Upgrading a laptop

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In this video I show you step-by-step how I upgrade RAM and storage to bigger and faster alternatives.
Kingston (memory advisor tool)
Crucial (memory advisor tool)
Crystal Disk Info
Crystal Disk Mark
Acronis True Image 2018:
Register Your Acronis True Image Software Here
15 Piece Standard Computer Tool Kit:
USB 3.0 to SSD / 2.5-Inch SATA Hard Drive Adapter:
Samsung Magician Software:
Video editing software used to create this video:
Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 Ultimate:
Screen captures by Camtasia Studio 9.1:
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Comments 80
QI Varebil2
QI Varebil2 4 days ago
Very, very, very good instructions! You're a top class instructor! Thanks!
Felix Nshimiyimana
Good video
Healthy Lifestyle
Thank you...Excellent presentation...I am a newbee...Thank You!
Anne M
Anne M 6 days ago
really smart!... thanks
Hely Benitez
Hely Benitez 7 days ago
Did you get the hard drive adapter separate ? or This came with the new hard drive you ordered ? Excellent Video
Dee Buckingham
Dee Buckingham 8 days ago
good teaching sir
sunj14 10 days ago
Great tutorial! This video is a model of efficient information transfer-from you to us-your viewers!
jswaggart01 11 days ago
Does anyone know how I would upgrade a laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10? The laptop came pre-installed with 8.1. Could I do this before cloning the hard drive? Any comments with advice would be appreciated 👍🏼
M A Chowdhury
M A Chowdhury 14 days ago
It's really educational and useful, thank you very much Sir!
Dawei JIA
Dawei JIA 16 days ago
So good teaching skills ! Thanks a lot !
Yasser Dyab
Yasser Dyab 16 days ago
you are professional really very good
Moin ul Gaffar
Moin ul Gaffar 17 days ago
It was great and helpfull.Thank u.
Fluffery 17 days ago
I did an 4 gb and hdd with us keyboard (that's foreign for me) To a 8 GB, sdd, and Scandinavian keyboard
Javier Gocotano
Javier Gocotano 19 days ago
Many thanks to you sir CareyHolzman for sharing your great knowledge.
Ted Rowland
Ted Rowland 23 days ago
Your videos and teaching style has moved me light years ahead. The sad part is, I am studying Network Security in college, and only a fraction of what is in your videos is covered. Thank you for all you do.
nederlandhiker2 24 days ago
Excellent video. You are a good teacher. Well done and thank you.
DH Blan
DH Blan 25 days ago
Customer uses Internet Explorer. Carey says, “That’s fine” then proceeds to use IE to go to Google! That is the best use for Internet Explorer! Thank you for the video. Very useful
Fussion 6ix
Fussion 6ix 21 day ago
photondebuger45 25 days ago
Hey carey I got for my Read & write are 75.06 69.21 89.43 86.45 0.53 0.47 0.28 0.46 I know from the original drive of this lap top and mine, my drive is pretty horrible by the looks of it I used crystal disk Mark like you did but did I use it right?
Hannington Opondo
Hannington Opondo 28 days ago
Very Nice tech video. keep it up you make us build the belief that it can be a step by step DIY ( do it yourself ) for those how to have plenty of spare time.
R Rajesh
R Rajesh 28 days ago
Thank you so much dear brother. Love. 😊 👍
Mustapha Chaab
Mustapha Chaab 29 days ago
Max Bandwidth listed (800 MHz), it's normal, same on my VAIO VPCEB3J03, it's for one RAM. Mine listed Max Band PC3 -10700 (667 MHz) total of two would be 1333 MHz max upgrade. Hope this help.
Hanoch Abramson
Hanoch Abramson Month ago
Great and thanks
john moyers
john moyers Month ago
If I were not heteosexual I would kiss youf
Carey has always been straight shooting and to the point. I learn that I need to learn.
Jacson Miranda
Jacson Miranda Month ago
43:58 how IT technician life is, always something different come up
Stumpy Month ago
I thought this was Arturo I was gonna lunch my screen
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Month ago
thank u!i think i am going to try with new RAM in my TOSHIBA....wish me good luck because usually i do not open my laptop
Billy Nuttall
Billy Nuttall Month ago
really interesting again, glad to see laptops included,my luck was in when I came upon this site
Chidambar Joshi
Chidambar Joshi Month ago
good explanation.
Sky Walker Cage
Sky Walker Cage Month ago
This guy just tells everything with so much detail great videos man!
Famous Jack
Famous Jack Month ago
Wonderful job
Origamipro Month ago
can we use kingston
Tronghung Dao
Tronghung Dao Month ago
USCOP Month ago
Holy sh** this is Arturito from Money heist :)
mnhm gadka
mnhm gadka Month ago
thank you
Parts Dave
Parts Dave Month ago
Still a good tutorial in May 2020. Worked PERFECTLY for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasper Wright
Jasper Wright Month ago
I really liked your explanation, like Acronis, but hate MS Windows. We need an Acronis for Mac and Linux. Thanks for the refresher.
Liz Brauer
Liz Brauer Month ago
interesting style ... do i smell pizza?
Robinl52 Month ago
I have seen this video for the second time to refresh my mind. and you mention it cost a lot of money to produce your videos with a 3 camera people and editing. So it's now 2020 at the time I am making this comment. check out www.vmix.com You can be a one man show, with a push of a button. check it out. your call it's up to you. www.vmix.com The cheapest FREE Basic 4 input software you can get, which you can at to it if you need to. per cost Next level...
Horia Enache
Horia Enache 2 months ago
Thanks a lot!
F B 2 months ago
Looks like an Italian chef doing a side job back in the restaurant kitchen
Marianm Marinescu
ItzCaseyKC 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing those sites with your viewers. That Kingston site has changed alot since showing it in this video as of May 1, 2020 when I visited it for my HP notebook. I finally was able to acquire the information regarding the memory, etc on my "laptop" (still don't consider it as being a notebook) after two years of owning it.
ItzCaseyKC 2 months ago
Always love your videos.
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 2 months ago
i have a amd ryzen 5. Is that still worth upgrading
Gottlieb Goltz
Gottlieb Goltz 2 months ago
I've always read that RAM Modules should be replaced in matching pairs?
flyers and websites
flyers and websites 2 months ago
Thanks very much looking this video i fix my computer... thanks thanks
Johnny Tsirozidis
Johnny Tsirozidis 2 months ago
Wilhelm. Tuhafeni Kamati
Mr. Carey I love your RUvid videos, they are very educative, please would you brief a little bit, how do I fix my audio problem. I recently plug the audio cable into my Desktop dell computer from the speakers that has many aux ports while it was off, but when I turned it on there was a red cross there , then I did sound troublesome but nothing happened up to date. What can I do?
Louis Wassenberg
Louis Wassenberg 2 months ago
Great! Thanks for this video. It realy whas that easy. Now my HP i5 laptop (2014) works realy super fast. It was worth the time spending on watching this video and do the work. Again thanks
Mrssea Sea
Mrssea Sea 2 months ago
Okay I understand now ......I’ll need to send my Laptop to you! thank you for this informative video, however I could not attempt to complete this!
Star Green
Star Green 2 months ago
This man is not lying. My mom has an old HP Pavilion DV6000, which had a mechanical hard drive. (It was my first laptop and then it got to my mom after I got a "better" one.) It even has only 2 gigs of ram, I think an Intel Core 2 Duo. I broke the keyboard (accidents with dropping it sometimes and its just the keys, the keyboard works fine the keys only fell off). But after we got the keyboard fixed, we both got surprised. It was a Sandisk (I don't remember the brand correctly but I think it was a Sandisk) And then it was so fast, it was with Windows 7 but then she upgrade to Windows 10 1909 (because she got annoyed of those "Upgrade to Windows 10 because Windows 7 is out of date" type of pop ups from Microsoft). It still isn't upgraded except for the SSD and it's faster than my laptop (which is a pretty cheap laptop ngl with twice as much ram, a bit of better graphics + a little better processor). Whenever quarantine ends and I get enough money, I'll upgrade to a 512GB SSD. I have a 500GB HDD so, it is the same size (i don't think its a big differece 500 from 512) and hopefully, from 4GB of ram to 8GB. I hope that will be enough for Windows and my laptop is general to perform a bit snappier. I don't really like Linux since I'm used to Windows and hell no to a Hackintosh, because my laptop isn't compatible.
Ulises Aguilar
Ulises Aguilar 2 months ago
grate Video and information Carey , take care with this corana Virus
Mel T
Mel T 2 months ago
This is an excellent video and I have a very s l o w HP laptom from back when. If it is cost effective, I may take a crack at it and do the upgrade. It has a mechanical 500 Gb drive and 4 Gb of memory. I think this laptop will be a nice little hot upgrade so it will perform. The onlly real worry I got is the keyboard, I looks like it is falling apart. Keep up the good work, Carey. I enjoy your videos.
david white
david white 2 months ago
"just three screws away" obviously not a DELL. I had a Dell Inspiron laptop where you had to remove the keyboard, the optical drive, the screen hinges, the screen, the wireless card, the touch pad and finally the motherboard to get to the hard disk. I kid you not
Liz Brauer
Liz Brauer Month ago
i have abandoned dell altogether - pro support sux
Jefremko Artukov Luka
Arturo Roman what are you doing upgrading laptops?
Walter Hambrick
Walter Hambrick 2 months ago
Thank you.
Tad Kishi
Tad Kishi 2 months ago
A great site to go to. He is easy to listen to and clear with what he does and says. Give him a 10!
Alula Habesha
Alula Habesha 2 months ago
Thanks Carey
jjc2988 2 months ago
Thanks to this video I was able to do this to my laptop yesterday. It was my first time ever trying to do anything like this.
nieuwegeljo 2 months ago
A very informative video, well explained and WITHOUT the mistake many IT-people are making of going too fast through the various stages! MY COMPLIMENTS!!
Tarerest Ehchola
Tarerest Ehchola 2 months ago
This guy is doc oc from spider man
jose peixoto
jose peixoto 3 months ago
WOW,Carey,that very end was *awesome* wearing panasonic real hifi headphones,what music was that ; great, the whole video thanks... again... lol
tricky205 3 months ago
How did he know the SSD drive would physically fit in that frame and the laptop itself, and perfectly snap into the port? Are they all standard as to physical size and plugs?
Joshua Guenin
Joshua Guenin 2 months ago
a 2.5 inch ssd is the same size as 2.5 inch hdd. All laptops use 2.5 Inch disk drive size.
tricky205 3 months ago
With that shirt it looks like he would be in a pool hall. Don’t get me wrong, I dig it, but most IT people seem to wear polos and kakis.
Darren Gilhome
Darren Gilhome 3 months ago
great video
Some guy A
Some guy A 3 months ago
I don't know why but I really like his smile
izac izac007
izac izac007 2 months ago
Cathy vonJess
Cathy vonJess 3 months ago
Thank you so much for your sharing! I justfound your channeland have subscribed. I am curious to know if when updating a laptop if you can change from AMD Quad Core Processor to an Intel or not? Thanks for your consideration of a reply. Cathy
Joshua Guenin
Joshua Guenin 2 months ago
no, those are different sockets and different chipsets
The Mercury 13
The Mercury 13 3 months ago
*THANK YOU!* - 3rd attempt to clone via Acronis, latest new suggestion is to use 'Rescue Media Builder' - but their page then just states 'Clone', without saying from which source - I was guessing not the USB, but it's great to have someone who knows actually confirm it! - I've spent so long troubleshooting, I really can't afford to lose any more sanity 😂
Coletta Hughes
Coletta Hughes 3 months ago
Your lessons are the best :)
Greg Carey
Greg Carey 3 months ago
Thanks for sharing. I have been doing tech hardware support since 2012 and you have taught me some things I did not know. Keep up the good work.
Anakin Walser
Anakin Walser 4 months ago
its 800 BC DDR dubble data rate 800 + 800 = 1600
DJSupertel94 4 months ago
Those bottom of the line laptops are still worth saving and can be made faster than a mid range laptop by putting in an SSD and install a Linux OS on it! I have seen them go faster and more responsive with Linux than a top range laptop with windoze! on them. And yes I do know as a repair guy you have to use windows as that's what the customer requests! Interestingly Lenovo laptops just happen to be a very Linux friendly make!
Chuck Mailhot
Chuck Mailhot 4 months ago
Fantastic! Upgrading Monday after I receive the software. THANK YOU!!!
Jon Barnard
Jon Barnard 4 months ago
I've had mem test run successfuly, and then had a boot failure because the new sticks were not compatible.
Timothy Mortrud
Timothy Mortrud 4 months ago
very cool! I'LL BE BACK
Andrew Grabowski
Andrew Grabowski 4 months ago
I upgraded my 8 year old Sony vaio Intel i3. HDD to SSD by Crusial and 4GB RAM to 8GB Windows 7 to 10. Start up to Google web page is 27 Seconds so i3 is still worth it
G Loyd
G Loyd 4 months ago
Great video very informative. You make it look easy. Good work.
V Sekar
V Sekar 4 months ago
Excellent guru. Very practical. The experienced people appreciate his procedure and give him a centum for the class.
Doug Doty
Doug Doty 4 months ago
So much great and helpful information shared on your channel, thank you for sharing your knowledge
Tom Womack
Tom Womack 4 months ago
Very very useful. Thank you.
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