Update 1.7.1. The Soviet Double-Barreled Tank Branch in World of Tanks!

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A new Soviet tank branch has appeared with Update 1.7.1 for World of Tanks. There are three double-barreled tanks: the IS-2-II, IS-3-II, and ST-II. So how do tanks with two guns work? What features and new terms will players need to familiarize themselves with? Watch this video to find the answers to these questions and more. Enjoy!
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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 256
wiliam primrose
wiliam primrose 13 days ago
germany had a muti turret tank, equipped with ships guns..lol.. plus anti aircraft guns, and a crew of 18....if i recall, this tank had 8 guns....
wiliam primrose
wiliam primrose 13 days ago
cant wait for the american inflatable tanks to appear.... ..
Magnus&Jaexen 19 days ago
But no console release of it...😔
Drew Bond
Drew Bond 22 days ago
I'm skeptical about the IS 2 II and IS 3 II. I can't find any historical record of the them
Naufal Hakim
Naufal Hakim 24 days ago
Meanwhile in the corner : *M3 Lee crying
Boris Janzer
Boris Janzer 24 days ago
A good Choice. I let my Prem account and no more Money for Wargaming. Thanks for this decision! :-) ST II with 2500 HP... Never ever Money again Dudes. Much Fun with your Phantasie Non-Killable Objekts and MadTanks- U Only can Play this game drunk in Future...
WillFN 24 days ago
Make a controller option
Devon MacDonald
Devon MacDonald 25 days ago
Update the IS4.
Nathan Grenz
Nathan Grenz 26 days ago
i wonder how much vodka these men had when they came up with this
Gonzalo 26 days ago
What is this joke.
H C 26 days ago
Alder Alexander
Alder Alexander 26 days ago
Is this coming in world of tank blitz to??
EXE Sasser
EXE Sasser 27 days ago
I swear to god.... If these things get implemented on console... I swear to god...
NeoXenoZ 27 days ago
Looks like they shared some game mechanics with World of Warships
Ricky Chu
Ricky Chu 27 days ago
easter egg here, P. 1000 Ratte at the ending :)
Ramza 27 days ago
sad that I cant have a standard round for tracking and a heat round for once the opponent is stuck.
Ramza 27 days ago
always love the music
kirkpanzer 27 days ago
First Clown cars Then Soviet two barrel tanks - the cartoons continue. WG = We were having trouble coming up with more Soviet bias so we just said F**k it lets make double barrel tanks that should do it.
Fäderneslandet 28 days ago
No one: Literally nobody: Not a single soul: Wargaming: DoUbLe-BaRrElEd SoViEt TaNkS!
darkrage1138 28 days ago
please NEVER put this on console, thanks.
osmacar 28 days ago
You guys are the new Vickers, how big is your cone bucket budget
Stephen Ullom
Stephen Ullom 28 days ago
What more could you want? "Information probably." ROFL
Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Chaplain
IS-4: *cries in corner of garage* Why not replace it since it's not getting buffed and put the ST-II at tier X instead?
Euan Seaton
Euan Seaton 28 days ago
Should have added some lower tier tanks like the ZSU etc
German Galvan
German Galvan 28 days ago
Hey guys an extra barrel is not enough, we also need more depression angle a better stabilizer and of course... more armor!
MahNutz AreFresh
MahNutz AreFresh 29 days ago
The bob semple tank would be awesome if it was added. Too bad its way too op to be added
TheFunesto 29 days ago
Yey...someday, I'll be able to use the 75mm gun of the Maus. 🙄
Vitalis Primus
Vitalis Primus 29 days ago
Can't wait for this on console
Lil Luminati
Lil Luminati 29 days ago
Wargaming *adds double barreled tanks* People who have been playing the m3 Lee, Char b1, Churchill 1: "Am I a joke to you?
Jakab Roland Ferenc
Maus 75mm smal gun
Lugiathan 27 days ago
sad KV-4 noises
Dylan De Vre
Dylan De Vre 29 days ago
New tank p1000 ratte xD also 2 cannons
ADG bois
ADG bois 29 days ago
Console ?!
Oculus Angelicus
Oculus Angelicus 29 days ago
Looks like Power creep has become an all out sprint!
TankandSpank 29 days ago
Red Alert 1 - Hell March
elite brother captain TANK ZEUS
Wen IVAN get to durke in the tank factory
Mata Tatu
Mata Tatu 29 days ago
Noop...is not soo good
WeepWeep 222
WeepWeep 222 29 days ago
😍 RATTE!!!
UnnamedSeeker 29 days ago
Venomus vixen
Venomus vixen Month ago
looks like the red alert soviet tanks are invading from westwood timeline
What's next, a flying tank that shoots lasers out of its exhaustpipe?
Tim Hoang
Tim Hoang Month ago
when is this coming to xbox or PS?
HendraSTK 86
HendraSTK 86 Month ago
Yeah, very historically accurate
Magnus&Jaexen 19 days ago
@HendraSTK 86 not literally. But rather, there were real blueprints for the mechanism in place decades ago. But they were scrapped.
HendraSTK 86
HendraSTK 86 19 days ago
@Magnus&Jaexen yepp i agree about that. What im saying is, are Double barreled tanks even exist In The world?:v
Magnus&Jaexen 19 days ago
Actually, it's a viable thing. Loading two cannons within the same vehicle is a valid and effective mechanism. With two shells being fired at the same time, it would cause more strain on the armor of a target, making repeated fire on it much more effective. And it would work realistically if you take some time to think about it.
Lukas 112
Lukas 112 Month ago
Buff VK 36.01 H
STORMIU Month ago
I’m kinda glad I left this game when I did, it’s just to unrealistic and silly anymore
JC 117
JC 117 Month ago
Watch wot console team make a reskin version with a 3shot auto loader for each gun and sell it for like 14k gold
Luke Shelswell
Luke Shelswell Month ago
It may have armour but gold ammo goes through anything
Robjohn Aducal
Robjohn Aducal Month ago
So when will we gat the ratte?
Goldeneye118 Month ago
good now make all those tanks with a second cannon working too
The Blue Reverse Card
Jeez and i thought WoTb was crazy enough with agtm
Michael Crites
Michael Crites Month ago
So those are the tanks C&C Red Alert got their inspiration from for those Soviet tanks
Luftwaffel Month ago
Wait, I thought World of Tanks already had a double barreled tank, the MTLS-1GI4.
Will these be in blitz
Justin Durante
Justin Durante Month ago
Me after seeing the history sections: "So that's where Command and Conquer got it's inspiration for double-barreled tanks."
Ngutovi Chishi
Ngutovi Chishi Month ago
How about more German tanks?
Yu Cedrick
Yu Cedrick Month ago
German: ha One bIg barrels is enough for those big tanks Soviet: Make it two barrels for two big tanks America: Make it quadraple cannons for four big tanks
Miss Celine
Miss Celine 10 days ago
There is the door --> *| -.|*
Overtizie 28 days ago
america actually make 6 go look out the M50 Ontos
nik t
nik t Month ago
is this an april fools joke or is WoT finally going full Fantasy?
Doomer 4ever
Doomer 4ever Month ago
it's not a joke
Dilshod Ababakirov
Death Is coming
Death Is coming Month ago
Came here due to interest, left with a mighty need for a P.1000
Jet Streamer
Jet Streamer Month ago
Mark Howard
Mark Howard Month ago
Killed tanks by introducing wheeled combat cars... Now even more so by more overpowered Russian bias...
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