Unseen SUPERFOOD in Amazon Jungle - Real Way to Eat AÇAÍ (You’ll Be Surprised) in Belém, Brazil!

Mark Wiens
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Thanks to Guilherme (ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ) for taking us around Brazil.
BELÉM, BRAZIL - The state of Pará in the northern part of Brazil, still located in the Amazon jungle, is one of the most gorgeous and food rich states of Brazil. Along with massive river fish, one of the main foods grown in and around Belem is açaí (acai), the small berries from the acai palm tree. #Brazil #AmazonRainforest #acai
Before going across the river to a harvest açaí (acai) and for a full Amazon jungle food meal, we stopped at the Belem market and bought a chunk of fihote, a type of Amazon catfish.
We met up with our friends, and took the boat to Cumbu island, to meet with relatives of Lana, who arranged for us to have an entire açaí (acai) food experiences.
When you think about açaí (acai), unless you’re from Belem, you probably think about a sweet fruit bowl covered with fruits, and possibly some granola mixed in. That’s all I knew about acai before coming to Belem. But in the state of Para, acai is eaten totally different. The berries are ground into a paste, and eaten as a main dish with a full meal - typically with fried fish.
One of the reasons why açaí (acai) is eaten this way only in the northern Amazon rainforest is because açaí (acai) really doesn’t travel or export fresh. It spoils so fast, within hours of being ground. So typically they sweeten it and make it into a sorbet to get around the world - which is why it’s then prepared into a sweet fruity açaí (acai) bowl. That’s not bad at all, just totally different from how they eat it in the Amazon.
Along with an outstanding acai feast, we also had maniçoba, another staple of Para food - cassava leaves cooked for 7 days to take out the poison and cooked with a variety of pig parts. It’s a wonderful dish.
It was an amazing learning experience, and I’ll never think of açaí (acai) the same again.
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Jun 9, 2019

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Comments 1 861
Marry Lumawag
Marry Lumawag 2 days ago
Just Wow! Mark Weins you did such great content. So blessed to watch it all for free, experiencing different parts of the world through their dishes while watching is awesome!! God bless you and your fam brother! 😇😍
Andre Ramos
Andre Ramos 3 days ago
Brazil is so rich in fruits, food, sea food, nature, material and etc..
Laurie schnayder
Laurie schnayder 4 days ago
I like this guy & I think he does a great job ! ...but I don't like his face gestures ...they are " so exagerated " every single time ! ...I am sure there are times that he doesn't really like something...or is " disgusting" ....🤣
driving instructor
Mark mentions near the end that Acai is considered a "superfood". I think like red grapes, black cherries and blueberries having the blue and purple color of the skin is very high in antioxidants'anti-aging' properties.
Ephraim Joute
Ephraim Joute 7 days ago
"Oya! Thats spicy that's delicious 😂👍
Aloise Mason
Aloise Mason 7 days ago
Wow..Hello Mark..skimming up a tree looked so easy on my end of the world..Happy greetings Brazil..from a friend in America..so happy Mark is with u all and I can watch...and be with u all too..
Aris Prasmiyanto
Aris Prasmiyanto 10 days ago
Baru tau klo sayur daun singkong di Amazon namanya Manisoba 😁😁😁
H Zh-kh
H Zh-kh 12 days ago
Mark. Ur shiny eyes remind me of Andy from toy story.
S N 12 days ago
Gente é isso mesmo? Açaí com comida? Nunca soube disso kkkkkkkk deve ser bom❤️🇧🇷
S N 8 days ago
@Armando Júnior Entendi kk
Armando Júnior
Armando Júnior 10 days ago
Na real é o jeito tradicional kkkk, o jeito que conhecemos, quase como um sorvete é adicionado xarope, mel e outras coisas pra adoçar, esse que eles comem é o puro
dr bichat
dr bichat 13 days ago
We had those small peppers in Peru as well. They are extremely hot. Some call them “monkey penises”. You placed a few in a jar with vinegar and vegetables and after a few days everything in the jar was spicy hot
Lore Alcãntara
Lore Alcãntara 15 days ago
perfect Mark. 💖💖💖 perfect açaí💖💖💖
Shimsy Corbeau
Shimsy Corbeau 16 days ago
'excuse my white legs' not even relevent but still mentions. white people always try to mention the fact that they are white, its pathetic. u dont see brown, black or asians say excuse my brown legs or my black legs.
nicolas rossi
nicolas rossi 16 days ago
Mark. Delicious foods and some very attractive scenery and dining companions as well. Thank you.
JUST IN ENGLESH 17 days ago
i'm from Belem do para !!!
Krittika Sengupta
Krittika Sengupta 19 days ago
Mark Weins for president!
Zeny Butac
Zeny Butac 19 days ago
Seth Ogden
Seth Ogden 19 days ago
Mark your always so positive and id really be curious to hear a story of a time when u was really pissed off or had a negative experience in your travels.. cheers
Seth Ogden
Seth Ogden 19 days ago
acai mole would be amazing
mahsin himu
mahsin himu 21 day ago
Waw same like Bangladeshi food love from Bangladesh
MHD Buzz
MHD Buzz 22 days ago
sylvia conn
sylvia conn 23 days ago
Thank you Mark for your videos, you are the highlight of my weekends. What a learning experience.
***** 25 days ago
alex lopez
alex lopez 25 days ago
I can tell you didn't like that sausage...you didn't say "OH WOW" 😂
eliseo lopez
eliseo lopez 26 days ago
can acai grow in California?
Meri Meri
Meri Meri 26 days ago
Steve Minor
Steve Minor 26 days ago
Will have to pass, mark....
Reanna Kaley
Reanna Kaley 26 days ago
You need to visit Guyana 🇬🇾 Diversity of people & culture with incredible food and the landscapes.... breathtaking & it’s neighbor to Brazil
N. Mulder
N. Mulder 27 days ago
Everytime he taste the peppers his head turns red...lol Love this docu. I've been to Para district in Suriname...They have similar dishes and of course the bushes ;) Love it!
Firdaus 73
Firdaus 73 28 days ago
I will go to Brazil 1day next future.....i like samba....vivaaa forever!!!
Diulza Santos
Diulza Santos 28 days ago
Meu Deus tanto de açaí que tomou vai dormir dias.
Dr. Reuven M Rosenberg
Can we make these acai dishes by buying the powder online? Not the same as the Amazon, but not all of us get to do this!
عيسى/ESSA بصيلي
Heittor Vinnícius
Ele comendo uma pimenta malagueta na tora é realmente absurdo pq eu como ela a vida toda e assim não vai nem com nojo kkkk
Robert Hurley
Robert Hurley Month ago
Mark, walking barefoot through one of the most dangerous forests in the world with a huge smile on his face: you have to be careful of snakes 😂
Twinx Bee
Twinx Bee Month ago
Woooooh, love the tarantula there
Vinicius Pedrosa
Brasil é lindo de norte a sul não tem erro, cada estado com sua cultura suas comidas típicas toda essa diversidade...me da bastante orgulho de ser brasileiro, antes de viajar o mundo eu quero conhecer o meu país inteiro primeiro. Great work Mark, you're amazing !
zuriel á
zuriel á Month ago
OMG I'm so jealous, I freaking love açai!!! 💜💜💜😭 it is very expensive here in Mexico for obvious reasons but it's worth all the money!!!!
Nimrod Pogoy
Nimrod Pogoy Month ago
Hi Sir Mark did you come here in the Philippines this year? I am a big fun of your Channel watching you travelling around the world to find delicious Foods and sharing your experience to us. Its amazing. :) God Bless
Saffron Valour
Saffron Valour Month ago
did I hear Fishes?
Thushara Indunil Gamage
Kasawa leaves or manioc leaves also prapared here in sri lanka, but as a simple way......
Lee EightiesBaby
That spider had an anus on his back 😌
Maíssa Hanna
Maíssa Hanna Month ago
melhor parte do Brasil, sem dúvidas.
Luciano Pereira
Luciano Pereira Month ago
sou paraense e só como açaí com açucar e tapioca.
Una Month ago
eu adoro açaí o mais puro possível, mas mesmo não pegando aqueles acompanhamentos (leite condensado, paçoca, etc.) o gosto de guaraná fica forte :'/ Eu adoraria misturar com farinha de mandioca, farinha é tipo minha comida preferida
gakwajar Month ago
Palm nut seems like melinjo in indonesia
Mário Neto
Mário Neto Month ago
Égua. Não se come açaí com peixe desse jeito, amigo. Kkkkk
Una Month ago
como se come? kk
Mário Neto
Mário Neto Month ago
Seja bem-vindo a Belém, volte sempre! 🇧🇷
Michael Suzuki
Michael Suzuki Month ago
if Mark was given urine to drink without knowing, he would go : mmmmmm, so fresh, straight from the source, can't get any fresher than this
Eadezio Freitas
Eadezio Freitas Month ago
Esse Mark Wiens é muito sangue bom.
Igor Jesus
Igor Jesus Month ago
Sensacional! Você saboreia tudo, não tem nenhuma rejeição a comida
Felipe Santos
Felipe Santos Month ago
Difícil assistir esse vídeo e não chorar de saudades!
Fernanda Cruz
Fernanda Cruz Month ago
Cagou roxo uma semana, hein Mark?
Monetização Month ago
Sou paraense e a gente come várias coisas com açaí, mas nós não comemos como ele fez na parte de jogar o açaí em cima do peixe kk
Alvaro S
Alvaro S Month ago
O Brasil é incrível! Aqui em São Paulo Açaí só come como fosse sorvete, gelado com frutas, leite condensado, granola, chocolate e tal... um dia vou pro Pará experimentar essa culinária!
Monetização Month ago
Aí sim, o cara foi para o meu estado
Esthel Carter
Esthel Carter Month ago
Cassava leaf is not poisonous, if it was, animals will be in trouble because they eat it raw. It is very delicious, takes about an hour 30mins to be fully cooked. I don't know about 7days
Diih 019
Diih 019 Month ago
Moro em São Paulo, assisti todos os videos, o seu diferencial é não mostrar o pais com a intenção de menosprezo ou caridade mas sim de curiosidade com o desconhecido, deu até vontade viajar o Brasil, volte sempre.
Thiago Cristian
Thiago Cristian Month ago
Kkkkk não come jogando no peixe velho
Rivelito Júnior
I think Açaí is my favorite food haha almost everyday I eat 500ml 😅
Robert Robert
Robert Robert Month ago
Mark você não sabe alegria de ver Belém do Pará meu nome é Robert nasci em Santarém estado do Belém do Pará fico muito feliz pelo teu canal Marques me dá uma alegria imensa tá vendo aí essas viagens que você faz pelo mundo afora que me deixa mais feliz da vida é saber que tem um americano que se apaixonou por Belém do Pará
Marilyn Marchezini
Melhor culinária do Brasil 😋Saudades do meu Pará
sarath kattappana
കമുക് പോലെ മരം .. മുകളിൽ ചെന്നാൽ തെങ്ങു പോലെ .. കായ പഴുത്ത കാപ്പിക്കുരു പോലെ .. രസമുണ്ട് കാണാൻ .. NB : നോക്കണ്ടടാ ഉണ്ണി ... ഇത് ഞാൻ(നിങ്ങൾ കണ്ട മലയാളം കമന്റ്) അല്ല ... jpg (ഹരിശ്രീ അശോകൻ തലയിൽ ടേബിൾ ലാംപ് വെച്ച് നിക്കണ പടം )
shii -254
shii -254 Month ago
That was a great kula kwa macho moment!
Lee Harvey Oswald
Mark go to Afghanistan....😀
Lee Harvey Oswald
Salty Fatty Juicy Sausage....🤔
Dennys Month ago
mano manissoba é muito ruim oloco
Creep Dolly
Creep Dolly Month ago
*softly chomps* (from the CC.) lol that's fantastic xDD
Charj00 Month ago
If you wore your hair like @14:15 I wouldn't be mad at you
Naveen Kumar C
Naveen Kumar C Month ago
So nice food items I want eat these all food items I am staying in India any restorant in their near bangalore
I love eating ACAI specially when they are dip in dark chocolate yummy
Vanessa Costa
Vanessa Costa Month ago
😍😍 Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
‎ ‎
‎ ‎ Month ago
damn my dude is the amazon spider and
Bruno Month ago
Mark, you is the best youtuber, your videos make me happy.
Évora Rosário Lima Silva
MARK! You just made my entire week. I was Born in Belém but live in Germany. I always wanted to show my german freinds a nice review on food from Belém. My heart just droppend as I found yours. Thank you!!!
Tharaka Madhushan
Its nice country..and nice foods
Vinicius Silva
Vinicius Silva Month ago
ele parece com o kiko quando ele come a comida kkkkkkkkkkk
Faça de tudo um pouco
Faltou tomar açaí gelado com charope de guaraná.
Rodrigo Braga
Rodrigo Braga 7 days ago
Faça de tudo um pouco
Açaí e ia das coisas mais gostosa desse mundo.
Shelly Hall
Shelly Hall Month ago
Oooh i would have worn water shoes to guard against leeches.
Carol Mastins
Carol Mastins Month ago
yeaahhhhh so glad that you actually had acai!
Vinicius Alexandre
Legal,ele provou do verdadeiro açai com peixe.....não aquela palhaçada que fazem em outros lugares de colocar banana,granulados,frutas,sucrilhos.
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