Unique Grilled Chicken - DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!! with Sonny Side! | ไก่อบฟาง

Mark Wiens
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Warning: Don't try this BBQ chicken method at home, unless you have a good fire-proof location - then it would be really cool to try.
Som tam, gai yang, is the popular and widely available Thai food combination of green papaya salad and grilled chicken… but we wanted to do something and eat something out of the ordinary!
Along with the help of Sonny from Best Ever Food Review Show, we ate some extraordinary versions of both grilled chicken and Thai green papaya salad, both not what you’d find at a typical restaurant. The chicken, a very traditional, rare to find style of cooking, and the green papaya salad, a little more extreme than others.
Uncle Peen Baked Chicken (ไก่อบฟางลุงพิน) - It’s easily the most unique style of grilled, or more like baked or smoked, version of chicken I’ve seen in Thailand. To make the hay smoked chicken (ไก่อบฟาง) uncle arranged the chickens on upright stakes, put oil drum lids over them, filled the trough with dry rice hay, and lit that on fire… twice. The result was one of the most juicy tender grilled chickens I’ve ever tasted. It was amazing.
Price - 180 THB ($5.46) per chicken
Som Tam Jay Gai (ส้มตำเจ้ไก่ ดอนเมือง) - Next to complete our combination of not your ordinary grilled chicken and green papaya salad we drove to Don Muang to eat at Som Tam Jay Gai (ส้มตำเจ้ไก่ ดอนเมือง), a restaurant originally from Udon Thani. There were so friendly there, and the main dish we ordered was tam code mua (ตำโครตมั่ว), the crazy spicy giant plate of green papaya salad with everything in it. We both suffered and cried tears of joy, but it was so much fun!
Total price - 380 THB ($11.52)
Again, go check out Sonny (Best Ever Food Review Show): goo.gl/ugvUcy He produces amazing professional quality food travel videos.
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Nov 7, 2018




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Comments 6 594
Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens 10 months ago
Go check out Sonny's video: ruvid.net/video/video-nZ3Zc1DJOgY.html This was one of the most fun collabs I've ever done - we ate, we cried, our faces turned red a couple of time, and mostly we just laughed and enjoyed the entire day. Thank you for watching and your amazing support! P.S. Pakistan videos start next Sunday, Nov 11. P.P.S. And don't try this at home... that is unless you have a fire-proof pit and fire extinguisher, then it will be really fun, and taste really good. Enjoy!
Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger Month ago
Its great to see these two nice people hanging out and eating together.
Clyd Severino
Clyd Severino Month ago
@Arsalan Patel s
benard ndungu
benard ndungu Month ago
More collaboration with sonny please
krish Shen Yuna
krish Shen Yuna 3 hours ago
love the video. my two fave food reviewer ❤️❤️❤️
Mr bo pam
Mr bo pam 19 hours ago
หม่อม มาแล้วร้านนี้สุดยอดเลย
jasonbenitez 23 hours ago
i cant stop laughing when Sonny got destroyed by those chili dishes.
Hendrik Simorangkir
I would sugest you to go to Sumba in Indonesia...besides the fantastic view and local culture...but also the way they cook a little bit...different
Divya Pradhan
I'm hungry...... Home Alone..... Don't know how to cook...
Kicwee 2 days ago
25:45 look at those little balls
Folo Magele
Folo Magele 2 days ago
I’m a big fan of yours I love watching your videos and your yammy faces
Folo Magele
Folo Magele 2 days ago
My email is folomagele46@gmail.com
Folo Magele
Folo Magele 2 days ago
Mark can you please email me the password to the NordVPN WiFi so I a used on my trip back to Samoa please
manc Mac
manc Mac 2 days ago
Yummy face off
QNFTy 2 days ago
Sonny 🌶🌶🌶 ×10 🤯 Too hot. 😏
QNFTy 2 days ago
That chicken looks so good. 🤪🤪🤪
Geetha subramaniam
Happy to see you together.. u guys are really amazing omg
Hanzo Shimada
Hanzo Shimada 3 days ago
Global warming is real.
emil valdivia
emil valdivia 4 days ago
nice one
ben mug
ben mug 4 days ago
I can even feel the spices entering my eyes and you guys are seemingly enjoying
Salman Noor
Salman Noor 4 days ago
Mark wiens more like mark is a wienie
Jasta Babe
Jasta Babe 5 days ago
Just came across this via Sunny's page, I love the way you guys hold back the heat!! Sunny's lips are red and burning, your eyes tearing up...Nice to find this page, Love these shows..Thank you ♥
SexPool 5 days ago
My two all time favorite food reviewers. You guys are awesome together man. 💯👍🏼
Danmarc Tan
Danmarc Tan 5 days ago
this is one of the main cause of global warming
Emerson Tembrevilla
Make another video of you two..
Emerson Tembrevilla
You guys are amazing s always...
brandon lantier
brandon lantier 6 days ago
Ying with a big smile at the beginning! You have an amazing family and an awesome job Mark!
bensaudi tayuan
bensaudi tayuan 6 days ago
Bastardong Putik
Bastardong Putik 6 days ago
whenever mark talks, he looks like his head is about to explode.
ME ME 7 days ago
The chicken preparation amassed me a lot...Never ever seen anything like that before...Thank You
RudysFarinas 7 days ago
Lower volume at 11:35 less you be mistaken for watching porn 😂
Wai Phyoe Aung
Wai Phyoe Aung 7 days ago
Best Show!
Pawan Bhasin
Pawan Bhasin 7 days ago
how to reach there? plz
TONY STark 7 days ago
I subscribed Mark give thanks to sonny love from India 😜😜😜😜
Jj Aromin
Jj Aromin 7 days ago
Grabe colab sila ni Sonny
Humble pie
Humble pie 7 days ago
Yo mark weins i bet u have a hemorrhoids haha
Ailyn Dioneda
Ailyn Dioneda 8 days ago
Ice cream vendor, right timing for Sonny. 😂
Jamaal Bates
Jamaal Bates 8 days ago
You some rice or noodles with that.
Jamaal Bates
Jamaal Bates 8 days ago
Yes both together.
Sreejithsreejithsreejith Jith
Food lovers... 2 king
its me
its me 8 days ago
good combination crazy eater..
HopiDelphi 8 days ago
Oh wow! Way to go Mark...🤗
Shamie Muhamood
Shamie Muhamood 10 days ago
Serve Sonny water he is dying may be too spiced 😁😁😁
marley patthaw
marley patthaw 10 days ago
Hello sir...😍 Come in my city to,you I'll feel awesome,notheast India Shillong street food and good view point also.
bors loy
bors loy 10 days ago
sony Can't eat spicy haha😹
bors loy
bors loy 10 days ago
The way You eat and smile mame ma laughing make me happy
bors loy
bors loy 10 days ago
i like Your smile both😹♥️🇰🇭
H3A7 10 days ago
Mark keeps eating all the remaining chilli!!! Absolutely incredible. Just seeing you eating this makes me sweat😅
Foazan Azima
Foazan Azima 11 days ago
In lombok called ayam penguk
Lodemé Carp
Lodemé Carp 11 days ago
Sonny haha
Lodemé Carp
Lodemé Carp 11 days ago
Sonny haha
sam mortin
sam mortin 11 days ago
Hey guys, anyone know where abouts in Nakhon Pathom the smoked chicken place is? Heading to Thailand next few weeks!
wilfrid fred
wilfrid fred 12 days ago
Sonny is a cool guy
PRASHANT KUMAR 12 days ago
Awesome Collab...the content of both r grt but sonny edits much more bgm in his videos whereas in marks videos everything is soft n peaceful..amazing healthy competition to see bw the two😎😉
Twiprasa Production
That's how he burns too much oxygen and produces nitrogen. Please try to cook different way. It may be delicious to eat the chicken but besides you are destroying the atmosphere or the earth too. Love you My favorite two food youtubers. From India.
Oppo A37
Oppo A37 12 days ago
Omg how too eat chili sonny you want iccrame sweet and look so nice food and chiken fairing idiya good thanks
Miyambo Mumba
Miyambo Mumba 12 days ago
did anyone else also nice the fake laughs through out this part of this vedio
Sharon Long
Sharon Long 12 days ago
You got more smoke in your eyes than pepper. Mama Long
คนจริงเค้าไม่ น้ําลายหลอกคับ
ดังใหญแล้วนะลุงดีใจด้วยคับ คนดีตกน้ำไม่ไหล ตกไฟไม่ไหม้
Mrs S.K
Mrs S.K 13 days ago
they are spreading air pollution #verybad
suranga lakmal
suranga lakmal 13 days ago
Wow hungry guys together
coltin bates
coltin bates 13 days ago
You both are my favorite RUvid's you both are so great!
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 14 days ago
Did you try the choks to go in the Philippines ? Its a lechon manok
Leony Mingo
Leony Mingo 9 days ago
Kaya nga kamayin mo nalang ano pa talo talo na hahaha
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 10 days ago
Hahaha kahit na walang sauce
Leony Mingo
Leony Mingo 14 days ago
Hahaha yup
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