Understanding Electricity (Documentary)

Saqer Khalil
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A Documentary video describing the electricity in a different way for better understanding .
Saqer Khalil
Jeddah , Saudi Arabia

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Feb 8, 2013




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Comments 80
Cherry's DIY
Cherry's DIY 13 days ago
lol those bulbs last 25,000 hours. The almighty LED is far superior now!
Neil Sangte
Neil Sangte 2 months ago
Somebody now has an idea where else this controlled lighting could be used ,a weapon?..reminds me of the HAARP project
FlamSelk 2 months ago
Whats up sennett
Yousef Shokir
Yousef Shokir 3 months ago
الحد لله الذي سخر لنا هذه النعمة التي نفعت البشرية نفعا عظيما
puppies are cute
puppies are cute 3 months ago
watt are you Talking about
Hybrid EV Mobile Tech
The tittle itself is wrong. Nobody understand electricity. We can only describe it, Even Einstein did not understand electricity so Neither Neils Bohr. Finally electricity is beyond logic
Karac Newland
Karac Newland 6 months ago
How can you not talk about Nikola Tesla when talking about electricity ⚡️
Anon 6 months ago
What is this human interest story. Ffs.
paul austin
paul austin 7 months ago
There is no evidence whatsoever that Franklin ever performed the "kite" experiment! it's a complete myth!!!! Faraday is the man who left Franklin eating dirt!!!
Orfa iarumas
Orfa iarumas 7 months ago
24:34 -the shanty town people of Brazil have cracked the free energy conundrum, these electricity russlers deserve a science award.
shutterbugk8 7 months ago
D-rex 8 months ago
24:30 how many people die there a year from electrical shock I wonder?
Binish Babu
Binish Babu 11 months ago
)0siris 1994
Mr Wilson
Mr Wilson 11 months ago
Electricity is simply the coolest thing ever right next to outer space and the cosmos
Mr Wilson
Mr Wilson 11 months ago
The only reason Nikola Tesla gets so little recognition is because he didn't care about dollar signs like Ben Franklin did
Mr. T.
Mr. T. 11 months ago
Physics is gay
Junaid Ahmed
Junaid Ahmed Year ago
Stray Dog
Stray Dog Year ago
That's Jane Curtain narrating isn't it?
Marinus Kuiper
Came to learn about electricity, starts out with the King: YOU GET A THUMBS UP!
Donald Sukhnanan
Good documentary but wasnt good enough without Nicola Tesla
Edge Year ago
That intro 😂😂😂
Devin Weller
Devin Weller Year ago
Devin Weller
Devin Weller Year ago
Carol T.
Carol T. Year ago
Can you post the others documentarys of Understanding Citys? Pleaaaseee 😢😢 my professor is crazy
Jordan Alexcites
At the beginning I thought it was okay not mentioning Nikola Tesla... since I know of him not by eleon mask ( or whatever) then I realized that it's unfair.
This is too light on electricity, I guess that why no mention of Tesla?
Jay At Flight
Jay At Flight Year ago
6 year old me is so happy he found this again
Gareth Rowlands
Saying voltage will not kill you is ridiculous. Without the high voltage there in the first place to push the amperage through my body then amps are harmless . Wtf !!?? Simple ohms law 🧐
Kasitro Year ago
Shits aesthetic af
Sanauvar Ali
Sanauvar Ali Year ago
No TESLA Mentioned but Benjamin Franklin was mentioned who had nothing much to do in this. ooof Americans!
John Law
John Law Year ago
Not a mention of Nikola Tesla ? It's a shame we applaud business men who thrive off the success of others while banishing the true hero's of our day. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Martin Hunt
Martin Hunt Year ago
230 free power lol 😡😡☠🤗😍😈
James Lee
James Lee Year ago
isnt a single bullet less expensive than an electric chair?
James Lee
James Lee Year ago
Yes they did not mention Tesla, its an older documentary, most of them didnt, chill and learn what you can. Tesla didnt invent electricity even though he made electronics inventions, this is about electricity. PS: Tesla talked to Pigeons...WITH HIS MIND!!!!!!!!!! look it up
Lisandro Laman
666 jordan
666 jordan Year ago
I’ve got a bolt
Banaja Dandasena
Good collection..
Tommy Angelo
Tommy Angelo Year ago
.If voltage determines the level of pressure, so it must have affect on the amount of amps as much as I understand it the two units are sort of intertwined.
Michael Rosner
Any one know What gage wire does he use for the controlled lightening strike in the beginning
720 viewers have stuck a fork into a wall socket.
Kyle Koplien
Kyle Koplien Year ago
All the posers thinking they care about Tesla...
Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly Year ago
oh, I love electricity. Eddie says we're gonna get some soon.
AirScholar 2 years ago
I prefer the $440 million lost on a experiment to help man kind than it be wasted in a few months feeding the wasteful who will not feed themselves.
Michael Sartore
Michael Sartore 2 years ago
UFO caught on video 9:39
David Guzman
David Guzman 2 years ago
heat cliff
heat cliff 2 years ago
human weapon system in a circuit.
Alun Churcher
Alun Churcher 2 years ago
Ben Franklin was a con artist, he didn't invent anything his many members of staff did but his name was on the patent application, he owned the company and as far as he saw it he was in charge, he was paying for it.
Buddy Bud-Bud
Buddy Bud-Bud 2 years ago
Fucking subtitles! Disliked
Hand Meover
Hand Meover 2 years ago
I give more to the advancement of electricity than Ben Franklin ever did! My very own *high ass, monthly electric bill!* Top THaT, Ben!
Jeffrey Fugh
Jeffrey Fugh 2 years ago
That satellite generation plan is just stupid. At the end of the day, all you are doing is converting the spacecraft's momentum into electricity. Where did that kinetic energy come from in the first place? Isn't that from the rocket propellant? You might as well be bringing extra fuel for your fuel cell battery for the trouble deploying that.
peter power
peter power 2 years ago
no Tesla? this is bullshit
Bret Milner
Bret Milner 2 years ago
Why did they electrocute fake elvis at the beginning?
Alex roman
Alex roman 2 years ago
Around the 10minute mark or so I heard " 80 feet/second just wanted to reach and grab it"
Billy Willy
Billy Willy 2 years ago
kirby urner
kirby urner 2 years ago
A really good documentary. Top notch.
semiLive sixstring strumist
They got TV! That is such a terrible thing to do to those people. They have no idea that brainwashing has begun!
semiLive sixstring strumist
You can bet that the people that live without electric are twice as healthy as us electric living people. And EMW are killing you! That is 5G cell towers and the modem in your house and any cordless device.
semiLive sixstring strumist
It does not cause life! WTF!!!
Alex T
Alex T 2 years ago
Too much baloney and theatrics. I'm halfway thru and I haven't learned shit. And I don't think her number on how man electrons go thru a filament per second is correct. And to say that voltage is not what kills you is ridiculous. And what's all that Arabian writing doing down near the bottom? What a mess. And didn't Nikola Tesla invent the electron? I think they should throw him a bone somewhere here.
byron yorks
byron yorks 2 years ago
and Ben Franklin went out and captured electricity for the first time lmao what a load a crud! core ed / history grow up!
Propeller Head
Propeller Head 2 years ago
I can't believe they wasted $440,000,000 . You'd think they would have anticipated the possibility of a broken tether.. Morons..
Bob Saturday
Bob Saturday 2 years ago
how come they fail to make the public understand how we've been suckered by criminal banker morgan and his gang of perverts after their piracy of both Westinghouses and Edisons companies to subvert and perverts all of Teslas electrical ideas of bring light and progress to the world into a sickening money grab and suppress any further developments so they could continually reap huge profits and solidify their physical and financial control over the people.
Logan T
Logan T 2 years ago
What year was this made?
REX MUNDI 2 years ago
Saddens me to see those tribal children As they where being introduced to television.
Doug Mcdonell
Doug Mcdonell 2 years ago
Apparently Nikola Tesla single handedly developed electricity when he sold polyphase patents to Westinghouse, and some sort of great wrong has taken place by not mentioning that in this video. For the record Tesla did not invent AC or high voltage lines, or transformers, his big contribution was in electric motors.
Dominic 2 years ago
What the fuck does Tesla have to do with a docu about UNDERSTANDING electricity? You idiots need to read a fucking book to understand the role of Tesla, guess what? The bullshit you read in a reddit circlejerk are not actual facts.
MyYouTubeChannel 2 years ago
I read the comments first and stopped watching it 2 minutes in, since Nikola Tesla wasn't mentioned and gave the 665 thumbs down...I apologize to the next person, but it is beyond my control.
Mark Volker
Mark Volker 2 years ago
Was that a UFO at 9:41 ?
Jan Olsen
Jan Olsen 2 years ago
Yes, Benjamin Franklin, among many things he was a diplomate and a Satanist!?Noooooooo!? .......................... When he stayed in England, a place he used to stay became later quite famous because he lived there, or visited that club frequently. ............................ They decided to restore the building and took down some walls. They found a dozens of babies and young children locked up in the walls, all of them had marks telling the tragic story of child sacrifices! ........................... AND WHAT DID THE AUTORITIES DO!? RIGHT, SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!! SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS
Farzher 2 years ago
why is there squiggles on the bottom of the screen?
Morbius1963 2 years ago
"4 billion kilowatts a year"! More balls. Maybe 4 billion kilowatt HOURS per year. This is high school physics. Maybe JHS. Enough. Visuals good content dubious like most stuff from American producers.
Morbius1963 2 years ago
VOLTS do NOT FLOW! "50,000 volts "through me" is wrong. 50,000v "ACROSS" me or BETWEEN my toe and thumb is correct. AMPS flow. Current flows. I'm really surprised that with the research and advice this program had that such a basic error should be transmitted.
Willow Madhuri Dixit
What? No Tesla?
Graham Holmes
Graham Holmes 2 years ago
Thank you for reposting this on RUvid. I needed this for notes.
Pete Adams
Pete Adams 2 years ago
This video is bullshit. It starts out by saying Everybody needs to obey the law's of physics. That's a lie. September 11 2001 physics was rewritten. Ask anyone of the criminal's on the N.I.S.T. investigation panel.
Saqer Khalil
Saqer Khalil 2 years ago
What ???
Village Platinum Productions
what a morbid intro...
Saqer Khalil
Saqer Khalil 2 years ago
this is because you have producers sense !!
Grzegorz Durda
Grzegorz Durda 2 years ago
The crackling cigarette smoking female voice is a turn off.
Darrin DuFur
Darrin DuFur 2 years ago
Franklin didn't discover shit especially positive and negative charge...these people are ignorant.
prayfawind 2 years ago
400 million just drifted away
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