Unsolved Mystery of Sven

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Unsolved Mystery of Sven
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All credit to PewDiePie, Angeline Rye, and dreaveler for the PewDiePie clips used.
Thanks to BadBoyHalo for helping me test theories and find PewDiePie locations, and for the thumbnail: ruvid.net/u-thesaintsofgames
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Aug 16, 2019




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Dream Month ago
Correction: PewDiePie is using a data-pack not a mod. Wrong terminology. Also, you can't drown on magma blocks but you can still drown in bubble ravines. (See in chat at 6:03, my dog drowns) Like the video if you enjoyed it :)
Радослав Краделиев
@pocky stick water sheep made a deal with the devil to make sven his only friend immortal
Gasp141424 Day ago
If he did end up on the magma blocks wouldn't he take a bit of damage lowering his tail?
A Cat on the Internet
Dream, great video, you showed a lot to us, keep up the great work!
Virusept Virusept
sven get to the cave becoase pewdiepie was moving and dog try to follow him and he didnt teleport becaus pewdiepie was going near him
Gamer_Snezz :v
Gamer_Snezz :v 4 days ago
Tamed dogs have the same HP as a player as well. So if a regular player could survive all that, so could Sven.
BluE ReApeR
BluE ReApeR 4 hours ago
Sven saw the skeleton and got attracted then go there then dogs automaticly sit down because it left the water and if he would die a death chat would pop out
a angel
a angel 6 hours ago
Just kidding
a angel
a angel 6 hours ago
I put *
a angel
a angel 6 hours ago
Imput a potion on the dog a potion that only i can get
a angel
a angel 6 hours ago
You guys are dumb i did something that dog there secret reviled
Genoteh 8 hours ago
Dream: Sven is the longest living pet Wolfie from farlands or bust: i am a joke to you?
oh boy
oh boy 8 hours ago
Sven is simply I M M O R T A L G O D
TSM -Umbreon
TSM -Umbreon 9 hours ago
When tamed dogs get 20 hp
Anthony Gamez
Anthony Gamez 12 hours ago
I didn't know BaldBotHalo likes Pewdiepie
Jake Colee
Jake Colee 15 hours ago
Was bad boy halo in the back?
Odd1s Out
Odd1s Out 15 hours ago
The truth is that Sven is a payed actor
Lollipop GLMV
Lollipop GLMV 20 hours ago
It wouldn’t be a surprise if he was replaced and we were not told, like bengt I think his fox’s name was?
CroatiaMati _
CroatiaMati _ 16 hours ago
Sven's survival actually makes sense. Sven attacked the skeleton in the cave while magma blocks were sucking him down, and he sat after he entered the cave because wolves and dogs sit automatically after leaving the boat (like Sven did).
Someone 21 hour ago
What if Sven isn't really Sven? What if the real Sven before Pewdiepie gave him the bone, was replaced by another wolf?
Tirex367 21 hour ago
3:48, dogs will only teleport to you on solid blocks, so if the first solid ground Pewdiepie stands on is in a cave sven will teleport into the cave 8:16 the creeper seems to push sven with the corner of their hitboxes, i have tested this multiple time in creative mode and a dog, if fed to max health consistently survives the explosion of a creeper at this distance with one heart, and looses another half heart to fall damage, which means he survives everything with half a heart, which is consistent with Pewdiepie's video.
Super Nova
Super Nova 21 hour ago
There was a skeleton and Sven went for it while going down
Tarannum Morshed
Tarannum Morshed 23 hours ago
Yeah i died with full diamond armor and protection 2
nb_ 23 hours ago
*"E A T!"*
ʟʏɴxɪᴇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ
What difficulty is pewdiepie playing on?
Skřítek Šukálek
Dog’s tail indicates his HP... when creeper blows up the same block where sven is, you can see his tail is like the lowest possible... Felix was just fricking lucky
Shiba Memes
Shiba Memes Day ago
She!!! Not he Sven is a girl 2:20
Scrubics Day ago
Pewds is using a mod which allows you the player to transform into a dog, Sven is a minecraft player.
CroatiaMati _
CroatiaMati _ 16 hours ago
Umm... *No.*
DF Stop motion films
The same thing happened to me without a mod and my dog survived
Phantom Ash
Phantom Ash Day ago
But I want to say something... If he really cheat and spawn Sven.. Why he still get the achievement for doing something?🤔🤔
Dimitar Gaming
Mayby sven died in series 9 and he spawn anoder sven?
Jk Plays
Jk Plays Day ago
Plot twist: Sven is immortal
Maybe dolphin save Sven cuz there some shadow look like dolphin
Edd Rivas
Edd Rivas Day ago
Sven is God and that's it.
Spider With A Crossbow
Dream when Sven sunk into the raven he saw the skeleton in the cave which you can see the skeleton when pewds found him so then he went into the cave to attack the skeleton but he didn't because dogs atomic sit when they get out of the water and in the chat it would have said Sven drowned to death and dogs well attack skeletons no matter what (and also pewds didn't use a mod he used a data pack which is completely different then mods and later I think he removed the data pack from his world and also the person he made the data pack was not made when pewds made his first episode and if you have proof that the data pack makes dogs undead then use the data pack and kill a test dog to see if it's true.
ThQZ Player
ThQZ Player Day ago
That means he doesn't want to end the series or he wants to make more episodes so in that way he can get more views and more money?!
Kesavan Ramesh
Rachel brown
Rachel brown Day ago
Paperyly Day ago
Minecraft dogs/wolves sit after getting out of water.
CroatiaMati _
CroatiaMati _ 17 hours ago
Boats* But yes.
Dylan Everett
This is the Paul McCartney is dead all over again
Aihe Day ago
is the datapack public tho. You could easily test if sven would die
Jingothebear 56
Sven never dies
Reborn Legend
Damn this is kinda scaring me. IS SVEN ACTUALLY SVEN.😬😬
CroatiaMati _
CroatiaMati _ 16 hours ago
He is.
PorMeJuice YT
sanakurii 2 days ago
i thought this was buzzfeed
Aisyah Nurhamra Shahrul Nizam
Your framerate though
Ko Lay
Ko Lay 2 days ago
Is Sven a GOD !!! 😱
Leon Sugiarso
Leon Sugiarso 2 days ago
Um if the creator of the mod Made a code for Sven to never die svens tail would not go down
The Big Oof
The Big Oof 2 days ago
Liked the outro music, and dancing Sven xD
NOEH 1607
NOEH 1607 2 days ago
do you know why Sven is still alive? *HER/HE'S PARENTS TEACH HIM TO BE A BADASS*
Elemaster Playz
Elemaster Playz 2 days ago
How about fifi poo died in the end
Szymon Piotrowski
Seven Has clones that's all:P
America 2 days ago
sven is killing all of them he has secret connections with watersheep, guys!!!!
Jed Wells
Jed Wells 2 days ago
This is true l watched when sven got blown up by a creeper near the ground he shouldev tsken damage but he dident thats a unsolved mistery?
ChickenDude 2 days ago
Responsibility 0
Fruit Loop Dude
Fruit Loop Dude 2 days ago
Plot Twist: Sven is Superdog! (Superman’s dog)
It's because the meat EEEEEEEAT
TheCringeMaster 2 days ago
But you can Move forward And Backwards Sinking To Magma blocks Trying To Follow Pewdiepie
So much for a guy with cursed Minecraft videos!!! XDDDDDD
Sord Whitney
Sord Whitney 2 days ago
11 detha
Floodz 2 days ago
Whoa, did not see that coming.
Edward Barry Iv
Edward Barry Iv 2 days ago
Is the pewdiepie pack available to the public, if so couldn't you test the invincible Sven theory?
Katie Marissa
Katie Marissa 2 days ago
This just explains how awesome wolves are 😃💗 (wolves are my spirit animal)
Suzie Thomas
Suzie Thomas 2 days ago
He teleported to that cave
Blixzy 2 days ago
He was sitting tho so lol
Taurus77 2 days ago
No drowning dmg cause the bubbles gives you air
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