jerry Tom
Jerry Tom Month ago
This movie have some big logical problem, but you didn't say.
sawsaw lang
sawsaw lang Month ago
This movie is a comedy for me. Laughing whole time but the end is a little thriller
aashish thapa
aashish thapa Month ago
Waste of time...
Nikki Marie
Nikki Marie Month ago
Why do they ignore horror as a genre that’s what I can’t understand
Nikki Marie
Nikki Marie Month ago
Nikki Marie
Nikki Marie Month ago
Michel Month ago
The movie was scary, but the backstory didn't make sense and the twist didn't work, really a huge dissapointment for me
Statichouse Music
Chris, go ahead and write a Horror film. You got the Skilz.
Louie Santos
Louie Santos Month ago
It is plainly a ridiculous movie.
Louie Santos
Louie Santos Month ago
This movie is just really bad. The actors are effing annoying especially Lupita's voice. I think this is better as a plain comedy film.
C.S. Ops
C.S. Ops Month ago
I hated this movie, there were some very big holes in it and a lot of it didnt make sense
Andrew Shea
Andrew Shea Month ago
Just don’t take it too seriously, and the messages are pretty good!
Nicolás Bascuñán
It was terrible, more like a bad comedy. "The Witch" is what should a terror movie be.
l i g h t o s a u r u s ライト
If you gotta explain why it's good, it's not a good film.
Skungi Month ago
That's what critics do
Nathan Hankins
Nathan Hankins 2 months ago
I literally watch almost every horror movie that comes out every year. I love horror films. I just don't understand why everyone keeps lying about this being a good movie. Plot wasn't really all that great. There were holes everywhere.I think no one's going to criticize this film for obvious reasons.
Peter Not Peter
Peter Not Peter 2 months ago
Wait when he was talking about the certain sequence, was he referring to the one at the end?
RoFran Francisco
RoFran Francisco 2 months ago
I do not get how could you like this movie. Weird. The plot makes no sense. He either needed to develope it further or leave it ambiguo. And The final twist is from another movie . How could she have the memory of her before being taken and... it just makes no sense.
Paul Rizzo
Paul Rizzo 2 months ago
I LOVE horror and I’m open to all types of horror, but this was meh. After all the carry on I was expecting more.
Talha Mikaaiyl
Talha Mikaaiyl 2 months ago
Loved this movie.
Aaron Aaron
Aaron Aaron 2 months ago
The husband is the biggest wimp in this movie.
M Gaming
M Gaming 2 months ago
Finally watched US and I have to say, what a pile of crap!!!all of u reviewers are liers and I will never trust anything u say again!
Geraldo 2 months ago
Get serious man and stop lickin' peele's balls...I respect you 4 real but don't come with reviews like that...say the truth...the score and cinematic were good but the story alone have huge plot holes...the more you dicuss it the more silly it sounds
Herea Ioan
Herea Ioan 2 months ago
What comedy are you talking about??some dumb scenes or dialogue trowed in the middle of a stupid invasion plot with no sense..this film way to overrated..in my oppinion if the stupid part of it was half time shorter and maybe a little bit more serios ..maybe if that ugly women (Lupita) should have tried the not over perform her role then maybe when the twist part arrives after maximum 1 hour of film and the twist should have been more easy to comprende without giant plot holes and without sense then maybe and just maybe the film would have been an interesting one..but the way they chooses to go it...2 hour of garbage ..waisted time...
That 80's Song You Love
I guess Peele didn't research the fact that only eating rabbit causes a form of malnutrition called rabbit starvation. They would have all died in just a month or two.
MuzyShayk 2 months ago
I’d ask my doppelgänger to write my exams for me.
Alex Blundell
Alex Blundell 2 months ago
no copy of keanu behind you? or chappelle's show?
MSP Life
MSP Life 2 months ago
Can u please review “ Noroi”?
That big one
That big one 2 months ago
Oscars are like a popularity contest with the coolest kids in high school judging, but not the smartest.
Alexis Peña
Alexis Peña 2 months ago
How about a fucking solid C. Movie was great up until they entered the house.... then everything went down the hill. I had high expectations for this movie!
Andy Porter
Andy Porter 2 months ago
The film is a satire on the "US" of A and the horror genre in general.
TheMymlan 2 months ago
I love how Americans pronounce "horror"
justina sween
justina sween 2 months ago
I was disappointed by this movie to be honest. I cannot believe you gave it such a good review.
Ata Iskandar
Ata Iskandar 2 months ago
I personally think the movie is overrated, i dont like it at all.
Jules Gaerlan
Jules Gaerlan 2 months ago
Jordan peele is no jordan 2nd film suk
Any S
Any S 2 months ago
WTF happened? I didn’t get the point of this movie at all
Caz Miller
Caz Miller 2 months ago
I really disagree with your review. Still love you Chris. I’d give Get Out an A- and Us a C
Jason Swacker
Jason Swacker 2 months ago
I thought this film was complete dog shit..
Poop Frogg
Poop Frogg 2 months ago
YES....so glad you touched on the comedy aspect. I felt all jokes were perfectly placed and perfectly timed
Conan Inflable
Conan Inflable 2 months ago
not one single scene in this movie scared me
Skeletal33 2 months ago
Great movie until the end. Way too many plot holes as well. So...there were millions of people living underground for 30 years? What did they eat for 30 years? What if they needed a plumber? A haircut? Eye appointments?
MikeJones 2 months ago
Cmon chris this movie was poorly written and lackluster in every way.
Sal Reyes
Sal Reyes 2 months ago
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 3 months ago
I usually agree with your reviews and loved Get Out but i fell asleep watching this movie. I thought it was weak and lacking in a relevant meaningful story. I've got to give this movie a D+
Lit SoLuna
Lit SoLuna 3 months ago
Movie was horrible
Jalisa Sommerville
Jalisa Sommerville 3 months ago
Ok so from the ending it seems as if the black lady was actually the only one that adapted to the ppl they were to resemble whilst leaving the real girl underground all those years... I could be wrong
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