Urban Industrial Tiny House is a Tiny Mansion

Living Big In A Tiny House
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In this weeks episode, we meet Kyron and Natalia who live in a stunning urban industrial styled tiny house in Auckland, New Zealand. The couple refer to their home on wheels as a tiny mansion, and they are right! This tiny house is packed full of luxurious and clever design features which make living in this home a dream.
With a love of food and cooking this tiny house has been designed around a large and functional kitchen. With a spacious lounge area opening out onto a private deck and wonderful surrounding bush setting, this home is wonderfully suited for entertaining.
The tiny home’s urban location shows how well these tiny houses are capable of fitting into existing city infrastructure and can help to increase urban density with a minimal environmental impact.
Enjoy the full video tour of this stunning urban industrial styled tiny house. Kyron and Natalia are currently working towards creating Auckland's very first tiny house community. You can find out more about this project here: gotiny.co/
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Living Big In A Tiny House
Hey tiny house team! I hope you enjoy this weeks episode. It was amazing to meet Kyron and Natalia, and of course their stunning tiny house! How cool is that parking spot?! Being a foodie myself, I'm also totally jealous of their incredible tiny house kitchen! Enjoy the tour! With Love, Bryce & Rasa
designdoctor247 Month ago
Bucket list dream to get to spend the night in this home. God willing 🙏
ck 28
ck 28 Month ago
Built to perfection
Bel T
Bel T 4 months ago
I would like to know if you can give me the link where they buy the closet its pretty cool i have a small space and i want to have that closet that they've shown here. Love all your videos its amazing. Thanks
Steve Michael
Steve Michael 5 months ago
Definitely :)
Eva Velez
Eva Velez 5 months ago
This is by far the best one I've seen!!!just perfect!
Daniel Harkness
Daniel Harkness 7 hours ago
this tiny house is just stunnng thank you for posting this!
mayamyu Day ago
Great size of home for two, beautifully designed and great materials used - I think everyone would like to live in such house and place :))))))
Dejan Dimitrievski
I have a lot of ideas projects in life where I can make these dwellings useful in zoom conditions with great efficiency as summer: / so can a lawyer protect me and sell the concept where the earnings would be very successful and the savings of edema for in extreme cold conditions
Latia Avril
Latia Avril Day ago
What a beautiful mindset 😍 positive. Amazing house 🏠 is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I would definitely live there the kitchen is goals 🙌 😍 👌
susan fudge
susan fudge Day ago
I bought a tiny house at 23, my first year teaching. It was 1100 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms with a nice privacy fence and a doggie door. In 93, that WAS considered a tiny house. It was 50k.
Libby Pollack
Libby Pollack 3 days ago
I can see doing this.. with a small separate office and perhaps a whole other container that could house my tall boys.. And lots of outdoor space.. decks etc..The zoning must be easier in other here in Colorado, not so easy. Love to watch..
Jenni Boo
Jenni Boo 3 days ago
Wow this layout is amazing
Ellen -
Ellen - 3 days ago
After seeing plenty of videos on this channel I just have to say - I LOVE BRYCE. He always brings the positive vibes, asks relevant questions and seems genuinely sooo intrested in every part of each person's home. Would love to have him as a friend. Always so kind and loving! Such a sunny and happy personality.
Shaine Kian
Shaine Kian 4 days ago
I really like it
vj gallery
vj gallery 5 days ago
Lovely tiny house
Gisselle Rojas
Gisselle Rojas 5 days ago
😱😍😍😍 my favorite one so far, how much would that be in American dollars, I want one
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 6 days ago
this is probably the best tiny house I've ever seen! I would hands down live here!
The most beautiful tiny house on your chanel.
Arseni Mikhailov
Arseni Mikhailov 7 days ago
it's cool and all but good luck having children in that.
buildromeinaday 7 days ago
"Yeah, definitely"
Tajae Taynor
Tajae Taynor 9 days ago
Is he selling the layout?/ is there somewhere I can find the details?
Porchen Hund
Porchen Hund 10 days ago
I have to go back to dictionary to check what tiny means.
Lukaa Sitar
Lukaa Sitar 10 days ago
Ok imma save this for inspiration
Zeynep 01
Zeynep 01 11 days ago
One of the best tiny house i’ve ever saw:0
Rose s
Rose s 11 days ago
Graphic Mystic
Graphic Mystic 12 days ago
This dude and his wife living in 2030 with those onesies!
Ben Selimovic
Ben Selimovic 12 days ago
How many pumps do you get a night Him,,,,,,,,,,, yeah definitely
Dio Arthana
Dio Arthana 13 days ago
soo so so awesome
Damián Álvarez
Damián Álvarez 13 days ago
Amazing! One of my favorites! I'm 6'3 and I want to do something like this, with high ceilings. I think he said the total height was 4.3 meters? So the bedrooms seem a little low but its a great house!
Kyron Gosse
Kyron Gosse 3 days ago
4.3m from the ground, so you need to take into account wheel heigh, floor thickness and ceiling thickness into that as well which takes off about 1.1m
Coach Angela P. Wilson
This is the biggest "tiny house" I've seen so far and the kitchen is large as most of the items 2 ppl in there feels a crownd whereas in this one 3ppl sem fine. 👏
Benteng Entertainment
I love the idea that it doesn't destroy the nature; however, I know building a tiny house indonesia is kinda impossible and as expensive as buying a normal house. I love your house, great job.
Julia Soul liven
Julia Soul liven 16 days ago
Kyron and Natalia, your home is superb. Love the size of your kitchen and bathroom and two lofts. Enjoy your living in it. I might need your plans one day.😀
Carli McMillan
Carli McMillan 16 days ago
I love looking at tiny homes but this one seems to really catch my eye. Not because of how beautiful it is but because of the layout. I could really rearrange this particular design to fit every need. I really enjoyed this one
ajwhite12345 16 days ago
Very beautiful tiny home 😍
Asteri ETERNAL 20 days ago
Wow!...love the Tiny Mansion❣
dudee 20 days ago
wow this is amazing 😍
Cavite Checkpoint
Cavite Checkpoint 24 days ago
Does it not rain in new Zealand, what do you do to the furniture outside?
Kyron Gosse
Kyron Gosse 3 days ago
Buy furniture that is designed to get rained on :)
Janeshwar Yuvaraj
Janeshwar Yuvaraj 25 days ago
Is it a container house or tiny house?
winnie nyambura
winnie nyambura 26 days ago
Wow 👍
Nilsine Gusias
Nilsine Gusias 26 days ago
somebody who knows where i can find a similar tiny house designlike this in the video?
Kevin Carey
Kevin Carey 26 days ago
Beautiful home.
Lijun Su
Lijun Su 27 days ago
Love the location... so cozy ..
Aaron Spratt
Aaron Spratt 28 days ago
This house is too nice to be considered tiny 😅
Brulcky 28 days ago
its the same size of container? somebody to help me???
Maria Moshogianni
Maria Moshogianni 29 days ago
Beautiful home and couple god bless you both thanks for sharing
Kurmapedia TV
Kurmapedia TV 29 days ago
Im from indonesia. I like tiny house. By living in tiny house i can show how small this world.
angelizqn Month ago
The kitchen alone is awesome!
Jane Wagman
Jane Wagman Month ago
I love that kitchen! But the "small house lofts" only works for young people.
Daisy Lofranco
Daisy Lofranco Month ago
My wish to have a tiny house
Dj Sauce
Dj Sauce Month ago
Awesome kitchen 😱😱😱😱
Bam Crown
Bam Crown Month ago
Their space would be better used if they moved clothes into bathroom
ГП ГП Month ago
А телек у их при передвижении не падает? Когда-то же они меняют место обитания
Patricia Vasquez
Too bad the concept of tiny houses has been distorted. The cool thing about tiny houses is precisely their tiny space and how you can make the most of it and see all the original ideas and designs to achieve it. This is not a tiny house at all, it is just a house, as many of the episodes lately
Travis T
Travis T Month ago
This guy seems like he actually just wants a house.
200k is NOT a cheap build....
ᅵᅵ Month ago
I think they are not really living in there lol
Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner Month ago
This is the nicest tiny house I've ever seen 😍. So inspired
wannabebritt Month ago
bryce said "you have onsies???" and mans said "you don't?"
Taco Of Love
Taco Of Love Month ago
That dude just busted out some sushi 🍱 😱
Elisa Hughes
Elisa Hughes Month ago
The lame ostrich geographically arrive because laborer problematically reply amidst a beautiful foam. wiggly, frequent throne
Clément G.
Clément G. Month ago
one of the most beautiful tiny house i've ever seen !! great job ;)
Collies World
Collies World Month ago
I love this house exactly what I want and looking for can anyone tell me the builder
Elisa Hughes
Elisa Hughes Month ago
The gray greasy great morocco peroperativly wrap because hate worryingly rule among a acceptable kendo. fascinated, synonymous bathtub
chaiza faza
chaiza faza Month ago
Coolllll !!! You have been in Bali and lived there From Indonesia :)
Marla Rosso
Marla Rosso Month ago
So stylish and luxurious, and yet so cozy you need a unicorn onesie :D
I wouldn't move the house to a tiny house community. I would just leave it in the parking space where it is. It has privacy. Although I want to live in the woods.
pennystarshine Month ago
Hi lovely. I think I have commented on this tiny house. But this s my favourite inside and out. Beautiful.lovely guy. 😊
Horst P. Horst
Horst P. Horst Month ago
This is about 10 times the size of my downtown apartment
Rosa Punzalan
Rosa Punzalan Month ago
Wow is beautiful tiny house
Loreley Amiti
Loreley Amiti Month ago
Crikey, how gorgeous! I love everything from the parking space (!) to the stunning design. So well done.
Karen Mccoy
Karen Mccoy Month ago
This has got to be the BEST tiny house I’ve ever seen. I love my tiny house design but, if I had to, I’d build one just like this one in a heart beat. ❤️
Queen Latoya
Queen Latoya Month ago
Definitely one of my favorite tiny houses.
Queen Latoya
Queen Latoya Month ago
My question is do they have a cover for the furniture when it rains?
A A 2 days ago
@Kyron Gosse Nice one! Outdoor furniture...designed to get wet!!! 👍😀.
Kyron Gosse
Kyron Gosse 3 days ago
It just gets wet. But I have a special box for the cushions
A A 7 days ago
Here in Australia I have very often seen that kind of furniture left out in the rain 😬.
Jahnavi Rao
Jahnavi Rao Month ago
3:11 the fire 🔥 is right behind her 😶😶
Larry Fowler
Larry Fowler Month ago
Love the wood. And black
Victor V
Victor V Month ago
Can’t wait to build my own in the future, as a chef all I think about first is the kitchen 😂
Hope H*
Hope H* Month ago
Tiny house you say🤔
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas Month ago
This is a TINY house? Really? 🤔
Loretta Birkholz
Best tiny house I've ever seen .
Miss Pink
Miss Pink Month ago
One of my favourites, the TV room is so real.
6mehul9 Month ago
3:10 what the hell is that meal
LexyGlendy Lombardo
Been watching your channel a lot and I can say THIS TINY HOUSE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE! OMG the Kithen! -Love it sooo much!
Carol Ann
Carol Ann Month ago
I've been binge watching these vids and this house is my fave by far. Such good use of space!
Julien RL
Julien RL 2 months ago
très jolie tiny housse !!! ça donne envie d habite dedans
Chan Courtney
Chan Courtney 2 months ago
Thought he said d**k but he said deck. Yeah I'm gonna head out
Chan Courtney
Chan Courtney 2 days ago
@Kyron Gosse lmao I just thought I was overdue
Kyron Gosse
Kyron Gosse 3 days ago
Damn that Kiwi accent. Turn on capitons and it looks like youtube agrees with you
Kristy Moore
Kristy Moore 2 months ago
I absolutely love this home.. very well done!
Scarlet Camacho
Scarlet Camacho 2 months ago
loved everything probably one of my favorite layouts ! but big no no on the onsie.. lol
Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste 2 months ago
It would be nice to see more of a Woman’s touch in here. It looks like Hell’s Kitchen...I mean, hell’s hole house!
Samuel Silva
Samuel Silva 2 months ago
Linda demais ...
elizabeth cartagena
elizabeth cartagena 2 months ago
This one is OUTSTANDING!!!! So beautiful 🙌🏼 he's brilliant
LOTY G 2 months ago
One of my favorites
Robbie 2 months ago
I'm completely blown away
Stephie Paul
Stephie Paul 2 months ago
Hello from Ontario, Canada! When you do your traveling to all these tiny houses....do you travel with your own tiny house?
Azim Muhammad
Azim Muhammad 2 months ago
Brande Foote
Brande Foote 2 months ago
This place is super cute!!
mike link
mike link 2 months ago
this house is massive for a “tiny house”
Curtis Gibson
Curtis Gibson 2 months ago
If I had a pound for every time one of them said “yeah definitely” I would have been able to buy this house
Arya A.
Arya A. 2 months ago
Okey this is not tiny house :) big kitchen big bathroom. Woww this house is so chic so cool. Love it so much. Congratulations.
CreatorNMuse 2 months ago
CreatorNMuse 2 months ago
Younus Dar
Younus Dar 2 months ago
Absolute masterpiece
Calvin C
Calvin C 2 months ago
Furry couple in the wild. 😄
Ilike Don'tlike
Ilike Don'tlike 2 months ago
I love onesies but potty training and menstruation got me out of that
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