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Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Us, starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Madison Curry, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon. Directed by Jordan Peele.


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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 5 770
Daisy 13
Daisy 13 Day ago
I liked Us but I think Get Out is better
Cringy movie
M.A. Sadat
M.A. Sadat 2 days ago
The worst horror movie in my entire life!
Jacob Menard
Jacob Menard 3 days ago
I thought this movie was bad. Just really bad. I seem to be an anomaly for the most part. My girlfriend and I thought it was terrible and seriously can’t seem to understand how any can enjoy it
Kurtsiecolferite S
Thank you for this review, Chris. I’ve been kind of wanting to see this movie because I absolutely loved Get Out and Jordan Peele. I’ll definitely give this one a try.
Dion7 4 days ago
The one thing I dislike about this movie is something that happens in 99% of all horror movies; an asshole family member doesn't believe the protagonist and makes light of the fear the protagonist is experiencing. Adelaide is clearly traumatized and it costs her a lot to confide her trauma in her husband, and he responds to it with typical horror movie douchery. It's just as annoying as horror movie characters usually making incredibly stupid decisions to get the plot going. Apart from that the movie was great.
Dermot Lopez Productions
There is also alot of non sensical things in this film which reviewers I've watched haven't touched upon. Prob why I don't love the horror genre.
Zoey Green
Zoey Green 5 days ago
In order for the major theme to work you have be told the twist and it has to be explicit... Because the twist happened...but you couldn't even tell the difference between one of the other. That's the point...it's a reflection of the American Dream
The King
The King 7 days ago
Chris can I get your Nintendo 64 in the back ?
broli m
broli m 7 days ago
just watched this movie sorry brother but this movie sucked
Phil S
Phil S 8 days ago
I dont get the positive critic behind this movie. Acting Was good.... thats it. Am I the only one thinking this was indeed a cringe fest?! This movie tried so hard to be impactful and scary with some kind of deep meaning and twist... and it failed, on each of these levels. It not scary at all, made almost no sense and was simply boring and stupid. And I enjoyed Get Out a lot, but this is 2/10 Peace of work. And why, just why cant Hollywood stop with the stupid ass political agenda... SJW are ruining our whole culture. Stop it!
emil engen
emil engen 9 days ago
Jordan is a racist. He purposly cast only black people and excludes white people.
Ebiegberi Adonkie
Ebiegberi Adonkie 10 days ago
People mistake ambiguity for brilliance. The movie is ambiguous but not brilliant. Second half of the story is not interesting
Auracore _
Auracore _ 13 days ago
Man he has the best shirts ever
Crunch Buttsteak
Crunch Buttsteak 3 days ago
I find them corny
Thomas Babilon
Thomas Babilon 14 days ago
" Us " 2019 / Rated R / 116 Mins. / My Grade B-
HorlicksB4Bed 16 days ago
I hated this movie, it just made no sense and was far too over the top 🙄
gardini100 17 days ago
wow !i know now how im gone spend my sunday evening , Get out was real good !..ah pizza and this movie this sunday... a A- brings me right up there
Studio footS
Studio footS 17 days ago
Us is a little overrated
This movie absolutely sucked. Awful.
darealspawn 18 days ago
Did not like this hyped movie. its slow there to many plotholes its to far fetched and the twist was not really a twist :) most of the times i agree with you with this i am not :)
Joseph Catanzano
Joseph Catanzano 20 days ago
this movie suckedddddddd
Disaster Artist
Disaster Artist 20 days ago
i want that t shirt
Bruno Díaz
Bruno Díaz 21 day ago
Am I the only one who really doesn't see why people like this movie? I just thought itbwas a really dumb movie
SYDProductions 22 days ago
I feel like Jordan Peele is making the movies that we THOUGHT M. Night Shyamalan would be making after Sixth Sense when we were calling him the next Spielberg...
Marcelo Ferraz
Marcelo Ferraz 24 days ago
It surprises me to see that you, as a critic and fan of the psychological horror genre has found this movie somehow 'brilliant'. A movie where your nemesis has to detail a nonsensical evil plan for minutes in front of you won't ever ne good. Terrible movie, 2/10
Taino Lolino
Taino Lolino 25 days ago
One of the worst pieces of garbage made in the last decade, at least. From acting to plot holes, to enforced poorly expressed propaganda, to stupid comedic relief. This movie had everything bad a movie could ever have. Most overhyped, trash-''woke'' pseudo-horror made in the recent horror movie history.
chuck wick
chuck wick 26 days ago
This suck so bad
Trevor Hoffman
Trevor Hoffman 27 days ago
I liked the directing and there were good horror moments, but the whole “tethered” idea just didn’t work for me, it made no real sense and honestly looked pretty silly when they were showing them in flashbacks, plus there were a lot of plot inconsistencies and dumb decisions made by characters, wasn’t terrible just not great like critics have said
Jay Eness
Jay Eness 27 days ago
I wasn't a fan of this movie. I had too many unanswered questions.
Ishan sharma
Ishan sharma 28 days ago
its made like an bollywood movie the way the whole family survived is a bollywood thing
Sean Mills
Sean Mills 28 days ago
If dogshit was a genre, this would be 100% match. Hulu and Netflix are gonna have a category named Asscheeks and this film is going to be listed repeatedly. Idk what the fuck everyone else was watching but somebody hired people to leave good reviews and Rotten Tomatoes is exactly that. Rotten ass vegetables. How in the fuck do you give this film 93%? This movie was catastrophic in immeasurable volumes.
Anachronity 29 days ago
I loved this movie so much until they went too far with the origin of the body doubles. They sort of went back to the roots of the idea of a 'doppelganger' as an inherently terrifying circumstance and a source of existential horror ("if they're me, who am I?") that it seems like most horror movies merrily breeze past in pursuit of including more cheap jump scares. First there were only dopplegangers of the family. This made it feel personal to the main characters, which carried through to the excellent twist ending. Then there were dopplegangers of others in the small town. Which... makes sense, I suppose? It loses a bit of that intimidating specificity, but explaining the origin of mysterious horror movie monsters is always very difficult to do in a satisfying way. I could totally have seen this as a 'town with a terrible secret' sort of thing. They went into the underground people having to mime their overworld counterparts *to a fault*, which leads to a number of logistical issues as to how they could possibly have survived as long as they had in these tunnels. But, eh, I've seen worse horror movie origins. And then literally the entire United States was pulled into the conspiracy and now literally nothing about that made any sense or seemed remotely feasible. It was nuking the origin of your horror movie monster from orbit for the sake of a weak allegory. That's the only real complaint I will make against this movie, but it's a pretty glaring issue. And then the amazing twist ending made me want to forget all about that nonsense. I would absolutely have accepted "evil government testing their newest pseudomystical mind-control scheme against this small town before abandoning it as a lost cause" as a good enough origin. There's still plenty of room for allegory in there if done right. ... still, I loved everything else about this movie, so, I still rate it highly. It just makes the weird ham-fisted allegory feel that much worse.
Kostas Georgiu
Kostas Georgiu Month ago
just watched it...thought it would be better than get out and it wasn't...
KTM Month ago
The longer I think about this movie, the more apparent the flaws are. At first I was at a 8/10 but its a very light 6 now. This movie could've been amazing, but there are way too many plotholes! Why didn't the government kill the tethered (solves/negates the entire film)? Why are the "abandoned" tunnels filled with tethered, along with the rabbits, lights running and all? Why didn't Adelaide prepare for the invasion? Why did Adelaide become the chosen one and call the shots just because she could "dance?" Why are they copying Hands Across America just because it was on a shirt? What the hell are the clones going to do after they kill their originals, stay hand in hand until they die of starvation? Why did all the clones take up fashion design and got red jumpers and golden scissors? *The movie explicitly chooses symbolism and social commentary for actual substance.* How can a movie WASTE A CLONE INVASION? At least I enjoyed Lupita's performance, along with others.
ButterCookie Month ago
100% agree. The more I thought about it after I left the theater, the lower my personal ratings got.
Aezyum Month ago
Why does everyone hate this movie? I fucking love it and no i am not a sjw
Zachery Hole
Zachery Hole Month ago
Movies really about the Illuminati and cloning The government can replace people but they don't have a soul
Rema Lewis
Rema Lewis Month ago
Damm I really wanna watch it now😔
Kevin P
Kevin P Month ago
Lots of holes in the plot
Edouard Month ago
The plot looks a lot like the movie The Broken with the actress who plays Cersei, but not as good.
Demsky83 Month ago
That Gotdamn escalator
Yanis Kaps
Yanis Kaps Month ago
I would give Us - B- FOR NOW
Bryan perez
Bryan perez Month ago
Dude, come on. This movie was super shit. As a fan of horror for years, one of my top 3 most stupid horror films ever made.
anbish tamang
anbish tamang Month ago
Shit movie
Amalokch Month ago
Jordan Peel 's movies are so overrated.
Jerry Roman
Jerry Roman Month ago
Is this "get out" review? Does he want to get on his knees in front of the director confessionals?? I JUST WANT A REVIEW OF THIS MOVIE NOT SOME ROGER &EBERT MOVIE "GENRE" DISCUSSION
I live for horror as well (as my blindingly obvious channel name lol) i have a library of books, and im a film fanatic too. Gonna watch this, sounds similar to Christopher Golden - Dead Ringers, but from your description the afore mentioned book seems darker
Troy. Month ago
That Adidas Batman Beyond shirt though 🔥
Saleem Frazer
Saleem Frazer Month ago
Watch FX's Legion series Chris. I guarantee that you'll fall in love with it and be driven to do a video analyzing it.
Samantha McDowra
I don’t understand Us was such a terribly awful movie... did we see the same thing because I’m not sure we did lol? The minute the other version of her started making that ridiculous grunting noise it was over. However the score was good though I will give the movie that
Trey Atkins
Trey Atkins Month ago
I know A LOT of people don't dig this movie and that's cool but this film felt way more Lovecraftian than 'Get Out'.
Eric Salazar
Eric Salazar Month ago
Can we erase this movie from the history books??? It's terrible.
Dr.phill Month ago
I hate this movie
Hopingover Leavesinfall
That point about the ending twist is so fucking stupid. It's like people are advocating for a film's clear set-up to receive no pay-off, and that is not something that anyone should want.
Trev Z
Trev Z Month ago
Too many plot holes!
Harrison Month ago
Calm down sjw
Honking Honker
Honking Honker Month ago
He's black so everything that he does must be praised because actually critiquing something that a black person does is obviously "racist".
Son of Knowledge
Here we go with this bullshit
SoufyenTV Month ago
Lupita was an awesome actress. But the movie was really fucking dumb.
axxionjaxxn Month ago
I just hated it... I really wanted it to be good, but there's just so many holes, bad/unlikely desicions, reactions to situations, silly comments etc etc...real shitfest, sadly:(
IDEK But I Animate
Watch Film theorys video on it it makes way more sence
Inigo Lacdan
Inigo Lacdan 9 days ago
@Westside BRIM I thought some scenes were comical, BUT if you view the film as a whole in context with the big plot twist at the end, it puts the film in a whole different light. I thought it was overall good, but I understand in some scenes the director was not totally successful in getting the audience to buy into the story and suspend their disbelief.
axxionjaxxn Month ago
@Westside BRIM Haha true👍
Westside BRIM
Westside BRIM Month ago
@axxionjaxxn just was so stupid I thought it was funny. nothing they was doin seemed logical to me.
axxionjaxxn Month ago
@Westside BRIM U saying it's purely a comedy? Was Get Out also just a comedy? Lot's of humor in that one too, but alot better put together imo. Horror/Thriller/Comedy?
tim driver
tim driver Month ago
I'm a bit of a traditionalist so I didn't really appreciate the attempt at humor in this movie which made it quite hard to take it seriously. You had to ask yourself is it a horror film or a comedy? The acting was good but aside from the regular conveniences it did also contain a lot of cliches and was predictable to say the least. 6/10
Mysterious Mr.G YT
That's a nice Ash figure behind you there man. A man of culture I see
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