Uncontacted Tribes

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Mar 13, 2017




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Comments 100
I truly love watching this
Yu 19 hours ago
I understand what they are saying without captions it’s weird
pooanddoo 20 hours ago
What shit singing! LMAO!!!!
Lydia Davies
Lydia Davies Day ago
my fave is listening to the first contact translated. it’s crazy
Harsh Agarwal
They are always in isolation they would not even Know about Coronavirus
301AG Day ago
29:00 an so it begins. They gave them that book.
Emerson Svynos
how do they have metal machete's
Glem Suarez
Glem Suarez 2 days ago
Seem to have small dicks
anisetus aja
anisetus aja 2 days ago
they are looks like a chinese people
Rob TKO 2 days ago
Who's bc Green Inferno? That movie crazy
Yvonne Shingoose
Yvonne Shingoose 3 days ago
Leave them alone
Royalte Luis
Royalte Luis 3 days ago
These people seem like dumbass
Gloria Natasha Larwuy
Why they don't even have a skincare but can have nice skin like that?!!
Keluarga Torpedo
Keluarga Torpedo 4 days ago
bro that tribesmen looks like using braces
So the clothes they stole gave them fever and some died. You see the reason why this people need to be left alone.
chanel dark men
chanel dark men 4 days ago
Their face looks like old dayak tribes
Kristen Trice
Kristen Trice 4 days ago
Indigenous people are so metal that beginning intro was everythingg
Sassy Botch
Sassy Botch 4 days ago
I Fr turned down my volume when he whistled in the beginning so I won’t attract the tribe 🤦🏻‍♀️
Daniel Holquin
Daniel Holquin 5 days ago
I repost interesting videos
Their ashamed of being naked because theyre now smarter and now in this world walking around naked is fashion and self expression this shows how lost we are
Mateo Torres
Mateo Torres 5 days ago
How does that kid have braces in a tribe?
Swapside Entertainment
Western civilisation has its down sides. Unnecessary contact with isolated tribes often leads to exploitation of their lands, increased pollution and mass migration. I wish I still lived in the jungles of South Africa with my Zulu tribe and free from Western colonisation and all its trappings. Now I’m cooked up working in these concrete jungles and constantly worrying about climate change and Coronavirus!!!
Danny Wears the Crown
If the Indians are happy being isolated leave hem alone, if they want to be a part of the world let them participate
Cristian Langurayan
Quarantine made me so bored. I've been watching about different tribes for a week now, and this is quite interesting.
Moon Knight
Moon Knight 6 days ago
This is what entire North America would look like if British,French,Spanish settlers never came to American continent. Thank God settlers were able to defeat many tribes during many wars.
Rabi Rath
Rabi Rath 7 days ago
The indigenous peopLe of South America Look chinese and Japanese peopLe
H Y 7 days ago
I am amazed by human's ability to adapt so quickly
Manal Mohamed
Manal Mohamed 7 days ago
25:02 that girl is so beautiful 😍😍😍
Javier De la cueva
I want to see their reaction when they are taken into a big city
Robin Carter
Robin Carter 8 days ago
The white man has come back to finish what they started so sad
Mark Davids
Mark Davids 9 days ago
These people have the right to education & healthcare
Linoura the baby streamer
If I go there I will be a great meal for them
RedCommie 9 days ago
"uncorrupted by our common world" *hehe better stay that way*
Jacob Covert
Jacob Covert 10 days ago
Why do they cut the hair on the top of their head like that?
Meditation Therapy
Meditation Therapy 10 days ago
When he started whistling I thought of future and lil yatchy song pardon me
Derk Digler
Derk Digler 11 days ago
Why they all look Asian ?
Polo Jay
Polo Jay 11 days ago
Do you think they heard abt corona virus? Any updates on them?!
Adnan Sami
Adnan Sami 11 days ago
15:19 modern world wants to be naked and old world wants to be covered. Fact
surak47 z
surak47 z 12 days ago
We are all just as confused as the tribal boys if the anthropologist spoke with no subtitles
ALPHA WARRIORS 12 days ago
"white gives us gift and then kill " this is not only to you guys , these white did same with Native Australian Native American Native Maori of new zealand too ! They came to your continent wiped out native tribe bcz of their low population and settled down there !
Paul Freeman
Paul Freeman 12 days ago
Savage “ go fuck her” ..... lord
Daily Scratchers
Daily Scratchers 12 days ago
Lmao did that tribe kid run away with a goat
XIV SOUND 12 days ago
Imagine giving these tribes a travis scott meal from mcdonalds
iykeonochie 13 days ago
Please they should leave them alone un-corrupt. They will now take religion to them and confuse them. Please this tribe should be protected please. Allow them to live with nature. Dont evangelize them. Dont study. leave them
MAC0691 X
MAC0691 X 13 days ago
They're not very dark, they look and sound Asian.
MAC0691 X
MAC0691 X 13 days ago
Hygiene must be a bitch. STDs. I wonder what women use once a month. Gross. Poor things.
Prairie State Genetix
The ashamed to be naked now part brings a whole new perspective to the parable "eating from the tree of knowledge"
Big Jim's Worn Out Tire Sale
Lol those folks are my heroes. "They sing like shit. Yes, shit singers." Wait till they hear the USA's music, especially rappers. LMAO!
Alex Nicklen
Alex Nicklen 13 days ago
This is one of the most interesting things I’ve watched.
Anailys Moreta Garcia
Leave them alone and don’t try to destroy their culture like always
Ryan 10 days ago
Who cares about their culture. These people are trying to stay alive
deejee 13 days ago
These girls trying to put clothes on, girls outside tryna show more skin
Jonas Fischer
Jonas Fischer 13 days ago
Comment section is as stupid and unthankful as you imagine, so avoid it. Yet I have to say: Protect these tribes by all cost. Let them live in peace. It is a special human species endangered from dying out.
Tatiana Arielle
Tatiana Arielle 14 days ago
he got two wives but y’all can’t even get one girlfriend
SuperK 12 days ago
Because I'm In Fucking School. I'd rather learn than to be with a distraction
Aris Lopez
Aris Lopez 14 days ago
As a Brazilian mestizo with asiatic features I can’t stop staring at their eyes holy shit so this is what our ancestors looked like they’re actually lighter than what I thought we were
Tough Kookie
Tough Kookie 15 days ago
Imagine telling them about AirPods and the iPhone 11 pRO
A 19 days ago
"why did he say 'go fuck her' ??
Robert Curry
Robert Curry 20 days ago
Some say we’re too late to explore the world, well these tribes still prove there’s much to discover!
Suzanne 20 days ago
@09:35 Getting in touch with an uncontacted tribe just to find out once translated that they were bashing your shit singing, lol.
juliobierrenbach 20 days ago
Leave them alone!!!!!
Niroshan Premarathna
Pls watching this
Niroshan Premarathna
ruvid.net/video/video-9xiEM8NMmaU.html. Pls watch this
Zane Dickson
Zane Dickson 20 days ago
Do they not have Machetes, fucken Hoax.
F/A 18 Super Hornet Pilot Cessna 152 pilot.
With Bush and Garcia signing a shitty free trade peace treaty ,, the Amazon natives are going to be extinct in a few years .. the greed that runs deep in powerful politicians have destroyed this planet. Anyone that shakes the hand of a US politician is signing their own Demise
Jimbobjim jim
Jimbobjim jim 21 day ago
Loved seeing the women, from the two different tribes talking. The old woman translator, in the hammock, is from a very familiar type South American tribe, well known to the world.....And the young woman is from a much lesser known type of tribe....Chills for some reason....14:34
snap saz
snap saz 21 day ago
Green hell
Product Probes
Product Probes 22 days ago
Cerca Trova
Cerca Trova 23 days ago
This is a fantastic documentary
513_cloud withoutwater
2020 this will be a trendy hairstyle
Afaq Khan
Afaq Khan 25 days ago
Shit singing man they can roast
Afaq Khan
Afaq Khan 25 days ago
Man taking one of them to dubai i think he well loss his mind
Ngok ngok Babiii
Ngok ngok Babiii 25 days ago
This is me, 15 years old, lets see if im gonna see this again
Reseviladik Productions
Can i ask what is their race? they look like us asian
LobsterRoc 26 days ago
S N 27 days ago
Fish eye lense to make the earth look round lol. Nice try
Robby & Carina Vlogs
Now tell them we’re on a giant ball floating in the middle of space.
Mark Aranita
Mark Aranita 28 days ago
They can't sing they're shit lmao
Isabella Bautista
Isabella Bautista 28 days ago
Uhhmm maybe don't turn your back when somone is using a gun?
Isabella Bautista
Isabella Bautista 28 days ago
I'm so fuckin scared for the camera man
Isabella Bautista
Isabella Bautista 28 days ago
These comments is making myday😂
Gionni Mccormack
Gionni Mccormack 29 days ago
They still call them indians smh
Sassy One
Sassy One 29 days ago
As h holee
Gabriel Drumi-Grudco
They don’t even know about the pandemic
Cleriston Alves De Carvalho
It seems to me that everybody forgot the natives once used to eat other humans in canibalistic rituals. What if they keep doing it ?
Gionni Mccormack
Gionni Mccormack 28 days ago
These are only the aggressive tribes that did this not the peaceful tribes
martini flips
martini flips Month ago
and here wo go again palefaces
yey ish
yey ish Month ago
I want know why call them indians?
Bruce Kim
Bruce Kim Month ago
Those steel looking knives those "untouched humans" have look suspiciously modern
Allison Month ago
I watched the movie called the green inferno on Netflix, started googling amazon tribes afterwards. Came to RUvid and found this. Love it thanks
Ishwor Chhetri
Ishwor Chhetri Month ago
why those men speaking japanese
Jaynard Gameplay
1:30 haircut?
Fjellfiskeren Month ago
Its a sad clip of a mad man really thinking that progress and everyone to become the same is good Why dont we leave them alone and simply whipe out the ones that drove them away from the other side? For him this is an adventure, for them this is their life changing for the worse, next up education, new home etc It is in human nature to explore to find out and never leave them that dont want to become a part of the rest of the world alone Sad movie.....
Renee Hicks
Renee Hicks Month ago
tribes kill trespassers right?
Brett Murray
Brett Murray Month ago
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Popsi King
Popsi King Month ago
46:25 "we feel ashamed of being naked" damn
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson Month ago
They ate the forbidden fruit that are modern lifestyle and intellect and knowledge of the outside world.
john johnson
john johnson Month ago
Holy shit, this is where Brendan Schaub was discovered.
Saadat Hashmi
Saadat Hashmi Month ago
Who ? And r u Serious ?
Omar Bataineh
Omar Bataineh Month ago
This proves that our principals weren't invented by us , but from the creator
Hyper Editors
Hyper Editors Month ago
Imagine if no one got killed and all the tribes still existed, it would be amazing to see so many so many different tribes and people still living that way
Chhay Kim
Chhay Kim Month ago
Imagine when was another zulu war
quest808 Month ago
Is there an update with these guys?
All those Bananas
EnderN0va Month ago
rust irl
Big Sam
Big Sam Month ago
looks like christianity hasn't gotten to them yet. I like there definition of the afterlife
Ajaykumar Sharma
How do lost tribe man is clean shaved? Just curious about a razor blade they use🙄
LobsterRoc 28 days ago
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