Update 1.7.1: Double-Barreled Soviet Tanks!

World of Tanks Europe
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A new Soviet tank branch has appeared with Update 1.7.1 for World of Tanks. There are three double-barreled tanks: the IS-2-II, IS-3-II, and ST-II. So how do tanks with two guns work? What features and new terms will players need to familiarize themselves with? Watch this video to find the answers to these questions and more. Enjoy! tanks.ly/2Ob1AiH
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Jan 24, 2020




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World of Tanks Europe
Colossal Double-Barreled Heavies Are Coming! Excited?
king lols ligeza
king lols ligeza 6 months ago
Double barrel arty
king lols ligeza
king lols ligeza 6 months ago
@Dorinel that would suck for these who not play arty lol so i dont think they add double barrel
king lols ligeza
king lols ligeza 6 months ago
13:14 uhhh you adin this??¿¿¡¡!!
ᴇxᴏᴠᴀʀɢ 7 months ago
Historical no sense Game the Projects never existed...
The Imperator
The Imperator 7 months ago
Horizon 11 days ago
Imagine we could use all the weapons/guns that are on the tanks.
AMIROLL995DFND 15 days ago
This is why i love soviets tank
Fan Jerry
Fan Jerry Month ago
It came... from Red Alert...
Henry Lu
Henry Lu Month ago
Still waiting for the Lee & Char B to get the same treatment
Delta Red
Delta Red Month ago
It is Soviet Apocalypse Tank from Red Alert 2-3
Ojibwe Gaming
Ojibwe Gaming Month ago
Only PC ?
Nihar Potluri
Nihar Potluri Month ago
Is this coming to Wot Blitz?
Edson Kidwell
Edson Kidwell Month ago
Armor is hysterical for firefights. FUNNY. Wish I may WISH I might. First star I see each nigjt.
Edson Kidwell
Edson Kidwell Month ago
Amen ERA. TANKS. Now. It gets interesting. Thank you world of tanks TANKERS. THIS WILL BE FUN but in ERA. Counters. Like ERA tanks With close. Qualities. Trinity wise. Lol. Intense. Close. As more come to fruition it will to all become obvious. Where the ERA versus tier Issue separates. Things. This allows Amazing opportunities to explore all the what ifs. Gamers have ASKED Since World at war. Momma of world of TANKS TANKS
T.M. Penguin
T.M. Penguin 2 months ago
Mr. Krabs
Blitz was two years ahead of you guys with the helsing XD
Ábel Megyaszai
Ábel Megyaszai 2 months ago
Where is the old narrator? :(
Ercan ÖZEK
Ercan ÖZEK 3 months ago
703 II, IS-2-II IS-3-II and ST-II: We are the first double barreled tanks! maus, e100 and maybe mtls-1g14 : are you sure about that?
nadija tajan
nadija tajan 3 months ago
I hunt a muse and E-100 by ST-II today
Demirkan Yıldız
Demirkan Yıldız 3 months ago
i need wheeled arty
Alex Armani
Alex Armani 3 months ago
Mammoths tank
MrCalhoun 3 months ago
Just a stupid story to legitimate including C&C-style tanks.
Undyne 4 months ago
Whats next? Triple 183mm guns with 0 dispersion and aiming time, shells automatically hit the enemy, 803mm of pen, 450mm of armour all around, 2 seconds of reload and 200 kmh of speed
George P
George P 4 months ago
Bastards, this is broken, has too much gun flexibility
Matthew 4 months ago
Wait till soviet double barrel heavies with auto-reloading guns and hydro-pneumatic suspensions show up... as a premium tanks
StovesAreDumb 4 months ago
So... Just better than their normal counterparts in every way?
Ata Bayman
Ata Bayman 4 months ago
c&c red alert anyone?
Jeff De Jose
Jeff De Jose 5 months ago
Armageddon will wait. We will bury them.
Siblings Hong
Siblings Hong 5 months ago
Red Alert 1 Soviet Heavy tank come to life.
Zeus QQ
Zeus QQ 5 months ago
Double-Bias Soviet heavy tank
Shrekha 5 months ago
"Taste your mortality."
falgouxdu61 5 months ago
C'est quoi le titre de la musique a 1:53 ?
WoxicS 5 months ago
Just give the Ru-251 the HEATFS shell. that armor will look like a massive meaty target for the Ru then.
De SS 5 months ago
Imagine, KV-2-ll
Da Cat
Da Cat 6 months ago
Me : How big is the Russian bias in WOT ? WG : Double
A YouTube M8
A YouTube M8 6 months ago
Im thinking of pve battle where we have to survive waves and the last wave we will be facing the ratte
White Wolf
White Wolf 6 months ago
'Can disappoint a opponent of any tier' SPG's: are yes two barrels Vs long range salt. We still disappoint you more.
ETHAN Jarvis
ETHAN Jarvis 6 months ago
SOVIET BIAS! Give the Germans some love!
Piotr Montgomery
Piotr Montgomery 7 months ago
The IS 3-2 is the best one.
PlayerOne 7 months ago
can we please get MAUS-3 ?
Lil' Legit
Lil' Legit 7 months ago
Russia: we got new double barrel cannon tanks Germany: We want our waffentrager e100 back
Matej 7 months ago
Still waiting for Tiger 2 buff
Tenacitybrit 7 months ago
If you actually read this WG, heres an idea for rebalancing the German heavy tanks, the ones in the E100 line: Drop them all a tier lower and release a new tier 10 German heavy tank, I mean its nothing you haven't done before (Remember the T30 you changed into a tier 9 TD?)
Timothy Pak
Timothy Pak 7 months ago
Rjsh Hoeba
Rjsh Hoeba 7 months ago
please can you talk normal, you sound like introducing a western movie
Watch Ryder
Watch Ryder 7 months ago
Now give the Maus a functioning double barrel (75mm paired with a 128mm primary) please?
Rjsh Hoeba
Rjsh Hoeba 7 months ago
looking forward to use the double barreled but not looking forward to get destroyed by these things
Joni 8 months ago
When you find "blueprints" of jet engine Maus with 6 guns. When comes Ratte tank. You ruin that game. Thank you.
Beke Denes
Beke Denes 8 months ago
What is the use of every other tank in the game now all usless good job WG these and the wheeled cars ruined the whole game congratulations keep it up
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 8 months ago
Well could we ever be able to use other guns on tanks Like M3 hull and turret guns?
G L 8 months ago
So monumentally dumb.....
Peppe peppe
Peppe peppe 8 months ago
on Xbox this patch when it is available?
Lone wolf
Lone wolf 8 months ago
Yea realistic like star treak
just someone
just someone 8 months ago
double barrel double trouble
PRESQUE PRES 8 months ago
When you shoot a dubble shot into a house that you can destroy. Will 1 shot destroy the house and 1 shot the enemy? Or do both of the shots go into the building?
knight me 2 150
knight me 2 150 8 months ago
Niw everybody will cry that they r op but they r not op. U all just r noobs
E ten Brink
E ten Brink 8 months ago
absurd next 3 barrels?
jonáš Belko
jonáš Belko 8 months ago
WG: hmmm SSSR have top tanks in a game, so go add some more OP tanks to the game for SSSR
Legendary Sandwich
Legendary Sandwich 8 months ago
This video completely feels like a TV commersial lmao
Ryan Christian
Ryan Christian 8 months ago
Why do I saw MY Poor German Tech Tree being the punchingbag for this yet-another-russian tank? Not just 1 tier but all of them in their respective tiers? First VK45.02A, then the B, and then the Pz. Kpfw. VII? Come on, even you yourselves shows how bad that tech tree is!
butuc albert
butuc albert 8 months ago
i do not like what they create
BIG EUGENE 8 months ago
когда обнова на евро сервере???
HEROL HENRY 8 months ago
How about a KV-2-2? or ISU-152-2?
Sky Walkers
Sky Walkers 8 months ago
What about wot blitz is it gonna update like this??? Pls!
Davor Novosel
Davor Novosel 8 months ago
The one french fcm.36
Now it wouldn't be WoT if they could actually shoot the both guns Please WoT make the 2 turret tanks shoot from the both turrets
Leon Zajgar
Leon Zajgar 8 months ago
It's better to add yugoslavian tanks then this
bird heavy
bird heavy 8 months ago
Developer plz add double barrel too in wotb
Hammburger77 8 months ago
night battle tank, maybe...
Archange Zethus
Archange Zethus 8 months ago
World of Tanks meets Red Alert
RodjeniBrcak 8 months ago
Qukybabys wish came True or better nos its xp and silver and not$¥€£
wargaming replays
wargaming replays 8 months ago
Hold on at the end of the video why was there a rat bro I hope you add them to the game but that would be op right
T.U.M Midori
T.U.M Midori 8 months ago
Soviet Power Supreme ~Apocalypse Tank
Tank man Gaming
Tank man Gaming 8 months ago
I was not expecting this
Freddy Li
Freddy Li 8 months ago
"I am not accepting defeat!" - Apocalypse Tank
SergioIII Villablanca
WORLD OF TANKS is the best tank game in my whole life
Trevor Drakenor
Trevor Drakenor 8 months ago
Reminds me of the March of War Conqueror Tank, an absolute menace to both infantry and heavier battle tank because of its 2 split incendiary shot and high anti tank damage.... ahh the good ol days.... the nostalgia got me re downloading the world of tanks now.
Emilio Vega
Emilio Vega 8 months ago
The amount of german tanks being destroyed in this soviet video is too damn high!!!
Zoltan Nagy
Zoltan Nagy 8 months ago
When is this update coming to ps4? In 2099?
•Peacekeeper• 8 months ago
When will this be released?? 🙁
World of Tanks Europe
Hey Peacekeeper, today is the preload, hopefully you can start playing the new content already this week. -thePhilX
pajda 179
pajda 179 8 months ago
Hello please get big boxes next christmast free please
Steven Lee
Steven Lee 8 months ago
"Artillery systems with several barrels made their battlefield debut hundreds of years ago." *Just another excuse for moar Ruski Bias*
Hussain 144
Hussain 144 8 months ago
*Crys In M3 Lee*
kalbasa adidas
kalbasa adidas 8 months ago
Wot being unrealistic trash as always
remco moerland
remco moerland 8 months ago
Scary, wg talking about triple barreled artillary.
World of Tanks Europe
Prepare yourself :P
Manuel Alba
Manuel Alba 8 months ago
P-1000 Ratte And P-1500 Monster : *Here I come.*
Cain Hager
Cain Hager 8 months ago
When is the update coming out? I've got the 50k on my kv3 in order to research the tier 8, just waiting on it to drop
Cain Hager
Cain Hager 8 months ago
@World of Tanks Europe awesome, thanks.
World of Tanks Europe
Hey Cain, preload can be done today already, if everything goes according to plan, you can start playing the update this week already. -thePhilX
A chance Of fire
A chance Of fire 8 months ago
Double tracks, double barrels, what next double premium time
Ryan Christian
Ryan Christian 8 months ago
You're close but nope! You forgot Double Armor! No HEATs and no APCRs can effectively pen it! They'll slowly replacing Every Nation's Specialties so that Russia will be the most favored one.
Uncle BobMarley
Uncle BobMarley 8 months ago
Soeren Klaus
Soeren Klaus 8 months ago
Community: no one likes those dumbass double barelled bias machines WG: here you have several *soviet* double barrel tanks
Kristian Fagerström
WTF? What's next? flying saucers and death rays? WoT is turning into a bad comic.
Bryle Salvador
Bryle Salvador 8 months ago
Waiting for these babies to come.
cesarrekt99 - Making Trance great again
Of course, russian tanks.
Bruno Grsic
Bruno Grsic 8 months ago
Give us salvo on Amx 50B
Sorin Mitrea
Sorin Mitrea 8 months ago
Wait for a Double barreled SPG!!!
Alegzandar Duhov
Alegzandar Duhov 8 months ago
how about showing the the chances of penetration with gold because 70% of the players on high tiers shoot gold and his armor would be much less convinient... Just like any other tanks that rely heavy on armor, the type5 for example, with AP he's a challenge for tier 10 tds even, but when the enemies load gold ammunition, he's like an rhm honestly... Hull - penetration, turret -if not on the gun - penetration.... It's finally time to nerf gold ammunition somehow it's making the tanks that heavily rely on armor much less enjoyable... Not to mention that they also have to face 3 artileries at the same time as well which makes it complete HELL. -from a beta tester of yours
james the handsome
james the handsome 8 months ago
E100 with 2 128mm flak
james the handsome
james the handsome 8 months ago
@World of Tanks Europe 128 seems balance gun than 150
World of Tanks Europe
What about using the 15cm gun for the double barrel E-100 instead :D -thePhilX
Toza Stamenic
Toza Stamenic 8 months ago
next is nuke tank ..
A1samo 8 months ago
Too early for april fool
Sujit 8 months ago
When will you make the game more balanced again? It was all fun and games until the bias took a new level....
shadow_king 8 months ago
I just dont have tanks :((
John McCall
John McCall 8 months ago
Nah, sorry guys but these things aren't that tough.
Whitecone 8 months ago
The 2 coolest thing you made boys the first is to add bots to the game its been years and your not doing it such a shame, and this is the reason i stoped playing the game!
PunisherXOmega 8 months ago
Oh no way really a new soviet tech tree who would've guessed!
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