Under $300 Makeup/Glam Room Makeover | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Mr. Kate
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Jul 5, 2018




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Comments 100
Mr. Kate
Mr. Kate 2 years ago
I want to paint fat black and white stripes everywhere now! SO CHIC!!! And that vanity and Alex to Alexis transformation??? THE GLOW UP IS REAL, right my #creativeweirdos? What's your fave part of the room?
AfricanAmerican Doll
Mr. Kate please can I get a make over 😩 my dream room 😇
Amethyst the forest angel
Mr. Kate I loved the mirror so much it looked so good
Payal Agrawal
Payal Agrawal 10 months ago
The transformation of Alex drawers was amazing and the floating shelf 🌸💫
Amanda Love
Amanda Love Year ago
I need Mr. Kate!!!! 😩
slime manya
slime manya Year ago
Mr Kate I love you my fav wat the vanity
Bingbong Bingbong
Bingbong Bingbong 29 days ago
Love her vids
Randuli Rubasinghe
Randuli Rubasinghe 2 months ago
Mr Kate should totally do makeovers outside of America!! 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚒𝚏 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚔 𝚜𝚘 👇
Tammie Williams
Tammie Williams 2 months ago
Very Glam! I loved it!☺️
Victoria Cooper
Victoria Cooper 2 months ago
Honestly..this room is so gorgeous!!!! And looks like some of the we're coming over vids..not an under $300!!! Yall KILLED this room!!!
Daniella Basei
Daniella Basei 3 months ago
how are your salvo/thrift stores so cheap?
Casey Peoples
Casey Peoples 3 months ago
She should do her RUvid video I would so watch... Got to support my fellow creative weirdo
Camilla Del Vecchio
Camilla Del Vecchio 3 months ago
In minute 30:44 we can see that Joey has half a finger in his right hand!!!!
Harry Betteridge
Harry Betteridge 4 months ago
This was so nice the only thing i didnt like was the pink because it didnt match anything else but i loved the other colors and the dressing table
Well done guys!!!!
Lauren 4 months ago
Looks so cute but honestly if I said soft pink and was given hot pink I would be like well darn....
ShaRon Breech
ShaRon Breech 4 months ago
Do you only do famous people rooms?!! My room in desperate helppppp 🥺🥺🥺
Jordan D
Jordan D 4 months ago
this is beautiful! she seemed so sweet too! so happy for her
shehr Bano
shehr Bano 4 months ago
She also dress up like the room colours
Tara Obermeyer
Tara Obermeyer 4 months ago
i love this video pls keep doing these videos
Ashlye Espinoza
Ashlye Espinoza 4 months ago
i want to make that vanity mirror
Mohammad Arshad
Mohammad Arshad 4 months ago
I want that ROOM ... 😪😍 I mean WOW .. HATS OFF .. GOODJOB MR.KATE TEAM
Human Person
Human Person 4 months ago
This is the exact paint strip idea I had for my soon to be office n glam room....im begging you lol please help my ill even pitch an additional 300 PLEASE LOL
Ishika Alapati
Ishika Alapati 5 months ago
Can you please do my room?
Shekinah Erinac
Shekinah Erinac 5 months ago
Why are people saying she doesn’t look appreciative? I think she did and she was so happy.
Sara Maldonado
Sara Maldonado 5 months ago
For anyone looking for her RUvid I think I found it ruvid.net/show-UCCFPKFH5TSogVKzBMPu_1-g
Izza Umbrin
Izza Umbrin 5 months ago
Has she started her channel?
strange strawberrys
strange strawberrys 5 months ago
I used to watch you a couple years ago but I just started watching you again and you look completely DIFFRENT
knock knock its me
knock knock its me 5 months ago
She looks like gabi
Shannon RaeVon
Shannon RaeVon 5 months ago
Joey ❤❤❤❤ Kate 💖💖💖💖
HazeL Bae
HazeL Bae 5 months ago
I luvvvv this video!! 💕 & you guys as a couple are Soo cutee! I need to find me mans that can help with my diys(:
TAYSTEE T 5 months ago
Me: (feels inspired) I can do this! Bank account: 😂😂😂 with who's money?
Jazmine P.
Jazmine P. 5 months ago
Her Ig is michellee_mua
Amaze with Rish
Amaze with Rish 5 months ago
I just love Mr. Kate , moony and Joe that's All 😊
Bruhndooon 5 months ago
She looks like a cross between Gabi DiMar and Adelain Morin !
Mélanie Gomez
Mélanie Gomez 5 months ago
It’s like a Girly Hollywood 1920’s vibe 🌺✨
Mika's So Random
Mika's So Random 6 months ago
Joey is the King🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Destiny Here
Destiny Here 6 months ago
So beautiful I am really impressed of your idea... I aslo do new changing in my kitchen and room
Houses with Haley
Houses with Haley 6 months ago
Who else is looking for her RUvid channel? Or hoping she started one!!! Go Girl!! 💛
Beel 858
Beel 858 6 months ago
Mr Kate = hello Marilyn Monroe 💖 You are so gorgeous. 😊
bcfriar Doyle
bcfriar Doyle 6 months ago
Have you ever seen two more beautiful people who are also so talented and so giving? Dear God, Thank You for Mr. Kate!!💕💕
Star Berry
Star Berry 6 months ago
Those drawers!!! I love them and I was thinking of doing the same thing with my dresser~
Brosia baby
Brosia baby 6 months ago
Omg omg I am an 18 year old mom of 2 boys, I have been watching you guys for so long. I’m currently trying to make it as a small makeup artist and entrepreneur. I don’t make much right now but I do have people over for paid makeovers and I also have to stay focused at times while planning and budgeting I would love something like this. This is so lovely and wonderful what you guys are doing these people don’t get how lucky they are to have experienced this with you guys. I’m in desperate need of a room makeover
karina Martinez
karina Martinez 6 months ago
I’m so genuinely in love with how humble you guys are
Uz Archille
Uz Archille 6 months ago
This was so cute
Elizabeth 6 months ago
omg this was amazing!!!! 😍😍😍😍 so beautiful and inspiring 💖💖💖
Everything Ilove
Everything Ilove 6 months ago
I really love & enjoyed all your videos a lot..I wish I could have a room make over in the future From : PHILIPPINES 💕
Nasrin Bhamji
Nasrin Bhamji 6 months ago
Theres litrally 4-5 doors in that room
Nasrin Bhamji
Nasrin Bhamji 6 months ago
Luv D lamp
Nasrin Bhamji
Nasrin Bhamji 6 months ago
And i thought the flamingo pink wasnt gonna fit in as well as the baby pink... Heh well im wrong
ana lyna
ana lyna 6 months ago
Kate's makeup always so beautiful.
Song Vang
Song Vang 6 months ago
I love this one so much!!! Great job Joey and Mr. Kate! This is one of my fave Glam on a budget for reals!
platypusnoiz93 6 months ago
Your hair looks like Frenchie in Grease. I love the Easter egg look!
Alyslesa Franks
Alyslesa Franks 6 months ago
The two of you "did your thing" with that young ladies room...
Maria m Guido
Maria m Guido 6 months ago
Omg 😳great job guys 👍
Demi Hundal
Demi Hundal 6 months ago
Want something special for my daughter
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris 6 months ago
Mr. Kate is amazing with what they can do on a budget! Good luck to the future make-up artist!
Cort Nolan Johnson
Cort Nolan Johnson 6 months ago
no one: kate: how meany times can I say butt in one sentence
Cendi Corral
Cendi Corral 6 months ago
OMG!!! That is amazing specially with a budget. I really loved how dedicated you both are. I know who to call for ideas or even have them do mine. 😁
Marion Breach
Marion Breach 6 months ago
You guys are so amazing and I honestly am a little jealous and I would love for you to come to us
Gisela Fuentes
Gisela Fuentes 6 months ago
Omg I want this room 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍
jessica ArmyBlinkStayHiddenkardMOAInsomnia
I love the whole room and the mirror I am jealous 😭😂
Ива Абрамова
Okay, they are absolutr goals as a couple and they always come up with the greatest projects ever but ... HOW DID THEY DO ALL THAT IN A DAY ??!?!!!? I literally can't organise myself to have breakfast before smtg like 2pm ....
JaimeKristal L
JaimeKristal L 6 months ago
Such a great job! OME i would kill to have a beauty room like that
Ms. Lovebug
Ms. Lovebug 7 months ago
I love the video & the pink drawers was so perfect with the stripes ♥️
Allison Hannah
Allison Hannah 7 months ago
I love this hairstyle Kate you look like Frenchie from Grease !
Anna D
Anna D 8 months ago
Mine would be a challange. Makeover my bedroom to be a bedroom/ glam room for under $300 now thats a challenge
imalaz 8 months ago
Thanks for all the awesome content Mr. Kate! How did you attach the new plywood drawer fronts onto the Alex units? Glue, screws, nails? thanks!
Nevaeh Miranda
Nevaeh Miranda 8 months ago
adog1111 8 months ago
Beautiful! You guys are magicians!
Stephanie Schultz
Stephanie Schultz 8 months ago
I'm redoing a glam room in my house right now!!! Love, love this video!
Haily Melvin
Haily Melvin 8 months ago
OMG, the thumbs up on the vanity is SUCH a beautiful though and a motivation, Kate and Joey have such big hearts and minds and imaginations and watching these videos make me smile ear to ear when we see the reveal.
Alleee 8 months ago
She should have done one white wall with black and white
🌻☘️Green Eyes☘️🌻
Thanks for the tips guys!!! I’m going to try most of this when we buy our new home soon!!! I’ve always wanted my own space for my makeup. 💕
🌻☘️Green Eyes☘️🌻
🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍💜💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️💚💚🧡🧡🧡I looove you Mr. Kate👍🏼💞😎😎😎😎🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍💜🖤❤️🤎🧡🧡🤎🧡🧡
Restored and Renewed
Wow awesome job!!!!
Gladys Toledo
Gladys Toledo 8 months ago
I need a glam room ❤️
Clara Kemperman
Clara Kemperman 8 months ago
When u painted Alex drawers I got scared cause the plain white is so aesthetic and all beauty gurus have them already .. but they cute
Millie Pyman
Millie Pyman 8 months ago
Is no one going to talk about how beautiful micaelas hair is. Like literally hair GOALS
Millie Pyman
Millie Pyman 8 months ago
Omg I am so jealous of everyone who gets a mr Kate makeover. The rooms always look so beautiful and their skills r literally incredible. Not to mention they r couple goals❤️ I live in Australia though so I am not even going to try sending in a video😂😂
TacoQueenalexa _
TacoQueenalexa _ 6 months ago
I live in Germany.
Brenda Maldonado
Brenda Maldonado 9 months ago
DYI projects are my favorite!!! 💗
Elisa Maria
Elisa Maria 9 months ago
🤩😍😍 love it!!
Danielle Fancy bitz
Danielle Fancy bitz 9 months ago
How she talks reminds me of Snooki from Jersey shore
Hippichic 7
Hippichic 7 9 months ago
Love love love! Nod to Mariyln Monroe hair!
Željko Goršić
Željko Goršić 9 months ago
This is my prediction for your life and it is that you are going to have a baby called moon
Silvia Gonzalez
Silvia Gonzalez 9 months ago
I didn’t like the pink I would of been mad🤦🏻‍♀️
DCO 9 months ago
Glam is one of the styles that I hate the most, but this is so beautiful ☺️
키미키미 9 months ago
Oh my god this is a dream glam room
Xomarah Dickison
Xomarah Dickison 9 months ago
Kate please tell us which lipstick you're wearing on this video, it's so pretty. Thanks.
JnaekoA 9 months ago
You guys updated this room beautifully! You’re so generous with your time and hard work 💯👍
Kimberly Cochran
Kimberly Cochran 9 months ago
You two are the cutest ever.
Kendall Brogden
Kendall Brogden 9 months ago
Was anyone else a little hurt when they started messing with the Alex drawers?
Autumn J
Autumn J 9 months ago
I would be annoyed if i were Kate cause she never started a channel
Bobbie Boelling
Bobbie Boelling 10 months ago
Should of went to Dollar tree
caroline 10 months ago
it’s so sweet what they do but I feel like the stripes cheapened it so much I thought they would do horizontal stripes on only one wall and also the pink dresser was not the move. just opinions don’t attack me
Jatiksha Arora
Jatiksha Arora 10 months ago
This was really needed! Since I am an MUA! Check out my instagram @itsjayarora
Josie Garcia
Josie Garcia 10 months ago
Love this!!! Also I love your top Mr. Kate!
D flores
D flores 10 months ago
How do you send in a video and through where! I’m obsessed with you all!!!
Jessika Darrell
Jessika Darrell 10 months ago
“Ohhhh I’m so in love w you” 💕💕💕
Marisofly 10 months ago
300$ really omg if immune room was done like this i swear I’d feel rich I’m not even joking this looks like Victoria secrets stores I’m saving this video for when i move out i wanna do my room exactly like this
Priyanka Ray
Priyanka Ray 10 months ago
Lizeth Salazar
Lizeth Salazar 10 months ago
How much do they charge to re do a house? Lol I live in vegas but would LOVE to see what they could do with our house 🤩
Sanah Safi
Sanah Safi 10 months ago
You guys are underrated 😭🥰😻 like I’m obsessed all the rooms you’ve ever made are soooooo nice 😻😻 Edit : thanks for the highlight 💕
Geeky Chic
Geeky Chic 10 months ago
Awww she was so cute and excited to see her new room!!! They did an awesome job!!
linda hernandez
linda hernandez 11 months ago
Amazing I love it for my daughter.
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