Undertale Genocide: Finale - PART 16 - Steam Train

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Feb 4, 2016




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Comments 9 322
KevLar_gh0st 19 hours ago
Nobody: Absolute Nobody Me when I see a spider: 28:43
Glitchimations 2 days ago
Now I don't know their names but... They say awwww when Sans says "Papyrus..do you want anything?" Then the guy in the red scarf is like YEAH WE BEAT SANSS WOOHOOOOOOO. Man that guy is cold and soulless
IZEAS - Mr. Picante
28:44 Ross and Barry make this more funny than it should
Terminal Matrix
Terminal Matrix 17 days ago
"OH! AH! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT! GET IT THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!" game grumps-2016 28:43
CrazyMoltrez 18 days ago
How can a skeleton bleed?
Jibanyan Lover119
Jibanyan Lover119 19 days ago
I wish I could reset I did the nuetral ending I am officially scared for life and now every time I enter the game I get killed
Echo Solaris
Echo Solaris 20 days ago
*Oh boy the lag-*
T-RockGaming 25 days ago
I’m fighting sans during this video
T-RockGaming 25 days ago
Best reaction to sans ever
mooki 26 days ago
ross: *sees spaghetti ross: i go crazy for my spaghetti
jessica van beveren
i did a no damage sans run AND I BEATED IT NO DAMAGE
Nero Autumn
Nero Autumn Month ago
Chara kills us: *_Thats a lotta damage_*
Matthew Laco
Matthew Laco 2 months ago
Welcome to the third finale
Fort Crew
Fort Crew 2 months ago
stella adebayo
stella adebayo 3 months ago
This was so funny to watch!😁😂👍👍
Mac Madness
Mac Madness 3 months ago
3:28 *force push*
Mac Madness
Mac Madness 3 months ago
This was the best content ive ever seen
GrumpCat Mara
GrumpCat Mara 3 months ago
No joke I had to go make myself some spaghetti after this because I got hungry
Curtis LeBlanc
Curtis LeBlanc 3 months ago
25:10 Howdy! I'm Flowey. Flowey the Camper!
ImaginationIsLife 3 months ago
Omg I want that pie XD Edit: and the spaghetti! OwO
Lucy Farrell
Lucy Farrell 3 months ago
I can’t watch this with the same happiness now because of the allegations
Hannah Kellaway
Hannah Kellaway 3 months ago
KimJongUn 3 months ago
I hope she wasn’t cheating on him during this time because it leaves a really sour taste knowing that she was acting all nice in camera but behind his back she was getting piped by Jared
serenity AJPW
serenity AJPW 3 months ago
While watching sans get killed my sister was hearing it and played the meme "now that's alot of damage 😂"
serenity AJPW
serenity AJPW 3 months ago
U just got dunked on!!
serenity AJPW
serenity AJPW 3 months ago
Judson Gaiden
Judson Gaiden 3 months ago
Now you'll have to play Unitale and get mutilated over and over again by Alphys NEO. She puts Sans to shame. Most players end up pulling their hair out. In my headcanon, "NEO" stands for either "Nano-Enhanced Organism" (insert Steven Armstrong reference) or "New Erudite Order" (insert 'Divergent' reference). >>> "It's always the 'quiet' ones." ~Winston Zeddemore ("Quiet" is just a euphemism in this case.)
clayy phoenix
clayy phoenix 3 months ago
I adore the Game Grumps but Steam Train's playthrough of beating Sans was better. Ross and Barry were so into Undertale that they actually reacted to the story and the characters. Arin just tried to get through everything as quickly as possible and barely even read any of the dialogue. Ross howling about Sans falling asleep and just their reactions to the ending in general are so wholesome.
LunarSkys 2 months ago
I have to agree their reactions were a lot more fun to watch
theshady mage
theshady mage 3 months ago
Frying pan!!!!
bloopzbeep_ :0
bloopzbeep_ :0 3 months ago
Intro with RUvid's auto captions: He bought two babies now we gotta play them all.
That 0neGuy
That 0neGuy 3 months ago
*KeEp GoInG lEfT*
Andrew Thomas [Prism]
3:06 Jesus Christ! Like a hundred things all happened at once.
_pluteshi_ 3 months ago
d a n n y s e x b a n g
ninja34744 3 months ago
How do they still not understand the lore around Chara and such? They've been told in TWO playthroughs now!
hi_imcai _
hi_imcai _ 4 months ago
whenever the livestream froze i'd die for like a second
Shadow Monkey
Shadow Monkey 4 months ago
Now they feast
BuddyBud_Bud 4 months ago
flambo 2420
flambo 2420 4 months ago
Caelum Miranda
Caelum Miranda 3 months ago
shelbyL'sChannel 4 months ago
"I feel dead on the inside but at least I have pie" is incredibly relatable.
Xavier Richards
Xavier Richards 4 months ago
Wtf ur reation xd
AniGa 4 months ago
Fun fact: After giving Chara your (read, Frisk's) soul, yes, you can play normally again - but you're forever locked out of any good endings; they all are changed to end with the implication that Frisk is possessed by Chara and kills everyone.
AltName7 4 months ago
43:45 Well isn't that an interesting coincidence.
A. F.
A. F. 4 months ago
I was scared Ross was going to break his neck
iiPqint Bucket
iiPqint Bucket 4 months ago
*sans is aware of the other sanses?*
A Lonley Ramen Noodle
His special attack is he throws his slipper in your face and you die instantly
Rainman316pwns 5 months ago
21:35 just sounds awful now...
Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith 5 months ago
Watching this now gives me a very different reaction
Teracy Asu
Teracy Asu 4 months ago
why is that?
Roxie Webster
Roxie Webster 5 months ago
I stayed for the whole thing...
Gacha Buddy
Gacha Buddy 5 months ago
After three years I still come back to this and just remember how hard that fight was
SquishSquid 134
SquishSquid 134 5 months ago
28:45 When my sister was born
Daecon Mortis
Daecon Mortis 5 months ago
It's all fun and games until you realize that bitch right there is possibly cheating on Ross when this stream happened
Dr. Poopstick
Dr. Poopstick 5 months ago
17:21 Aged like milk.
emPtysp4ce Month ago
@Agentpman1 She started fucking someone else
Agentpman1 2 months ago
pmurtnidalaP 5 months ago
Where did it all go so wrong? T_T
Xenos2221 5 months ago
im so annoyed watching this... like you didn't even noticed that flowey had Asriel's face
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson 5 months ago
Nyloaf 6 months ago
" What's something you shouldn't say during an interview?" " I'm gonna kill you." Chara: INTERESTING.
topbowgunner 6 months ago
It a wonderful day for pie
Icy Paladin
Icy Paladin 6 months ago
When I beat Sans I downed an entire bottle of ketchup.
Seth Howell
Seth Howell 6 months ago
I love how sans is just bleeding out while they’re just preparing food
Marker Villacorta
Marker Villacorta 6 months ago
sans break aka the part where you chill after beating sans
Jack Rachlin
Jack Rachlin 6 months ago
omg ross is dressed like papyrus ;~;
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