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I wasn't originally going to post this, it was going to be a video just for me... but I want to share this because it is important to me to be real with you. Like I said in an earlier video, you are my family. I have to be honest about my emotions and feelings with my family... plus I think this could help someone out who might be going through a tough time or even a breakup. Just remember this WILL get better, its only up from here even though at times it might seem like life sucks :)
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Jun 4, 2020




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Comments 80
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez 7 hours ago
Brooo...the way she starts smiling while crying actually breaks my heart into pieces. If I was able to I would take all their pain and put it into my life just so I could see them happy again. I saw many break ups on RUvid Over the years and after I came across this channel I had hope that they would always stay together and get married and I still do. God has a plan for them and surely they’ll find who they’re and what they want.
Nevaeh Silva
Nevaeh Silva 9 hours ago
She is so amazing and I love her so much and she is a great person and a hate that she thinks we will only like her because she was in a relationship and we love her for her and I understand where she is coming from and I feel her I feel really bad for her and I just want to know we love you so much and we will always will
Nevaeh Silva
Nevaeh Silva 9 hours ago
I literally am crying watching this and I fell so bad
Danielle Crafford
Danielle Crafford 14 hours ago
Whe alllll love you so much ❤️❤️❤️
Undisputed Era Rocks
Congratulations Gabby , you just Earned a subscriber
Escape Reality
Escape Reality 17 hours ago
One day youll watch these videos and smile.. Smile because you made one of the best choices you have made.. (At least I think you broke up with him to find yourself im not exactly sure.. But you're young and this decision is very important in your life!)
Escape Reality
Escape Reality 17 hours ago
I've said this in the other video but stay strong girl! Go ahead and find yourself don't feel guilty we love you!
gabrielle ohara
gabrielle ohara 18 hours ago
Ok watching this and thinking of how I am crying and heartbroken WE ARE THE SAME PERSON LMAO
Jalynn Sewell
Jalynn Sewell 18 hours ago
i wish you would get back together it breaks my heart
gabrielle ohara
gabrielle ohara 18 hours ago
This stuff is going to help to many people like me feel strong enough to get through this. And my name is gabrielle too so it’s like you’re talking to ME!
RGamer831 18 hours ago
Another thing when gab pranked her sister saying she cheated on jack why didn’t her sis say it’s ok he was a ass anyway but no she was like wtf why then when he came out she was happy to see they haven’t broke up I honestly think it’s just gab trying to find who she is and jack don’t know why she left so he thought it was from that text scandal if he wanted a girl there not a girl he can’t have I’m a guy Nd I’ll take his ass
Annamaria Mazzucco
Annamaria Mazzucco 19 hours ago
I want to be able to hug u and tell u that everything will be okay and that things will get better
Hay Starr
Hay Starr 19 hours ago
You don’t need him you’re beautiful and smart on your own I watch the video and it made me realize how beautiful I am so thank you and stop crying you can live without a boy
Meleena Pelech
Meleena Pelech 19 hours ago
Who got the dogs?
Kaya Kaliszuk
Kaya Kaliszuk 19 hours ago
Now this is a real break up. This is real heart break. This is how painful break ups are. They shouldn’t have anger.
Justice Steele
Justice Steele 19 hours ago
We love you for who u r 😘
asurito 20 hours ago
Sometimes you just need to take care of yourself and then take care of the world
Jordyn Zulauf
Jordyn Zulauf 21 hour ago
gab we love you for who you are
Jye Funk bros
Jye Funk bros 22 hours ago
It was a year ago and I still cry 😭😭
Jye Funk bros
Jye Funk bros 22 hours ago
It hurt way more then this it was a 5 years
Jye Funk bros
Jye Funk bros 22 hours ago
This is like when I broke up with my girlfriend
Sophie Denison
Sophie Denison 22 hours ago
And am sure we can all agree that 2020 it’s the worst year!
FaithfulFairies 1212
And I can actually relate to making videos like these that are just meant to be for me and I end up posting.. and that was exactly what I needed to get to where I needed to be. it is NOT the wrong thing, you are following your heart bby girl 💕 it only feels weird because it’s NEW, but you’re right on it.. you are right where you need to be and I’m so proud of you! ❤️ you are not alone, and keep putting yourself first.. you’re an amazing woman with an amazing heart.. you’re always going to be guided to do the right thing 💓🌸 There is no wrong way to live
FaithfulFairies 1212
Not to mention you are inspiring sooo many to just be authentic and I love you so much for that! You’re an angel ❤️ and you ARE worthy of all of this love
FaithfulFairies 1212
I am here for you, we’re here for you ❤️
FaithfulFairies 1212
I love and support you so much for speaking out and being authentic through all of this. Rubber ducky army all the way 🌸💕💓
Brieanna Star
Brieanna Star 23 hours ago
why did they breakup
Justin Gere
Justin Gere Day ago
I don’t see how people wouldn’t care about you. I like your nail colors.
the king
the king Day ago
Breakups are terrible, my rule of thumb is 1 month of hearbreak for every year in a relationship to completely heal, it's not easy but she's strong and she will get throught it and emerge stronger than ever as they say what doesnt kill you strengthens you!
*gabriel saying it's been the haaaardest time of her life* *me not being able to control my tears anymore* T^T god I hate it when people cry
Irish Rosa
Irish Rosa Day ago
why did they brake up??
Kamian Herbst
So proud of you babes ❤❤❤❤
D SiBlings
D SiBlings Day ago
You will be a Supergirl one day
John Rider
John Rider Day ago
My son is 25. Single. Virgin. Washboard stomach. And farmer. Organic gardener. He wants someone to love and love him back.
He was manipulating and abusing everything will be absolutely fine even better than when you’re out with him I’m going to find a proper man I spend the rest of your life with him not someone who uses you for click bait titles I know change can be hard especially as you have an experienced the life you’re about to have I promise it’s going to be 100% positive and take my information you’re strong you’re beautiful it won’t take long for you to find a proper boyfriend
Countrygirl 09
You’ll get through this gab... I promise
Jacob Curtis
Jacob Curtis Day ago
Hey Gabs I love you and I appreciate everything you do in this community. I’m thankful for all the support and positive influence you can put into someone’s day. One thing I have to say is you shouldn’t apologize for being upset ever. We all care about you and are here for you when you need it. Your an AWESOME person Gabs please just keep being you.
Its feels really sad she is trying hard to smile but tears cameout anyways .. babygirl you will heal you are strong evrything gonna be fine i know its not that easy but im sure you are gonna overcome thiss 💜💜💜💜 so much love for you 🧁🍭🍭🍭🍭🍬🍬
You are strong 💪 ❤️❤️❤️
Diamond Kitty
Anyone knows the reason behind their break up?
Diamond Kitty
Anyone knows the reason behind their break up tho?
Jesus aguirre
Your badass
Aleena Kirty
Aleena Kirty Day ago
We love you and you push through. Just remember you can get through this and God loves you
Xela Thomas
Xela Thomas Day ago
You are so beautiful and strong. Thank you for being positive and vulnerable at the same time
ashlynn Cunningham
You are such an amazing, strong woman! We love you so much!
Rachel Hodge
Rachel Hodge Day ago
i love YOU
OMG it’s Whitney
If I could jump through the screen and hug you, I would.
Lissaloves Day ago
Gabrielle we love you for YOU....not because you were in a relationship. We just want you to be happy! ❤️ focus on yourself and put yourself first! I’m going through a break up as well....a 2 year long relationship with someone who I loved but who didn’t treat me very well either....he made me feel like he only loved me for my body rather than for ME. Seeing what you’re going through and how you’re getting through it has been helping me realize that I made the right decision and that I will find happiness again....so THANK YOU. ❤️
Cupcake Gamer
Take your time, if you need to take breaks from youtube go ahead sis. Stay strong🥺 you will get through this💝 this will take time but you have the strength; I know you do😔💘 keep your head up and smile like there’s no tomorrow❤️
Cupcake Gamer
Take your time, if you need to take breaks from youtube go ahead sis. Stay strong🥺 you will get through this💝 this will take time but you have the strength; I know you do😔💘 keep your head up and smile like there’s no tomorrow❤️
Random Tools
Random Tools Day ago
Dude, i’m a 15 year old boy, and i’ve been watching you guys since you had like no subs, this is truly heartbreaking, and i’m not scared to admit i almost cried... i will continue to watch you guys and pray things will eventually work out for you guys and you guys become friends or something later on in life..
Larry Dunn
Larry Dunn Day ago
Little one;l am putting my arm around you now,I can promise you I will not let go!! We will all get through this together. Just think how much stronger you will be when you get through this crap and that little happy smile is back on your face .🐥🐥
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert Day ago
One reason I watched is because u did hilarious pranks everyday, are you still gunna do pranks on jack or what???
Paisley Landis
Paisley Landis 13 hours ago
you’ve gotta be joking right-
Potatochip pigs
You are loved girl who ever hates u I hate them
McKenzie Waggoner
I will never stop watching u gab I love watching your videos
Holley Desalvo
You don’t need him 💕
Alyssa Hicks
Alyssa Hicks 2 days ago
Sorry I’m a month late :/ but I would never only like you for the boy your with Im so proud to support such a wonderful person!!
Alexandria Schmaltz
We ALL love you and will support you no matter what! I swear!!! You WILL find the ONE and we know it was not jack!
L2 Swish
L2 Swish 2 days ago
While I’m crying I get a add for hooked
Denae DiMatteo
Denae DiMatteo 2 days ago
You his better be a prank I will ball my eyes out 😢😢😢
Luc 2 days ago
you shouldnt of disabled the comments on your last vid everyone would of been seportive and nice , love you gab
Landyn Vollman
Landyn Vollman 2 days ago
Hey Gab, I know this is a hard time for u and jack but just remember that you are both amazing people and that u guys will still be strong even after what has happened recently, you still put a smile on my face, that won’t ever change, I love both of you more then words are able to explain. Keep pushing girl! You’re gonna make it in life and if you’ve made it this far u will make it all the way. I’m here for ya and along with everyone else. We support you Gab❤️Stay strong 💪🏽
TheHippieSimmer 2 days ago
I don’t know you. But I’m here for you, and I love you. I’ve never even watched you guys but you just gained a new fan. You are so beautiful and strong. My boyfriend died a couple years ago, so I know how it feels to feel like you just have to accept this change that you don’t like so quickly because you don’t have a choice. You will get through this. ❤️❤️❤️
Maya Marie
Maya Marie 2 days ago
I love you Gab ❤️
Prod By Evan
Prod By Evan 2 days ago
Even her crying is attractive. Wtf
Mr. Pebbles
Mr. Pebbles 2 days ago
She still hasn’t addressed anything about Jack ?
LPS Gaming
LPS Gaming 2 days ago
Is she depressed I can feel her gabrielle always remmeber that at last only you are with you no one can be with you till end and thats the sad truth 💔 so if you need a friend to motivate you and get out from this you text me my insta is : dvirusmania1002 And i m from India 💜 I have gone through the same shit so i can understand u girl
Blk mnn
Blk mnn 2 days ago
Cringe. !!!!
Cindy O’Brien
Cindy O’Brien 2 days ago
That awkward moment when I start to cry almost the whole video with gab because I’m really sad that they broke up and because she is said but then an ad comes on...lol
Cindy O’Brien
Cindy O’Brien 2 days ago
You know what hurts the most is when she thought that we only liked her because she was in a relationship🥺🥺
Taylor Cook
Taylor Cook 2 days ago
I’m sorry you have to go through this too and I’m praying for you
Taylor Cook
Taylor Cook 2 days ago
You are beautiful, amazing , and strong and you can get through this love you 💕
Vivian Delgado
Vivian Delgado 2 days ago
this just made me sad again about my recent breakup 😣 I’m supposed to be over that ✋
phoebe Watson
phoebe Watson 2 days ago
Hey, ik im new to your channel but ik not that new to the one with you and jack. Im so happy that your pushing thru it and your brave and im so happy that your being positive. Your my favourite youtuber because of how poritive you are. Just ket your tears out its ok to cry, and i care we all care, dont you dare listen to the haters because theres only like 5 haters and millions of lovers. I love you as a friend and your soo stronge and lots of people love you for you not for your realationship with jack.
Ava Zartman
Ava Zartman 2 days ago
I love how confident you are and you stay positive we will always love you we didn’t love you just because you were in a relationship we loved you for who you are❤️❤️🥺🥺
Brandon Le
Brandon Le 2 days ago
Why’d they split?
Jaime Andrade
Jaime Andrade 2 days ago
It's all right just keep your head up stay positive you're beautiful and continue to worry about yourself it is time that you do that and don't worry about what other people think about you and I love your funny videos you always make me laugh and live a positive side to my life and I like it continued Gabby you are awesomejust saying you have a really beautiful smile as well
GRANDPA_GLOCK 2 days ago
Gabrielle it annoys me how you think jack cheated the facts are their he did not . Smh. do what ever you want but have fun crying for no reason
Esperanza Barrera
you’re so ignorant. she said this didn’t happen overnight. there was probably other things going on. this is something that NO ONE is allowed to hate on right now.
Kelly Fahey
Kelly Fahey 2 days ago
Hey you dont know me but I'm here for you and here to support you. The thing is I kinda know what you are going through. I wasnt in a relationship as long, infact almost 6months and we broke up just under one month ago but I know you are hurting much more than me. but pain is pain and I know how much it hurts. And your positivity is helping me so thank you. I know you will get there, you will get through this
Blynxz 2 days ago
😂 yay they broke up
Marcus biggerstaff
And Jack cared about you so much its just hard to realize it right now but he still does care about you and you are one of the only things that he does care about
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