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MAN YALL! JAMES KNOCKED IT OUTTA THE PARK ON THIS ONE! I LOVE IT! What do y’all think of it?! Be sure to go subscribe to him at RUvid.com/jat4011 and tell him Jp sent ya!

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Apr 7, 2019




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Comments 2 441
Doug Wright
Doug Wright 15 hours ago
this shit jus blew my mind....OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
R. Cunningham-El
Tone Man
Tone Man Day ago
I like how you say penis beater prints 😌
PROFESSORツ 2 days ago
that is not healthy
john butterworth
john butterworth 5 days ago
the opening scene, peed my pants. lol
tterrab999 6 days ago
I don't understand - he's not wearing any hearing protection? I would have to believe he has significant, permanent hearing loss.
N1NJ& 6 days ago
u need to play bad kid on it lmao
maine living
maine living 6 days ago
A face full of bass! Take the curls outta my hair😆
WYZMaro 97
WYZMaro 97 8 days ago
RecklessMods 11 days ago
Bass hit so hard, made my video lagged out!
kb Thompson
kb Thompson 11 days ago
straight nasty I love it I love that dude
Craig Barker
Craig Barker 11 days ago
Damn that wiring is very clean. Good work my man!
Samuel Sullivan
Samuel Sullivan 12 days ago
Look up an app called real dash. Maybe you'll like it, maybe not. It's a free app so it couldn't hurt to check it out.
Tj l
Tj l 12 days ago
That shit is dope most people use 10s for bass but not you I wonder how many windshields you have blown out and that steering wheel sub is sick to bad it dont work as a speaker to
thaddius hill
thaddius hill 12 days ago
True bass head dream nice
Joe Lucio
Joe Lucio 13 days ago
Penis beater prints
Jonathan MCcumbee
Jonathan MCcumbee 13 days ago
Scott Wright
Scott Wright 14 days ago
Dude, sick asf.
dress2impress1000 15 days ago
Bro wtf!
robert stewart
robert stewart 16 days ago
Robert Bell
Robert Bell 16 days ago
Damn that is some straight sickness!!!
Ernie Widiyawatinie
7:38 song name??
Logan Vaughn
Logan Vaughn 19 days ago
Does anyone know what song that is?
Kendall Mastre
Kendall Mastre 20 days ago
What was the song you picked ?
Jesse 20 days ago
If you don't mind me asking who installed the alternators and made the custom brackets? I'm wanting the Mechman 370 AMP alternator but it wont work without a custom bracket.
jay blue
jay blue 22 days ago
You take youre sound system as serious as i take my hunting lol Wow! That dash command is pretty sweet
jay blue
jay blue 22 days ago
How do you put 5 altenators in a chevy!!!!!!!!
Bj478nor 22 days ago
Nice clean installation keep up the great 👍🏾 work
grave forte sub e woofer
ruvid.net/video/video-84h3BcDxWNs.html se inscreve ae pra ajuda help
ash G.
ash G. 23 days ago
How does he not wear hearing protection in there? I recently have been told I am losing my hearing from audio.
C0D 24 days ago
Go to a nice quiet rich neighborhood at 2:00 in the morning, full blast.
Blackoil 69
Blackoil 69 24 days ago
Makes no sense. Installer has to love the guy that wanted all this.Guns and Butter.
filipinofantasy 25 days ago
Roland Salinas
Roland Salinas 25 days ago
I can't believe cats still putting $$$ in audio systems like this in 2019!
Angel 25 days ago
Thats sickkk bro dope
Максим Костенко
100.000 Watt😁😁😁
satguy27 26 days ago
That system and setup is sick, nicely done.
Kohn Futner
Kohn Futner 26 days ago
This must've costed $100k for the install and hardware. And to think I turn down the bass on my infinity 6x9" and 6.5" in my car.
Kohn Futner
Kohn Futner 26 days ago
I like how the installer was like btw this broke, sorry. The guy is so stoked about the system, he's like not even paying attention. Superglue it. ☺️
Kohn Futner
Kohn Futner 26 days ago
Do subwoofers negatively affect sound quality? If so 😏 👎
Kohn Futner
Kohn Futner 26 days ago
The whatever mm sized drivers my Sennheiser 600 has are bouncing off the chain.
Kohn Futner
Kohn Futner 26 days ago
Somebody has way too much money. Forgive me for asking, Are you Joe Biden's son by any chance?
Robert Verzola
Robert Verzola 26 days ago
Everything is great! But that steering wheel. Safety and comfort can't be compromised.
jacks smirking revenge
its a good thing this car is just for show. between the steering wheel and the windscreen its a bit of a deathtrap. shattered face and/or neck waiting to happen😥
jacks smirking revenge
wiring on this must be absolutely crazy
Ham Hill
Ham Hill 27 days ago
New subscriber off that insane demo!!
lolzlo 27 days ago
when i showed this to my dad he like: NOPE fuck that
bassinyourface 28 days ago
Hard work pays off brother happy for you deserve it!
Original Recipe
Original Recipe 28 days ago
All he does is go around flaunting what he has like a moron. He forgot what humble was. Nobody really likes this dude.
Miguel Ramos
Miguel Ramos 29 days ago
He hands you the aux, what’s the first song you’re playing
major flankz
major flankz 27 days ago
On my level by wiz Khalifa lmao
Jr solis
Jr solis 29 days ago
He said "unfortunately this happened" How? "That happened" 😂😂😂I lost it
Don Kendrick
Don Kendrick 29 days ago
That a good job keep up the good work
J M Month ago
Can anyone reccomend a quality line out converter for a basshead intending to add more amps and subs as time goes on.
Слава Ахонен
Super car
Randy Erickson
Randy Erickson Month ago
You need it to look like all glass cockpit. High tech military fighter pilot. Get with the program.
Michael Petraio
Michael Petraio Month ago
Who runs out of gas?
William L Wynne II
What a beautiful install, he does a hell of a job on the details. It looks so smooth and seamless! Very nice!
dj_lowlife Month ago
ᖴᗩT ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ
23:44 barely able to stand it lol
DroskiTV Month ago
Nice ride. How much does something like that cost?
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