Unseen SUPERFOOD in Amazon Jungle - Real Way to Eat AÇAÍ (You’ll Be Surprised) in Belém, Brazil!

Mark Wiens
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Thanks to Guilherme (ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ) for taking us around Brazil.
BELÉM, BRAZIL - The state of Pará in the northern part of Brazil, still located in the Amazon jungle, is one of the most gorgeous and food rich states of Brazil. Along with massive river fish, one of the main foods grown in and around Belem is açaí (acai), the small berries from the acai palm tree. #Brazil #AmazonRainforest #acai
Before going across the river to a harvest açaí (acai) and for a full Amazon jungle food meal, we stopped at the Belem market and bought a chunk of fihote, a type of Amazon catfish.
We met up with our friends, and took the boat to Cumbu island, to meet with relatives of Lana, who arranged for us to have an entire açaí (acai) food experiences.
When you think about açaí (acai), unless you’re from Belem, you probably think about a sweet fruit bowl covered with fruits, and possibly some granola mixed in. That’s all I knew about acai before coming to Belem. But in the state of Para, acai is eaten totally different. The berries are ground into a paste, and eaten as a main dish with a full meal - typically with fried fish.
One of the reasons why açaí (acai) is eaten this way only in the northern Amazon rainforest is because açaí (acai) really doesn’t travel or export fresh. It spoils so fast, within hours of being ground. So typically they sweeten it and make it into a sorbet to get around the world - which is why it’s then prepared into a sweet fruity açaí (acai) bowl. That’s not bad at all, just totally different from how they eat it in the Amazon.
Along with an outstanding acai feast, we also had maniçoba, another staple of Para food - cassava leaves cooked for 7 days to take out the poison and cooked with a variety of pig parts. It’s a wonderful dish.
It was an amazing learning experience, and I’ll never think of açaí (acai) the same again.
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Jun 9, 2019




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kim law
kim law 2 days ago
makes your teeth white to lol
Diego Marquesfarias
Volta sempre no Brasil 🎉❤️
Vinicius Bitencourt
O pessoal do fundo do apoio não para de falar estragando o vídeo em vários trechos.
Khusnul Khotimah
Khusnul Khotimah 5 days ago
You should come to Indonesia and try some of indonesian cassava leaves menu, you'll be shock by how long we cook the cassava leaves
Sinclair Sim
Sinclair Sim 6 days ago
Before watching Mark's video, I only know that Brazilian is good at football, but now I am amazed and learn more with Brazil culture, the people are so energetic, people are so friendly, food is so good.
Romeo Reynaldo
Romeo Reynaldo 7 days ago
oh man it's amazing, it's not sweet at all lol
Josi Moraes
Josi Moraes 7 days ago
Que é Paraense aí? "ÉGUA,mana nem te conto"
Valter Perreira
Valter Perreira 7 days ago
Seja sempre bem vindo 👍👍👍
Greek Freak
Greek Freak 8 days ago
You are living the life bro!
Phil ́s Catch and Cook Germany
greetings from germany mark :)
5tusse 9 days ago
great and as always very entertaining vlog, Mark`s blue sneakers must have been all over the world by now
Wughanga Mwanguo
Wughanga Mwanguo 9 days ago
Which food was best
Andy N
Andy N 12 days ago
Well done food informative video . Mark looks. Like a such a nice man . I knew açaí was good but never saw the source . Loved the video. Thx Mark !
caramelized sugar
caramelized sugar 14 days ago
now i want to try açaí on other foods!! lol
Anata 14 days ago
14:50 your wife look happy
Matthew Sandoval
Matthew Sandoval 15 days ago
Addicted time for rehab
Happily Single
Happily Single 15 days ago
Who is Joel? A friend? A brother?
Suroor Naqvi
Suroor Naqvi 15 days ago
Mark your video are amazing
Lu Alves
Lu Alves 15 days ago
I miss the Brazilian food, the freshness of fruits...Now i’ In Sweden and here nothing is like Brazil
Towanda Thedriver
Towanda Thedriver 16 days ago
Wonder if he has ever gotten ill from some foods
Maui Aderkeroi
Maui Aderkeroi 16 days ago
Rest in peace😢🤤😪😢
Peasipa Namoa
Peasipa Namoa 17 days ago
Nvr fail!!! Açaí!! Mahalo Mark! God Bless
Christopher Sexton
Christopher Sexton 17 days ago
you are annoyingly enthusiastic, cant watch
Siau Soa
Siau Soa 17 days ago
I love the expression from your face n mouth for every bite. Nice n I love the Beazilians
Paulo Medeiros
Paulo Medeiros 19 days ago
Meu Deus, esse país é lindo.
Adi The Great
Adi The Great 19 days ago
acai make ur pipie big.. thats what i love brazil
Tank Tanker
Tank Tanker 20 days ago
Ew I’ll stick with açaí with fruit.
wellington pedro pedro
O gringo ficou viciado no açaí. Kkk
Froilan Ferrer
Froilan Ferrer 22 days ago
Haha actually casava leaves is actually edible and its not poisonous
Taylor Nowa
Taylor Nowa 23 days ago
Id have to change my pants each time watching someone shimmy up a tree and sliding down. I absolutely hate heights!
Saada Ali
Saada Ali 28 days ago
Brazil is so blessed
Mojones 28 days ago
Mark (takes a bite of literally anything): Whhhooaaaa! That is amazing!!! 😁
mario quiroz
mario quiroz 28 days ago
Mark you are amazing my friend every time I watch you you make me hungry and you always make me watch your videos because of your enthusiasm and willing to explain and share your knowledge! God Bless my friend safe travels and saludos from Fresno California United States
Triz 29 days ago
*his enthusiasm for life is contagious* thank you for show my city with such affection and appreciation ^^ this is so good to watch
Thalita Reis
Thalita Reis 29 days ago
ÉGUA!!!! the best brazilian food !!
Matsu Endo
Matsu Endo Month ago
Most americans never gonna eat this amazing fruit. I never eat any real (and good?) açaí in US.
Alex Steins
Alex Steins Month ago
Do you ever not find something amazingly good? Like where's that one nasty thing? lol
Wer Rew
Wer Rew Month ago
Wow Mark I love the color of your lips stick will love to have this color 💕🎶💕🎶💕🌶
Nestee Labial
Nestee Labial Month ago
I've never seen him frown or complain! He is always smiling. Love him so much!
Omar Lopez
Omar Lopez Month ago
2:20 big booty hoes in the back
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