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What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?
Welcome to Unus Annus. Today marks the beginning of our year-long journey where the only certainty is the end. In exactly 365 days this channel will be deleted along with all of the daily uploads accumulated since then. Nothing will be saved. Nothing will be reuploaded.
This is your one chance to join us at the onset of our adventure. To be there from the beginning. To make every second count. Subscribe now and relish what little time we have left or have the choice made for you as we disappear from existence forever. But remember... everything has an end. Even you.
Memento mori.
Unus annus.
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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 31 811
Maggie Norris
Maggie Norris 23 days ago
For those who don't know, "unus annus" is "one year" in Latin. The more you know! ❤️
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 days ago
Mark Dordas
Mark Dordas 14 days ago
*idk one anus*
Victor00123HD 22 days ago
I guessed as much, in Romanian, its 'un an' close enough XD
Mike Flores
Mike Flores 22 days ago
Maggie Norris wow thanks
Mari 215
Mari 215 22 days ago
Big brain
Ayla MoonWolf
Ayla MoonWolf Hour ago
*when you wanna buy merch to remember this channel but you can’t coz ur mum will think your weird*
{MR} ••pexi••
Unus got a thing in his annus
Josh Keating
Josh Keating 2 hours ago
How long until they make duobus annus?
Havoc Entertainment
Alright everyone download all the videos so we can reupload them!
heh water is bad for you
*downloads videos* I've brought mom back
Hayley Powell
Hayley Powell 3 hours ago
Online video converter here I come!
Captain Rick
Captain Rick 6 hours ago
Why is Ethan reminding me of Byers from X Files?
Chelcie Holly
Chelcie Holly 6 hours ago
Can I have ur channel?
Maximus 7 hours ago
sepao 7 hours ago
alright everyone start downloading already
Enclave Soldier
Enclave Soldier 7 hours ago
One Anus.
Enclave Soldier
Enclave Soldier 7 hours ago
*Downloads all the videos.*
CoinWasher 8 hours ago
If I could have it back ; All the time that we wasted , I'd only waste it again . If I could have it back , You know I would love to waste it again . Waste it again and again and again ...
TangyMango 8 hours ago
In Spanish it supposed to mean one year but they pronounce it horribly
CyberSaurus0829 8 hours ago
Did I just join a cult?
Spike05x x
Spike05x x 8 hours ago
Diamond guy
Diamond guy 9 hours ago
I am going to save all your videos.
Infin8PAIN 10 hours ago
Viva Aeterna
mila harvey
mila harvey 10 hours ago
If I had 1 year to live I would eat chips stay home and not got to school
mila harvey
mila harvey 10 hours ago
KanepiSFM 10 hours ago
Dude Someone is just going to download all the vids and repost them lol
Mr. Constellation
Mr. Constellation 10 hours ago
I read it as unus anus
pat 11 hours ago
GhostlyDean 11 hours ago
The thumbnail screams: "You know I had to do it to em."
AkMaizing 11 hours ago
well, at least now i have something to do next year
Max Ramos
Max Ramos 11 hours ago
I'll just downlowd all the vids then durr
Abbey Lucas
Abbey Lucas 11 hours ago
Markiplier I suffer with depressionand when I watch your videos that helps it makes me laugh and stuff and it doesn't make me want to cut I fell and know that I'm just some stupid life form on this thank you and please don't get rid of your channel
Abbey Lucas
Abbey Lucas 11 hours ago
Scotty-h 12 hours ago
This is such a creative concept!
JoseBe Drippin
JoseBe Drippin 12 hours ago
Markiplier are you even alright?
Ashton Parker
Ashton Parker 13 hours ago
Mark really be on that strong new bullshit huh 😂😂 welp whatever still gonna sub
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename 14 hours ago
i thought the name was an anus joke, man
Battle Sword
Battle Sword 14 hours ago
Jokes on you youtube to mp4
Belovedtuba 5331
Belovedtuba 5331 14 hours ago
I just realised that this channel is supposed to represent death and how we can’t escape it
skyler green
skyler green 14 hours ago
Someone needs to download all.ig the videos and post then at the end
_uwu_you_so_warm _
_uwu_you_so_warm _ 15 hours ago
This isn't spy Kids all the time in the world tf
Saya Says
Saya Says 16 hours ago
W-what is this-
Sophia Anderson
Sophia Anderson 16 hours ago
Wait... *2020 is a leap year, so it won't be a full year when the channel is deleted.*
Stephen SoMiami
Stephen SoMiami 18 hours ago
Any guesses for how many subscribers this channel will have each day? I shall post my prediction each day and update it daily. You guys are welcome to join in and let's see who is the closest? Warning: Competition ends on 10 November 2020 at 12:00 pm ist December 7: 10.5 million subscribers
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