Undertale - 8 - Game Grumps Stream VOD (07/02/19)

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The Grumps face their greatest challenge, Sans in Undertale. Who will survive?
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Game Grumps are:
Arin ► ruvid.net/u-Egoraptor
Danny ► ruvid.net/u-NinjaSexParty
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Jul 5, 2019




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Comments 1 052
Ella Hourihane
Ella Hourihane 14 hours ago
Retl Day ago
Hudson Schnier
Hudson Schnier 3 days ago
after doing 3 Genocide runs I now say that Undyne the undying is harder than sans
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith 8 days ago
I have to take birthing breaths when arin gets literally to the last move
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith 8 days ago
"obiwancanblowme" art
Crystal Sword Gaming
I’m probs wrong but isn’t the god with two faces Janus? Which is where we get January cuz it’s the end of one year and the beginning of another
EonArashi 9 days ago
Can I just say that everybody singing "Happy Birthday" to Suzy was really wholesome, and it made me super happy?
IZEAS - Mr. Picante
*Megalovania plays for three hours*
GetTheJojDone 11 days ago
Anyone know why they stopped the streams?
Mediocre Gaming
Mediocre Gaming 13 days ago
"Sans is sparing you. ...Kill him."
The Canadian 'murican
With 1 hp too. God damn that's epic
Nichole Tate
Nichole Tate 14 days ago
9th time when pie was useful 10th was when I felt depressed
Michael Arvay
Michael Arvay 16 days ago
Seeing Arin freak out over accidentally checking makes my heart hurt. No one is there to tell him that it doesn't matter.
Dane Larsen
Dane Larsen 16 days ago
I always end up looking up the weirdest videos because of these guys.
Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez 17 days ago
Cortisol is the stress hormone. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which, when present in the pleasure pathways of the brain, causes pleasure... when present in the wrong parts of the brain, though, it can cause symptoms similar to schizophrenia. Oxytocin is the chemical Dan was actually thinking of. That's the "love molecule" that you get a hit of when you see someone you love, when you hear your moms voice (assuming you love her), when you eat chocolate, when you get a hug or experience any kind of affectionate touching, etc. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter like those, but it's very complicated. Lack of it can cause depression, too much can cause a "serotonin storm" which can kill you. The dude who mentioned SSRIs preventing serotonin being eliminated thus leaving you with more is dead-on correct, that is how they operate. Different ones operate in different portions of the brain, but they have in common that they operate that way. 'Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors' is what the initialism stands for. And we could all use a lot more oxytocin in our lives. Also, Undertale is how you do a game with an element of "moral" choice. Compare this to Bioshock. Bioshocks 'bad' ending was a stupid, nonsensical attempt by the developers to kick people in the balls and nothing else. And that was after they included a bit in the game that would persuade people to think the moral choice actually wasn't clear. There is an audio recording saying that by "saving" the little sisters you are doing nothing but damning them to a lifetime of repeated torture as they would be immediately re-infected as soon as they went back in the vents... if you bought into that and decided to end their suffering, screw you, because the developers decided you are just heartless, so they slapped together the dumbest, most idiotic ending they could think of and pushed that in your face.
Dubious Deliquite
Dubious Deliquite 18 days ago
Man way to kill the mood by reading donations during sans death
UltimateAHP 20 days ago
14:34 Here's when they sing happy birthday to Suzy
고양이.. 20 days ago
Being a Mexican person I would say it like this: No me cogí a mi hermana. (I didn't f*ck my sister)
MaelowPi 20 days ago
Mark Walberg is defo still a bad person.
Bonsai Gecko
Bonsai Gecko 23 days ago
That “papyrus do you want anything” genuinely made me tear up
Bonsai Gecko
Bonsai Gecko 24 days ago
38:22 I made my first dnd character today.... can you guess the alignment
fault3k 26 days ago
You know, I feel like that was actually rougher for Dan than Arin because he kind of just had to sit there and watch, as much as they played everything up I feel like Arin really enjoyed that victory over sans.
fault3k 26 days ago
It was never Arin that gave up, it was Dan that gave up because of the scheduling, Arin wasn't considering giving up yet, and that's why he picked up the controller again even when Dan was prompting them to change segments or stop streaming.
fault3k 26 days ago
why wasnt Dan trying at all??
fault3k 26 days ago
Boy the swears came back just in time to finish the sans fight.
keithevan10 27 days ago
Ngl, Ally has, over the course of the streams, spoiled a little too much in my opinion
Manchez V.2
Manchez V.2 27 days ago
WOOOOO We don't use high quality mics for these XD
Alexander Peterson
Alexander Peterson 29 days ago
2:42:13 The T.V. makes a pretty freaky noise imo
David Eber
David Eber Month ago
What do they eat? How do they burp so often?? :-/
The Incarnation of Sin
2:15:15 “If it weren’t for that pesky losing I’d have won”
Palathaxx Month ago
I absolutely love how the only words he spoke on his successful run were “such bullshit...such bullshit”
Lemons _
Lemons _ Month ago
b o n e j u i c e
Matthew Lickers
Matthew Lickers Month ago
Sandwich Ding Dong
HalcyonSerenade Month ago
The fact that he actually did it the very first (full) attempt after almost giving up was _quite_ the epic gamer moment!
Syrus789 Month ago
Sunrider Month ago
"Something dope is about to happen! Suzy's here!" You said something dope, not something disappointing.
Julien Entezari
Julien Entezari Month ago
I wish there was a way to track San's global body count like they do in Dark Souls.
CallMeKes Month ago
That moment when you are an hour and a half in and you decide to preview the whole stream (by running your cursor over the playbar without clicking it) and see what the end of the stream has in store for us all. "I feel light as a feather!"
Red Ink
Red Ink Month ago
49:44 *Upon obtaining the “sad dog” you are filled with a newfound determination.*
golden Month ago
The Jack of All Trades
Fuck me running, as bad as Arin is at video games, he beat Sans in fewer tries than me, and I've done two separate genocide runs. Well played, man. Sincere congratulations.
Korey Leroy
Korey Leroy Month ago
You having a bad time arin?
bobr.mp4 Month ago
Arin is a fuckin legend
Sasha Whirl
Sasha Whirl Month ago
About 3 hours of fighting sans XD
Timujina Parsons
Happy birthday Suzy!!!!!!
Dale Gibson
Dale Gibson Month ago
I thought Sad Dog was a joke about a MadCatz controller
Mykasan Month ago
is there a finale somewhere? :O
Hanako is best girl
Subway is no where near as bad as Arin says it is. It's not gourmet by any means but it is far superior to wendy's
parker469a Month ago
Considering all of the stuff from subway should be the same. I feel like the consistency of it just around a lot. Two I've gone to were bad and two were decent and one has always been pretty good so he probably went to one that was run badly then refused to ever go to one ever again.
The Chad
The Chad Month ago
I gotta ask, is that Hanako from Katawa Shoujo??
Erica Alexandria
Arin: Does he not know Papyrus is dead? ARIN. NOOOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭😭
Mushrambo Month ago
1:39:37 for Dan's adorable sneeze
ALJJ Ink. 2 months ago
Frick'n EPIC.
lizzy guadalupe
lizzy guadalupe 2 months ago
Ive Harzing
Ive Harzing 2 months ago
Arin using items or checking him *doesn't* waste a turn, you would've known that if you read what he says during the fight
Fic 2 months ago
1:48:30 starting to sleep
Fic 2 months ago
1:33:20 he sounded like he had a breakthrough XD
Fic 2 months ago
28:37 just makes him sound like hes unsure lol
Fic 2 months ago
14:41 sounds like someones harmonizing there-
Atom Sorcerer
Atom Sorcerer 2 months ago
27:41 “As long as we sing Megalovania, they can’t demonetize our cover” UMG, Sony, and the other copyright abusing companies: _Omae wa mou, shindeiru_
FireLord 47
FireLord 47 2 months ago
Someone explain how it’s possible I can get through the first attack all the way to the end from sans without damage but can’t beat the last bit
Cutter Hill
Cutter Hill 2 months ago
He knows papyrus is dead. That's the point.
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