Underage Kids Ask For A Lighter | WWYD | What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?
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Underage children ask customers outside of a deli to light their cigarettes.


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Sep 3, 2016




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MIKA_ Fun time
MIKA_ Fun time 6 hours ago
So uhhh my older cousin smokes and hes fikkin 14 and i tried it and it taste so bad and now he stoped i think
Reece Simpson
Reece Simpson 14 hours ago
I’m glad no one gave them a light
Katanna Hall
Katanna Hall 17 hours ago
I am 9 years old and I don't smoke and if I ever seen one I will break it it's not cool my mom's dad died by smoking cuz smoke cigarettes gives you cancer
Tony Gokk
Tony Gokk 18 hours ago
0:25 they smoking real cigarettes
chris martinez
chris martinez 2 days ago
I woulda been like “Heyyyyyy! Lemme Spark that bad boy” 🔥 🚬 take take it break it step on it 👟 and tell them stay away from cancer sticks n stay in school 🏫
Ansons 2 days ago
Why do all the kids here look like they’re under 10? XD
Mj Sanchez
Mj Sanchez 2 days ago
When I was 10 I purchased some fake cigs from Spencers and went around the mall "smoking" them. Adults were appalled. We thought it was hilarious.
Fαȥҽ Nιƈƙ YT [GOS]
um well they stilled smoked
jae allgood
jae allgood 3 days ago
Question, ARE THESE REAL????????????????????
MR. America
MR. America 4 days ago
I'd tell them to not smoke show them a video of what happens to your lungs try to educate them
Lori Plumb
Lori Plumb 4 days ago
Light it, make them take a long hard drag, choke themselves out and they will never do it again.
Osama Hamid
Osama Hamid 4 days ago
So the kids actually smoke lol
Insane Comedion
Insane Comedion 4 days ago
Little bad @$$es lol
Not Now
Not Now 5 days ago
Otaku Chan
Otaku Chan 5 days ago
These aren’t made with Tabacco these were made with herbs.......weed
Michelle Landeros
i will say ,NO 😔😔
PansexualPancake 6 days ago
Geez those kids look like 6 not 12 lmao the classmates of mine when we we’re 12 lmao
ShOoKeTh AshL3iGh
i was hoping people to give them a lighter it would of been good
Lynette Richter
Lynette Richter 7 days ago
That is bad for you mate
jacob soccer2005
jacob soccer2005 7 days ago
First girl is a karen
Marisa Wiggins
Marisa Wiggins 7 days ago
I've had my own WWYD moment before, several years ago, from a group of 3 young boys. I'm not sure how old they were, but I knew they were under 18; they asked if I would use my ID to go buy a lighter and I said "no way, its MY ID, I'm not getting arrested for buying a bunch of 8 year olds drug paraphernalia." When they protested that they were older I said "I don't care, get lost." Then they called me a &^%$# but I still didn't let that change my mind. I was NOT going to risk going to jail so they could become junior lung cancer patients.
Soul ludaka Is back
Is no one going to talk about how they actually smoked I’m the vid
Croleigh Palma
Croleigh Palma 5 days ago
It's herbal non-nicotine, they're commonly used in acting roles/films
Soul ludaka Is back
I mean it clearly looked like it
Destiny 5 days ago
Soul ludaka it was fake they wouldn’t let them ACTUALLY smoke.
MHUS 7 days ago
Is it this real
The Decent Doodler
My cousin’s daughter is 4 and looks older than those 12 year old girls
elemininated by macaroni head
2:59 exactly what I would do
Atharva Joshi
Atharva Joshi 9 days ago
"You're friggin six years old!" *_ok boomer_*
Syntax Gamer
Syntax Gamer 9 days ago
I first they were really smoking or what ?
Cevaros Arias
Cevaros Arias 9 days ago
-Did John actually let them smoke while acting?- . *inform me if i'm wrong*
Autie Da Rapper
Autie Da Rapper 9 days ago
The smoking law age is now 21
FISHYoop 11 days ago
5:40 ThRow ThAT iN tHe GaRbaGe
Rose-Vexy 11 days ago
Did they make them do it in the intro
Que Pasza
Que Pasza 11 days ago
I woulda took their cigs and smoked em myself 😂
Bella colter
Bella colter 11 days ago
Yo me and my dad were at the gas station and this man picked up a 🚬 from the floor and asked my dad to light it he looked at me and I shrugged the did and then we left as fast as that car could go
Sam Pieper
Sam Pieper 12 days ago
Were they actually smoking
Francisco DeCastro
Francisco DeCastro 12 days ago
"yOu dOnT haVe ThEm aNymoRe, CuZ I tOoK tHem." "hOpefUllY wE doNt dIe"
Ruben Juarez
Ruben Juarez 12 days ago
So u gotta be 21 to drink and 18 to smoke but 8 years old to summon frickin satan
Bruh 123
Bruh 123 13 days ago
Plot twist: the cigarette smoke the kids
al3jmiii- 13 days ago
0:25 wtf and 0:39
Dingo Bingo
Dingo Bingo 13 days ago
The kids actually took smoked DAT
Dingo Bingo
Dingo Bingo 13 days ago
Friggin 6 six years old 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Porkyy Tet
Porkyy Tet 14 days ago
What if they met Tyrone lmao
Bruh at least when you take it away give it to me
Famished Nintendog
Famished Nintendog 15 days ago
when her son called them retarded lol
Foundation Kids
Foundation Kids 15 days ago
Are they acherly smoking if they are that is really bad
Ari Playz xD
Ari Playz xD 16 days ago
The boys who are 12 or something are still smoking for the thumbnail tsk, what's the point if they're still smoking John?
Deadknight12 16 days ago
What would you do If a guy actually gave these kid actors a lighter
Yullian Lopez
Yullian Lopez 16 days ago
I DONT LIKE THE 14 year old because he used the word retarded that’s inappropriate
Ufc 3 gameplay
Ufc 3 gameplay 16 days ago
Cigarettes are bad smoke weed.
zErik- 17 days ago
I always buy lighters around here they don’t care😭
David Wheeler
David Wheeler 18 days ago
If that was my children I would loss my mind. Smoking is so GROSS.
Majorgamingnerd1979 G
No wonder smokers have no rights
Ping Wang
Ping Wang 19 days ago
They are like sixxxxxx, and tryin smoke. Get some HELP.
Lukas Bohling
Lukas Bohling 19 days ago
Hayley Kitty
Hayley Kitty 20 days ago
No one would buy that for young children not even me. If you were like 17 and 18 I would help you though lol. You’re old enough to make your own decisions lmao
w y
w y 20 days ago
“That’s what people say when they’re coughing up blood” lmfao! gangsta
Sushant Bhattarai
4:50 maybe she took their cigarettes to smoke later🤣
Joe Pastore 3rd
Joe Pastore 3rd 21 day ago
5:45 is that the undertaker!?
RobinSlender Side
RobinSlender Side 22 days ago
I bet that during the day there was probably a guy who was like HELL YEAH
GameLer Yt
GameLer Yt 22 days ago
Bruh they act like they are in the gang
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