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UNDERWATER is a film that follows a crew of underwater researchers who must scramble to safety after an earthquake devastates their subterranean laboratory. Directed by William Eubank, UNDERWATER stars Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, Vincent Cassel and John Gallagher Jr..
In Theaters January 10, 2020
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Underwater | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 2 012
Nelson Yap
Nelson Yap 3 hours ago
They look like starcraft terran soldiers underwater.
dwarfdigger135 6 hours ago
Make it R rated :/
Cairo Loy
Cairo Loy Day ago
Getting some Deep Star 6 vibes from this and am loving it
cosmicknight 2 days ago
Cool. Ripley Underwater.
50 subscribers without any videos
The ending reminds me of the first alien trailer.
Josua aditya pratama
Alien trailer style, the abyss story setting
New World Grover
New World Grover 3 days ago
I always wonder why sea monsters, aliens and other giant predators i.e. Godzilla would worry about such tiny human morsels with very little fat. If I was hungry the last thing I eat is a miniture chicken wrapped in synthetic nylon, plastic and metallic gear. That bald blonde chick couldn't provide enough meat to swim a mile.
Loser With A Red Hat
Fox already has the Alien license though, why do they need to make Alien but underwater
D Mac
D Mac 4 days ago
Is this a remake of The Abyss?
Dumb Shite inc
Dumb Shite inc 4 days ago
i already saw a problem, they are way too deep in the ocean to walk across the sea floor, they would be crushed like a fat make sitting on a empty soda can.
Metin Kılınç
Metin Kılınç 4 days ago
looks like a good 1
Koolstr3 4 days ago
Getting some SOMA & Cloverfield vibes from this. Looking forward to it!
Tmike Bomaye green
Kinda lowkey thought this was a Leviathan remake....
slippedgalaxy89 4 days ago
he just wants a friend
CorinnaDanjou 4 days ago
N Fly
N Fly 5 days ago
Doesn't this feel like an updated DeepStar Six?
Alex Koo
Alex Koo 5 days ago
I just wanna know the beginning song
Alex Koo
Alex Koo 2 days ago
If anyone knows it I'd appreciate it a lot
Robert McDougle
Robert McDougle 5 days ago
There's so much going on, I think I just watched the whole movie. On a side note, this is my biggest fear. Drowning. I can't wait. Weird right?
Not Telling
Not Telling 6 days ago
Definitely wanna see this. So happy that Kristen is taking on more movie roles that are out of her comfort zone.
왕후 6 days ago
Underwater is interesting. :D
George Zendejas
George Zendejas 6 days ago
Murdering Giant Mermaids
AWS2D X 7 days ago
Cloverfield underwater
Hellcop project
Hellcop project 8 days ago
This looks like that alien movie life
Officer K
Officer K 9 days ago
Guy at 1:05 is Vinz from La Haine
Marco Lukas
Marco Lukas 9 days ago
Wtf is that hairless monster?!
spacemanlrs333 9 days ago
So basically the decent, but underwater.
Rartros 9 days ago
If horor movie trailer got jet engine sound your main character would be survive
Mickel Craig
Mickel Craig 9 days ago
Jay Crew
Jay Crew 10 days ago
Recyclable Actors Much.
Status Store
Status Store 10 days ago
She is still so beautiful
Viral Duniya Network
Just came here after listening it may be a Cloverfield movie!
Rogerio Barbosa
Rogerio Barbosa 11 days ago
In water no one can hear you fart
SpymanTIVC 12 days ago
Come on, This is not the first under water monster movie. Leviathan and Deep Star Six does something like this almost 30 years ago
Disent Design
Disent Design 13 days ago
Underwater - seriously, what a retarded unimaginative name...skip worthy "its pulling me under water" lol. retards
Chris Corley
Chris Corley 11 days ago
You haven't even seen it yet, motard.
Ashmor 13 days ago
Reminds me of SOMA a tiny bit. Gonna watch it.
Ranko Mahou
Ranko Mahou 5 days ago
My thoughts exactly, i assumed it was a SOMA adaptation of some kind.
EastEnders 4K
EastEnders 4K 13 days ago
I actually written a similar story like this trailer about alien's, i called mine (Don't Breathe) and based it on more then 5 people about 700 in a bigger submarine ship it was more like a futuristic transport for rich people based in the year 5050 like a aquarium trip through the deepest ocean, then a light appeared and these aliens getting in the submarine ship and taking down 1 crew member or passenger 1 by 1 losing oxygen, thinking of survival I'm glad someone made a remake of The Deep (2010)
Phnog 15 days ago
dang, it had me until the PG-13 came up. this movie is for babie, good luck.
Extran Taves
Extran Taves 15 days ago
Cloverfield prequel looks great
N Berger
N Berger 16 days ago
Let’s see hollywood’s take on some Nephilim again 🙄
Rodi Beauty therapy
My feavorit movie❤
Aaron E
Aaron E 17 days ago
I feel like I've seen this film 4-7 times already?
Demothor Dregmen
Demothor Dregmen 17 days ago
Am I the only one smelling some cosmic horror?
34FUN: Regonas
34FUN: Regonas 17 days ago
Somebody actually decided to cast T.J. "the rapist" Miller as one of the lead actors in a movie? Bold choice, lets see how that will play out. I will definitely not going pay to watch this movie.
Nymat Khan
Nymat Khan 17 days ago
All the best Kristen 👍😘
gareth shields
gareth shields 18 days ago
This trailer has the same vibe as the Prometheus trailer. And we all know what t happened there.
blackcyborg009 20 days ago
Since this is made by Fox, is there any possible relation with Alien and/or Predator?
Karma Karma
Karma Karma 21 day ago
Hope this works. Because Charlie's Angels ..well... 😶
Holaa 22 days ago
2:02 Isaac Clarke is that you?
HawkeyeNextGen 24 days ago
Reminds me of the video game Narcosis.
perigosu 24 days ago
"Underwater no one can hear you scream."
perigosu 23 days ago
@Rich Johnson reminds me of a certain film from a while back with a similar quote...
Rich Johnson
Rich Johnson 23 days ago
Not at all !
Anatole Ara
Anatole Ara 24 days ago
I think I already saw this movie several times lol, It looks pretty good though
Peter Krug
Peter Krug 26 days ago
Looks like a remake of DEEP STAR SIX
D9Beatbox 26 days ago
Fosta Boy
Fosta Boy 26 days ago
The atlantians have joined the chat
Zevorx 26
Zevorx 26 26 days ago
What if Alien was set in the ocean?
Lucija Siketić
Lucija Siketić 27 days ago
1:45 I drop my phone😂
Gail A.
Gail A. 27 days ago
Kristen Stewart has been KILLING it! I'm so happy for her!
Take my money! I love it already!
TheDeviantLord 29 days ago
My money is on a Cthulhu creature
Damien John
Damien John Month ago
Reminds me of Life, which was great. This type of horror is right up my alley (see also: The Abyss, Alien, Leviathan, Sphere, The Thing, Event Horizon etc).
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