Uncle Sam Puts The Axle Breaker 9000 To The Test. Will They Survive 1000HP?

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Dec 1, 2019




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Comments 60
Fasterproms 8 months ago
For 20% off our Merch now- midnight on Cyber Monday use code Cyber20 www.fasterpromsstore.com
Shane Strasinger
Shane Strasinger 8 months ago
Put a slipper clutch in it like Leroy's this thing will fly
Slo 6.0
Slo 6.0 8 months ago
Hey just curious how much boost are you running through your blower? I have a 408 stroker with a F1A and I am also hunting 1000 at the wheels I realize with a TH400 this will be a lot harder
LS allthethings
LS allthethings 8 months ago
Is the Fasterproms store still open? I placed an order 2 weeks ago and still havent received a shipping update. Nobody returns my emails and the phone just rings and rings.
Team Green
Team Green 8 months ago
Will the Let's make some power shirts be back in stock before the end of the sale?
c dz
c dz 2 months ago
Love your caprice brother. Quick tip, your friend of brother/ blue stripe flag is not placed correctly. Stars are always first as they should be closest to the front of the vehicle(or any object that a flag is on, even a tattoo) Theres a reason they sell the "backward" ones. Just shows respect. Keep it up can't wait to see some more vids of her.
Go Ohio
Go Ohio 2 months ago
What happened to George? Looks like you dumped him out at the track and then you was talking to the computer!
Zach 5 months ago
Of course you need a 'Two Pass Comparison' brother! I have never pulled a figure eight in my old RX7 GSLs then NOT said 'Let's make it a Clover Leaf'!!
Mike C
Mike C 6 months ago
Uncle sam got more tow than a Roman Sandal!!
Truth Or consequences
You need to try him in a rolling mile ( sans light bar)
John Weeks
John Weeks 7 months ago
What I would like to see is take it to a prep drag strip and see the time and then go back to the shop and slap a automatic in it and go back to the same prep track and get that time.
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 7 months ago
Drag shocks?? Get that weight to transfer and load the tires??
Chris Miller
Chris Miller 7 months ago
Thank you for all your support but I need you to take that flag off the rear quarter panel because the stars go before the bars and what you have is the flag is in the retreat position. Thank you from an Active duty naval member.
JoeyLovesTrains 7 months ago
RIP Holden Commodore, (and Pontiac G8) (and Pontiac)
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 8 months ago
The golden retrievers at the end made me wanna cry. I have reasons lmao
Paul Martin
Paul Martin 8 months ago
970 ft lbs at 3400! Thats 628 hp at 3400 rpm! That will pull some stumps out. Love you guy. Be careful.
Dwayne Harralson
Dwayne Harralson 8 months ago
you KNOW she bad when George has to recalibrate the butt dyno!
Dave D
Dave D 8 months ago
The car is called Uncle Sam ? Looks like a Holden caprice or statesman built in adelaide in Australia
Dave D
Dave D 8 months ago
bansheemania we don’t have chev here. All the caprices in the USA where built in Australia by Holden, guarantee the vin # on Uncle Sam starts with the number 6 Utes are awesome for doing skids and carting stuff fast
bansheemania 8 months ago
All Gm over here in the states are The Same As Holden's which i believe is your chevy/GM. All i Know is I wish We Had the UTE or Camino
Diggs72 8 months ago
Kinda sounds like some clutch slippage..??..
Kraig Stovall
Kraig Stovall 8 months ago
Laz “are you having any steering problems?” - Jeremy “only when I’m turning...”. Keep ‘em coming guys :-)
Llama Cebu
Llama Cebu 8 months ago
Daddy Jerm back at it again! 👍
Jason Argyropoulos
Jason Argyropoulos 8 months ago
6:34 go from seeing hill tops to the strip right behind in rear window when it squats
JDKEEL08 8 months ago
wow need to hear more exterior shots of this car! sounds wicked
john beck
john beck 8 months ago
Nice vocals in the new Volbeat video, Die to live. Didn't know you could sing that good! LOL!! you'r a Spitting image of the guy from Clutch.
bearfoot25 8 months ago
You should open a shop up in Blairsville!!!
ColonelK0rn 8 months ago
Thanks for the update, it's encouraging to see some work going on with Frank in the background.
Barnicle Bill Baxter
You may have had coolant or something on the block that evaporated as the engine heated up....lets hope
Shane Strasinger
Shane Strasinger 8 months ago
Put in a slipper clutch like Leroy's 8 second police car
mopargaming 8 months ago
"Just when I'm turning " lol
Anthony Lehner
Anthony Lehner 8 months ago
Thank you for appearing in the other guys, in your shop's, video.. that is how I found you(and forgot them) .. I appreciate well built machines, not ones that are GOING to blow up everytime out..
At the very least do a 15x8 wheel with 26x10 mt slick. This is frustrating to watch.
Kyle Preston
Kyle Preston 8 months ago
Damn dude the channel is growing so fast keep up the good work and let her eat brother!!!
Jarred K
Jarred K 8 months ago
Wow what a sunset lol. Oh and great going with Sam!
H2O Melon
H2O Melon 8 months ago
Learn how to drive 😂
k5ryannc 8 months ago
Love watching her squat under power. You can see the road then she pops back up tall.
1987FX16 8 months ago
Today is the day!
Scott Gecha
Scott Gecha 8 months ago
Uncle sam sounds so good!
Janet Martin
Janet Martin 8 months ago
Well I'll tell you what I told my friend.Soon as you gas that Somebit#h,shift it.We were racing a short track.That torque Man.😂
kyrujames 8 months ago
the amount of fire out of the pipes is AMAZING
minibike madman
minibike madman 8 months ago
Man i wana build somthing with the new kong blowers. But this thing is bling bling if you have a maggie blower.
jcnpresser 8 months ago
Could you put the dog’s name over them when you edit? It’d be nice to know their names.
Jim Goodwin
Jim Goodwin 8 months ago
Wonder how it would do launching in second instead of first. First runs out of RPM too quick.
Kila Bee82
Kila Bee82 8 months ago
Very impressive torque pulls
Gary Steele
Gary Steele 8 months ago
Ending with the doggies. Great
Fasterproms 8 months ago
Every video.
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 8 months ago
PS. nice car too.
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 8 months ago
What's cool ? a Golden Family Christmas Card pic, with each of their names. Digital Download with Golden Child...ren album of Christmas Carols featuring barking solo's. OOH OOH OOH make it a music video, ' BoostedBoyz ' could shoot the "Florida snow fields" for ya and you green screen the golden ones in. OOH OOH OOH Humans dressed as reindeer disco dancers doing the choreography, and cousin Squirrel as Santa. Yeah that's the ticket.
Cole and Neale's channel
It's got sooooo much torque it's Just blowin the tyres off every time he's touching the throttle woweeee what an animal need to put som drag radials on it though and rip it up the quarter
Fasterproms 8 months ago
Those were large drag radials
william killingsworth
Launch at high rpm 6-7000 rpm and ride the clutch out at part throttle to control spin. This will be faster and smoother than peddling the throttle with the clutch fully engauged. You have wayyyy too much power to hook in 1st and 2nd on radials and no prep. Hell you’re going to have trouble hooking with slicks! Sick ass ride! Looks like fun!
kstricl 8 months ago
"The lift is a bit taller". Yeah, it fits our favorite giraffe...
J Slater AU
J Slater AU 8 months ago
needs a holden badge and a highway patrol livery. then ill have ptsd.
stevengary1989 8 months ago
nita haden
nita haden 8 months ago
I can't believe that all you gear heads work that close to an oval track and no one has a street stock racecar. My husband raced ovals for 37 years and recently retired from racing. You all could go in on a street stock racecar and share the driving duties, believe me you guys would have a blast doing it .
MJM’s Workshop
MJM’s Workshop 8 months ago
I need that combo in my C10.
Paul Fletcher
Paul Fletcher 8 months ago
Nice hat George
Johnny Hendrix
Johnny Hendrix 8 months ago
Race cleet in the vic
TurningBoss 8 months ago
120fps footage of the dogs would look so good they're really cute
TTS197 Stealth
TTS197 Stealth 8 months ago
That should be Uncle Sams new alias, A.K.A. The Orca!!
Tim Schneider
Tim Schneider 8 months ago
Uncle Sam is such a badass every time he rolls into the throttle you can literally see the the actual race track ground and when you let soffits nothing but sky that's awesome if they ever get the Tulsa or OKC I'll be sure to see that car that's two thumbs up bro
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 8 months ago
If uncle Sam was a bit more lighter then it would easily do a low 8 second pass
خــالد الشــمري
I think it would last longer with the allison transmission😂😂😂😂😂
خــالد الشــمري
And bigger tires
rich 570
rich 570 8 months ago
The fire balls are ridiculous..Suck it fancy shmansy exotics, muscle cars do it to.
Tom Jenkins
Tom Jenkins 8 months ago
Put that in a Pinto and go recin!
Patrick Huszarik
Patrick Huszarik 8 months ago
Look at George with the ls nasty gear!
TRD_SR5 8 months ago
You should do an on screen gps speedometer for us to see how fast it accelerates and gforces
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