"Under Your Scars" - Godsmack

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Comments 80
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 3 hours ago
Some of the rhythm reminds me of Queen's "The Show Must Go On".
cheryl tomasauckas
cheryl tomasauckas 5 hours ago
OMG... THAT VAIN! 😱😍😱😍
cheryl tomasauckas
cheryl tomasauckas 5 hours ago
Michael Eigenbauer
Michael Eigenbauer 6 hours ago
We dont make sense...we all been thru shit...but we dont show the face. We show the happiness everyone wants to see. We pretend. We are all hurt or been fucked over and dignities...but we hang on. The scars remind us of how tough we need to be. Show the world we are strong. Prove to everyone that we are quiet but we have feelings to and we can bear the world on our shoulders.
Twisted Bones
Twisted Bones 9 hours ago
Under your scars lies a perfect human being. Shine bright even on the darkest days. Its tough, I know this very personally, but tomorrow will reward the suffering of today. Suffering sucks ass and some have no choice but to go it on their own. Just know your not the only one and others suffer in the same way.
rzeric 13 hours ago
Amazing band....
landon jabs
landon jabs 19 hours ago
when I here this it make me cry because I lost both of my dad my mom is try to keepmy stepday so that is why and I am 13
Michelle Marshall
Michelle Marshall 20 hours ago
Last round of chemo today. Your music has been a constant in my life through good times and bad. Thank you for all you do. BLESSED BE! #STRONGERTHANCANCER
Madelyn Eaton
Madelyn Eaton 23 hours ago
Me and my dad sing this song together and it reminds him that me my sister and my mom are safe and it keeps him strong
BoB HAWK Day ago
What does a survivor do survive
Dwayne Meigs
Dwayne Meigs Day ago
Scars are deep and some will never heal alone
ashcrash 2007
we all have scars and some are there forever you cant escape the past.
sk sabbir vlog & Film Production
From Bangladesh.... Love this song...soooo muchhh❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
soula kay
soula kay Day ago
I just luv this song ❤️
Roxy Hansen
Roxy Hansen 2 days ago
just call my name out loud im on my way
Harvey Thurman
Harvey Thurman 2 days ago
Have good night raven ass harvey
Crystal Massey The Official
Tia Berberova
Tia Berberova 2 days ago
They were great in concert. Such a great show. ❤️
Lee Stewart
Lee Stewart 2 days ago
Perfect tune
Whiskey DeadGirl
Whiskey DeadGirl 2 days ago
How the hell can there be so many dislikes on this?
Happiness 2020
Happiness 2020 2 days ago
This song touched me 7 months ago and prayers for all God Bless All 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Tamara Berreth
Tamara Berreth 2 days ago
Great song
Jojo 3 days ago
I feel that in the rock/metal community people are a lot more closer than in the pop "community", don't you feel the same ? Look at the crowd, look at all those people who've gone through the same things, who find their home in music. I don't think that Beyonce's fans (for exemple) feel the same at all.. Always remember you'll never be alone in this world, and every light has the right to shine bright with the color of its choice :)
Thecountrylife 194
This is the kind of song that you drive to and get lost in your thoughts
Deborah Kuna
Deborah Kuna 3 days ago
Awesome song love it
Aaron C
Aaron C 3 days ago
Aaron C
Aaron C 3 days ago
Barbara Naglic
Barbara Naglic 3 days ago
Such an awsome song ❤💪
Brent Ervin
Brent Ervin 3 days ago
Can't wait to get back to rocking live🤘🤘👍
Eric Owen
Eric Owen 4 days ago
Mechanic: Under your car I lay! 😏
Shadowreper 4 days ago
This is deep
Ken Barker
Ken Barker 4 days ago
Would you still be you if we werent we...love you always and forever... Maybe someday will be our time again..
abrar naimul
abrar naimul 4 days ago
I lost my younger brother to cancer 3 days ago. He was 15 years old, till we meet again Zuhair ❤
Angela Prunier
Angela Prunier 4 days ago
I love under your scars😌😌😌😌😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😌😌😌😌😌😌😌dreaming😌😌😌
Sayeret Shaldog
Sayeret Shaldog 4 days ago
Under your stars i shoot you're like a shooting star to me you're everything my kid wants to be
Warszyc85 4 days ago
beautiful song!!!Greetings from Poland My 13 old's son have autism.
A b
A b 4 days ago
Love this song it’s deep
Greta Koleva
Greta Koleva 4 days ago
❤❤❤❤ I love this song! Will you come to Bulgaria again?
Brian Drake
Brian Drake 5 days ago
You were my love, hope the best for you..
Brandi Dunham
Brandi Dunham 5 days ago
prince kent
prince kent 5 days ago
Me Thinking Back My Past 😶 Am Not Crying, There's Just Something In My Eyes 😓😭
Chris Lacey
Chris Lacey 5 days ago
I heard this for the first time literally a day and a half ago and have pretty much listened to it on repeat since...this song was delivered from the heavens by angels in the form of Sully Erna 💖
Arnab Chakraborty
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Jerry Bernhardt
Jerry Bernhardt 5 days ago
Makes me think of those whom I had the privilege to know, in such a short time on this Earth,,,
Janet Sutton
Janet Sutton 5 days ago
I wish I could find a man that feels this way about me😢
Dennis Basile
Dennis Basile 5 days ago
Love this song
bethshane ray
bethshane ray 5 days ago
I personally do not like the name of the band but this song is so good I just don’t like the name
x sword
x sword 5 days ago
long live USA! Stop COVID-19!
chevman64 5 days ago
I love this song! I wish they could get Eric burden to do a guest vocal on this if he’s still up to it. This song has a great animals vibe to it.
John Pile
John Pile 5 days ago
This song is helping me get through a very dark and difficult time in my life thank you sully and godsmack this and a few other songs are the only thing holding on without them I'm not sure I'd make it through this THANK YOU GODSMACK
Laurie Whittaker
Laurie Whittaker 6 days ago
You are amazing Sully Erna
Tj Turley
Tj Turley 6 days ago
If sully and godsmack knew how much they have got me through l, and many others I'm sure. If I seen him I'd def hug him and the rest and say thank you
Connie Hesler
Connie Hesler 6 days ago
Godsmsck new album has got to be the best album when legends rise that has been made in a while I think and the song under your scars is the best song ever I love it
Jesse Gilson
Jesse Gilson 6 days ago
Without a doubt, Sully is one of the most musically talented men on the planet. He can sing and play just about every instrument known to man. Cheers man
Jonathan Taylor Group
Jesse Gilson - when everyone else thought band in high school was dumb.
Tony Leci
Tony Leci 6 days ago
Never be ashamed of a scar. It's a sign that you have been hurt. It's also proof of the fact there is healing.
MarcusVinícius Gregolis de Brito
Música perfeita de umas das mais talentosas bandas. Sully canta demais!
tom brochu
tom brochu 6 days ago
great song!! i have always enjoyed godsmack heavy sound. but it is nice to see them come full circle with the music.epic
Scott E. Weyand
Scott E. Weyand 6 days ago
this song is great i love it its i think god smaks best its a difrent side of them 2
Tracy Freiburger
Tracy Freiburger 7 days ago
Most beautiful song since Beth...
H 7 days ago
Retta Spradlin
Retta Spradlin 7 days ago
If they only new order in the court its not me boy's car/?\£
Dgjjheasyujb 7 days ago
Ughhhh 🤮🤮🤮🤮 you guys suckkkk
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti 5 days ago
Dgjjheasyujb out
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti 5 days ago
Watch SUCK
Patricia Saluti
Patricia Saluti 5 days ago
It There Just Suck
Nothingtoseehete 8 days ago
I didn’t know C.M. Punk was their front man
SAN LORENZO 8 days ago
Wanda Hines
Wanda Hines 8 days ago
This song describe so much of my life ,
Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers 8 days ago
Government: Practice social distancing Me in public to other people: 0:51
Retta Spradlin
Retta Spradlin 7 days ago
Right ask them do I care no four what a few
Deanna DeNio
Deanna DeNio 8 days ago
Kleyton Souza
Kleyton Souza 8 days ago
Uma das músicas mais lindas que já ouvi
De S
De S 8 days ago
Always loved godsmack, glad to see they are still making music and going strong.
De S
De S 8 days ago
Always loved godsmack, glad to see they are still making music and going strong.
Carla Fiddler
Carla Fiddler 9 days ago
Louis!!!! Come back please!
silentx blast
silentx blast 9 days ago
Best song
Solange Henrisse
Solange Henrisse 9 days ago
😢 Solange
Parker Lesueur
Parker Lesueur 9 days ago
Thank you Godsmack...
Mark Ashley
Mark Ashley 9 days ago
this song is bad ass keep it up guys doing great
Robin Hollingsworth
Can listen to this song and be at ease no matter whats going on in this life of mine
Stormy G
Stormy G 10 days ago
I lost my husband and absolute soulmate after 10 years. I thought I would never find love again- I was dead inside. I met another soul survivor who also lost his wife and we have truly fallen for each other and been there for each other through our losses. I love this song. Life is short, enjoy every moment and don’t stress the small stuff in life.
Retta Spradlin
Retta Spradlin 7 days ago
I believe in I I want what I want get it girl
Dixie Chic
Dixie Chic 10 days ago
Gabby SS
Gabby SS 10 days ago
Alwase stay confident Godsmack has completely changed from cursing rock to “Christian Rock”,and also Skillet has changed from negative to positive you could change to. Change your words and be positive, that’s what this song is about.
David Johnson
David Johnson 10 days ago
Like you honestly care... Hah
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