Undertale Genocide: Finale - PART 16 - Steam Train

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You asked for it!
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Feb 4, 2016




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Comments 80
Cryoforce yeet
Cryoforce yeet 4 days ago
30 miuntes of murder,Dannysexbang,and kevin
Ava .H
Ava .H 4 days ago
Everyone keep in mind They took 1 hour 10 minutes and 42 seconds to beat sans and I recorded myself beating Sans it was 3 hours 43 minutes and 7 seconds am I proud..Yes Did it take a while...Yes Did I do it without stopping..No I had to grab so many snacks and drinks so in real time it was really 5 hours
Gracie Bitzer
Gracie Bitzer 6 days ago
I can't believe ross dressed up as Papyrus.
Adam Hassid
Adam Hassid 11 days ago
Jacksepticeye had to write down all of the attacks in a notebook to win the sans fight.
Heidi Gibbons
Heidi Gibbons 15 days ago
Who else skipped the part where thier was nothing?
Octodaddy 24 days ago
"Alphys, Flowey, and Asgore are still alive" well 2/3 is still a passing grade I guess
Valeda Adams
Valeda Adams 26 days ago
Braden Whitehair
Braden Whitehair 27 days ago
This is a true friend group and its beautiful
Magical Forest Artists _
46:25 Potato. Just potato.
It_ _Bleh
It_ _Bleh Month ago
6:54 Sans: Don't tell that to the other sans-es ok? The game grumps: who wait- what Me: Uhhhhhhhhh.... *Shit *
Nova Star
Nova Star Month ago
Now if you do the Pacifist run again, Complete it and look at the ending where Toriel gives you pie Chara is the one in bed, and it ends with text saying something like "did you really think I'd let you get away with that?" Or something
いとさくら Month ago
39:18 1:05 :45
Love Travel
Love Travel Month ago
These are some evil people
Brandyt890 Month ago
I know this was like four years ago, but you should do another pacifist playthrough, because the game is supposed to remember the genocide playthrough.
sansundertale5123 YT
BlackIronMaN2213 2 months ago
I love how hype Ross gets.
Drilis 2 months ago
Barry survives the hardest part of the fight 13 minutes in, and there's still an hour of video left... Curious as to where this goes.
Drilis 2 months ago
Surprisingly, I actually survived his penultimate attack on my first try. Aren't I just _so_ cool.
Drilis 2 months ago
@Justin Pedi It was more like I went into a trance and got lucky.
Justin Pedi
Justin Pedi 2 months ago
Drilis my brother as well, you guys have insane reflexes lmaoo
Drilis 2 months ago
Man, I knew this one would be like an hour long.
MJ 2 months ago
Reaper 95
Reaper 95 2 months ago
Sans: talking Chara: walks towards sans Sans: ah, i see that your approaching me
cheese sticks
cheese sticks 3 months ago
“Hey what’s your favorite steam train episode”. Me: “the one where they sit in darkness and talk about Kevin, danny sexbang, and murder
Pacifist run Monsters: I'm going to kill you. Sorry not sorry ^^ Frisk: But.. I don't want to die! Monsters: too bad ^~^ Genocide Run Frisk: I'm going to kill you. Sorry not sorry =) Monster: But....I don't wanna die! Frisk: Too bad =)
Seth Aquauis
Seth Aquauis 3 months ago
The only thing I hate more than a flower with murder issues is a snake who bakes pies.
Alexander Vanchev
Alexander Vanchev 3 months ago
39:15 for the end of the black screen
Scream Doggo
Scream Doggo 3 months ago
I’m nine and I beat it
It's Me
It's Me 4 months ago
Jacquelyn Wiese
Jacquelyn Wiese 4 months ago
me: might as well finish this up I can probably spend another 30 minutes alone in my room me: *looks at the time* also me: welp time to go get some popcorn, chocolate, and pringles for I am chara and the death of sans is a movie worth watching
sonic george
sonic george 4 months ago
That's crazy
ERROR! Chara
ERROR! Chara 5 months ago
That Chara voice sounds like a old man who sounds similar to Herbert The Pervert
Leigh Green
Leigh Green 5 months ago
i thought flowey was supposed to say something like, "youve been here before" or something.
Maxinne koneko
Maxinne koneko 5 months ago
Yoda: 28:28
Scott Johnston
Scott Johnston 6 months ago
I really want a "Danny reacts to" video of this void conversation.
Oliver Pearce
Oliver Pearce 6 months ago
Someone please animate that bit where he's describing his dream and just floating in the abyss
Oliver Pearce
Oliver Pearce 6 months ago
i know your type. you're, uh, very determined, aren't you? you'll never give up, even if there's, uh... absolutely NO benefit to persevering whatsoever. if i can make that clear. no matter what, you'll just keep going. not out of any desire for good or evil... but just because you think you can. and because you "can"... ... you "have to".
BurntToaster 6 months ago
Barry and Ross are dressed as Sans and Papyrus!!! Top notch friendship 💙♥️
Collin 255
Collin 255 6 months ago
I just did a Genocide run for the first time yesterday. Only took about 50 attempts to beat Sans, but I got him lol. Man that was fun.
El_ Deka
El_ Deka 6 months ago
i took 22 attempts
Nieru 6 months ago
Why would Ross think he needs to stop murdering? Pretty sure his body count is still lower than Ninja Brian's, even if you count all of the Marios he's slaughtered.
mymoca100 6 months ago
When I saw that little child after killing Flowey I left and BURNED my house down erasing my genocide but..... I STILL SEE PAPYRUS’S SHADOW IN MY ROOM
EndermanPierce Or Void Soul
I love how Arin just responds to Chara talking to them
Belan Farah
Belan Farah 7 months ago
39:19 when the blackout ends 1:05 :49 part two of blackout ends
I love it that they cheered when Sans died, but I cried.
KevLar_gh0st 7 months ago
Nobody: Absolute Nobody Me when I see a spider: 28:43
Glitchimations 7 months ago
Now I don't know their names but... They say awwww when Sans says "Papyrus..do you want anything?" Then the guy in the red scarf is like YEAH WE BEAT SANSS WOOHOOOOOOO. Man that guy is cold and soulless
IZEAS - Mr. Picante
IZEAS - Mr. Picante 7 months ago
28:44 Ross and Barry make this more funny than it should
Technomancer 8 months ago
"OH! AH! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT! GET IT THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!" game grumps-2016 28:43
CrazyMoltrez 8 months ago
How can a skeleton bleed?
Jibanyan Lover119
Jibanyan Lover119 8 months ago
I wish I could reset I did the nuetral ending I am officially scared for life and now every time I enter the game I get killed
Echo Solaris
Echo Solaris 8 months ago
*Oh boy the lag-*
T-RockGaming 8 months ago
I’m fighting sans during this video
T-RockGaming 8 months ago
Best reaction to sans ever
mooki 8 months ago
ross: *sees spaghetti ross: i go crazy for my spaghetti
jessica van beveren
jessica van beveren 8 months ago
i did a no damage sans run AND I BEATED IT NO DAMAGE
Nero Autumn
Nero Autumn 8 months ago
Chara kills us: *_Thats a lotta damage_*
Ma,La,La 10 months ago
Welcome to the third finale
stella adebayo
stella adebayo 10 months ago
This was so funny to watch!😁😂👍👍
Mac Madness
Mac Madness 10 months ago
3:28 *force push*
Mac Madness
Mac Madness 10 months ago
This was the best content ive ever seen
GrumpCat Mara
GrumpCat Mara 10 months ago
No joke I had to go make myself some spaghetti after this because I got hungry
Curtis LeBlanc
Curtis LeBlanc 10 months ago
25:10 Howdy! I'm Flowey. Flowey the Camper!
Braden Whitehair
Braden Whitehair 27 days ago
You just hear Asgore on a shitty mic "hes a fucking camper!"
QuirkyEggMuffin 10 months ago
Omg I want that pie XD Edit: and the spaghetti! OwO
Lucy Farrell
Lucy Farrell 10 months ago
I can’t watch this with the same happiness now because of the allegations
Braden Whitehair
Braden Whitehair 27 days ago
Hannah Kellaway
Hannah Kellaway 10 months ago
KimJongUn 10 months ago
I hope she wasn’t cheating on him during this time because it leaves a really sour taste knowing that she was acting all nice in camera but behind his back she was getting piped by Jared
Jubaleelee 6 months ago
Wait, I'm new here what now
serenity AJPW
serenity AJPW 11 months ago
While watching sans get killed my sister was hearing it and played the meme "now that's alot of damage 😂"
serenity AJPW
serenity AJPW 11 months ago
U just got dunked on!!
serenity AJPW
serenity AJPW 11 months ago
Judson Gaiden
Judson Gaiden 11 months ago
Now you'll have to play Unitale and get mutilated over and over again by Alphys NEO. She puts Sans to shame. Most players end up pulling their hair out. In my headcanon, "NEO" stands for either "Nano-Enhanced Organism" (insert Steven Armstrong reference) or "New Erudite Order" (insert 'Divergent' reference). >>> "It's always the 'quiet' ones." ~Winston Zeddemore ("Quiet" is just a euphemism in this case.)
clayy phoenix
clayy phoenix 11 months ago
I adore the Game Grumps but Steam Train's playthrough of beating Sans was better. Ross and Barry were so into Undertale that they actually reacted to the story and the characters. Arin just tried to get through everything as quickly as possible and barely even read any of the dialogue. Ross howling about Sans falling asleep and just their reactions to the ending in general are so wholesome.
LunarSkys 10 months ago
I have to agree their reactions were a lot more fun to watch
theshady mage
theshady mage 11 months ago
Frying pan!!!!
wholesome_soup uwu
wholesome_soup uwu 11 months ago
Intro with RUvid's auto captions: He bought two babies now we gotta play them all.
That 0neGuy
That 0neGuy 11 months ago
*KeEp GoInG lEfT*
Andrew Thomas [Prism]
Andrew Thomas [Prism] 11 months ago
3:06 Jesus Christ! Like a hundred things all happened at once.
pluteshi 11 months ago
d a n n y s e x b a n g
ninja34744 11 months ago
How do they still not understand the lore around Chara and such? They've been told in TWO playthroughs now!
imcaii _
imcaii _ 11 months ago
whenever the livestream froze i'd die for like a second
Sad Kermit
Sad Kermit 11 months ago
Now they feast
BuddyBud_Bud 11 months ago
shelbyL'sChannel 11 months ago
"I feel dead on the inside but at least I have pie" is incredibly relatable.
Xavier Richards
Wtf ur reation xd
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