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John Weers
John Weers Year ago
I can’t like this talk enough...
IT Revolution
IT Revolution Year ago
Us too!
Awoo Awoo
Awoo Awoo 2 months ago
This is only going to get worse as employers continue to treat people as playthings and slaves.
Groove Enhancers
Groove Enhancers 2 months ago
Guys, if you or someone you know is suffering from Burnout, we invite you to join our Free LIVE Workshop this Saturday, January 18 at 12pm Noon EST www.grooveenhancers.com/the-definitive-guide-to-surviving-burnout
Winter Winter
Winter Winter 3 months ago
This is the clearest, most detailed and most accurate description of burnout i heard so far. And I've listened to a lot to try and understand what i am experiencing. The worst aspect is the loss of effective cognitive function and starting to not care about a job i loved. My cancer advocacy role is something so worthwhile, so necessary and important, but I've started to not care, to be indifferent, impatient, envious and cynical re those people who are still passionate. This is not me anymore. And i desperately want to get back to the energetic, eager, excited person that i was 2 years ago. I took on too much and not got any help. Worked longer and harder to get stuff done, but never enough. And not a lot of thank you's. I now also feel shame that I am failing and thinking i am not the right person for the job. I can't even think straight any more, let alone have any impressive or coherent conversation with people. Not sure how to fix it.🙁
Winter Winter
Winter Winter 2 months ago
@hibakusha0 thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply. You are very right. I hope you too can find a way to heal. Sorry to hear about your mum too. I hope you can make the most of her time left. Take care.
hibakusha0 2 months ago
I don't have an easy solution or answer, but one thing: Your language, to me, seems to imply a person who is very demanding of themselves. A key factor to burn-out. "I desperately want to be who I was"... No. You need to love the burned out person you are now. We all change, but it doesn't mean you cannot be who you were or that you would have lost something permanently. You need to heal but you cannot do that by forcing it or trying to be who you were. Love yourself, forgive yourself. "Heal thyself, healer", as they said. I'm sorry, I'm sure this might all sound like of bunch of tired clichés, but just felt like saying this. It's a long way to go and a simple RUvid comment won't change anything, but I just wanted to say this, because I kinda recognise that language.... You're hard on yourself..... I'm a person who was doing a overworked, underpaid Google marketing job....while my mother is slowly dying of cancer. I've tried to make these parts fit together for the past year until I got the diagnosis of severe work-related exhaustion. I don't feel normal either but I accept who I am now, and that I don't "need" to be anything now, except who I am right now. A burned out husk, but that's still me.
Angelo Catapang
Angelo Catapang 4 months ago
from a well oiled machine to being a worn out machine.that's a burnout.
Angelo Catapang
Angelo Catapang 4 months ago
even at the ymca.of all places i've got a debilitating workplace burnout.consequences are depression,anxiety.
The Banana
The Banana 4 months ago
And then post-burnout you reach a point I've reached a few months in: Not giving a single duck. It's a form of nirvana and numbness lol. I'll give a ted talk on it soon ;)
andrew hurd
andrew hurd 2 months ago
I know exactly what you mean
Andrés otra vez
Andrés otra vez 4 months ago
Where do I find the MBI manual?
franksoul 6 months ago
Thanks for posting very interesting.
Rick Gleason
Rick Gleason 8 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-4KGjBUQAq1Y.html This is the answer.
Rick Gleason
Rick Gleason 6 months ago
@Dhawal Bavishi Hey DB , Yea,I pulled that video,when I got a new job,that didn't require so much travel. In retrospect, I should have kept it. If you get a chance checkout my channel. Thanks man. Hope your doing well.
Dhawal Bavishi
Dhawal Bavishi 6 months ago
Video unavailable
XJLuxury 11 months ago
This lady needs a TED Talk!
blah blah
blah blah Year ago
This woman is 100% correct. Thank goodness someone is talking about it!!! If we actually acknowledge this problem and do something about it, our economy as well as our individual health will be better off for it!
Dude 4 months ago
I like your name!
evansmr 11 months ago
She pioneered the main scale used to measure burnout and has been leading the field of research for over 30 years...
Wahinies Year ago
I straight up cried at 15m
Alvaro Ruiz
Alvaro Ruiz Year ago
This is a great talk to introduce the work done so far in the field of burnout, its causes, remedies... Highly recommended, even if it's just to learn some common ground concepts and terms to enable meaningful conversations on the topic.
IT Revolution
IT Revolution Year ago
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