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MAN YALL! JAMES KNOCKED IT OUTTA THE PARK ON THIS ONE! I LOVE IT! What do y’all think of it?! Be sure to go subscribe to him at RUvid.com/jat4011 and tell him Jp sent ya!

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Apr 7, 2019

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Ross Breschetti
Ross Breschetti 22 minutes ago
To say this system is flawless is an understatement. From every possible aspect, meticulous and precise to the very last detail. To sum up, if heaven exists they are checking out this system and trying to figure out how to import a vehicle through the gates.
kaci with a K
kaci with a K 7 hours ago
Imagine getting in a wreck and not giving a shit about the car just tryna save your speakers😂
nokiangage Day ago
What’s the name of the song at 7:30 guys?
Will love to put all those speakers in my mini cooper
Edward Steinjolt
that NS2 is worth at least 5 times the cost of the truck bonestock.....wow....55k for one amp.... O_O
Poly Hexamethyl
Wow! This isn't a car with a sound system, but rather a sound system that just happens to have wheels :-) I love how you put a speaker in your steering wheel!
Rene Pena
Rene Pena Day ago
You need to come to San Antonio tx I wanna get a demo in the Tahoe/NEO HOE
Max Hoffmann
Max Hoffmann 2 days ago
How much will it cost to let this complete build in my car? So I give this car to you and 1 week later everything is finished
Juan Carlos Rodriguez
The fucking towel bit, that's gold man!
AFewStackzEnt 2 days ago
boardonfire4 2 days ago
U coulda done better with the subs
THE JA ARMY 3 days ago
Now my question is how is he gonna get out if the battery for the door dies cause umm I don’t see any way of getting out if that happens and your glass is a little thick to break so umm yeahhh
J M 3 days ago
Jonathan Sherman
Jonathan Sherman 3 days ago
23:23 that's what mine look like when I'm done too...
Jacob sartorius
Jacob sartorius 4 days ago
Who did your sound system ?
ReaperHackz 4 days ago
Deadass taking i love music to a whole new level amazing!
Drunkn 4 days ago
early on-set tinnitus right here
Frank Hays
Frank Hays 5 days ago
Awesome job buddy looks amazing love the dash it is sick he did a amazing work just subscribe to you I have been around systems most of my life and this is one of the best ones I have seen in a long time great job buddy thanks for sharing and keep it booming brother 👌👌👍👍🤙🏻
Philip Christian
Philip Christian 5 days ago
What year Tahoe?
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson 5 days ago
Man has tiny weiner ... for attention makes system to hear two towns over. After system installed, still insecure man needing attention.
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson 3 days ago
@Jooa Flinkman Yep. There will always be that classy neighborhood with the one house painted neon purple, a drive full of trucks with 12" lift kits, usually their little boys have mullets and the neighbors just wishing they'd move away. Yep, they get attention, alright!
Jooa Flinkman
Jooa Flinkman 3 days ago
@Jon Anderson and what makes you think he ONLY wants to get attention with it? Most people like attention and if they can get it then why not? And just a thought, maybe, just MAYBE he built that because he is passionate about extreme bass and all the custom fabrication and building that went into the truck. He is doing what he loves. The attention comes with it and I highly doubt that attention was the primary goal of that build.
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson 3 days ago
@Jooa Flinkman 'Beautiful??' No matter how nice a truck is, turning it into a "hey everyone, look at me!' clown car is not beautiful.
Jooa Flinkman
Jooa Flinkman 3 days ago
I don't think he has any insecurity issues. You're just jealous you can't build something as beautiful as this truck.
Chris Corona
Chris Corona 5 days ago
23:24 its magic towel lol
Slab Runna 504
Slab Runna 504 5 days ago
man I just need one sub and 4 tweeters and 4 mids that's all but this is sick
Slab Runna 504
Slab Runna 504 5 days ago
dude amazing tahoe bro lordie its fucking ice cold I have a 97 yukon motor blown but u making want fix it now I love the fuckin dashboard and center console man this is mind blowing bro i feelat
Oscar Muffin
Oscar Muffin 6 days ago
Glad I'm not ruining my hearing.
Jay Alfred
Jay Alfred 6 days ago
DJ WRAITH 6 days ago
it is so FN cool thats just to much for me but i would love to have it great build !!!!
dysmond247 7 days ago
This is by far the best thing ive ever seen bro that whole set up is out of this world i love this, how much was this from start to finish?
Lam Veritab
Lam Veritab 7 days ago
let's talk mechanical. What did you do to the suspension, engine and transmission? I don't think I saw an engine in there
wildkatsailing 4 days ago
its just a giant speaker, you have to tow it. who needs a motor when you have speakers?
Lam Veritab
Lam Veritab 7 days ago
this is the sickest shit ever. I don't use that ever
36 Volts Son
36 Volts Son 8 days ago
Any issues with your door hinges?
Bro that thing is CLEAN AF!!! WHAAAAT THE FFFFF
JayRell Jenkins
JayRell Jenkins 8 days ago
Hardest shit I seen
Matheus Aguiar
Matheus Aguiar 8 days ago
Music 07:30 ?????
jon s.s. teppdalen
smooth grand prix
Hats Off Much Respect
Dan Banks
Dan Banks 9 days ago
It should jump to light speed with all that hardware ...88.8 mph...🤯
Dan Banks
Dan Banks 9 days ago
Like the steering wheel...😎
reppend 9 days ago
Gixxer Rider
Gixxer Rider 9 days ago
sexy asfuck 😛😍😋🥰
Troy Crez
Troy Crez 9 days ago
you will go deaf by time you'll stop at the first red light !!!
Clavell Coleman
Clavell Coleman 9 days ago
I would call that the Terminator well that might be an understatement............ how about Thanos
Chaplin 10 days ago
that's so douchey
Car Audio Goat
Car Audio Goat 8 days ago
Your mother thinks otherwise. She loves douchey people such as yourself. Go be a phone nerd somewhere else.
Andrew Kazmierczak
Andrew Kazmierczak 10 days ago
Is this street legal? If so ik what I’m saving up for
romeoETmike 10 days ago
Dang! You can put this thing in neutral and let the speakers drive you all the way to Alabama.
victor cassady
victor cassady 10 days ago
That's bad ass I love it
Miguelito Dominguez
That is a bad ass truck bro you got to be one of the coolest fucking guys around in your city!!!!😎👍
Daniel Patton
Daniel Patton 11 days ago
Cause going deaf doesnt cost enough as it is. Came here from a youtube black hole.
Goti Man
Goti Man 11 days ago
Talk bout moving the SOUL lol
Patriotec Gaming
Patriotec Gaming 11 days ago
What I am curious about is how much did you pay for all this? at least 150k id say lol
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