Unique Grilled Chicken - DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!! with Sonny Side! | ไก่อบฟาง

Mark Wiens
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Warning: Don't try this BBQ chicken method at home, unless you have a good fire-proof location - then it would be really cool to try.
Som tam, gai yang, is the popular and widely available Thai food combination of green papaya salad and grilled chicken… but we wanted to do something and eat something out of the ordinary!
Along with the help of Sonny from Best Ever Food Review Show, we ate some extraordinary versions of both grilled chicken and Thai green papaya salad, both not what you’d find at a typical restaurant. The chicken, a very traditional, rare to find style of cooking, and the green papaya salad, a little more extreme than others.
Uncle Peen Baked Chicken (ไก่อบฟางลุงพิน) - It’s easily the most unique style of grilled, or more like baked or smoked, version of chicken I’ve seen in Thailand. To make the hay smoked chicken (ไก่อบฟาง) uncle arranged the chickens on upright stakes, put oil drum lids over them, filled the trough with dry rice hay, and lit that on fire… twice. The result was one of the most juicy tender grilled chickens I’ve ever tasted. It was amazing.
Price - 180 THB ($5.46) per chicken
Som Tam Jay Gai (ส้มตำเจ้ไก่ ดอนเมือง) - Next to complete our combination of not your ordinary grilled chicken and green papaya salad we drove to Don Muang to eat at Som Tam Jay Gai (ส้มตำเจ้ไก่ ดอนเมือง), a restaurant originally from Udon Thani. There were so friendly there, and the main dish we ordered was tam code mua (ตำโครตมั่ว), the crazy spicy giant plate of green papaya salad with everything in it. We both suffered and cried tears of joy, but it was so much fun!
Total price - 380 THB ($11.52)
Again, go check out Sonny (Best Ever Food Review Show): goo.gl/ugvUcy He produces amazing professional quality food travel videos.
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Nov 7, 2018

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Comments 6 238
Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens 7 months ago
Go check out Sonny's video: ruvid.net/video/video-nZ3Zc1DJOgY.html This was one of the most fun collabs I've ever done - we ate, we cried, our faces turned red a couple of time, and mostly we just laughed and enjoyed the entire day. Thank you for watching and your amazing support! P.S. Pakistan videos start next Sunday, Nov 11. P.P.S. And don't try this at home... that is unless you have a fire-proof pit and fire extinguisher, then it will be really fun, and taste really good. Enjoy!
joy Anitha
joy Anitha 6 days ago
Wow mark love u... U just amazing.. I am always watch ur video for beautiful and bright smile😘😘😘
You Wer
You Wer 8 days ago
Nanoi Nanoi
Nanoi Nanoi 17 days ago
NN peace
NN peace 29 days ago
we fans love u both being together having n enjoying foods. we hope to see more of you two. 🥰👍
Andres Frix
Andres Frix 5 minutes ago
Con esa cara de weones que colocan me da mas hambre que la chucha saludos de chile algun chileno por ay
Rakphol Paiboon
Rakphol Paiboon 11 hours ago
จังหวัดนครปฐมครับ! แต่ซับเขียนเป็น นครพนม...
Sahil Raghuwanshi
Sahil Raghuwanshi 18 hours ago
Yuck i hate this hate from India be vegetarian
jay gonzalez
jay gonzalez Day ago
I must admitted u guys have strong stomach eating that spicy food
Sandro Day ago
Can i go there in juli/august or is it raining than? Would Love to see This!!!
สัญชัย ชินอ่อน
Sunray Channel
Yuan Yu
Yuan Yu Day ago
Please combine and make vids together
Kamonlojn Phrompang
ไก่อบฟาง น่ากิน!!
Zoren Jopeth Elicano
Hey Sonny. Good day. I love watching your videos. Why not try this food called etag here in Philippines ruvid.net/video/video-PVEeScXdSVU.html
Samet Civan
Samet Civan 2 days ago
I wanna eat😭
Blue Berries
Blue Berries 2 days ago
Two foodies
T.L. Wolfe
T.L. Wolfe 2 days ago
I love when you two collaborate! I don't think I could have eaten that salad with all those chilies!
Mountain Flower
Mountain Flower 2 days ago
I really enjoy watching you both. You both are like brothers from a different mother! Lol
Mountain Flower
Mountain Flower 2 days ago
No need conventional stove that we all relying on.This is survival. Thank you for sharing.
Mountain Flower
Mountain Flower 2 days ago
Smart Asian!
Fern P.
Fern P. 2 days ago
Someone pls give Sonny some milk! 30 chili! I'm Thai and i only put 3-4 into mine. Mark, you were born in the wrong country. You belong with Thailand!
MR KESH GAMING 3 days ago
🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 add more, then 😭😭
Ren Hopes
Ren Hopes 3 days ago
Sonny not use to being with someone so nice
vikrant lalge
vikrant lalge 3 days ago
20.1 sunny got juiced up😅😅
Denmark Roca
Denmark Roca 3 days ago
hey mark and sonny. you must go to Amazing race i think you will win the competition😂😂
Món ăn ngon và sức khỏe
Hello, my new friends, your programs are full of interesting and delicious dishes, oh how wonderful
-Yutta pichai-
-Yutta pichai- 4 days ago
ช่องนี้ไม่หยี๋ โดนควันก็ไม่สำอาง น่านับถือจริงๆ
Katlego Pelosa
Katlego Pelosa 4 days ago
Oh my word my 2 favourite people
ping Channel
ping Channel 4 days ago
Wawa Fleure.de.lyse
Ça donne vraiment faim 🤤🤤🤤
salil gaurav
salil gaurav 4 days ago
He is doing pollution with dry rice Carbon monoxide 😵😖
Nkululeko Shabangw
Aaaaah the two legends met to taste the most popular meal.I love u guy both of you
Livingston livi
Livingston livi 4 days ago
Let me luck your arm, weird
Violet Evergarden
21:00 that's what people always say even it's hot till tears coming out you can't stop eating it
ralph ekkaphon
ralph ekkaphon 5 days ago
Marvel has released new film "The Spicy Man" !!!!
Fon Oooo
Fon Oooo 5 days ago
สุดยอดน้ำตาไหลยังกิน คนไทยบางคนยังไม่กินเผ็ดขนาดนี้เลยคะ
Fon Oooo
Fon Oooo 5 days ago
Fon Oooo
Fon Oooo 5 days ago
น่ากินไก่ และส้มตำ
Laika AniMax
Laika AniMax 5 days ago
Amazing videos ;)
Li Te
Li Te 5 days ago
S-Series HD
S-Series HD 5 days ago
Oh good I like
Natt Kullav
Natt Kullav 5 days ago
Technically the material was rice straw, not rice grass hay. Since Thai farmers harvest rice seeds for human consumption, the waste/byproduct is called straw. The hay is grass mostly alfalfa that have been cut and dried, mostly use as animal fodder.
Franklin Cadiz
Franklin Cadiz 5 days ago
Make your restaurant quality chicken meal at home. Get the full recipe here: ckk.ai/TLDb
Dennis Carver
Dennis Carver 6 days ago
WINNER! WINNER!..........🐔 DINNER!😋 👍
luciano Linhares
luciano Linhares 6 days ago
HO WOW!!!!
Karl Santiago
Karl Santiago 6 days ago
subbed for that yummy face lol... sonny brought me here!
KRIT Thanaseelungkrun
Mark พูดไทยชัดมากกกก
nid noy
nid noy 6 days ago
Saint Kingkong
Saint Kingkong 6 days ago
You even licked your arm for the chicken juice....ha ha ha. Nice! I think the juice must be delicious.
สารคดี หนัง ทั่วไป
ทั้งกินไปด้วยถ่ายไปด้วย เก่งจริงๆ ติดตามอยู่นะครับ
พี่'ภูมิ' หนุ่ม'บ้าน'นา
ติดตามคับแบบนี้ ขอบคุณที่ รีวิวอาหารไทยนะครับ
Ivan Lucas
Ivan Lucas 7 days ago
Muito bom o vídeo. Muita pimenta.
Paris Rongmei
Paris Rongmei 7 days ago
Watchinh yu eat chilli and spicy thing so much even i started to eat im the most spicy eating machine in my family 😅
Goat Ahmad
Goat Ahmad 7 days ago
Really fun video!! you two should make more videos together! Greetings from Brunei Darussalam!
Riaj Ali
Riaj Ali 7 days ago
Food ranger also need to be there
B I G F I S H 7 days ago
มารยาทดีมากครับ ติดตามอยู่ครับ
Haz Lan
Haz Lan 7 days ago
Pls come to borneo jungle and try (tuak and jungle food..)
wuttipong wongma
wuttipong wongma 7 days ago
kharina miranti
kharina miranti 7 days ago
สากล กอรัตน์
Raquel Joy Hipolito
Amazing guys. I am so lucky to watch both of you guys😊😊😊
เบียร์ เบียร์
ไก่ลุงพิน. ดังไหญ่เลย. Fc.หม่อมถนัดเเดกคับ
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 8 days ago
คุณสองคนนี่สุดยอดจริงไม่ ที่มากินไก่อบฟางร้านลุงผิน ของลุงเขาอร่อยมากๆ
Chester Ednave
Chester Ednave 8 days ago
This guys make me hungry hungry !! Everytime!!
saleem 8 days ago
You guys make a great pair u should travel more often so we can have some awesome experiences via ur food travels
สุธาสินี น้อยเหลียม
Akkaphon Natsuraditkul
Tharani Karthik
Tharani Karthik 9 days ago
Gotto see sunny face after mark says 30 chilles...😂😂😂 17.05 cool 😂😂😂 19.33 hot 😂 damn he is specific and cries...😂
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กิตติพศ อาจภักดี
นี้มันเผ็ดมากเลยนะ กุยังถอยเลย
Day K
Day K 9 days ago
Mark Wiens is awesome!
Id Rockman
Id Rockman 9 days ago
I love thailand 😍😍
kookoo Kitti
kookoo Kitti 9 days ago
Mark just go and get a haircut, no more than $3 man
Heart Stone
Heart Stone 10 days ago
Too much work for a 🐔:)
jhandie Lee
jhandie Lee 10 days ago
Okay I'm done watching this right now while I'm hungry 😋😋😋
อะไร ยังไง
BAT-TALK! 10 days ago
Mark w is super skinny!!
Thitikanthika Mahawan
ปรับปรุงซับได้จะดีมาก ติดตามช่องนี้มานานแล้วชอบที่เขาไปกินลาบที่เชียงใหม่
Taylor 4 days ago
มันก็เปิดคำยายได้อยู่หนิ ถึงจะไม่ตรงเป๊ะๆ ก้อพอจะรู้เรื่อง
Fon Oooo
Fon Oooo 5 days ago
Thitikanthika Mahawan +1
Peng Fu
Peng Fu 10 days ago
The first time I had papaya salad was in Los Angeles Thai town. I was a beginner and it was so spicy I got sick from eating during dinner. It was not food poisoning because I was fine the next day.
I play Minecwaft
I play Minecwaft 11 days ago
His face is so excited,when he talked
time 6 Cjm. hattellop calot
วิทยา วิชวารีย์
คลิ้ปนี้คนดู4ล้านวิว ไก่ลุงพินโกอินเตอร์
Kris B
Kris B 11 days ago
That rice hay has been sprayed with pesticides to kill the rice plant which makes it easier to remove the rice. Most Thai produce is sprayed with heavy pesticides. You can find this easily on Google if you doubt me.
Jay Sen
Jay Sen 11 days ago
bicome a actor
NO Blesse
NO Blesse 11 days ago
Leonard Bryan Miranda
oh yeah! two of my favorite food critics teaming up...hey mark, you should ask sonny sometime about having a $100 boodle fight in the philippines
Minnie Whiskyhang
Minnie Whiskyhang 11 days ago
Anne Taylor
Anne Taylor 12 days ago
Great video guys. You work well together. That chicken 💜. Ying is so sweet. Let her have a whole chicken to herself lol
อภิชัยยา ยาดม
Kennn Tongna
Kennn Tongna 6 days ago
G G 12 days ago
คุณดูสีหน้ามาร์คเวนเวลาทานอาหารไทยซิ สีหน้าแกบอกถึงความสุข ความอร่อย และทึ่งในรสชาติอาหารไทยมากๆ
บลู ไดมอนด์
GingSree กิ่งศรีมณีเด้า
กำลังบอกเลยมาเจอเม้นนี้ วาบซาบ ถึงใจ หม่อม มีจิ้มแซ่บที่ไหนต้องมีวาซาบ
BALL Prich
BALL Prich 12 days ago
เว่านัว หัวม่วน
Saranya Jampa
Saranya Jampa 12 days ago
นอน ได้เเล้วว
Rattanaporn Jaiwandee
ชัย พรประสิทธิ์
Poiu Yujk
Poiu Yujk 12 days ago
สวัสดีค่ะคุณมาร์คคุณหญิง พี่ได้ดูคุณครั้งแรกไปเที่ยวสวีเดนแฟนพาดูชอบมากดูทุกวัน
Death Note
Death Note 13 days ago
ภูมิใจเถิดคนไทยที่ได้เกิดบนแผ่นดินนี้ ราชกาลที่9พ่อของเรา. อาหารบ้านๆของเราทำให้ฝรั่งว้าววได้ลุงพิณสุดยอดแล้วคับ
Youta Pudin
Youta Pudin 13 days ago
หม่อมสุดยอด ลุงผินของหม่อม555โกอินเตอร์แล้ว
ร้านกัปตันสมาร์ทฟิกซ์ ไทยแลนด์
ขอบคุณที่แนะนำและส่งเสริมการท่องเที่ยวประเทศไทย Thank you
มาริโอ๊ตต มาริโอ๊ตต
Welcome to Thailand 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Aa Bb
Aa Bb 13 days ago
ead krup
ead krup 11 days ago
นครปฐมครับ ไม่ใช่นครพนม
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