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Jan 24, 2021




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Comments 100
Michelle Mao
Michelle Mao 15 hours ago
That is so good!
Lioness006 Day ago
I kinda feel bad I lost some parts to the wok and rice cooker I got from my grandma when she died. Nothing fancy, probably from the 70s, so older than me. The damn landlord just started throwing stuff away. I miss my wok & rice cooker. She made egg fried rice with peas, carrots, onion, garlic (lots of garlic), and bacon and used some of the bacon grease to cook the rice. And topped with green onion. I don't think she had any fancy sauce. Just soy sauce. But we always had sesame oil, Chinese 5 spice, ground ginger, allspice, and sesame seeds in the house too. She made Singapore chili crab too. I haven't had it in over 20 years. I cry. It was so good and spicy!
Roland Lawrence
when is the guest appearance on american dad coming? they could call it roger roger!
박창수 Day ago
와 근데 그냥 봐도 이게 존나 딱 정석이다
moneyhalt Day ago
That is how Malaysian do it I am pretty sure that all of the asians use it
Xan Drake Garcia
Someone has an alergie Rogger:weakling
Raii Angelo Dar
7:25 Uncle Roger confirmed a ONCE! Fuiyoohhh!
Ashley Teoh
Ashley Teoh Day ago
Uncle Roger make it sound like Chanie Oliber
Audrey T
Audrey T 2 days ago
Ooo I want to eat the fried rice
unknown user
unknown user 2 days ago
4:22 what he say he not use what
Meep gas
Meep gas 2 days ago
Yo sauce for that song fancy What it called
Nicole Love
Nicole Love 2 days ago
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Amir Ghaffari
Amir Ghaffari 2 days ago
I would totally eat at Sherson's restaurant! Now, that's a quality egg fried rice and looks scrumptious!
Cheryl Lee
Cheryl Lee 2 days ago
Love the bloopers! My mom still has her mom's wok... and she has a secret to ensure it never gets rusty
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 3 days ago
No soy sauce?
ReVeLuv Cherry
ReVeLuv Cherry 3 days ago
ummmm.. bolehlaaa
Ronian Divinagracia
uncle roger proud as once
Ratri Maulani
Ratri Maulani 3 days ago
Please review mark wiens nasi goreng/fried rice
Kabane Hanyo
Kabane Hanyo 3 days ago
Me 12 years old making fried rice and adding random seasoning and we can't forget about the soy sauce
T K 3 days ago
Uncle sherson looks more gweilo than most gweilo people lol
Eric Wei
Eric Wei 3 days ago
欸ㄈㄨㄞ ㄖㄨㄞ
FoNY loufortune
FoNY loufortune 4 days ago
What if he's not their fav but they realize he'd put it to the best use.. actual question bout Asian culture/families
Pavel Crisostomo
Pavel Crisostomo 4 days ago
Let me follow the guy
Sky 4 days ago
do you also use belacan on nasi lemak?
ReVeLuv Cherry
ReVeLuv Cherry 3 days ago
we put belacan is nasi lemak's sambal
Chan Fon Soo
Chan Fon Soo 4 days ago
Nice Chita.
Ghineng Toh
Ghineng Toh 5 days ago
Sherson is my friend’s father,😂😂. And I love your videos I’m Lucas I’m also a BOY. I subscribed. Also😁😁. Don’t hunt me down pls I want a shoutout pls I want my comment to be on all your videos
Nathey_Nonk1 5 days ago
Unccle Roger: "Dont use machine" Also Uncle Roger: "Use rice cooker"
Yeet Mr. Delete
Yeet Mr. Delete 5 days ago
If you have another lump your not eating egg fried rice
Chris McMann
Chris McMann 5 days ago
White people: I am going to grind up my spices in this food processor, just gotta press a button and done! Uncle Roger: White people you are wrong! Just push button SO impersonal! Also White people: Here are the measurements to cook rice stovetop Also Uncle Roger: What is wrong with you white people just rice cooker, just push button HAIYAAAAAH!
Moon Shine
Moon Shine 5 days ago
In Mexico, spices are ground in stone mortars called Molcahete
Hikari Tatewaki
Hikari Tatewaki 5 days ago
My Mom take it 1 step further and beat me with a pestle
gui goncalves
gui goncalves 5 days ago
'food processor is so impersonal, you just press one button' rice cooker...
Cust Kay Aty
Cust Kay Aty 5 days ago
You a malaysia
Chloe Tan
Chloe Tan 5 days ago
Uncle Rojak!🤣
Baby Acerap
Baby Acerap 6 days ago
Uncle roger seems offensed when sherson refuse to use msg😂
Edward Tian
Edward Tian 6 days ago
nobody 'kena' judge what i wear XD
Neon Lemmy Koopa
Neon Lemmy Koopa 6 days ago
I dunno whom he roasted harder, Jamie Oliver or cameraman's shirt
Neon Lemmy Koopa
Neon Lemmy Koopa 6 days ago
Asian whisky. A man of culture I see
lordbeavis69 6 days ago
I should be offended at gwello. But I can't be mad at Uncle Roger.
Venduhl 6 days ago
Where was a Jam!
hard almond
hard almond 6 days ago
Why no korean??????? I can't speak english well roger
ReVeLuv Cherry
ReVeLuv Cherry 3 days ago
no worries nephew. keep practicing English! 화이팅!
danisha861027 6 days ago
uncle roger haiyaaa
Frances Thakker
Frances Thakker 7 days ago
I like Jamie Oliver 🙃
Shady Syahadah
Shady Syahadah 7 days ago
Adoi..gelak sorang2 lagi!!
Claudio Rodriguez
The torpid ashtray remarkably blush because session acutely wail underneath a decorous way. guiltless, grumpy deer
Fiffy Mohiddin
Fiffy Mohiddin 7 days ago
"Only poor people use onion.." 🤣 🤣 🤣 OMG. I'm having face cramp. Trolololll uncle roger.. 🤣🤣🤣
Oreo O
Oreo O 7 days ago
ok..ok but where's the soy sauce?
jonas duell
jonas duell 7 days ago
damn uncle roger, small kitchen and thanks to gf watching too much uncle roger we now have a rice cooker
Savages hit the Blunts
send him msg
epul murdoc
epul murdoc 7 days ago
Mengekek betul kau ni. Waduh
Zithoro 7 days ago
"Vegetable taste like sad"
Julian Lam
Julian Lam 3 days ago
*angry vegan teacher noises in the distance*
Miss Blank
Miss Blank 7 days ago
Sherson the best chef in Malaysia . I like his cooking style . Really simple !
wereid1978 8 days ago
What's up with the 5K thumbs down? Why?
Xie Lian
Xie Lian 8 days ago
People without any humor whatsoever
Hưng Thịnh Nguyễn
lol i laugh my ass off. gud job at roasted the shirt uncle
wickedraiden186 8 days ago
why sherson lian look like an asian ricky gervais he even kinda sounds likehim
AceHoss 8 days ago
0:30 what hapen when you drop soap in the prison ?
Keshia Funches
Keshia Funches 8 days ago
I like ur video ❤️
Bigg San
Bigg San 8 days ago
Lmao the shirrrrrt
steven acosta
steven acosta 8 days ago
Wonder what he thinks of Mexican rice
solehah basir
solehah basir 8 days ago
Who's Aunty Helen? Is that his wife?😂
Julian Lam
Julian Lam 3 days ago
Him talking about auntie Helen is hilarious
solehah basir
solehah basir 6 days ago
@Jacelyn Kong I see
Jacelyn Kong
Jacelyn Kong 6 days ago
@solehah basir Erm I think Aunty Helen is an imaginary character but he does have an ex-wife (if im not wrong)
solehah basir
solehah basir 8 days ago
@Jacelyn Kong oh I see. I thought he just create an imagination character😂
Jacelyn Kong
Jacelyn Kong 8 days ago
ex wife
i call white people human chalk
Xie Lian
Xie Lian 8 days ago
暴力革命 9 days ago
忽悠 這個炒飯太棒了 看了全身舒暢
Morgan Watson
Morgan Watson 9 days ago
my mom passed down her great grandmothers cast iron skillet to me
TheLostBeaver 7 days ago
Make sure you have security
Qhalish Aziz
Qhalish Aziz 9 days ago
I am from Malaysia :)
Christian S
Christian S 9 days ago
fried rice to review for you, starting at 14:20 ruvid.net/video/video-WL3ZeTQvq0Y.html&ab_channel=YummyYammy
Henry Suiter
Henry Suiter 9 days ago
I make chip dust with pestle and mortar and I’m 11
Strix fn
Strix fn 9 days ago
Child abuse 5:43
Jellyfish and Jello Gaming
Which part of Malaysia do you live In?
DRG Fearlicia
DRG Fearlicia 9 days ago
Uk people:egg fried rice is easy to cook Malaysian mother:are you challengging me
Jay Caldwell
Jay Caldwell 10 days ago
I love his dark humor and how he laughs at all of it cuz he knows it’s dark 😂 another reason i love Uncle Roger
Jay Caldwell
Jay Caldwell 10 days ago
I thought he was going to say if rice have lump, it have cancer 😭
saving gift
saving gift 10 days ago
Proposing to aunt Helen is waste of rice cooker Uncle Roger
Abigail Malabana
Abigail Malabana 10 days ago
I wonder if Uncle Roger have tried and tasted Garlic Fried Rice already
Evouzer Memet
Evouzer Memet 10 days ago
5:42 - That would explain why the number of child abuse cases in Malaysia never decrease until today.
Thoom Silver
Thoom Silver 10 days ago
Uncle,react to Omirice
Paladin Arm
Paladin Arm 10 days ago
Hi Uncle Roger, I was wondering what you are gonna say about this ruvid.net/video/video-hgYXRuQcniw.html or this ruvid.net/video/video-EvE5cYNXufY.html
Kageki _1665
Kageki _1665 10 days ago
Rice is use most in Asian but we be using rice cooker more than other country when it's made to be easier to make rice
Thickbra chojiman
Thickbra chojiman 10 days ago
Ehrentraud E
Ehrentraud E 10 days ago
Please, review German fried rice! ruvid.net/video/video-iNvUCep54bc.html
horatio kim
horatio kim 10 days ago
I need to make my Californian Egg Fried Rice that would make Uncle Roger proud! 😊
William Lin
William Lin 10 days ago
Patrick Chang
Patrick Chang 10 days ago
Those are leaves and bracelets are CHINESE THINGS
Patrick Chang
Patrick Chang 10 days ago
What about having a smaller food processor for crushed ginger
ForestImp529 10 days ago
I'm SCREAMING🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 omggg yeees thank you so much for your pestle and mortar or tangent thank you thank you thank you
1960's Clint Eastwood
Miami Wice LMAO 😂😂😂😂
Bleaterbae Lostpaw
Bleaterbae Lostpaw 10 days ago
as a whiter person im very embarrassed by white people
Gitte Lammerts van Bueren
Yummy yummy yummy can he do beef randang my favorite ❤️❤️❤️👍😁
Davin Dano
Davin Dano 11 days ago
Make a fried rice like that is same as Indonesia open kitchen at hotel
Farhan Jaba
Farhan Jaba 11 days ago
next indonesian fried rice !!
Arka Bhattacharyya
Arka Bhattacharyya 11 days ago
he looks like malaysian jamie olivert :v love his hair :v
Heli 11 days ago
Shalott is expensive??
Randomly Generated
Randomly Generated 11 days ago
Uncle Sherson: *Wore 3 Bracelet* Uncle Roger: And i took that personally
Julian Lam
Julian Lam 3 days ago
Cameraman: *just wears shirt* Uncle Roger: so you have chosen death
Faisal Davidson
Faisal Davidson 11 days ago
in indonesia, shallots are more afforfable than onion :D:D:D
Noopur Srivastav
Noopur Srivastav 11 days ago
This video wasn't that great...you can do much better @Uncle Roger
daisy 11 days ago
this guy look like unsuccessful drug dealer lololol
Adeline Gay
Adeline Gay 11 days ago
I never knew you can add ikan bilis in the egg fried rice 😂😂
Tia Lee
Tia Lee 12 days ago
I cannot stop staring at that bearbrick and whiskey (?) My kind of chill station.
Zuraida Ahmad
Zuraida Ahmad 12 days ago
_I'm proud to be a Malaysian_
Cyber 12 days ago
Sherson cooks much better fried rice than Uncle Roger. Uncle Roger, don't put MSG, it's a neurotoxin, you will feel headaches and become dumber as you grow older . Sherson knows more facts than Uncle Roger.
Snowy Penguin
Snowy Penguin 12 days ago
that has been disproven years ago