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MAN YALL! JAMES KNOCKED IT OUTTA THE PARK ON THIS ONE! I LOVE IT! What do y’all think of it?! Be sure to go subscribe to him at RUvid.com/jat4011 and tell him Jp sent ya!

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Jake Matthews
Jake Matthews Hour ago
waiting to catch my red eye out of vegas and came across this on the tube...First thing i notice is them catching a red eye out of vegas lol.
Daniel Ito
Daniel Ito Hour ago
I'm drooling. This is absolutely incredibly interestingly insane! 10 inch mids lol
Γιώργος Κρ
Marc Manzella
Marc Manzella 11 hours ago
Best install I've ever seen. GREAT WORK! I love that you could possibly spray windex on ur glass, turn on the BASS, toss a towel in and it's good to go.
E boy Esp
E boy Esp 18 hours ago
The most ugliest waste of money ever ....SMH all the money spent on this build and this is all they come up with ?
Darrell Ellis
What a waste of time and money, nice install though, its just somebody’s skills wasted on installing speakers.
Suplex Beast
Suplex Beast Day ago
@27:00 He ran outta gas? HAHA
Topwater Tony
Awesome! !!!! Will you be at Slamology in Indianapolis Indiana this year?
non asain dude
non asain dude
I would pay to hear this come to CANADA
John D
John D Day ago
Im not calling you a liar im just asking where is the 100k watts less youre talking sub amps highs mids lows ect ect. if its just sub amps thats not 100k If youre talking battery power then yes thats more believable 100k but if youre talking amp power all the amps in the suv dont equal to 100k
Sky Walker
Sky Walker Day ago
Damn that's sweet I would love to have it for a beach party nice work 🤘😎👍
Nathaniel Bolden
When the bass came in i it looked like i walked through a time portal or some shit!...REDICULOUS!!!...
Alex Bryto
Alex Bryto 2 days ago
The name of song of 25:08
dony1663 2 days ago
Name of the song at 25:09 ????
Sioux Peck
Sioux Peck 2 days ago
Some remix of bad and boujee by migos
Florida Guy
Florida Guy 2 days ago
What's next 18" or bigger subwoofer wheels with low profile tires? LOL
Daniel Ito
Daniel Ito Hour ago
Speaker rims 😂
ThePelos377 2 days ago
7:44 visual representation of how wickedly loud this thing is! I swear I felt the bass through my cell phone 😍
David Fairchild
David Fairchild 2 days ago
I like my ear drums I like my bose in my 06 SLT That build is over doped!!!!!
Estrada603 2 days ago
I like nothing about this ugly ass gas guzzler its just too much i dont wanna have to wear earplugs to listen to my subs
Estrada603 2 days ago
Hows that steering wheel rated for crashes?
Romalice May
Romalice May 3 days ago
Is the steering wheel functional as far as playing music threw it
David Mcnally
No he said it was just the basket
VaughnLive Misc
VaughnLive Misc 3 days ago
Even the cooling fans are badass.
VaughnLive Misc
VaughnLive Misc 3 days ago
omg im dying
Crazddog 420
Crazddog 420 3 days ago
My family is out in Birmingham never knew !!
Spencer Davis
Spencer Davis 4 days ago
See all my penis beater prints on here 😂
DENICE Passmore
DENICE Passmore 4 days ago
Sorry I know someone else that has better setup
Gamer player
Gamer player 4 days ago
This is the best build ever clean set up slappin💯🔥
marcusablpn Pike
marcusablpn Pike 4 days ago
I like bass but I’ve never understood setups like this. It’s to much for me. But I appreciate that people like this do it cause it only pushes the industry forward and the work only gets better. I guess a lot of these installers were actually practicing for the future and didn’t even know it since they are the ones that know more about electric work in cars and since Tesla is pushing the car industry that way.
The Bass
The Bass 5 days ago
Name song at 23:05
weRoneself 5 days ago
Very impressive but does it play Jauz x Dj Snake - gassed up MTL remix? Listen to Gassed Up(MTL REMIX) - Jauz X DJ Snake by MTL soundcloud.com/mtlbtch/gassed-upmtl-remix-jauz-x-dj-snake-final
Loganathan B
Loganathan B 5 days ago
Totally crazy guys
silent_ wraight
silent_ wraight 5 days ago
Name of song????????
Valy Leca
Valy Leca 5 days ago
Decaf - August Alsina ft. Kidd Kidd Downtown
God Oden
God Oden 6 days ago
Ive been following you a long time and this is your best so far good job brother keep up the good work (may the bass be with you my freind)
SLEEZY GANG 6 days ago
Lol I’m ova here trying to breath just watching
Max game
Max game 6 days ago
Phoenix Fire
Phoenix Fire 6 days ago
Holy Shit
TheX MahDi•47
TheX MahDi•47 6 days ago
Whats The point of having a truck like that? Just to record hair moving? Lol waste of money but you do you buddy
Brian Flannigan
Brian Flannigan 7 days ago
Now play some Madball or Earth Crisis through it!
Reiq 7 days ago
Last one is hidden for ejection seat👍
speedfreakpsycho 7 days ago
Diesel power from prodigy comes to mind.
semozaki23 7 days ago
Not to insult and maybe it's music preference but it's a waste if you don't play Latin trap, that would be awesome! I would never get out of the car 😂
Jay The Whizdog
Jay The Whizdog 7 days ago
This is like taking a hot chick and bolting on F tatas and a Nicki Minaj booty. Perfect
Romz 8 days ago
Tinnitus says hello.
Doug Snider
Doug Snider 8 days ago
When you didn't get enough attention as a child...😆 Huh?? What???
J P 8 days ago
Truck is koo but......... why??? I know to each it’s own but to me this is a huge waste of money...
Emil saga
Emil saga 8 days ago
Please play Cradles by sub urban
Princerong 8 days ago
Damn yo he did his thing on that mf from the dash to the doors and everything damn i can imagine what that had to cost to get everything done up like that and plus u got all the top of the line shit in there to. Wow!!!! is about all i can say because u guys did ur thing and i know u got to be proud like a motherfuker yo cause that's one clean ass job. Now i want to see who going to be the one to take your crown from you but whoever it be going to have to be a bad motherfuker for real. But Again my hat off to u big homie u did ur thing...
Adam Wood
Adam Wood 8 days ago
Where are your pedals???
PRose84 8 days ago
Not 100k
FazeRain101 8 days ago
he needs to hook power to his steering wheel sub XD
Mr.DodgeCity55** 8 days ago
You fin2 shut that mf park down👍👍👍👍👍
Lixci _
Lixci _ 9 days ago
Song link at 23:00 please
Ricky sa-vell
Ricky sa-vell 9 days ago
Awesome. But your ears won't last long.
LaciPlaysTv 9 days ago
What is the car's brand @THELIFEOFPRICE?
_xAlexax_ Gaming
_xAlexax_ Gaming 9 days ago
When you have a big family but you decide to turn your car into a *moving sound system*
Enzo GG
Enzo GG 9 days ago
What's the song name that appears in sec 0.05?
armando garcia
armando garcia 10 days ago
hello we are bassheads ourselves i need to speak to you about having my truck done similar to this , i have most of the equipment anything else is greatly appreciated thx
# Nightbot
# Nightbot 10 days ago
Hinten macht es kein sinn
djazz127 10 days ago
I don't get it.
Sheldon Warren
Sheldon Warren 10 days ago
JPs maths.... 6x6=32? Am I. Missing something?
LIL GOKU 10 days ago
We wanna see the towel dance in the speaker tunnel at 24:45 !!!!!!!!!
Patrack Muyambo
Patrack Muyambo 10 days ago
one day they are gonna find you passed out on the side street bleeding from your mouth, ears, eyes, nose and from all the other holes u gat on you lol..... coz of this bass man
djloco3000 10 days ago
why? :o
Brock Hunt
Brock Hunt 10 days ago
Clean install.
musical fetty
musical fetty 11 days ago
If that bass drops when you have a chic in the car, shit's going down, she won't be able to resist. If you know you know 😁
Several old fish in the yard
I heard if you put it up to 11 you can go back to the future!
M33rk Gibby
M33rk Gibby 11 days ago
Nobody: Rich people on gta:
ytrewq6789 11 days ago
If you guys are looking for a sick bass testing track i recommend this one the artist is quite literally called "999999999" and the track is "000000005" just put 9 9's in YT's search bar to find it! This track only gets heavier and heavier with it's drops and I promise you will not be disappointed!!!
Jack Rotten
Jack Rotten 11 days ago
How far does the sound from this thing travel?
iHardCore 11 days ago
Imagine this settup in a G class 😍
Wyatt Givens
Wyatt Givens 11 days ago
What is a tweeter
ytrewq6789 11 days ago
I think the subwoofer steering wheel not only looks tacky as hell but i can only see nothing but constant problems with it as well.
ytrewq6789 6 days ago
+Florida Guy LOL!
Florida Guy
Florida Guy 6 days ago
When the steering wheel subwoofer speaker blows that will be his air bag. LOL
ytrewq6789 7 days ago
+JGillylikes Budsalot No Thanks! I'm not gay enough to be in your "2 Guy's, 1 Cup" fantasy spin-off!?!... (Edit) well maybe in your fantasy that "I" can not control anyways Myself ;)
JGillylikes Budsalot
+ytrewq6789 eat farts
ytrewq6789 8 days ago
+That Guy From Legendary Axe Show car, or not? my opinion still stands period!!!
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez 11 days ago
What software are you using with the Ipad to make all this work? Thanks.
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez 7 days ago
i just downloaded App free from Android playstore
Ultra Instinct Goku
Customised custom software
Samantha Tucker
Samantha Tucker 11 days ago
Fred Calderilla
Fred Calderilla 12 days ago
What knobs are you using
Lyk Desu :3
Lyk Desu :3 12 days ago
Try playing two feet- go fck yourself
Eric Singh
Eric Singh 12 days ago
What’s your db jp?
ABG 1YT 12 days ago
For the hoes...
oespo oespo19
oespo oespo19 12 days ago
紙ペーパー 12 days ago
lol 🤣
ViperVenom 12 days ago
Very nice how much?
Aldoobie 12 days ago
Just when I thought I'd seen it all... Insane!
Lennon Groover
Lennon Groover 12 days ago
looks like you have a fan
Lennon Groover
Lennon Groover 12 days ago
right at first i heard the plane and thought damn thats a loud car bass then i thought oh wait thats the plane
Seren_Modz 21
Seren_Modz 21 13 days ago
Can you buy me one... I want one
Sic Sicos
Sic Sicos 13 days ago
this is for shore the best car audio madness ever seen ...i wish to hear this live somewhere near !!! nice video and enjoy it !! is cool!!!!
Daniel Ducati
Daniel Ducati 13 days ago
That's one badass steering wheel !!!!!!!
Dylan Leccese
Dylan Leccese 13 days ago
22:34 Song??
MrHaui2008 12 days ago
Bad and Boujee... Can you tell me the name of the song 25:07
Youngblood68 13 days ago
HELLL YAAAA , damn dude .totally SICK
Michael D
Michael D 13 days ago
23:27 ..... pretending so hard that he enjoys it 🤣🤣🤣 the screens are nice, the button relocation is awesome. The rest is a complete waste of what used to be a great Chevy 👎
Anton Reuterhäll
Anton Reuterhäll 13 days ago
Whats the name of the song at 6:55
LundyVids 13 days ago
sad he didnt play Chief Keef
dustin willis
dustin willis 13 days ago
What’s the rims he has on that bad boy?
Frank Mack II
Frank Mack II 14 days ago
O My Damn!!!! Amazing!
DON GIO'S WORLD 14 days ago
Dedication and saving up. Man bro! I need 2 X 12 V1s. I know sundown has to have some of them stashed somewhere
Paul Sessions
Paul Sessions 14 days ago
insane. no offense. insane
Samuel Penela
Samuel Penela 14 days ago
Music at 25:10?
Mr.Incredible AKPS
Mr.Incredible AKPS 14 days ago
The hell bass machine 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
ShadowBanned 14 days ago
Who needs airbags amirite?
A H 14 days ago
00000 Boxen!!!!!Basss 00000
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