Ups & Downs From WWE SmackDown Superstar Shake Up (Apr 16)

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Simon Miller reviews the WWE SmackDown Superstar Shakeup episodes and talks about all the drafts including, Roman Reigns, Bayley and Finn Balor.
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Apr 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Muir Paterson
Muir Paterson Year ago
So glad buddy Murphy is on the main roster! But how can wwe expect me to invest in 205 live when the better opponents like buddy, Mustafa etc are now getting called up to the main roster. How come someone like ricochet (who is a cruiserweight) gets to bypass 205 live and go straight to the main roster? They pissed off and lost a great competator like Neville by making him go to 205 live. Just put all the cruiserweights on the main roster and have the champ go between brands! If you aren't going to take the cruiserweights seriously wwe then why should I?
Ray B
Ray B Year ago
4:36 After being released by wwe in the late ninties the Gobbeldy Gooker fell off the map and onto hard times...After years of meth addiction he was found living in this cardboard box next to the dumpster behind the smackdown hotel.
Abhijeet Jogi
Abhijeet Jogi Year ago
Asuka should not be in a tag team
But I would have preferred if K.O. turned on kofi and xavier because he was secretly granted a title shot by Vince.
I actually gave Kevin "the Big O" moniker on twitter many months ago lol
morteza rostami
bigger move than roman? ronda or brock to smackdown.
Saloz94 Year ago
Asuka will fall into nothing again. Yes roman will rebuild his push by doing the same shit again with roman burying everyone and going right for the title.
Canoilas Year ago
Soooo... smackdown live.. the 2 hour show, has every title but the universal championship? I’m just confused
Giovanny Ochoa
I feel smackdown just got showed as the B show again, raw literally got the majority of the smackdown roster and all of nxt roster for the most part at least and smackdown got apolo crews lol terrible balance just smackdown not getting enough talent on their roster again
Goughy Year ago
AJ Styles going to Raw is bigger than Reigns going to Smackdown.
Goughy Year ago
Why do you call Asuka, Oscar?
Anthony Mukoko
At least now we know the wwe title will finally be back on the main cover of wwe Unless they do that stupid unification shit
Khris 1873
Khris 1873 Year ago
They boobed roman cause he said "this is my yard" he could have said "this is our yard"
MsMalevolent Year ago
Can you please stop calling Asuka 'Oscar'? lol. Ah-ska.
Nellzartworx Year ago
Antonio Shelton told me not to comment on vids anymore :)
Chris PH
Chris PH Year ago
Finn Balor was also wear the Smackdown Blue trunks during RAW
tommy2chips Year ago
I liked both shows. Raw and Smackdown.
Carnival Cruz84
Figure of 8? Tf
Simon''s diet is amazing. His delta and arms are gigantic. Must be the kale and sweet potatoes.
Joe-EL Year ago
Sometimes being happy is good!... Ive heard this on the street
Theprfesssor Year ago
Why are the videos double uploaded???
TheNoirAlien Year ago
Viking Experience, bjork?😂😂😂😂
TheNoirAlien Year ago
Simon, if you really are a wrestler, Your finisher should be the "Brown Down ".
Yancy Garcia
Yancy Garcia Year ago
Bailey got booed because most people agree she needs a new gimmick
Yancy Garcia
Yancy Garcia Year ago
so kairi is gonna win a belt because wrestlemania 36 is pirate based?
Definitive Review
You can't get mad at that SHE'S A PIRATE!
Will Atkinson
Will Atkinson Year ago
I’m hoping Reigns becomes a heel! Make people hate him!
Youtube_ Guy
Youtube_ Guy Year ago
Feels weird seeing K.O being a good guy LOL... I can get used to K.O being a babyface 👍 but he's really plays a tremendous heel 👍
Alegeniale Year ago
Remember when Chucky advertise one of his films on WCW? Another Chucky film is coming out on June, and I wouldn't be surprised if WWE decides to do something similar with those dolls promos of Bray Wyatt once he comes back.
Pat O'Donnell
Pat O'Donnell Year ago
I had a bigger move this morning in the bathroom, than moving reins to Smackdown to take Kofis belt.
Rebeca Toporariu
How long till they change the name of the new day to "black experience"
SyrNarcissus Year ago
USA is a cable network...Wouldn’t it be better if Smackdown was more family friendly because it’s going to FOX...and have the more “Adult” content on RAW and then make RAW a 2hr show...Then make Smackdown 3hrs...Or is that crazy talk?
Ricky Evans
Ricky Evans Year ago
i missed the days of the wwe draft with the randomizer seeing the pop from the crowd and the reactions of the superstars
Michael Guillette
No repo man in the intro..... brown down!
abram w.momin
abram w.momin Year ago
I hope they build up Roman the right way this time.
CPA Year ago
Being Humor
Being Humor Year ago
There was a time stamp in the millertron when asuka n kairi's pic was there......another botch in edit after yesterday's missing up and today's missing rainbow in asuka up!!!!
Michael Skatharoudis
Did Sheamus go to Raw? Did he do that quietly? He wasn’t on SD and they didn’t mention why Cesaro was there but Sheamus wasn’t
Jamie McCabe
Jamie McCabe Year ago
The Miller Experience
Georgios N. Telas
And I thoiught that the japanese clown and the "pirate" princess were two of the worst ever gimmics...WWE toped that, they put them together....
Georgios N. Telas
Somebody must keep out of the ring those two toddlers Zelina and Kairi before they get killed in action...
achim Sinn
achim Sinn Year ago
I already hate the idea of Azuka and Kairi Sane being a tag team. That kind of stuff is exactly what killed the males tag team division. Instead of getting real tag teams or building them up from development, they just bunch some random wrestlers who don't have other stroyline together, give them some wins, then make them champions for like 2 months and then they job to the next random teams they've built the exact same way. Both Azuka and Kairi Sane deserve better.
Adriano Melai
Adriano Melai Year ago
Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok. I see what's happening here... At some point Roman will win the WWE Title and then have a unification match against Seth and beat him to win both titles either at Summerslam or next year's Wrestlemania. ughhh
keith luster
keith luster Year ago
No color for the asuka up ?🤔🤔🤔
gazbason Year ago
Gene Skitsky > Lars Sullivan
Derrick Castle
Let's up those downs for AEW
Paul Kaufhold
Paul Kaufhold Year ago
I know but i think i could get behind roman if he was teamed up with usos but well just have to wait and see what roman does here
Tommo 22753
Tommo 22753 Year ago
Oi, you went and gave an Asuka up and the design boi hasn't even bothered
Craig Lovelace
If Bray doesn’t come back as an evil ventriloquist, I will be sorely disappointed.
mitchell pilkington
Hi I’m what and welcome to SimonCulture
Check_The_ Comment
Bayley getting booed really hurt me. It’s not even her fault. It feels like the WWE did everything they could to screw up the momentum she had in 2016-2017
Alex Harrison
Alex Harrison Year ago
i didnt know johnny sins liked wwe
still movin0212
“You can’t get mad at that she’s a pirate!” Lmfao
C. Wvyne
C. Wvyne Year ago
So SD has both the IC & the US champ
KRXWL3Y Year ago
Is B Murphy still smashing Bliss???
The Rt Hon Reverend Saxobeat
Who remembers Simon from VideoGamerTV? 😊
Mike Shadow
Mike Shadow Year ago
Kairi sane should be a character on soul Calibur. Her theme song and the pirate gimmick go with the game.
Artists Aliens
Roman hitting Vince was elderly abuse.
Cyber D Money
Cyber D Money Year ago
No repoman in the intro credits??
Chris Carl
Chris Carl Year ago
i think bray wyatt being a puppet master in a different way from what miller said would be cool. like he manipulate other superstars with his supernatural powers
Vikkor Heel
Vikkor Heel Year ago
It's all to take the gold off Kofi.
Maximus Speed
Maximus Speed Year ago
The world needs a feel good story, Kofi is the champion promised. Let the people have some positivity in this world. Go Kofi
Fatalroadie Year ago
In a video on WWE Twitter they had Sullivan on Smackdown and Raw
Andrew Holka
Andrew Holka Year ago
Smart move by Roman taking on the biggest threat first, Elias basically is Smackdown.
xrayque Year ago
Hey... What happened to Repo-man in the title screen?
cyberjunk Year ago
ugh now we have to see roman take the belt from kofi
Collin Marcum
Collin Marcum Year ago
And no one remembers the terrible Hardy promo...
Greg jackson
Greg jackson Year ago
So they stuck Asuka in a goddamn tagteam? What a waste
Sebastian Renfrow
Roman can rebuild his push lol his push never ends
Chase&Bowman Nation988
Just like raw idk if this was good or bad but the downs Mustafa Ali being changed to Ali gonna say that til they change it back, Bayley, Rusev and Shinsuke being utterly pointless
Paden Hinch
Paden Hinch Year ago
"Out of the pram!"
Mirza Rizwan baig
Anime experience 🔥🔥
desmond davis
desmond davis Year ago
Wish they went back to the draft
Yago Machado
Yago Machado Year ago
I miss that draft sruff,where the rosters appeared in the big screen and is shown who was picked. That and matches worth this drafts for their brands
Balor Vs Murphy BOOK IT!!!!!!!
ashy mush
ashy mush Year ago
so a bird in a box with endless questions gets a down but K.O. dancing and humping the air with the new day gets an up????? you sir have checked out.
Ben Fenuku
Ben Fenuku Year ago
Why it takes 100 finishers to finish a match?
Daniel Gonzalez
That is cool
Maxim Soucy
Maxim Soucy Year ago
The crowd chanting on s'en calice (which translate to we don't give a shit) when Elias came out was just... amazing XD
RVDMark420 Year ago
You realize Bray Wyatt is getting a huge gimmick change, hes gonna be the Master of Puppets
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