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Apr 19, 2018




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Comments 100
Lindsey Hutchison
Lindsey Hutchison 2 years ago
Woooow, the difference is incredible!
Jennifer Dahl
Jennifer Dahl Year ago
I'm terrified of painting cabinets. I feel if it's not professionally done, it will peel or chip in no time.
Luciel Year ago
me too I always think OMG that looks like such a terrible space and I’m like you can’t do that come on! BUT SHE MAKES IT BEAUTIFUL! HOW THE FRICK DOES SHE DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiffany Kawamura
Didn't even watch it but I know it'll be amazing
Anamika Prakash
Will you come to my home
Roma122 Amanueell
Ashleigh Sanders
I only wish the clock was also painted, that v there were 2 stools, and the flour bin had friends. That backsplash is genius.
Chandra Fuqua
Chandra Fuqua 3 days ago
It aggravates me when you guys on these shows lie to people. This is definitely way over $300 if you add up everything including paint brushes, drop cloths, cleaners, all the stuff you just had laying around. We are Contractors and it makes it bad for us when you lie about pricing. We are Contractors who don’t rip people off anyways. We are already making less than we should without you making it look so cheap to do these things. I do love your designs.
Deborah Foster
Deborah Foster 7 days ago
FYI to anyone... if you use chalk paint, you only have to clean the surface you're painting. No sanding or stripping. Just wiped down the surface and paint. I know I painted one of the ugliest kitchen's in the world. And it came out excellent. Wish I knew how to post pictures here. You would be shocked 😱 And btw I didn't remove the doors,drawers or hinges since I painted everything White . Saved me so much money and time.Chalk paint is pricey but it goes a long way. Think I spent$100 in all. Paint and supplies.🤸🤸
Missy Sharon
Missy Sharon 9 days ago
Besides that clock I love how it came out. Definitely not farm house but more on the modern side. Great job😍
Don Vu
Don Vu 22 days ago
The two tone looks awkward in that type of kitchen especially with the countertops. I would've done all white cabinets and a grey toned backsplash.
Romy Hamid
Romy Hamid 29 days ago
Are you guys a couple?
Rainy Kinsella
Rainy Kinsella Month ago
Hi can you please help me with my kichin
Angela Sepi
Angela Sepi Month ago
Joey is great
Diaz Salisbury
Diaz Salisbury Month ago
The fact joey said plaid horse to 𝕒 highland cow
D B Month ago
I miss this chemistry between joey and kate in their recent videos. Maybe since 1 year, I have noticed that kate doesn't complement Joey any more and take all space in conversation and he is just there.
Shara Jacobs
Shara Jacobs Month ago
Hi I just love the transformation!! I'm looking to doing something with my kitchen you have given me some great inspiration!! it's the first time I've come across your channel. I'll certainly be looking at more of your transformations. Please take care of yourself and keep safe from this terrible virus. God bless all of you from Australia🙏😇😘
aaeshah stockton
Nice 👍🏾
Mirian Martins
Mirian Martins 2 months ago
The kitchen turned fabulous!
Deb Briggs
Deb Briggs 2 months ago
You two are sooo great! Love it!
Deb Briggs
Deb Briggs 2 months ago
Find more work clothes at the thrift store 😉
SF 2 months ago
The gold nobs don't look good on that grey cabinet but looks good on white cabinets.
Karen Love
Karen Love 2 months ago
Can you come to Charleston to me❣❣this
Blossom Virus
Blossom Virus 2 months ago
im sorry but who else saw how joey yanked his arm away from kate at around 22:45 :O im in disbelief does he actually hate her??? lmao
Hamdan Bangash
Hamdan Bangash 3 months ago
Your love to each other.. That's incredible.. When you say thanks 100 times.. That's incredible.. Love from Pakistan
A W 3 months ago
Looks great except for the brick. That fake brick always looks tacky and fake. Real brick would be on the exterior walls or chimnys not walls between rooms. Colors are great though.
Tracilyn Hidalgo
Tracilyn Hidalgo 3 months ago
I used to get Blue Apron. The boxes had roaches in the folds!😲
thatgirlzizi diary
thatgirlzizi diary 3 months ago
Love the way you advertise like it's your normal vlog, instead of some other youtubers who makes the advertisement boring (ofcourse you don't add you cooking on the other vlogs)
DEE_CHARM 3 months ago
Dearia 3 months ago
Jesus loves y’all and he’s coming back very very soon he’s warning us
josephine chavez
josephine chavez 3 months ago
love the paint on cabinets what color did she use on the bootm cabinets
Lynn HolyCross
Lynn HolyCross 3 months ago
What brand/kind of paint did you guys use? 🙁
Aneta 3 months ago
I think the brick backsplash could’ve stayed in the original colour to break up more of the white, but all in all good job!
SandyD 3 months ago
Amazing! first time coming across your channel. You got a new subscriber. Come to NY City please!!! Well, after all this craziness (COVID) is over.
FaceTime React
FaceTime React 3 months ago
you 2 inspired me I love my new kitchen
Lei Cay
Lei Cay 3 months ago
Love it! ‘ Kitchen ‘You should do mobil home Bathroom with the sunken tub! So tired of working hard by myself trying to up date!
Patricia Kelly
Patricia Kelly 3 months ago
You two are so incredibly artistic and clever. Making dreams come true. As always I’m “blown away’. Xx
Haley Busy
Haley Busy 3 months ago
LOVE the Death Valley LSU Tigers shirt 🥰
Arya Kaiba
Arya Kaiba 3 months ago
I don't know why this video in particular made me think about this, but if I were to sort Kate and Joey into Hogwarts houses, I think Kate would be a RAVENCLAW (artistic genius/vision, great at planning out big projects, inventive and easily able to see multiple methods/ways to do something, eclectic but grounded in reality and practicality) and Joey would be a HUFFLEPUFF (hard working, steady, supportive, pursues a task until it's complete, caring and consistently works at improving his impressive skills) :D
Haley Mitchell
Haley Mitchell 4 months ago
mr kate is so pretty and fashionable i love her
Bacbyen Le
Bacbyen Le 4 months ago
Incredible 👍
Victoria Bachtell
Victoria Bachtell 4 months ago
I need my kitchen updated I love the grease vibes I love that movie like the 60's I want to remodel my kitchen I would love for them to come to my house and redo my kitchen if I hear anything back that would be amazing I don't like my kitchen
TianaGratia 4 months ago
Obsessed with Mr Kate’s hair in this video
Rozeen Amil
Rozeen Amil 4 months ago
I have no house 😢 i wish i also have a small house all say plz ameeeeen
Loretta Hampton
Loretta Hampton 4 months ago
You no. Your cabinets then painted did you paint over the numbers?
Julianna Styles
Julianna Styles 4 months ago
Awesome makeover, LOVE your ideas! I JUST shared my KITCHEN MAKEOVER on a tight BUDGET! We literally saved HUNDREDS by DIYing!! :D
Tamara Grullon
Tamara Grullon 4 months ago
Why are there dislikes... "question mark?''
hanashingshing 4 months ago
She looks like Halsey
K F 4 months ago
I love Kate family !! 💞😍
Missy Sharon
Missy Sharon 4 months ago
Looks much better overall That clock didnt seem to fit a very modern look though
Sarah Lawhorne
Sarah Lawhorne 4 months ago
Me before video: painting cabinets is way too much work Me during video: wow I can't believe they're doing the work Also me during the video: *eyeballs my kitchen cabinets* Me after the video: yep, way too much work
amanda br
amanda br 4 months ago
The background noise and this lady acting like a ....was annoying. Sorry.
amanda br
amanda br 4 months ago
It is my opinion and I can give constructive criticism. But I'll delete it because I don't like people feeling bad.
Mia's World101
Mia's World101 4 months ago
Umm I don’t mean to be rude.. But this is ur opinion that nobody wanted to hear. So keep it to yourself :) Like they were happy geez 🙄
Tyson B
Tyson B 4 months ago
I love the brick walls....I want to do that myself....They sell white walls that look like that already....I just wonder why they didn’t use those?
Nik Campbell
Nik Campbell 4 months ago
Your hairs looks so amazing like that!! Short hair look so good on you! Girl ❤
ekpo margaret
ekpo margaret 4 months ago
Jan Jones
Jan Jones 5 months ago
Turned out beautiful,y’all did good, thanks for sharing , gotta check blue apron stuff.
Avotts 5 months ago
I would have painted the wall 1st and foremost. Absolutely too much white. Or you could at least have used. A color on the backsplash.
Monce Sosa
Monce Sosa 5 months ago
Does anyone know what they used to clean and gloss the cabinets?
Cupcake Paper
Cupcake Paper 5 months ago
The gold handles do not match, the backsplash was the best!,
Cupcake Paper
Cupcake Paper 5 months ago
Joey has beautiful blue eyes, his shirt accents them!
Sumera Irfan
Sumera Irfan 5 months ago
How he appreciates her..is jus soooooo heartwarming🤩
Jenny Landry
Jenny Landry 5 months ago
Have a large 1970s colonial in the southern tier of NY . Willing to donate rooms and buy materials for any DIY You tubers wanting to showcase their skills for their videos
William Garcia
William Garcia 5 months ago
Omg where have you guys been all my life??????? Just stumbled Into your channel and I am in love with everythiiiiiiiiiing specially Joey 🤷🏽‍♂️ “hi Joey 😘!!”.... HGTV what are you waiting for?!
אביבה ממוק
אביבה ממוק 5 months ago
Very nice you are great
Uz Archille
Uz Archille 5 months ago
I love how excited Kate gets and how Joey co-signs her lol
Qissmoh 5 months ago
The biggest reason u stay with this channel is because they both r super supportive n sweet to each other ♥️
Dd design
Dd design 5 months ago
Sharon Taylor
Sharon Taylor 5 months ago
Why did you cut AROUBD thevoutlets? All you have to do it unscrew the plate and then unscrew the inner parts. Cut out the outlet holes then put the outlets back in.
Roshni Rampadarath
Roshni Rampadarath 5 months ago
For 300 dollars all your efforts are way too cheap, they need to pay u more
Roshni Rampadarath
Roshni Rampadarath 5 months ago
I wish you were in my country
corky8490 5 months ago
Anyone else get a Mona Lisa Saperstein vibe off her? Kitchen looks nice though.
Debbie Osorio
Debbie Osorio 5 months ago
mom Woodard
mom Woodard 5 months ago
How did u get away with just 300 with remodeling whole kitchen ? And painting
hi human
hi human 5 months ago
The end tho ,to you guy fix the statue things
MichelleMyBell 5 months ago
you guys make me want a divorce!!!!! lol ~~!! yall are adorable , wish we were as lovable and had as much chemistry as you guys! awwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee
Vincent Bonnici
Vincent Bonnici 5 months ago
That is incredible.
TacoQueenalexa _
TacoQueenalexa _ 5 months ago
We spent 7k on our kitchen 😭
Yommy Prz
Yommy Prz 5 months ago
Donna Bittner
Donna Bittner 5 months ago
It looks great....but everyone is doing White.....let's get creative. Some of us have pets and kids!-
Grace P
Grace P 5 months ago
I'm sure u already get this alot, but you look like halsey, both so pretty!!
Dani Sachs
Dani Sachs 5 months ago
Ugh I’ve missed this.... one small thank you to quarantine.
Abeer Khalil
Abeer Khalil 5 months ago
You do all that without a mistake Oohhh come onnn😅
future microbiologist
Are you a real life couple? Mr. Kate and Joey?
Saima Malik
Saima Malik 5 months ago
Mr. Kate can you please do my kitchen and my living please fine I'll give you like mmmm maybe 800 love you please please please
Ariel Ross
Ariel Ross 5 months ago
I’m bingeing all these older videos of theirs during quarantine and it’s exactly the kind of feel good content I need!💕
Marlenn Arambula
Marlenn Arambula 5 months ago
Ariel Ross me too ❤️❤️
Joyce Todhunter Scroggins
A great foundation to build from.
MARTHA AGYEMANG 5 months ago
Jackie's kitchen already looked great in my opinion. I was wondering why she wanted to redo it. Anyway, great work, Mr. Kate.
lisa moh
lisa moh 5 months ago
Hey l liked it so much
Vanessa Coggins
Vanessa Coggins 5 months ago
I absolutely LOVE the cabinets but it's definitely not modern farmhouse. The decorations feel forced. That said, I really do love the cabinets.
Rawan 5 months ago
Joey is just 🥵🥵💦
Allan Gabrielle
Allan Gabrielle 5 months ago
I love how he enjoys so much her quirks. So cute.
just ara
just ara 5 months ago
I thought this was her channel, it ends up it's not because of "Mr. Kate" . Correct me if I'm wrong
Simone McKee
Simone McKee 6 months ago
You guys are cute!
seerat singh
seerat singh 6 months ago
You are the definition of perfect couple.. I really hope i could get 1 percent of what you guys have loveeeeee mr kate 😍😍😍😍
أَلا بِذِكْرِ اللَّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ
Who can help me i will get married this year and i am looking for people who want to help me willingly❤️
Tanya Yadav
Tanya Yadav 6 months ago
Does anyone else also gets a 12 minute ad like what ??
Tessa Mae
Tessa Mae 6 months ago
gorgeous nice handsome husband on top
nivaska13 6 months ago
Would you tell me was your favorite pain brand for metal and wood!Kuddos!
Forever Imanee
Forever Imanee 6 months ago
Love it! I have a diy video about turning my countertop into a marble one. Check it out 😍♥️
Rebecca Vinyard
Rebecca Vinyard 6 months ago
We have those same exact cabinets and I hate them. I am inspired by this makeover!
cassiealexander 6 months ago
I own a home, but I have no clue what to do with it. I need help
Araceli Bradford
Araceli Bradford 6 months ago
💞 you reminded me of my husband and I.
First Name and Last Name
I just can’t believe you guys do soooooo much for $300. You are both such an inspiration!
Ashli Caldwell
Ashli Caldwell 6 months ago
Anyone else not see the farmhouse in this? My farmhouse is nothing like this.
Sarah Michaels
Sarah Michaels 6 months ago
These 300.00 budget make-overs are my favorite. You guys do an amazing job! 👍
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