Unsolved Mystery of Sven

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Unsolved Mystery of Sven
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All credit to PewDiePie, Angeline Rye, and dreaveler for the PewDiePie clips used.
Thanks to BadBoyHalo for helping me test theories and find PewDiePie locations, and for the thumbnail: ruvid.net/u-thesaintsofgames
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 14 778
Dream 6 months ago
Correction: PewDiePie is using a data-pack not a mod. Wrong terminology. Also, you can't drown on magma blocks but you can still drown in bubble ravines. (See in chat at 6:03, my dog drowns) Like the video if you enjoyed it :)
Transistor Games
Transistor Games 3 days ago
@questionMARK Not difficulty
some guy with a life
Steve has been born, destroyed, recreated, redestroyed, for centurys. Hes learned every way he can die, and everyway to stay alive. Hes not lucky. Hes *B I G B R A I N*
Fonya 7
Fonya 7 15 days ago
actually the bubbles give you air he was dying because he wasnt crouching on magma block
? randomcartoon
? randomcartoon 16 days ago
But... As a coder, making Sven invincible would take hours upon houts, not a single line of code
Hello People
Hello People 18 days ago
I almost killed me The dogs death almost killed me
Panda 26 minutes ago
Who cares if Felix is Cheating, As long if Sven doesn't die Pewds will never End his Minecraft Series
Panda 35 minutes ago
PewDiePie: If even dies, This series is Over A few months Ago Sven: *Close call Deaths* PewDiePie: Sven is Immortal Me: *Shocked*
Mr Plus
Mr Plus 9 hours ago
Make mooooorrrrreeee
Koperkowy _
Koperkowy _ 11 hours ago
Sven is a god of luck
Ryszmarine 11 hours ago
What was the outro music?
Namender Opsu!
Sven is female
Flare Day ago
Why not download the mod and find out????
JamPacked Day ago
Can't be just make a backup world and reset?
CringyLegend Day ago
0:33 me:no i dont want see Dream: shows Me:nooooo
Pepe The Frog
Notch did it
TheDiamondMiner 56
I think Sven actually did survive.
Markus Lemerise
Sven is a god in disguise
Jacob the Gacha master
Maybe Sven isn’t a dog maybe he’s a God?
Maui Randall
Maui Randall Day ago
I just assumed sven spawned in the cave because it was the closest dry land
Memes Please
Memes Please Day ago
But can’t his other dogs die
GalaxyOfReeses KIng
You can drown in water, but not in bubbly water. Magma blocks create bubble columns above themselves on all water blocks directly above them. This will constantly refill and prevent players and all animals from dying. The dog drowned because it moved onto an obsidian block, out of the way of the magma's bubble column 6:03 . It took fire-tick damage from the magma (yes, this happens underwater) but then the non-bubbly water finished him off
The Otsutsuki
The Otsutsuki 2 days ago
It said wolf drowned
Dannylo Cardoso Maurício
Actually, sven died, more than once, but pewds just spawned him again, named and no one noticed.
StarmaKarma 2 days ago
I love how the mystery is how sven is still alive.
Wyldfyre05 2 days ago
the skeleton was there it might have swam to kill it
Darkis 2 days ago
Sven wouldn’t take damage from drowning because of the magma blocks🤦🏻‍♂️why do you have to make it over complicated?
_Tij _
_Tij _ 2 days ago
With Sven blowing up by a creeper, I've tested it many times, my dogs don't die
Stas Sommerstad
Stas Sommerstad 2 days ago
He might be purposely trying to kill sven to end the series at this point
The Scriblet
The Scriblet 3 days ago
*no minecraft dogs were harmed in the making of this video*
epic gamer
epic gamer 3 days ago
I like how serious this video is Its Minecraft
Hλdrien 3 days ago
decompile the mods
Snow Doggy
Snow Doggy 4 days ago
Wait don't dogs teleport to their owner whenever they are far. Maybe the Sven was to far from his owner and teleported to the cave.
Jake Vandell
Jake Vandell 4 days ago
Why is badboyhalo there
MrHakan 4 days ago
/summon minecraft:wolf ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"\"Sven\"",CustomNameVisible:1,Health:2000,Attributes:[{Name:"generic.maxHealth",Base:200},{Name:"generic.followRange",Base:21}]}
Henry Stickman
Henry Stickman 4 days ago
and btw you can tell how much health your dog has by its tail try it when you dmage it it goes down but when you give him food it goes up so when a creeper exploded right next to sven in the air you can se that is as low as it can get and if it did survive the explosion then it would't be ble to survive the fall damage
Krause Maker
Krause Maker 5 days ago
/effect give @e[type=wolf] resistance 99999 255 true
Krause Maker
Krause Maker 5 days ago
Just a thought
Kanablis gta
Kanablis gta 5 days ago
Pets teleport und Sven many telepprted in this cave
Aether P
Aether P 5 days ago
how has edgar survived for so long
Alikediegis 6 days ago
The reason of how sven got into the underwater cave and survived its because when the boat was destroyed sven went into those magma blocks things, which give bubbles to breath, and because sven was slowly going underwater because of magma, he was trying to follow pewdiepie so he got in the right angle for him to go straight and then going down and ended in that cave, then he sitted because pewdiepie was far from him (not that far so he didn’t tp) and thats why pewds found him in that cave.
Who tocha My spaget
mushroom cow thing
i know where you live
Your dog wasn't sitting after you broke a boat so why Sven was? 🤔
miss pigeon
miss pigeon 6 days ago
"Do dogs were harmed in this video"
m7md playz
m7md playz 6 days ago
Sven:the best dog in minecraft Grim(dantdm dog):am I a joke to you?
ImJustAGoblin 7 days ago
he modded the sven that no damage thing wut
ItsEliTheEpic 7 days ago
matril1 7 days ago
I think he got lose the current walls being dragged down taking him to the cave saving him :)
TheDeadCobra 7 days ago
Water sheep was not a pet he was a criminal who messed with Pewd's mind to make him think he was a friend Joergan were a accident that nobody was happy about Sven was lucky considering how Minecraft is dangerous. Highlander
Guy Beats
Guy Beats 7 days ago
wait wait!! why is sven wearing a blue collar now
RetroPretzel 7 days ago
How dare you let that dog die
Nome_1309 7 days ago
Dream: Sven, the most loved Minecraft dog in the internet Grim and Gabe: *sad doggy noises*
Bennett Wheeler
Bennett Wheeler 8 days ago
hey BBH i ship you and skeppy
Kittengirl6000 8 days ago
Sven just loves pewds too much to die
Awesome Trident
Awesome Trident 8 days ago
Sven is not invincible he made a backup of the world played the backup and blew lots of his world up and killed Sven in the process with the data pack
Archerbeans 8 days ago
is sven really sven? *vsauce music plays*
Mason Totten
Mason Totten 8 days ago
It makes sense that once the dog got off the magma blocks, it would be coded to head to the surface. It was already against the side of the ravine, and then it was just a chance of him getting close enough to the cave that the current pulls him in.
Pink Lion Gaming
Pink Lion Gaming 8 days ago
8:40 how many did we win Two
Pink Lion Gaming
Pink Lion Gaming 8 days ago
What's a sven
Frosty Maple
Frosty Maple 8 days ago
Derpqueen 101
Derpqueen 101 9 days ago
I feel so bad you got no money for this! I want to donate money but im broke :(
jarred fox
jarred fox 9 days ago
He tp in there when pews swam away
lilrudedog 24
lilrudedog 24 9 days ago
Thats imposible. Tou cant create a mod that does that
Slenderman 10 days ago
I think Sven has resistance potion effect but the effect is hidden using cmds to make it looked like Sven is unkillable
Dom 19
Dom 19 10 days ago
Sven: survives two creeper explosions that happened right next to him Me: Is it possible to learn this power?
Matteus Barratt
Matteus Barratt 10 days ago
You don’t take drowning damage when your getting sucked down!!
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