Uncle Sam Gets A GIGANTIC New Upgrade! He's Ready To Make HUGE POWER!!

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Oct 29, 2019




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David Rogers
David Rogers 10 months ago
Hey Guys, was thinking about the s10 and the ac thing then the bricks in the magnuson super charger, not the Florida bricks light went off. ice tank, heater core, 12 volt pump and a fan.
Bruce W Randol
Bruce W Randol 10 months ago
Add a little happy gas.
Travis 10 months ago
idk coop i havent really heard too many other ppl whine ...lol :p im jp
Joseph GEIS
Joseph GEIS 11 months ago
Bad to the bone !
herbycock 11 months ago
Poor Neighbor!
moon man
moon man 11 months ago
That blower is dope I'm hoping to put on a tvs 2300 on my 402ci
stevengary1989 11 months ago
Linc H
Linc H 11 months ago
I love Coopers commentary!
James B. Non of your Business
Coop Spagetti Master Tuning services LLc
Shaun Perino
Shaun Perino Year ago
Is it more efficient than the "Whipple" check out Gale Banks channel this is the same type of compression screw vs cog? ruvid.net/video/video-rJ6TGS0Edm8.html
Dave James
Dave James Year ago
Get the s10 ripping lol
Chris q
Chris q Year ago
So basically a new ZR1/GT500 supercharger. Gotcha.
J S Year ago
Safety features weigh more
josh burton
josh burton Year ago
Very cool but I'm too excited about the s10 to pay attention
RickyBobbyinc Year ago
Come on FasterpromS-10 video!!!!!!!!!!!!
RickyBobbyinc Year ago
I am dying to see a S-10 video! They come all to far apart. And unless it’s pictured in the thumbnail I don’t watch. Not that your other videos aren’t interesting, it’s just that’s how much I love the s-10 build. When will we see more??????
Liam Mcgrath
Liam Mcgrath Year ago
Should get magnusons twin throttle bodies 👍
Mark Toney
Mark Toney Year ago
Y'all should take a look at Goozquad's Mopar cop car. It's dynamite!
Jay Russell
Jay Russell Year ago
You should graft in the hood window from the C6 ZR1 so you'll literally clear the hood. See what I did there? Yeah, I know, Dad jokes rule.
maxst2 Year ago
avanti cigar co eh?
71510 Year ago
get your self a "Group A" VE Commodore bonnet
Shay Henderson
How does someone contact you for tuning?
Carlos Ltx
Carlos Ltx Year ago
Just ordered me a shirt and a lanyard🔥🔥✊🏻
Cody Mccrae
Cody Mccrae Year ago
i think with uncle sams weight you should strip the interior drill a ton of 3" holes everywhere that can be covered with the carpet and or plastic then re install the interior lol the hood is literally 2 full sheets of metal you should cut out 45% of the hood metal also
Steven Laxton
Steven Laxton Year ago
Oooohhhhh!!! Use a square street sign or two for a hood bump or a scoop haha
Steven Laxton
Steven Laxton Year ago
Just don't film getting them ;)
Moondog 1
Moondog 1 Year ago
Hey Jeremy! Hope you see this! Just saw you at the Pizza place in north GA(not being too specific) . I actually also bumped in to you at ingles(Starbucks) in Blairsville last year or close, passing through! I didn't want to interrupt you that time, but you replied to my comment and told me to, low and behold I saw you AGAIN in north GA! Shoot me a PM if y'all ever want a great camp spot or want to go shooting up here in the mtns. I have a Vic that needs a home and a cj7 that needs a Viking funeral lol. Take care! Love the channel! I was the big dude in the metallica shirt!
j b
j b Year ago
All the yap yap about love for our service members, veterans, firefighters and yet you display a desecrated flag, U.S. Code § 700.Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties (a) (1) Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.
Fasterproms Year ago
ToliBear Year ago
I can't watch the video at 15:11 without involuntarily headbutting my phone.
LSA Giveaway??? Maybe for a local 5th Gen Camaro Owner? ;)
Steven Mcc
Steven Mcc Year ago
As soon as. I seen the red I knew it was a magnesun
adam chapman
adam chapman Year ago
I am a Ford vic fan but this might be a little faster with your tune.
Nerdboy Racing
What happened the new video ????
wjloth Year ago
I would like to watch Laz put that 5.3 into his Wrangler. Wranglers, as a breed, seem to need less mopar and more power.
“Thats a huge bitch!!”
Joshua Parton
Joshua Parton Year ago
So you're going to box up the LSA and ship it up to indiana for my caprice right?
kilokimbo Year ago
Magnuson or procharger? Which is better bang for your buck? @fasterproms
Ricky Bailey
Ricky Bailey Year ago
I never really understood cooper but this video just made him shine!!! Freaking hilarious I mean it was just the best video I have seen in a long time and his lines were on point 100% !! U need him in every video!!!
Ricky Bailey
Ricky Bailey Year ago
Cooper has the best comments !! I couldnt even hold my laughs back !!
5.0 Son
5.0 Son Year ago
Guitarmegedon ZL1 has the one of the biggest maggis on his ZL1
octane.music Year ago
'You can fit your whole fist in there'. I'll say no more. #yourmum
Alex Elrod
Alex Elrod Year ago
Jeremy's joining team "fuck hoods"
David Windsor
David Windsor Year ago
Ok let her rip. 👌👍👍
TsQuAReD Turbski's
Question? What's up with all the blocks in the background? Spares ? Future builds? Cores?
TsQuAReD Turbski's
Also get rid of the rear power window motors and all airbags, then the guts of the dash! Unless you're gonna spend time on the road you may want to keep some luxuries so you don't melt your balls off in Florida.
Travis Year ago
hahaha i caught laz takin a pic with the blower on his motor :P lol
Steve rebuilds
No hood
Steve rebuilds
You can change all of the pulleys on the rear
Steve rebuilds
I commented that on Texas speeds IG when they were building your engine!
Steve rebuilds
I knew it!
MrALTRD8 Year ago
Check out the Aussie HDT Bonnet Scoop at hdt.com.au for the VE it might just work for the cut hood clearance
Colin Prent
Colin Prent Year ago
What's in the box? aww, what's in the f***in box
SpeedmanRC Year ago
More Coop camera man, he is so good at it.
Drew Mullins
Drew Mullins Year ago
bad ass blower
Magnus Dominus
Wow, She has a huge throat, lets see if we can make bigger.
Dylan Adams
Dylan Adams Year ago
Oh man can't wait to see Uncle Sam and neighbor duel it out with all lights on down the drag strip! Also who did you use for the closing song on the video? Loving the guitar riffs!
josh shelby
josh shelby Year ago
Neighbor dont want none uncle sam is gonna be kicking ass and taking names what makes your channel is how efficient you make things not just throw power at it
Javier Baez
Javier Baez Year ago
"its 9 o'clock Friday night! how bad is the itch?" George don't play!!!!
FNTony 496
FNTony 496 Year ago
Put a real fuel system in that car stat. No messing around this time.
احمد الصاوي
I want do like you in my car 😍😭
Daulton Ashlaw
Cowl Hood time! 😂
Seth Engler
Seth Engler Year ago
holley is a 1000whp pupper
Keefe Spencer
Keefe Spencer Year ago
With the right pulley sizes you should definitely make over 1100hp Nick from Guitarmaggedonzl1 his ZL1 makes about 1200hp crank it's a little over 1000rwhp through a TH400 and his car weighs close to yours and just to let you know his torque is out the roof so much so he's having major issues trying to get it to hook up
Joshua W.
Joshua W. Year ago
Bout dam time
Curtis Wilson
Curtis Wilson Year ago
A cowl hood would look pretty sick on that car
tracy wraley
tracy wraley Year ago
Now imagine running refrigerant instead of coolant through that cooler in the supercharger so it drops the intake air temperature even more
CUIN8SEC Year ago
I have one of these on a cts-v and it runs 9.0 at 156 in a 4400lb cts-v I run a active interchiller to fight the heat this blower makes
Dave S
Dave S Year ago
If you flipped that intake upside down, stick a cone filter and throttle body on the end. cut the hole in the hood and with some planning, the bottom of the filter will be above the hood giving you a natural heat shield.
pdgeman Year ago
im sure you know this but higher pressure means less flow from the fuel pump
Red Rolo
Red Rolo Year ago
Man you guys tore into that box like some kids on Halloween xD
merkurrz Year ago
she will be making all the power soon
drwinlied Year ago
this is 100% Christmas morning child-like excitement for everyone there. genuine good feelings all around
Eric Michels
Eric Michels Year ago
Think you can trim the stock hood just big enough to poke the top 2” of the blower so all you see is the top and that Magnuson Logo and the black will blend in with uncle sams hood color!
CUIN8SEC Year ago
I have one of these on a cts-v and it runs 9.0 at 156 in a 4400lb cts-v and its thru hood
Matthew Mcclintock
Cleetus needs to make some pads the same size as the scales your not suppose to push a vehicle onto the scales lol
Andy Weber
Andy Weber Year ago
Fit under the hood! I’m concerned it won’t fit under the cowl. I see a extensive fab project coming.
R/T Teazeie
R/T Teazeie Year ago
It’s so nice to have a lot of money and sponsors 😔.. It’s so pretty !
deuces roxy
deuces roxy Year ago
Lemme guess another pussy charger... u aren't American enough to run a turbo... or u jus to lazy to run boost pipes..
Fasterproms Year ago
DC Griffin
DC Griffin Year ago
Cooper's dad bod at 3:19 is on point.
Lee Ingraham
Lee Ingraham Year ago
Is Cooper homeless?
Guitarmaguedon has that blower on hes 427 freedom rocket exited to see Jeremy and hes caprice make some passes
CUIN8SEC Year ago
@GOD SPEED SEND IT thanks man it was a tuff road and I'm still driving more to come
@CUIN8SEC nice man 😎
CUIN8SEC Year ago
I have one of these on a cts-v and it runs 9.0 at 156 in a 4400lb cts-v
Hey Make sure that there isnt ballistic panels in the doors they are really heavy usually in both front doors.
lb7zf6 03
lb7zf6 03 Year ago
🇺🇸🇺🇸🤘🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸 Aslo come on man were dying for another s10 video!!!!
routt ookc
routt ookc Year ago
have fun with those pulleys !
jason victor
jason victor Year ago
My guess was 3450
Topgun23v De’LaFuentes
You can fit your fist in there👀😂💀🤭
stlmikie Year ago
Jeremy. Thank you.
rich 570
rich 570 Year ago
I love them rims
Brons G15
Brons G15 Year ago
Loved the brick joke
KevinM Year ago
I’ve been dying to know what is going on with the CTS V coupe on the lift for the longest time. The internet (me) demands an explanation. 🙂
Jason Vankirk
Jason Vankirk Year ago
What's happening I think the new blower is awesome it's going to make some power you probably already know but CSP installed I think the same blower on Nick Armageddon ZL1 Camaro the freedom rocket so if you had any questions about it get ahold of CSP complete street performance and Delaware but love the new blower and uncle Sam really going to be running now have a good one
CUIN8SEC Year ago
Yes and there is alot of things need to install this I have one also and it runs 9.0 156 with 4400lb race weight in a cts-v
CUIN8SEC Year ago
I have the same blower running 9.0 at 156 in a 4400lb cts-v
Indy Rock
Indy Rock Year ago
Gauthier VN
Gauthier VN Year ago
i like the way this is going... gotta love rivalry!
ishliss Year ago
My LS C4 weighed 3150 with full interior and heavy C5Z wheels!
Mike B
Mike B Year ago
Can't wait to see that beast on Sam it's going to be bad a$$
leuvenlife Year ago
when putting a car onto scales it is easier to turn the wheels than push the car. Two people can do it easily then.
Brad Spiteri
Brad Spiteri Year ago
You and Cleeter should race Goonzquads Procharged Awd charger police car!
R3cK17 Rick
R3cK17 Rick Year ago
commodores are heavy old girls lol even the L77 utes in australia are just shy of 4000. Get mcFarland Fab onto that hood bump!
Danies Alex
Danies Alex Year ago
Please put the lsa blower on the s10 i don't know if Jeremy can make it happen but if it does work I'm sure it is going to be awesome ps. I'm writing so many comments so that someone will read my comment
Danies Alex
Danies Alex Year ago
Lsa blower on s10 please
Daniel Edwards
I'm thinking 1000 from a Texas speed 427 with that big girl Magnusson is easily achievable 👌
CUIN8SEC Year ago
I have one of these on a cts-v and it runs 9.0 at 156 in a 4400lb cts-v makes over 1000 easy
Lachlan Withers
Can see george looking at the charger like ( yea I can open that up ) would be awesome too see dyno before ported and after..
Lucas Taylor
Lucas Taylor Year ago
I'd love to try and fit a lsa blower to my rwd l67
Van Darkholme
Van Darkholme Year ago
Jeremey dont apologise for the weather, its out of your control lmao
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