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Nov 26, 2019




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Comments 2 421
CrankGameplays Month ago
Make sure to go in the description and check out the sweet sweet high-jinx on Unus Annus. ALSO! Soft Boi merch AND new Black Friday exclusive merch coming this friday on 👀www.crankgameplays,.com 👀
Apostrophied Tilde
Hey Ethanz where did "Soft Boi" come from?
Suzanne 4 days ago
I am Here for MORAL Support to Help Ethan hit ONE MILLION SUBS> IT WILL HAPPEN DEAR. I don't know exactly when you switched your ADHD Medication but I KNOW it was AFTER this video. You are so much better on the new meds. I am so happy for you. And you are fun to watch now. Sorry dear you were extremely annoying before. (and I can say that because I have been...most likely still am annoying) Much love to you Ethan. btw I love spencer
howuplay35 jess
howuplay35 jess 5 days ago
Am I the only one who reads the channel as unus anus
DARK WOLF 9 days ago
Dont worry... i forgot your name for the first video but... hey ethan
DARK WOLF 9 days ago
It will live on in my cousins memory... HIS MEMORY ON HIS MAC...
Porter Neff
Porter Neff 22 hours ago
Hey Ethan, Have you.... been bitten by the hog?????
Tamagoaway Day ago
Will you have to delete this video too, since it mentions Unus Annus?
General Soldier
0:36 you did it buddy congo🥳🥳
Emily Trigger
who else is here after he hit 1 Mill subs?
Aura The Gamer
I saw this and saw that he hit a mil subs, I'm so happy for him!
ConMan21 Studios
ConMan21 Studios 2 days ago
Trey Morrison
Trey Morrison 2 days ago
I like (fairly) serious Ethan.
Sharmin Ahmed
Sharmin Ahmed 2 days ago
Alternative title: Heapass yells at reuploaders for a while
Dayton Lucas
Dayton Lucas 2 days ago
And 69k likes
Dayton Lucas
Dayton Lucas 2 days ago
As I’m watching this it’s at 666k views
Jake Hague
Jake Hague 2 days ago
666k veiws
Dayton Lucas
Dayton Lucas 2 days ago
Not using dark mode what a heathen
Stranix the 23
Stranix the 23 2 days ago
jade the skelehuman
This video is at 666k views
Clara-Soul 2 days ago
I’m watching this at 666k views, it’s so perfect
The Mensington
The Mensington 2 days ago
Views 666k Likes 69k Let’s get the dislikes to 420k
Silas Lewis
Silas Lewis 2 days ago
As I'm watching this, this video is at 666k views, and 69k likes.
Grayson W
Grayson W 2 days ago
I agree. 666k Views. Its not news. I agree.
COOPDOG 2 days ago
I love how Ethan's voice from serious and normal, and then high
Kenzie thePiñata
Me, 2 days into Unus Annus: Will there be a second one next year once this channel gets deleted?
Savy Suhm
Savy Suhm 2 days ago
Why are you deleting it after a year🥺
AwesomeAlex500 3 days ago
This video should be titled “Ethan realises that Mark is more famous than him”
Bobby TheAnt
Bobby TheAnt 3 days ago
Unus Annus is too good to be deleted... ;-;
Antonio Lomeli
Antonio Lomeli 3 days ago
There’s gotta be someone who’s gonna record all of the videos right...?
Lord Dekorr
Lord Dekorr 3 days ago
Deleate youre seperate channels and just do UNNUS ANNUS
Novus Talks
Novus Talks 4 days ago
I will be sad when unus annus ends. Not enough people are subscribing
April Simmons
April Simmons 4 days ago
I really don't want the channel to be deleted, these videos are the funniest videos in the world and i never want it to stop . Ive watched the building the dog "house" at least 5 times now and you guys never fail to make me laugh ...i will 100% be very sad when it's over ... :(
BlazingFun 4 days ago
wtf i didn't know you have a YT channel
ima fish
ima fish 4 days ago
Lol. The Pacer test is part of the disclaimer??? 😂
Eli Masters
Eli Masters 4 days ago
0:06 Them n64 days
jason myneni
jason myneni 4 days ago
The 1,000,000 in 5 days may have something to do with mark’s 20,000,000 subscribers
guy 4 days ago
I wanted to watch cooking with sex toys But it be age restricted
Nicki Rippa
Nicki Rippa 5 days ago
I love Ethan.
Two Hatchets
Two Hatchets 5 days ago
I want part 2!!
Gaming with Aiden
You activated my Siri somehow!?!?
Joystick_Jake 6 days ago
Hey if you read this comment, don’t forget about the paintball that mark can shoot you with 😁
Mike Sinclair
Mike Sinclair 6 days ago
Here's how you can gain more subs. Make longer videos. Play more games since well GamePlays is in your name.
use_alt_love _
use_alt_love _ 6 days ago
How are you pumping out vids so fast. How much did you prefilm. I love unus annus but dont want y'all to get burnt out
Meep Merp
Meep Merp 6 days ago
The only thing I read during 1:39 was fitness gram pacer test
Moonkat TheDemon
Moonkat TheDemon 6 days ago
I read the thing at 1:35 and are you talking in your sleep? I never thought wouldn't see the FitnessGram-Pacer Test again
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 6 days ago
I might actually cry when unus annus is gone DoNt jUgDe mE
camp_bosh 7 days ago
little did ethan know, some of his videos would be deleted due to unus annus
Luminty 7 days ago
Imagine not living in the era of Unus Annus
Jamie Morgan
Jamie Morgan 7 days ago
You can say these videos are really good because they are. Their freaking hilarious. Even the videos I thought I wouldn't like are even funny as hell. If you see a Unus Annus video and think "eh, I wouldn't like that one" no watch it, trust me EVERY video is hilarious.
Layla Hopkins
Layla Hopkins 7 days ago
no don get rid of the unnus annus channeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Jeebleman 8 days ago
Can you do this again? Fresssssssh memes
Allix Fiscus
Allix Fiscus 8 days ago
Elizabeth Turney
Elizabeth Turney 8 days ago
Listen to the disclaimer in 0.25 speed
MuffinLicker 9 days ago
ew light mode
ChrystaRose 9 days ago
Ethan we are super proud of youuuuu 🥰
Lori Shalz
Lori Shalz 9 days ago
Unnus anus unnus anus
Justin Military oh
6:14 The E m *e* me returnes
Preston's Policy
Preston's Policy 9 days ago
You remind me of my friend Carolyne
Jojo Carli
Jojo Carli 9 days ago
> Nobody reuploads the videos > Internet Archive has the last say
ioana Nitu
ioana Nitu 10 days ago
etha = deval mark = aingel
Reaper4014 10 days ago
I just realized you two do realize this year is a leap year so we don't 365 this year it's 366 days this year
Isaiah Rashad
Isaiah Rashad 10 days ago
How is he gonna manage the reuploads
furry boy
furry boy 10 days ago
Hi I'm a time traveler from the year 2020. By the way is van gets demolished
Forsaken Chances
Forsaken Chances 11 days ago
Ethan I love you, you are such an amazing creator and big ball of good vibes and I appreciate it so much!
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