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Nov 26, 2019




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Comments 60
CrankGameplays 8 months ago
Make sure to go in the description and check out the sweet sweet high-jinx on Unus Annus. ALSO! Soft Boi merch AND new Black Friday exclusive merch coming this friday on 👀www.crankgameplays,.com 👀
KyaCeption Kya
KyaCeption Kya 26 days ago
@Elias Farias No, but no one can stop you, so...
Elias Farias
Elias Farias 27 days ago
how's Cookie Clicker going?
Elias Farias
Elias Farias 27 days ago
@TheLegend158 go for it bro
Elias Farias
Elias Farias 27 days ago
didn't the hypnotherapist say that even if you download it and keep it for yourself, it won't be the same because you can't comment or subscribe or like. And it will be different. welp, I'm going to grillbys.
Elias Farias
Elias Farias 27 days ago
is it ok to donwlode the videos but not uploaded
Lead_Marie 3 days ago
When Unus Annus ends in 4 months the only thing that shall remain are random little out of context clips that people have reuploaded and I can just imagine someone new finding a clip of Ethan and Mark drawing each other naked and not being able to find any other context
RinChi Animations
Is he gonna delete this vid?????
The midnight train
Will this be deleted with unnas annus
penelope floyd
penelope floyd 4 days ago
Just Ignore
Just Ignore 5 days ago
Ethan: Talking about how nice having Unus Annus is and how fun and great it's been Me: Can't stop looking at the "Walk a mile in these louboutins" artwork
Anthony Chang
Anthony Chang 5 days ago
Make a part two near the end of the channel.
Maxyme Prévost-Girard
After hearing about fake YT Unus Annus channels in this video and now, 8 months later, seeing a shit ton of channels still up. Guys, respect the fucking wish of the content creators.
Atsuhiro Sako
Atsuhiro Sako 5 days ago
*My mom walking past me* Ethan everytime she does: _Sex toys_
MrYoongzBias 6 days ago
It's so sad to see this video that was uploaded (basically) when the Unus Annus channel was, and knowing it's so close to being over.
Shady_Senpai 8 days ago
Looking back at this, Eef looks really strange without his baby beard
Alyssa Crowe
Alyssa Crowe 9 days ago
Me reading the first half of the message: yeah, it is pretty wrong to disrespect the intent of Unus Annus Me reading the second half of the message: *pacer flashbacks*
Kiara 10 days ago
cries in memory loss problems
Martin- Multiplex Alanis Autobot
Hey man you hit one million Came back here because i remember you being sad 💙💜💙 and am from the furture
sleepy smart boy
sleepy smart boy 11 days ago
I love Unus Annus but it's also such a hard concept for me. I have a hard time with psychosis and unreality (knowing whether memories are fabricated) and, while I'm having fun now, my mental health is likely to tank in November and I know it. I can't download the videos because of the whole dying wishes thing, so I'm not really going to have any evidence that I didn't just make the whole thing up and this entire year wasn't just fabricated. Usually with smaller things people talk about I can have proof that I know it happened due to all the evidence but that evidence isn't going to exist. Sorry to rant, I'm just getting antsy because of how quickly time is running out.
0cean 101
0cean 101 12 days ago
Is eef gonna delete this vid?
Schmoxy the Snob
Schmoxy the Snob 12 days ago
I miss Tyler
Maguire Adams
Maguire Adams 12 days ago
This video will be deleted with UNUS ANNUS right?
good morning
good morning 13 days ago
I can’t believe it’s been seven months
angewomon143 13 days ago
I won’t remember unus Annas once it’s deleted, my conspiracy theory about unus Annas is one of them has a terminal illness and the last vid they post will reveal who has the terminal disease and then it’ll go away and so will the one who has the terminal illness
XxJune_SavagexX 22 days ago
Im ganna get depressed when unus annus ends..👁💧👄💧👁
Butt Hole
Butt Hole 22 days ago
Everything that comes out of Ethan's mouth is pure fucking comedy and you can't change my mind-
Blue Fire
Blue Fire 23 days ago
I accidentally left the video speed on x2 and the intro was f*cking hilarious 😂😂
Larissa Harvey
Larissa Harvey 23 days ago
are you guys stay friends under the shade be finished
Logan S
Logan S 24 days ago
I absolutely love the Unus Annus videos, and I’m gonna be so sad when they’re deleted, but I’m also really excited for when no one can watch them anymore and my friends and I are making references no one will ever understand
evaakineva 24 days ago
Ethan your voice went like 10x deeper talking about mark
Holly Posluszny
Holly Posluszny 24 days ago
You remind me of my brother . You even look like him ... or he looks like you , cos he is 12 . Not that you look 12 he just looks 20
STYLE_ME_UP 101 27 days ago
Do another!!!
Anon F
Anon F 27 days ago
I'm gonna miss Unus Annus more than certain family members.
Reuben Month ago
Hey your that guy from unnus annus
Kat Salt
Kat Salt Month ago
Oh my god this is 7 months old
Shnuggle Bugs
Shnuggle Bugs Month ago
Wait, are you gonna delete this video too?
Javiera Knöpke
Javiera Knöpke Month ago
Ethan: the whole theme of the channel is that is a temporary thing that people have to experience for themselves Me who has a big issue with letting go: i fear
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Month ago
i talked to my mom about unus annus and how im binge-watching it so i can watch it all in time and she said "why don't you just save it?" and i looked at her with a face of disgust lmao
Keona Morris
Keona Morris Month ago
i would love to see an updated version of this video 😭
Strawberry Sucks At Animation
I just realized that Unus Annus was made almost a week before my birthday
Mak Month ago
So how exactly is Unus Annus going to end? Like. . . let's say it ends on the 17th. Will it stay up until the normal upload time on the 18th and THEN be deleted?
Epik Fish
Epik Fish Month ago
I come from the future,were near the end
Luck Month ago
guys, nobody tell him about this video we may have something more than just memories-
Jacob Greene
Jacob Greene Month ago
Aahah the disclaimer at 1:47 said "on your mark, get set, go." on your MARK ahahahah
claire pols
claire pols Month ago
I knew you had a channel from the start but I wasn't sure if I would like it and unas anus really has brought out the best of you so yeah, I do like your channel and I think you make unas anas so much more funnier😏👌
Tyler Joseph
Tyler Joseph Month ago
I’m not worried about the channel being deleted I’m worried about Ethan and marks friendship ending
Kixtri Month ago
Me too... I know they won't actually stop being friends, but I just love seeing them interact.
Oreo Cookie
Oreo Cookie Month ago
Sara GemZ
Sara GemZ Month ago
"Mark and Ethan are equals" *Few months later* "Unus v Annus war"
Girly Bleach
Girly Bleach Month ago
I downloaded the greenscreen memes video. Please forgive me im not going to repost it its is just the funniest shit i have ever seen
Charlotte Azat
Charlotte Azat Month ago
Honestly I just don't download unus anus videos because 1. Its rude thats not what you and mark want. 2. Im just too lazy to do that.
ThatGuy x
ThatGuy x Month ago
I have the memory of a small goldfish, so it's hard for me to accept that its all going to be deleted after the year lol
Plixi Queen
Plixi Queen Month ago
Unus Annus: *has 3.33 M subs* Ethan: *has 1.92 M subs* So the subs of Unus Annus is mostly Annus-es thats sad...
Vickie Sharma
Vickie Sharma Month ago
the sad thing about unus annus for me is i watch it and love the content so much that ive already watched everthing and am just constantly waiting for a new vid
crystal_skillet Month ago
Unus Annus ends one day after my 14th birthday I’m scared
Scree. Com
Scree. Com Month ago
Of course my dad has to walk in while my hands are busy at making ramen as my headphones are dead and you start talking about the sex toys video
Elissa Shuman
Elissa Shuman Month ago
You should talk about what doing Quarantannus has been like
Vim Vandalism
Vim Vandalism Month ago
My only question is, does everyone have to delete their Fanart posts when the channel is deleted?
Aaron The Puppeteer
Ethan, a friend and I are making D&D characters, of Unus and Annus. I am so glad I thought of it, my friend is going to play Annus and I'll be playing Unus. I've already drawn Unus, I just need to do Annus. I love Unus Annus, but of course I will not download the videos, I will just enjoy them while I can. :)
Water Wolf
Water Wolf Month ago
Did anyone read the disclaimer because of “Why Not?”? I think I’m not the only one
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Month ago
It makes me sad knowing I'll probably never do half the things you've both done on Unus Annus, and also that it'll be gone forever. I've never laughed so much watching anything as Unus Annus. I'm just glad to be along for the experience with you two.
Anya Reid
Anya Reid Month ago
Ethan: oh no that’s terrible that’s so bad Also Ethan: I’m gonna save that
sunnA sunU
sunnA sunU Month ago
Wow the disclaimer reminding me of freshman year...
The True Bean of Death
Just caught up to uniani last week
Winnie QWERTY Month ago
1:31 I just realized that half of this paragraph is the fitness gram pacer test preamble
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