Uncle Sam Hits The Dyno With His FIRE Breathing Supercharged Texas Speed 427!

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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 100
Fasterproms 11 months ago
So Glad to bring this back for you guys!! This thing is BETTER than a modded Manual CTSV That we had years ago boy a long shot. It was raining When we went out I WISH it was dry and we really wanted to do some street pulls but we will have some soon enough. The TQ is NASTY! Guys I also wanted to remind you that from Now thru Nov 15th we will be randomly selecting 3 winners for Hptuners MPVI2 tuner and scanner AND we are giving away multiple things on Instagram @fasterproms Check the link in the description.Thank you
Check0 List
Check0 List 11 months ago
Reccallo TimTom
Reccallo TimTom 11 months ago
Btw, this car would be so much more fun with a centrifugal Procharger and a LS9 intake manifold.
Reccallo TimTom
Reccallo TimTom 11 months ago
We love you bro! Thanks so much for all of your efforts!
TimothyReidUpNorth907 11 months ago
@ChiefJustice Middleton Gale Banks has never sold 1 thing for the LS platform. Don't believe me CALL THEM. And the the fact you suggested putting a sensor for the temp is PRICELESS. Everything you said is ridiculous I don't know everything but I know you don't know what your talking about. Go back to your magazines and polish up
TimothyReidUpNorth907 11 months ago
@ChiefJustice Middleton your delusional your the joke begging for Jeremy to respond to you. Be original and don't beg Jesus your a little bit weird huh. Your the one who is acting like you know EVERYTHING lol your a kid aren't you, why u so mad little kid don't take it personal you hide behind a fake persona.
popsicle33 10 months ago
Time to step up to that 2650
LS_CTEN 10 months ago
Hell yea!
Darwin McReynolds
Darwin McReynolds 10 months ago
Cant wait to see a shack down on uncle Sam what do u think it will run now will it go 10.5 in the quarter Jeremy I hope it does that or more good luck great content keep it. Coming live the channel
Terry Skaggs
Terry Skaggs 11 months ago
I don't like Chevy but that sum biotch sounds fkn amazing.
David Windsor
David Windsor 11 months ago
He is a dam Ripper. The power numbers are nuts. 825hp cool.πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸš“
Rugger Ray
Rugger Ray 11 months ago
Jared THISDELLE 11 months ago
Very nice guys sam' s a power house .let it eat ..
Jay Walker
Jay Walker 11 months ago
What up with the s.10 ?? Be cool to see it rip
Romero.408 11 months ago
I would love to get a supercharger but at 16 it’s kinda hard to pay for that including tune, upgraded internals and all that other great jazz sigh hopefully some blessings come by soon in life and to you too reading this
Cameron Gallant
Cameron Gallant 11 months ago
It was like it was on ice when we was sliding it
Serenity Garage
Serenity Garage 11 months ago
Uncle Sam sounds crazy! Think you'll ever make it out to Houston with Cleetus?
DEDBRD1977 11 months ago
At 850 that belt was hitting the idler pully
DEDBRD1977 11 months ago
Ole Cleetus needs some Vizine for those red eyes
J A 11 months ago
When is Cooper going to get his cars ready to take down the other cars in the shop
Scott Newington
Scott Newington 11 months ago
Looks and sounds awesome u should have also chucked into a sea container and come out to Australia
tattoo jeep
tattoo jeep 11 months ago
UNCLE SAM is Back !!!
clubsprt 11 months ago
Uncle sam is the most awesome VE commodore!!! Keep it up guys love your content from Queensland australia
clubsprt 11 months ago
Also love the pups! Life isnt complete with out cars and dogs!!!!!!
Yost Built
Yost Built 11 months ago
its like a cow ice skating πŸ„πŸ„πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
James Nichols
James Nichols 11 months ago
Carstuff111 11 months ago
Finally, some Uncle Sam action!! I have missed this car! Now, to see some of your dad's Corvette would cap the week off beautifully!
Jesse 11 months ago
Disappointed that this was filmed on January 1st 2009 as is only being posted now...
Patrick Z
Patrick Z 11 months ago
Nothing better than getting two cents from ol' Coop.. except for the shaggy dogs segment
stevengary1989 11 months ago
ezdfiant 11 months ago
'had a dog and then went to a hippopotamus, it takes alot more to feed it' That is a man that knows his hippos! I mean, whahahat, has anyone ever heard that before, where the fucΒ£ did that come from, it was said with way to much certainty to be spontaneous, he's pulled that from somewhere for sure haha...
silkysixx 11 months ago
Tuff Mounts!
K A H M'S performance
K A H M'S performance 11 months ago
Awesome job fellas. Uncle Bob sounds tits
Jared Randall
Jared Randall 11 months ago
Geese that car sounds incredible !!!! I know one thing is for sure, Texas speed builds some bad ass engines !!!!! After all the torture and abuse cleetus puts Leroy's engine through and now Jeremy goes and makes 825hp with this one and was expecting around 700. This just goes to show that Texas speed knows they're shit !!! Whenever I build another street car I'm most definitely going with a Texas speed engine for sure!!!! Amazing car Jeremy !!!! Keep up the awesome videos, builds and info !!!! You guys are awesome!!!!
SupraMane69 11 months ago
You should get a sticker of Garret for the back seat window....like hes locked up in the back
ToolOlogist 11 months ago
Freakin' SIIIICCCKKKK!!! Congrats Jeremy! Nice number and it sounds amazing. Time to rip it on the track! Oh and I love that you show your doggos at the end of each video, so cute.
!!!SCREAM for JOY!!!
!!!SCREAM for JOY!!! 11 months ago
I just realised that uncle same is a ve commodore in disguise πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Russ Walker
Russ Walker 11 months ago
14:22 Straight up #DogBog
Mike Banks
Mike Banks 11 months ago
Doggie is supercharged and turbo with a turpentine rub on embarrassing places Doggie asked me not to tell the fast secerts!
Mr Hyde #BHR Security
Mr Hyde #BHR Security 11 months ago
Put the "Toast" blower on neighbor......
94 turbosubi
94 turbosubi 11 months ago
The exhaust sounds amazing. Can't wait to see some more content with it.
Mr Hyde #BHR Security
Mr Hyde #BHR Security 11 months ago
Jeremy and Cleetus as Jake and Elwood
Mr Hyde #BHR Security
Mr Hyde #BHR Security 11 months ago
Someone needs to build project: "Blues Brothers" A polara with a demon swap
flex this
flex this 11 months ago
What's the highest mph you ever went on the dyno jw?
Skinny Pedal Motorsports
Cooper the talking head. Where is his body?
TunΓ€ 11 months ago
I'll fly out and weed your flower beds for a ride along xD
TunΓ€ 11 months ago
13:05 Gosh darn spaghets with the run down never gets old! 10/10
MrD1ss 11 months ago
Anyone know the name of the music at the end?
29 auto
29 auto 11 months ago
The little blower that could
Chris Fletcher
Chris Fletcher 11 months ago
Uncle sam sounds SICK!! Honestly one of the best sounding 427s I have ever heard. Awesome job guys!
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 11 months ago
Uncle Sam sounds so good!
T L Christian
T L Christian 11 months ago
I got to ask what do you do with all the money the money your parents gave you for singing lessons I’m pretty sure you didn’t go there LOL
ChillCosmos 11 months ago
If you decide to upgrade to another blower, you can give me that one for my 2003 5.3 Envoy :)
merkurrz 11 months ago
nice power, can't wait to see more of this car
hendo337 11 months ago
I want to get a Dart or LSX block and build an undersquare 454(4.125" bore 4.25" stroke, 441 has 4.125" stroke) for boost, too many 427s out there. Want something different.
CriticoolHit 11 months ago
I can relate with the dog running laps before engaging in the fight. Just gotta power up first.
Per Rimnell
Per Rimnell 11 months ago
Cooper reveals his superpower at 7.20! Superfast mowe or just the ability to disappear in to exhaust fumed air.
Take a stride or Step aside
Bad asd
Jims07yfz450 11 months ago
Who in their right mind would give this a thumbs down????!!!!
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt 11 months ago
Those were some sick flames shooting out the back! Can't wait to see uncle sam back on the track.
Michael Wynne
Michael Wynne 11 months ago
Sorry the only donuts I like have sprinkles on them, don't get it.
Michael Wynne
Michael Wynne 11 months ago
@Drumbo πŸ€£πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Drumbo 11 months ago
Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris 11 months ago
Garrett singing the FasterProms theme song needs to become a part of future videos! Lmao
WardoSRT 11 months ago
Spraying that stuff on the tire made me a little nervous.
john Hildebrand
john Hildebrand 11 months ago
Damm that car is badass sounds great man nice job on that build
Hanks work shop Mister fix all
Awesome job with the TS 427!!!!
Mr. M
Mr. M 11 months ago
Made in America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
Tanks ChopShop
Tanks ChopShop 11 months ago
Hell yes!!
fireworks234 11 months ago
So happy to see Uncle Sam out there tearing it up! Love that thing!
flyonbyya 11 months ago
Although it Apparently performed Beyond expectations. As an experienced tuner with knowledge of all the aspects...What kinda power was it expected to make?
Ollie W
Ollie W 11 months ago
I heard... Back in the 90s'.... That the 808 kick drum did in fact make the girls get dumb... I bet it is the same when it comes to Horsepower...
jcnpresser 11 months ago
The two fastest cop cars out drifting chasing other drift cars like at ford fest would be awesome!
Jimmy Cline
Jimmy Cline 11 months ago
I wish I had this engine in my police car!
Baby-Shark GTO
Baby-Shark GTO 11 months ago
Lextech Lighting
Lextech Lighting 11 months ago
Most exciting vid in a while. Congrats! The Cleeter crew showed up and it became a party.
retrieversqbd 11 months ago
Zoomies! Bitey face! Silly Goldies are all the fun. Add in some badassery from Uncle Sam and this is one great video. One of the best.
Fernando Banuelos
Fernando Banuelos 11 months ago
Uncle Sam sounds awesome man specially that super charger when it make that whiny noise
Keep Out
Keep Out 11 months ago
You should put that dog on the Dyno, looks really quick, lol
Colin Spicer
Colin Spicer 11 months ago
This sounds amazing! Congrats on the build can't wait to see Uncle Sam with Neighbor
Super Fishal
Super Fishal 11 months ago
7:20 Cooper is magic
Joe Cangialose
Joe Cangialose 11 months ago
Uncle Sam sounds AMAZING! What's the full exhaust setup? I'm sure it's in past videos, but I don't have time to go dig through them all.
Keep Out
Keep Out 11 months ago
Put them guys back to work so they don't interrupt you πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ
Jordan Brandtner
Jordan Brandtner 11 months ago
James rusted water pump pulley record.... nope not like this one.. made me literally laugh out loud
bob belcher
bob belcher 11 months ago
I like the puppy WWE wrestling in enf
JIGA BACHI 11 months ago
Mother of Gad . . . Uncle Sam is finally alive ! Good job, team ! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€˜πŸ»
Benny T
Benny T 11 months ago
That is incredible, cool car!
Edwin Feldman
Edwin Feldman 11 months ago
Who put Redbull in the water bowl? Them pup's is PSYCHED!
Steve rebuilds
Steve rebuilds 11 months ago
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson 11 months ago
This thing sounds sick!!+
kane2103 11 months ago
Time Traveling back to 2009
Matthew Gast
Matthew Gast 11 months ago
Wow that thing makes a good noise out the tail pipes
Steve P
Steve P 11 months ago
Jeremy: "Let me play you the song of my people..." Supercharger whine and fireballs out the tailpipes...
Owen 11 months ago
That's some huge numbers from an LSA 1.9L!
kopfgeldjagar 11 months ago
Must have been friday night. only day we've gotten rain worth a shit for a while.
Bat Man
Bat Man 11 months ago
engine builder, we recommend at least 500 mile break in time. Jeremy and Cleetus response, we don't got time for that, we are just going to send it.
EllHawkes 11 months ago
Santino Velasco
Santino Velasco 11 months ago
If the blower is not enough please do a ls9 blower I would love to see that
CrazyAssPotter 11 months ago
Now we need to see a showdown of Uncle Sam VS Neighbor in the burnout pit, on the 1/4, and on the no prep track
Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey 11 months ago
The fireballs are just sick!
B4Ctom1 11 months ago
@Fasterproms can we get Porkapotimus and Uncle Sam t-shirts?
Travis Robb
Travis Robb 11 months ago
Dog to a hoppapotamamous.
Chris G.
Chris G. 11 months ago
This is good shit
leuvenlife 11 months ago
I just came for the dog moment at the end
john mac
john mac 11 months ago
******if you dont play garret singing your song at the end of every show , your a dork!!!! thats funny right there lol*******
Shaun PC
Shaun PC 11 months ago
God bless America, you guys are so lucky over the pond to have what I consider to be proper man toys. Massive πŸ‘πŸ» from a true πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ car enthusiast. Scratch thatπŸ‘†πŸ» A massive πŸ‘πŸ» from a true πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ petrol head.
Torque Monkey
Torque Monkey 11 months ago
Maybe im just hungry but is that bacon hanging from your rear view mirror?
Corey 01
Corey 01 11 months ago
The headlights really need sanded clear coat and buff.
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