Uncontacted Tribes

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Mar 13, 2017




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Comments 3 822
Mercurial Empire
Mercurial Empire 17 hours ago
They have some stupid ass fuckin haircuts
Nix Taylor
Nix Taylor 22 hours ago
They all have excellent skin
Mike Mate
Mike Mate Day ago
This is the only way I can put this because this seems to be the language people understand," FUCK OFF" leave them alone. Science, Christianity, civilisation, alcohol, diseases, the raping of their habitat, have we forgotten how we saved our own native peoples. These poor bastards don't have a chance. As a descendant of a native people , I' m sorry, JUST FUCK OFF you backslapping bunch of know thing do-gooders.
clinton pamaong
clinton pamaong 2 days ago
This is a very important documentary that lead us were.we start
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles 2 days ago
*tribes come out* Nobody: Nobody ever: Camera man: ... Looks like I better shake the camera
Majhar Soren
Majhar Soren 2 days ago
Forget about the tribe's language, I couldn't even understand Carlos's language 😂😂😂
jim bob
jim bob 3 days ago
Best doco ever.
shane lauer
shane lauer 3 days ago
032 What happened to your?
E 3 days ago
ancient memes
graham moore
graham moore 3 days ago
Most black people would still be living like this if it wasn't for europeans 😮
Zhae Vie
Zhae Vie 3 days ago
"You must not declare war to our isolated brothers"??? wtf bruh. they just raided and killed people. I meant no means of attacking them but full defense. Stupid law
Nasa White
Nasa White 3 days ago
8:30 Muthafucka you was never that 🤣
Dyl K
Dyl K 4 days ago
4:02 *hardcore* parkour
Jeremiah Wilkes
Jeremiah Wilkes 5 days ago
Good documentary as a Native American this truly allows me to see what my people were kinda like.
Cray Zee
Cray Zee 6 days ago
But why Indians?
Ata Gun
Ata Gun 6 days ago
9:35 every tribe has his Simon Cowell
Brian 6 days ago
Vegans: The whole world should become Vegan! Tribes in the Jungle: HAHAH! *Don't make me laugh*
Alexis Hogan
Alexis Hogan 5 days ago
Mean while they are living healthier life styles than the modern world. We only become vegans because the gov puts so much crap in our food. Let’s not ignore how flawless their skin is !
Verity 5 days ago
It's true never mind the overpopulation of animals like
Brandon Uriostegui
Milo Satori
Milo Satori 8 days ago
Please don't steal their lands, kill them or rape them because they wear little clothes, also don't impose your religion on them please.
HenlxxY 8 days ago
Milo Satori why would they rape them?
Live gaming
Live gaming 8 days ago
Why aren't the government taking action
peper jack roblox gamer
I'm Mexican and I can blend in the tribe
Nedu Dee
Nedu Dee 9 days ago
My parents warned us about the Wyt people, we are here today because our parents ran away. I paraphrase smh. They were hostile because of the hostility dealt to them.
A mrw. tell it like it is
martex thuso
martex thuso 10 days ago
How did he know a gun
C M 10 days ago
Can anyone explain the psychology of clothing? Why is it that once they have clothing they become ashamed to be naked. It’s something I’ve never understood
El Sasquatcho69
El Sasquatcho69 10 days ago
I like even though they have been isolated mostly that dude's still be roasting their singing.An saying they are shit too. They would fit in on cod modern warfare nicely.
R.I.P Xxxtentacion
R.I.P Xxxtentacion 10 days ago
"two wives" lmao
Xperience Pureness
Xperience Pureness 10 days ago
They looks like asian
Alex Biggs
Alex Biggs 10 days ago
This really made me appreciate what I have and not to take anything for granted
Alex Biggs
Alex Biggs 10 days ago
25:05 looks like a younger version of Ursula from storage wars on Netflix 😂
Isatnt 11 days ago
10:24 is that child pregnant?
Isatnt 11 days ago
why do their penises look inverted doe?
Christopher Wilhite
Just imagine if 100,000 of them came out one day and robbed gun shops and tried to take over
Kessindiar 11 days ago
There racist
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 12 days ago
9 months with contact and they already know white people are the baddies
Emildd Burgos
Emildd Burgos 12 days ago
If they were never contacted why do they carry knives and machetes.They don’t know how to make those.
Aj Bankai
Aj Bankai 13 days ago
Government: attacks and kills indigenous tribes Ingenious tribes: respond by attacking villagers Villagers: asks the government to do something about it Government: tells villagers don’t contact them 😅😅 The fuck
Siena Bee
Siena Bee 13 days ago
Leave them be!!
Mehdi Raza
Mehdi Raza 13 days ago
21:29 imagine if the gun was loaded
don't worry bout it
The pictures of them poor people in chains makes me sick hope they rot for killing them tribes the tribes want and should be left alone there doing no harm only trying to live
don't worry bout it
For some reason I don't believe they where taking like that saying what shit singing that's like western talk there supposed to be isolated just doesn't seem like they would talk the way they did aggressive talking and dangerous but just not those words in those ways
don't worry bout it
These are great videos
The Henominador
The Henominador 13 days ago
"Listen to them they're shit " LMFAOOOOOO
Zaira G.
Zaira G. 14 days ago
The way they talk anf their body language reminds me of the sim.
Britney Melgar
Britney Melgar 14 days ago
How many tribe are still unchanged today
Martell Green
Martell Green 14 days ago
Beautiful shot at 13:29
Yumi Ladynoir
Yumi Ladynoir 15 days ago
I wanna give them so much stuff.
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 15 days ago
They use few of benefits of civilization.
Castyell_ 16 days ago
I often think, how do they handle the pain of the holes on their teeth? Wont they die if the roots of their teeth get revealed and bacteria or other toxins gets in? I mean ive been told its deadly because stufd from there goes straight to your heart
Wept Shark
Wept Shark 16 days ago
I want to know how they perceive our technology like planes and drones or what they think of us
Gearsturfs 16 days ago
Villagers: they’ve taken everything we’ll starve and our families have been killed Govt representatives: that’s so ignorant we’ll cancel you
Katjerouac Music
Katjerouac Music 16 days ago
0:44 those are the thickest Incan accents I ever heard... I understand the Brazilian guy much better
Emilia Lou
Emilia Lou 16 days ago
1:30 he's kinda charming
D N 16 days ago
Anyone here seen Green Inferno??
A nice ar15 would stop them raiding my shit
Weird how we can find them but not bigfoot
That vato who was doing g thewhistle sounds at the beginning was a straight primitive killer
AllisonakaSakura 17 days ago
So basically greedy fat billionaire who wanted land drove them out.
mykamui 17 days ago
Damn now i really want to know who boned his girl, they left the name out.. Guess ill have to wait until next season. I hate series that end on these cliffhangers.
JetBlackThreat 17 days ago
"the flying thing comes and get you and takes you up" sounds like a damn UFO case...
JetBlackThreat 16 days ago
@Honne Kivioja it was the time stamp when the foreigner asks what happens to us when we die, the indigenous guy said river and a ship comes and takes you up this is a breakthrough
Honne Kivioja
Honne Kivioja 17 days ago
Helicopters exists
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