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Mar 28, 2019




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RiRi Copeland
RiRi Copeland 3 days ago
REAL THICK WOMEN HAVE STOMACHS👏🏾👏🏾 I've never met a thick/curvy woman without a pouch. Whether its big or small, there's usually something there. It makes no sense how the fat on these models bodies just skip their stomach. Like huh?? 🧐
Anime KeeKee
Anime KeeKee 4 days ago
But dark skin black woman continue to support them! Instead of searching and giving a black owned brand a chance.
Cynthia's Kookshow
I died hearing BIG OL DONKEY BOOTY 😂😂😂😂
Rebecca Adusei
Rebecca Adusei 7 days ago
Great video! I really appreciate your integrity x
Vene 12 days ago
Your videos are addictive 😆 ❤️
Talia Davis
Talia Davis 18 days ago
they all look the same.
Emelia James
Emelia James 27 days ago
What shade was the Estée Lauder foundation?
MaeBae & RJ
MaeBae & RJ 28 days ago
Ma’am you are extremely petty for uploading the screen recording LMAOOO I love you for this whole video.
_sejuuun_ 28 days ago
I think it is BEYOND shady that they had to make a whole SECOND Instagram account purely for curvier women. If that’s not disrespectful then I don’t know what is
Canti Nandaba
Canti Nandaba 28 days ago
Ok Jackie Ima subscribe dang. I’m a male. I see make up at least 4 times a month, but just because you keep calling me out I’m Subbed.
Malik Rashod
Malik Rashod 29 days ago
If Fashion Nova is replying to emails without a signature that along is ghetto.
Sondra Holtz
Sondra Holtz Month ago
I know I'm late to this party, but can we also just talk about how you don't need a SECOND page to highlight the curvier styles? They don't have a THIRD page for the mens line....why a different page for the curvy girls? I gotta go to the same website to order, but follow a different page if I hope to see girls like me wearing the clothes? Hmmm. Ok. Maybe not.
Appetite 4 Chic
Appetite 4 Chic Month ago
Almost a year later and you’re right, Fashion Nova hasn’t changed a damn thing !!
Breona Green
Breona Green Month ago
As a beautiful brown skin girl myself, I dig this look and the conversation. Jackie does it again 🥰
Bethany Smith
Bethany Smith Month ago
I loved Robert Welsh's reaction to one of your videos he said nothing but good things about it
PiinkyBarz Month ago
Brela Carter
Brela Carter Month ago
Thank you for bringing light to this 🙏🏿
girlfriday73 Month ago
I honestly don’t care for the their plus size clothes. There is a difference between body positivity and inclusivity for plus sized women and tacky clothes. It just looks cheap to me as opposed to how it looks on IG. I could be wrong.
Kiara Williams
Kiara Williams Month ago
That sad part is it’s not real like.... it doesn’t even make sense to be shaped like a dumbbell standing up. I can’t be pro surgery because you can’t be “body positive” and “pro surgery”. They literally contradict each other.
sreukeu Month ago
I do not post too often but I want to show my gratitude, respect and appreciation for you and your fellow youtuber in standing for your morals and what you believe in. Shout out to Chrissy for turning me on to this station some time back.
Culinary Guide
Culinary Guide Month ago
Thank you for your integrity in regards to this issue.
elz eggos
elz eggos Month ago
im on the chubbier side but i don't have wide hips and a big ass and i feel sooo insecure about it a lot of my classmates constantly made fun of me for having a small ass :/
Conversations with Candace
Circling back to this one now that we know they pay undocumented workers $2 an hour in California.
Mekhiya Muse
Mekhiya Muse Month ago
I love how your not afraid to give us insight on a lot we don’t know about the business side of being an influencer. Your integrity is everything ✨❤️
Clouds Month ago
Your foundation matching today
Joshua Aguilar
Joshua Aguilar Month ago
As a mexican and Native American, I want to see more indigenous, maybe in the USA they were killed and there are more blacks and whites but in the rest of America we are and there is nothing to represent us in the media
Natalia Muñoz
Natalia Muñoz Month ago
Remember no matter how inclusive they become because of Jackie’s message they will never be ethical or good for the earth. They have a whole ass factory in LA where mainly POC women are getting way underpaid ($4/hr) to make $20 clothes FAST. Let’s remember how expensive it is to live in LA. Therefore $4/hr is no where close to a livable wage. Hugely overworked and insanely underpaid. No matter how inclusive they seem to become just don’t buy from them. There are so many other companies to spend your money on that are good quality, good for the earth, and care about customers deeply.
watery wanderer
watery wanderer Month ago
Also, yes they do have mixed women and “women of colour” but when all of your photos are edited in a way to make those mixed women and your white models match in complexion it says a lot?? Like..
Gemini Stone
Gemini Stone Month ago
Guess what’s finna happen to you for this video NOT A DAMN THING
laurenmlahrman Month ago
THOSE are women of color??? 10:25 As long as the model isn’t white, FN thinks they pass the “test” of being inclusive. SO COLORIST AND IGNORANT! Towards all colors!!!
Tyjany Badazz
Tyjany Badazz Month ago
And there always sold out on small like damn is only small bitches buying there clothes because I can never order anything on time my size always sold out
Tyjany Badazz
Tyjany Badazz Month ago
All they post is unrealistic bodies all of them girls paid for surgery and use Photoshop and filters half of those outfits won’t look as good on us as it would on them they should get models with realistic body’s so we can see what the outfits really look like I also feel like they make regular women feel insecure and brain wash them into doing the same thing with there body’s just too be a lust eye for men
amaya Guerreo
amaya Guerreo Month ago
What brush for the bronze u used
Darla Neadeau
Darla Neadeau Month ago
As a Native "American Indian" of this country, I understand ♥️. We aren't taken seriously, we're talked about as history and we're invisible as far as the GOVERNMENT and most people go. I don't understand how people choose the color of someone's skin to not respect or see them. I think it's great that you are using your platform to talk about this. FYI I love your channel ♥️
Anam Shaikh
Anam Shaikh Month ago
I was on my 3rd jackie video and i only subscribed cuz its 'free.99'😂
Lovely Rene
Lovely Rene 2 months ago
How am I JUST NOW seeing this!? Thank you Jackie. Just makes me like you even more! ❤❤❤
Tia S
Tia S 2 months ago
Love your skin Jackie ! Also with Fashion Nova I really just buy shoes & jewelry from them their clothes are nice too but I’m very choosy like I make sure I know it will fit me. I like FN curve because they have big girls now, I don’t have plastic surgery money 💰 but yeah IG tears down my fat ass downnnn I also love the age rewind concealer by Maybelline I need some more honestly lol
haley 2 months ago
Girl I’ll never buy from them. Petty way to treat another human. At least she took the higher ground.
Alaynuhhh 2 months ago
Danm i really thought she could see me when she said “if this is your 5th Jackie aina vidéo today “
Nikki C
Nikki C 2 months ago
Sadly people will STILL support them because its affordable and people don't care about ethics; they just want what they want.
Dibs 2 months ago
I just broke up with the loml :'(
DONT TOUCH MY HAIR 2 months ago
Guys...who is she talking about? Srsly...tell me 😐
Hennesty N
Hennesty N 2 months ago
This this thisssss. As a naturally thick girl with wide hips, thick thighs and a small waist I get tired of “ you’re so lucky!” No, I spent years being bullied and being called fat n now there’s this TREND of being thick but it’s gotten extreme af.
Naz Ali
Naz Ali 2 months ago
Ordered from them once and everything was tacky. I haven’t and refuse to order from them again. I’m close to cutting off all fast fashion brands because it’s such a waste of money and I’m supporting a sweat shop when I do. :-(
Rhiana G
Rhiana G 2 months ago
For a white girl with no ass, fashion nova makes me feel like shit about myself.
louisa hansen
louisa hansen 2 months ago
is that microbladed? I love your brows wow
Champagne Champagne
Champagne Champagne 2 months ago
Honestly, I really wanted to try their jeans cause I heard they had good ones. And they do. But they're out of my preferred price range 😂😂I’m cheap. But even if they are for curvy people (and I'm curvy) THEY DONT FIT ME REGARDLESS. I have bigger hips then my waist but I'm a thicker hourglass figure. Like Thicc. But the jeans are either too small or too big whether I go up or down in size. I haven't shopped there for a while, but now, as I'm getting more conscious of the terms Colorist and such, I become more aware of the discrimination towards people, not only people of color but European/ white people too. I feel like people who want to make business and places more equal shouldn't just speak on the behalf of colored people but fairer complections too because they get discrimated just the same. Some colored people who SAY they want equality treat noncolored people the same way they don't want to be treated on the account of ”you're white and of privilege ” and in the midst of that mentality they cause more issues instead of fixing their own.
Dabestwitswagg 2 months ago
I have 0 idea why I just now started watched Jackie, she’s so entertaining, talented, and eloquent in her criticism.
Trini Alvarado
Trini Alvarado 2 months ago
So I might get hate on this or no one will even see this comment but I feel like colorism is getting a little better but there is still white superiority in the beauty industry since models can have really dark skin but need more white features to be considered beautiful. Like small noses and so on. I don't know. Please tell me what you think if you see this commet. I might be wrong.
Anny Lolaa
Anny Lolaa 2 months ago
Amen on breaking generation curses
vanessa 2 months ago
snowieskiesabove 2 months ago
Jackie when you kept scrolling I was SCREAMING
Destyne 2 months ago
False! It's my 7th today... Yes I'm subscribed now
shaye Bronx B
shaye Bronx B 2 months ago
Yep.. I get u girl...... ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Jackie just articulates it so well....
Jamie ModelVsDirector
I like how she makes us aware of this situation but continues to apply her makeup in such a unbothered nonchalant manner 🤣😂😂😂💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Alli Cat
Alli Cat 2 months ago
Bruh this was exactly my fifth video I’ve watched of yours and I’m SHOOOOOOK. How did you know? I subscribed like three videos back tho. 💓
Sol Rising
Sol Rising 2 months ago
Fashion nova looks cheap and trashy. They pick the type that "Rappers" like. 🤢
Anny Lolaa
Anny Lolaa 2 months ago
I been watching these videos all day omg (catching up)
Jamie ModelVsDirector
Anny Lolaa lol same 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣😂😂😂
La Original
La Original 3 months ago
JocieKat Be You Eff Them
Part of the fam neoooowww
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