Untitled Predator Fan Film

Kenji Doughty
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This was a fun project that we shot over the course of three days on a $500 budget. Wouldn't have been possible without the love and support from the cast and crew, so much mahalo's to everyone involved.

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Aug 13, 2013




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Will Garay
Will Garay 4 hours ago
Wow 7 years ago! Amazing man
Will Garay
Will Garay 4 hours ago
That was Fantastic. Add me as a friend on Facebook as my Alien Horror Film APEX will shoot in a few months. Always great to meet new talent! I loved this! Maybe someday we can work together. IMDB Will Garay
Victor Bonilla
Victor Bonilla 4 hours ago
Hehe, great, well done...but done with $500...nah.. those authentic looking uniforms weren't knit by grandma.. I'd say 5K to 10k would be more realistic.
Joao Mytuka Soares
Joao Mytuka Soares 8 hours ago
Bão dimais.
Creepy Kitty
Creepy Kitty 11 hours ago
very well done!
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 13 hours ago
The predator could smell that clean laundry miles out.
saad 20020
saad 20020 15 hours ago
Predator (1987) Just
jo id
jo id 18 hours ago
FlanqR Day ago
It’s like the first predator movie released in 1987 but there was Arnold
Paw X Paw
Paw X Paw Day ago
Wow, that was an unexpected treat to watch, very well done indeed.
jimmy Elam
jimmy Elam Day ago
Wasnt bad at all and youll only go up from here well done
Drake Docson
Drake Docson Day ago
That’s the exact same jump into the water location from the first predator.
Reza Radpour
Reza Radpour Day ago
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malchikVitya 2 days ago
LAEB DANGRS 2 days ago
I remember this movie in the past .... Photography is very, very bad
Anthony Garibaldi
It's a rastafarian Bob Marley alien
David C
David C 3 days ago
Aside from the historically inaccurate portrayal of an integrated-race unit (which did not exist until after WWII), this is a great short film. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have Picatinny rails on shotguns back then either. Vastly better than the last canon film, though. I’m sorry I only discovered it just now.
Baizo Boy
Baizo Boy 3 days ago
All the way from TANZANIA 🇹🇿 Fire 👉👉 ruvid.net/video/video-1ifwJk-7UTo.html ruvid.net/video/video-1ifwJk-7UTo.html ruvid.net/video/video-1ifwJk-7UTo.html
Mark Mathis
Mark Mathis 3 days ago
The Predator's whimsical garden bridge was my favorite part.
edward lewandowski
Omashy Khaled
Omashy Khaled 4 days ago
Nice move
J B 5 days ago
Bravo. Real nice job
Владимир Седунов
1944 год морпех США с русским автоматом АКМ, который появиться только в 50-е годы. Ну ОК) 1944 US Marine with the Russian AKM, which appeared only in the 50s. Well, OK)
Billy_Miner 5 days ago
Two knife weilding soldiers against that. Ya sure.
Yurii Fedorovskyi
1944 год, а на оружии установлены планки Вивер? :) :) :) Круто! Пришелец тоже удивился!
J. M.
J. M. 6 days ago
How many children were sacrificed in Hollywood for this movie. Adrenochrome anyone
Krazzytaz Clarke
Krazzytaz Clarke 7 days ago
Predator have one of the best theme sound in the background
Wisudawan Firdaus Mujahidin Empo
aspoleshchuk 9 days ago
Mohd Afandi
Mohd Afandi 9 days ago
Full movie please
راشد افغانی
Tim Reilly
Tim Reilly 11 days ago
Well done.
fdyjt 11 days ago
fuck this
TANK C 13 days ago
Cool 👍👍👍
Badal Gurung
Badal Gurung 13 days ago
Predator of predators
Devid Dou
Devid Dou 14 days ago
2:25 - у японцев ада нет, ему плевать... 3:28 - так он же не самурай... он не имеет права на "сепуку", что вы от него хотите? 5:07 - это взрыв, или его телепортировало куда-то или что вообще?
Paulo Andrade
Paulo Andrade 14 days ago
aj koots
aj koots 15 days ago
thank you again
George Robles
George Robles 15 days ago
WOW !!! That was bad ass ! 😝😝😝
José Hailton
José Hailton 15 days ago
Bom filme bom filma todas muito bom assistir esse filme gosto de mãe será que funciona mesmo que eu
Kuro Ryu
Kuro Ryu 15 days ago
Only complaint is that cube grenade thing. A Predator would never take something like that on a hunt. To powerful and destroys any chance for a trophy.
UTubeAngelique 15 days ago
As soon as I hear the music!!🥰🥰🥰 Have on both VHS, DVD and BluRay!
Onur akmese
Onur akmese 15 days ago
Hangi flim bu
Pail Horse Gaming
Pail Horse Gaming 16 days ago
I love the ending, very nice little surprise.
Michael Ledbetter
Michael Ledbetter 16 days ago
I don’t know what it is. But something about Predator vs Samurai is badass
Kerry Parks
Kerry Parks 17 days ago
Camirynn Cook
Camirynn Cook 18 days ago
grimcity 19 days ago
How does this have so many dislikes? It's dope af!
bpdarragh 20 days ago
$500? Man, exceptional. Guys like yourself should be given the budget to make something that would blow away all the overbloated, effects for effects sake nonsense that is out there. Brilliant film
Sam Kurr
Sam Kurr 21 day ago
Amazing work for a fan made film thumbs up btw the best predator film was the 1, 2 and AvP
Daniel Butts
Daniel Butts 21 day ago
The Demon 😈 that's makes Stravis of MAN! PREDATOR!🎥👊🔥💪💯‼️
Elwan Askerov
Elwan Askerov 21 day ago
8:04 Орать обязательно???
David R
David R 22 days ago
amazing that this was created independently
robertg305 22 days ago
This was amazing
37Dionysos 22 days ago
African-American soldiers in a US WWII Pacific platoon? No.
Galaxy 23 days ago
Салам с Ингушской империи!
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 25 days ago
Good film but why the hell did the guy Scream before he attacked
Pacc Butler
Pacc Butler 25 days ago
The ending's show of respect was #Brilliant
R Yeckley
R Yeckley 25 days ago
Hell yes! That was good
jorge rodriguez
jorge rodriguez 25 days ago
they robbed us by another 36 minute
bluemonkeyball67 26 days ago
Wow! This was way better than the last film. Fan films know what fans like to see.
Dan 27 days ago
Successful director, erm, TV shows and the like, but this fan movie is a whole other level.
hevosenpaska114 27 days ago
This 9:36 was better than "The Predator" (2018) crap and it's $88.000.000 budget. Hollywood should give these guys some money so we can get great sequels instead of s**t! $500 bucks and this is the quality!?! Amazing!
Давид Райтишан
Банзай! Да здравствует победоностная японская армия!
*babes18.ru?v=dFbGV9UNSPw* 5:53
Angel Solis
Angel Solis Month ago
Increíble esta mejor que la última película que han sacado.
Gloria Gonzales
Gloria Gonzales Month ago
Very good and fun
protector bravo
protector bravo Month ago
Ya lo último era un cascabel . Que miedosos.
Edi Rozen
Edi Rozen Month ago
Wtffff!!!! Better then original
Suonmang Changsan
What predator is it
Stephanie Month ago
*dateshub.ru?v=dFbGV9UNSPw* 2:22
hristina likoudi
Yesss!!!We are all humans and brothers!
*babes18.ru?v=dFbGV9UNSPw* 1:32
Butterscotch Panda
This is better than the sequels or prequels from the previous Predator series. I have so much respect for your work.
aha Month ago
Oh s***
Makoto Shishio
Makoto Shishio Month ago
Jaffar Umarov
Jaffar Umarov Month ago
urtacaroq cqb qopti
sicwititdime Month ago
That predator score and sound effects are what make it magical. Awesome job
SHOK T Month ago
Frank Vergara
Frank Vergara Month ago
This short film >> 2018 Predator.
Michael Clark
Michael Clark Month ago
This was a great version of this genre, they done a good job on it i really liked it
ZEUS 2029
ZEUS 2029 Month ago
No Predator, the real name of them are Atochas.
noon ko
noon ko Month ago
i saw many bad movies but like this bad i never saw
ParmesanCheese Month ago
The way they greeted each other based on the other's culture, one bowing, the other saluting was an amazing touch. This whole project was astonishing, congrats.
andy devano
andy devano Month ago
full movie plis
Loitongbam Dhanabir
Loitongbam Dhanabir
zorro Month ago
You its you
Gavin Owen
Gavin Owen Month ago
This movie has it all...credibility..originality..totally believable...7 years and I too have just come across it! 2 thumbs up
Alexander J. Scheu
fighting US-GI's - against Japan-Soldiers has been 1- to- 12 = *FOR* Japan Soldiers because this had had Tactic- and Discipline = and fighting moral.... only mass of Aircrafts - Bombs - Napalm, not to forgot A-Bomb, decided. the big *Heros.... HillyBillies
Marwin Coimet
Marwin Coimet Month ago
Love the ending
Punjab Secrets info
Woooh very amazing mavies full watching
Filthy Valentine
Not gonna lie. The idea of a predator movie set during WWII is awesome. I mean we learned from the first 2 films that they are drawn to combat. Makes you wonder why they haven't made a movie about it already. But these guys? 3 days and 500 budget? Brilliant short film. Well done lads. Loved it.
Ringleader Month ago
4:21 there is an AK 47 without a mag to try to hide its profile. Set a little early for that one.
Paris dakar
Paris dakar Month ago
Redic vs predator.
Thomas Bowe
Thomas Bowe Month ago
this was the most interesting predator related content I've seen in a decade. well done.
Judge Fred
Judge Fred Month ago
Enjoyed this. Great cinematography with quick, dizzy moves that pushed the claustrophobic -feel. Thanks!
mr hop
mr hop Month ago
Showing how we all need 2 come 2gether.
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