Uninformed Correspondent: Bootsie Hits Comic Con

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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The Late Show's uninformed correspondent, Bootsie, heads to New York Comic Con for a crash course on science fiction and superheroes.
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19 янв 2019

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Комментарии 739
Ratboy2004 День назад
They're not wearing seat belts. WTF
lolster 292
lolster 292 5 дней назад
5:18 With that bird nose, he could very well cosplay the product between Kylo Ren and John Oliver.
RedDragonM1 13 дней назад
Great. Quasada. He nearly ruined Spider-Man for everyone... A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL TO UNDO HIS MARRIGE TO MARY JANE.
Luminaria Stormreaver
Luminaria Stormreaver 20 дней назад
Nobody in that vehicle in a seat belt *facepaws*
Seetiyan 24 дня назад
Aww, she's a cutie! And her secondary power: poking your eyes out with that beak!
vargo hoat
vargo hoat 25 дней назад
peepee tape stole the show
Carlo de Guzman
Carlo de Guzman 26 дней назад
Damn i was so close getting that elusive password!
Rishabh Bhatti
Rishabh Bhatti 27 дней назад
its amazing that even the Marvel CCO uses 'Kryptonite' for comparison
Rob Gable
Rob Gable 27 дней назад
Bootsy and son should be a show. Lol. 😂
Wen Rolland
Wen Rolland 27 дней назад
She's sooo funny!!
Sir Mutantenkraken
Sir Mutantenkraken 27 дней назад
this bootsie bird outfit... almost looked like a fursuit
fishcakes 28 дней назад
Bootsie is just about the most wholesome person on tv these days
Robert Carrillo
Robert Carrillo 28 дней назад
Omg she is charming and adorable Disney should immortalize her as an honorary character.
凛音Lyn 28 дней назад
That dude really DOES look like Kylo Ren, holy shit. And I shot vodka out my nose at the guy dressed as the pee pee tape.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 28 дней назад
Love the duds!
Michael Cook
Michael Cook 28 дней назад
Bootsie is a treasure!
Yngvar Følling
Yngvar Følling 28 дней назад
Will Joe Quesada be forced to suffer the snap of Thanos for making a DC reference (kryptonite)?
Eddyspeeder 28 дней назад
Bootsie is fantastic and I love she's put on as a recurring character. I just wonder how come they only had material to fill 2.5 minutes of this 8-minute clip with footage at the Comic-Con itself.
John Gwan
John Gwan 28 дней назад
Ahhhhhhh I love Bootsie... She has so much joie-de-vivre!
Zian Fox
Zian Fox 28 дней назад
That’s the most fun I’ve had with the late show in a long time. Wish it was longer.
Puckaboo 28 дней назад
This was so adorable!
Chinita PR
Chinita PR 28 дней назад
I find her annoying. Sorry.
Dalea Nolan
Dalea Nolan 29 дней назад
Love this!!!
Isabel Climent Aroz
Isabel Climent Aroz 29 дней назад
Oh my god, I so looooove Bootsie! Huge fan here XD XD "loose! 'cause I have a hernia" made me laugh out loud at the office. I had to share the clip so they understood why I was laughing so hard at work at 8 in the morning XD
sage sokol
sage sokol 29 дней назад
yippee kai yay motherf*&ker. The horrified looks on the faces of joker and friends while an old lady with a mike comes up, before they start laughing is priceless.
Adri Rizo
Adri Rizo 29 дней назад
“I don’t work a lot” he’s hillarious!
Raving Mad Man
Raving Mad Man 29 дней назад
This is adorable!
enriqueali 29 дней назад
I wonder who Bootsie voted for in the last presidential election?
Hehhehe hohohoe
Hehhehe hohohoe 29 дней назад
The cringe is physically hurting me... Then again I might just have eaten something bad today,... But the Cringe!
santos murillo
santos murillo 29 дней назад
She's adorable.
Gordon Jennings
Gordon Jennings 29 дней назад
I'm sorry. I stopped the video once you said what was going to happen. You have to surprise cringe people...or they close the tab before you can cringe them.
gary schmidt
gary schmidt 29 дней назад
Anyone else click on this thinking it was gonna be Bootsy Collins?
Larry Underhill
Larry Underhill 29 дней назад
Hehehe. Looks like Stephen Colbert took a page out of Conan's book....even know this is still cute and funny.
erikk77 29 дней назад
She knows more about this subject than I do :)
sunnylilme 29 дней назад
I clicked right away when I saw Bootsie..love her!!😍😍😘
Jutta W
Jutta W 29 дней назад
Jake looks so done. Also, his bed head just kinda cute!
Andrew Le
Andrew Le 29 дней назад
"Ok you're a superhero. What are your weaknesses?" "I'M A DIABETIC AND I LOVE SUGAR!" Killed me to the point of tears. I could've joy-farted if I had the chance.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 28 дней назад
Andrew Le I laugh-farted as I read your post! 💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭
Savannah Mick
Savannah Mick 29 дней назад
I literally hate this woman... how obnoxious can you be
Mayimbeoo7 29 дней назад
I love Bootsie! She is amazing! She needs to be given a regular segment on the show.
JRHockney 29 дней назад
As much as I love the Late Show...Bootsie might just be the funniest thing on the Late Show these days..
Yaelia 29 дней назад
She is the BEST
Phoenix Uprising
Phoenix Uprising 29 дней назад
Jake's mom is hilarious and coo coo at the same time. Showcase more of her, please.
Chris Parker
Chris Parker 29 дней назад
Gawd this woman is irritating. why is she on here? Why? First time I have ever cut short a Colbert video.
Steve27775 29 дней назад
She's more informed than Trump. Maybe she should consider a 2020 run.
Kristine Ortega
Kristine Ortega 29 дней назад
When does Bootsy Bird get her own super hero movie !
Jacob Roche
Jacob Roche 29 дней назад
Wait I know comics pretty well but I can't for the life of me think of what the Joker's big catch phrase is.
TheBonelessBanana 29 дней назад
This video is..."Precious"
B 29 дней назад
seatbelts, anyone?
Aisling O'Leary
Aisling O'Leary 29 дней назад
Meredith Sexton
Meredith Sexton 29 дней назад
OMG Bootsie I love you, lady. These are the best segments!
Sai Adi
Sai Adi 29 дней назад
The darkness in your heart it takes for you to unlike this video.
Asura Heterodyne
Asura Heterodyne 29 дней назад
How is Bootsie so freaking adorable? I wish I had her confidence and level of boundless self-esteem. She is a favorite for sure.
Raven Winters
Raven Winters 29 дней назад
This is the best
May June
May June 29 дней назад
Jake why did you take off the hat nooo my eyes 😂😂😂😂
Kimball Infidel
Kimball Infidel Месяц назад
Yes, let's dress up our co-workers and point and laugh.
R S Месяц назад
She is really cute. The Furries bit had me howling.
clumsiii Месяц назад
Harshal Bhor
Harshal Bhor Месяц назад
I love her!
clumsiii Месяц назад
Love you Bootsie! (haven't watche the full yet just so happy you're back! love you!)
Aseenah Rasulalah
Aseenah Rasulalah Месяц назад
THAT was so much fun to watch!!!!.....
Joe Месяц назад
God bless you, Bootsie Bird and greetings from Nairobi. (what are your powers again?) :-)
Julian Месяц назад
Seatbelts!! Please, for the love of Bootsie.
Majin Fernie
Majin Fernie Месяц назад
This whole video is cringe. Like, really bad cringe.
Adam Martin
Adam Martin Месяц назад
Proof that anyone can be a star, so long as another star appoints them to be one.
TheRealGhutts Месяц назад
"I know his pass code is 0 9 ..." LMFAO
Obviously Fake Name
Obviously Fake Name Месяц назад
The child right behind them when he tells her the jokers never says that is a whole ass mood
Michael Newell
Michael Newell Месяц назад
Mrs. Bootsy rules.! She's more informed than the president of the United States however!. So deal with it. Take back America's electoral system and election process. Please.
Adam Alkhafaji
Adam Alkhafaji Месяц назад
5:33 Yippee Ki Yay motherf***** 🤣
Chris Месяц назад
Wait this isn't about Trump? HOW?!?!?
Matthew Markowski
Matthew Markowski Месяц назад
Kylo ren smells like a hen
Smackerlacker Месяц назад
Steven: "... her name is Bootsie Plumpkin." Me: "No it isn't."
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance Месяц назад
Hello, Humans. Elijah Price: You could have been a tax accountant. You could have owned your own gym. You could have opened a chain of restaurants. You could've done of ten thousand things, but in the end, you chose to protect people. *You* made that decision, and I find that very, very interesting. (Unbreakable 2000) TERRANCE OUT
Mohamed Alfalo
Mohamed Alfalo Месяц назад
She is not clear on what cosplay is, but she knows about furries.
Alavan Месяц назад
Stephen seems like the best guy to work for.
SternChuck Stern
SternChuck Stern Месяц назад
Brace for Maximilian's army!
Jess C
Jess C Месяц назад
She is so cute!!
D Ferrise
D Ferrise Месяц назад
Martingoldfire Месяц назад
I'd guess she's 50/50 hilarious and frustrating as a mom :-D
//Master //Mac
//Master //Mac Месяц назад
white people
Piña Colada
Piña Colada Месяц назад
I honestly thought she was Red 🤭😭
JayCzzzYa Месяц назад
STOP! She doesn't know about cosplaying but she knows about Furries?! Not so uninformed after all.
Tornado Месяц назад
NYCC was way back in early october. Surprised they held onto this segment for 3 months before airing it.
Chris Atherton
Chris Atherton Месяц назад
Where's the army?
gentlerat Месяц назад
The joker probably has said Yippie-kay-ye motherfucker at least once in some obscure comic.
Sweetbutterflykripperino Месяц назад
God this show is bad
R W Месяц назад
not funny
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse Месяц назад
The 'intro ' is way too long. Or the whole piece needs to be longer.
freakychee Месяц назад
Omg so wholesome!
i dont care that much
i dont care that much Месяц назад
Protect this beautiful creature
john Baldock
john Baldock Месяц назад
How could you let your MOM be the JOKE? Id Die to protect my Mom. Shameless.
Shawnee Longbow
Shawnee Longbow Месяц назад
Bootsie Plunkett is a national treasure, and we must protect her at all costs.
April rich
April rich Месяц назад
The embarrassed son act is lame. He knows his mom is boss af. If not, he's a douche.
wearefallingapart Месяц назад
This is so wholesome and sweet.
Quincy Peabody
Quincy Peabody Месяц назад
BOOTSIE is a star !
A W Месяц назад
I think Jake’s mom could and should go for a role on Orange Is The New Black as Red’s sister she looks a lot like her. She is cute on this show though. 🙂
Lindell J.
Lindell J. Месяц назад
She's so adorable 😂🤣
YoWhatUp? HowUDoing?
YoWhatUp? HowUDoing? Месяц назад
21 on Trending
Laydie Elle
Laydie Elle Месяц назад
Bootsie Bird: my new favourite super hero!
Gusstavv's Stuff
Gusstavv's Stuff Месяц назад
That Kylo Ren lookalike is as horrendous as the original one.
MJ B Месяц назад
Wow. Nothing like your mother being a big potty mouth on national TV.
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